Top 3 GPT 3 AI Generator Online Tools 2024: Which One Is The Best?

In this article, we will provide the Best GPT 3 AI Generator Online Tools list

Imagine if producing content was as simple as selecting a subject and selecting the most effective keywords. We no longer have to speculate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can currently do this in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, these algorithms have been programmed to generate 100 percent unique, non-plagiarized writing that correctly presents the subject with facts and imaginative features. 

Today, this is the power that GPT-3 tools and their related technologies promise.

Check out the list of some of the best GPT AI Generator tools.

What Is GPT-3?

GPT-3 refers to the AI technology provided by OpenAI, an AI firm that started its adventure in natural language processing by creating text-generating algorithms utilizing deep learning.

OpenAI has privatized its code, despite the fact that it was previously entirely open-source, due to the increased capacity of parameters in GPT-2.

According to The New Yorker, the second version of this AI tool employed 17 billion parameters to construct the algorithm’s knowledge base. In this third iteration, the number of parameters has expanded by more than a factor of 10, to a stunning 175 billion.

This huge increase in parameters has also resulted in a considerable rise in the application since the new algorithm has paved the way for generative algorithms that provide text-based solutions that are relevant, which makes sense.

In order for marketers to remain competitive, they must be informed of the most recent technologies on the market; hence, the solutions supplied by this new technology should be carefully analyzed.

The tools developed with GPT-3 technology will cause a revolution in how content is generated, and the resulting drop in content delivery time will be extraordinary and widely discussed for years to come.

Marketing managers will be able to request that their copywriters concentrate on discovering the finest potential blog post subjects, rather than rushing them to produce several blog articles under tight deadlines.

These technologies will also make it easy to create chatbots capable of answering any form of customer inquiry. Even the way we compose emails will evolve. This is the effect that OpenAI has had on the globe.

Some of the Best GPT AI Generator Online Tools

1. Jasper:

Jasper AI is an artificially intelligent writer that can filter content five times quicker than the typical human copywriter. Talk about ability!

Jasper AI Reviews Online: GPT 3 AI Generator Online Tools 

With Jasper AI, you obtain 100% unique, precisely written content with zero plagiarism alerts. Additionally, you get pre-written templates for particular categories. DemandSage has previously compiled a list of the finest AI-powered writing tools, which includes Jasper.

Jasper AI creates SEO-friendly content, so all the content you get when you use Jasper AI is optimized and ready to generate sales and pitches.

Using Jasper AI, you can rank at the top of Google’s search results, attract thousands of repeat visitors, and generate traffic that you can subsequently monetize.

Ad campaigns, particular niche blogs, instructional content, or any keyword may be supplied to Jasper AI. It will immediately offer the needed information most appropriately, resulting in a streamlined process devoid of human-like delays.

The intuitive design and rapid navigation features of Jasper AI make it a dependable program to use in general. Plus, Jasper AI supports 25+ global languages. How could you believe it?

Major Reasons To Choose Jasper

Support through chat, exhaustive documentation, and frequent live training:

Jasper AI offers superior chat assistance, as well as hands-on manuals, training videos, and live webinars in comparison to competing for software.

These demonstrate how to utilize their technology, provide best practices, and cover issues like search engine optimization and marketing text that are typically linked.

I feel that the team behind Jasper AI is incredibly committed to building a helpful software solution that improves with time, as well as supporting their clients in attaining the most significant outcomes with the platform.

Integration of Plagiarism Checker with Copyscape:

A plagiarism detector is a recent feature of Jasper AI’s long-form assistance. Even though Jasper’s content is entirely original and based on the machine learning algorithm and GPT-3 database, there is a potential that you might mistakenly create the same or similar content as another web page.

Although you may run the program through various plagiarism checkers (WriterZen, Grammarly, etc.), the Jasper AI team has teamed with Copyscape to provide integrated access to plagiarism checking directly inside the AI software.

Similar to Surfer SEO, this is an excellent tool; however, even with a Jasper AI membership, it is not free. Credits must be loaded in $10, $20, or $100 increments. For each document evaluated, $0.03 is deducted for the first 200 words and $0.01 for 100 words afterward.

Support for 25+ Languages:

While my only experience with Jasper AI is writing content in English, the program now supports over 25 languages, enabling you to develop content for various nations or populations.

Rephrase and explain to a fifth-grader the Jasper command:

With Boss Mode and the long form assistant, you may offer Jasper AI text-based instructions specifying precisely what you want him to accomplish, along with modifiers such as paragraphs, lists, tone of voice, etc.

The re-phrase tool is accessible at all times, enabling you to highlight a sentence or paragraph and then click the re-phrase button to have Jasper AI try to recreate the text using more difficult language without deviating too much from the original. 

The ‘explain this to a fifth grader’ option, positioned directly next to the rephrase button, seeks to reduce the language of a highlighted complicated sentence or paragraph to a 5th-grade level. This often results in shorter phrases and the most straightforward language.

Customizable Tone of Voice: 

Using the built-in GPT-3 data, one of the best features of Jasper AI is the tool’s capacity to comprehend a tone of voice and duplicate an existing one to fit your content production.

This is somewhat open-ended and may identify adjectives and individuals (even fictional characters sometimes). MKBHD (a prominent tech YouTuber), Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tony Robbins are among my favorites.

Write Long-Form Content, Up to 3,000 Characters/Output: 

With Boss Mode, you can access the long-form editor, which includes more tool integrations and a more flexible use model than copyright templates. This capability best suits content writers who want to compose whole blog posts or generate text for landing pages from a blank page.

In the long-form assistant, you can make Jasper make the content of varying lengths. Under the lower strategy, the maximum output per generation utilizing artificial intelligence is 600 characters. For Boss Mode, the maximum output per run is increased to 3000 characters, enabling Jasper to produce high-quality content more quickly and effectively.

50+ Templates for Short-Form Copywriting:

Fifty short-form copywriting templates are included in both plans of Jasper AI, allowing you to complete a range of typical copywriting jobs. These contain AI-generated templates for writing content for Frameworks, Email, websites, blogs, Ads, Ecommerce, Social Media, news, Google, Video, and SEO.

Base Generation Limit of fifty thousand words:

Jaspers Boss Mode allows you to write up to 50K words and allows you to perform the GPT-3 content generating request an unlimited number of times by pressing the ‘compose’ button. If you exceed your 50K word limit, you may buy additional word packs for $30 every 30K words.

This is significant because I know from experience that you will not always be satisfied with the content provided by Jasper; thus, the ability to repeat the output several times is essential for attaining the best content outcomes.

Unlimited Project Folders and Documents in the Workspace:

With Boss Mode, you’ll have access to limitless project folders and workspace documents, allowing you to organize your account amongst customers and websites without worrying about exceeding account limits.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper Pricings


Jasper Pros and Cons


  • It connects with the correlational SEO tool SurferSEO to generate SEO-friendly content at scale. However, this comes at an added cost.
  • They have a Facebook network with over 57,000 members that are quite active. It allowed them to crowdsource ideas, launch a “community recipes” feature, and develop a job board for content writers (to help you hire Jasper-certified writers).
  • It includes a grammatical corrector, a content simplifier, and a plagiarism detector (for your peace of mind).
  • Supports almost twenty-five different languages. Say “hello” to develop large-scale vernacular content. View all supported languages by Jasper.
  • Supports almost twenty-five different languages. Say “hello” to develop large-scale vernacular content. View all supported languages by Jasper.
  • Free Grammarly access is included with Jasper’s Boss Mode subscription.
  • It includes Boss Mode. This allows you to provide Jasper GPT-3 instructions to produce content (Similar to Google Assistant). Powerful! Explore every Boss Mode feature on this page.
  • It also contains a long-form content helper that expedites writing lengthy blog posts, sales copy, and video scripts.
  • It includes pretty helpful article templates. My favorites include the video script hook (it’s so original!), AIDA, PAS, the content enhancer, the blog post introduction, and the feature to benefit.


  • It might be pretty expensive for beginners (but who can blame them, all the good ones are).

2. Rytr

Rytr is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool that makes content for marketing-based social networking sites, blog articles, and other content developments.

Rytr GPT 3 AI Generator Online Tools 

Designed to generate fascinating, relevant, and high-quality content in a matter of seconds, for free!

Rytr can generate high-quality content in a matter of seconds by supplying simply a few recommendations and subjects. With the instructions you supply, it will do the task that would take you hours in a few seconds.

It also has built-in layouts and outlines for your chosen content, and you may choose from all the numerous varieties of your taste before selecting one.

There are several scenarios in which Rytr may be used to generate content consumers would like. The distinguishing feature of Rytr is that it generates information that looks pretty authentic, leaving little space for improvement.

The user interface of Rytr is sleek and simple to explore. It is responsive and simple to curate information on any device. A popup and full-screen mode also provide a superior and more elegant writing experience.

Major Reasons To Choose Rytr

Useful Chrome Extension:

A distinctive aspect of Rytr is its available Chrome plugin, which many competing GPT-3 products lack. This enables you to write content fast while working inside the UI of an email account, social networking site, or blog platform such as WordPress.

SEO Analyzer:

Rytr offers basic SEO analysis for individuals who create content using their platform, however, it does not come close to the SEO potential of the cooperation between Jasper AI and SurferSEO.

Rich Text Editor & Interface: 

Rytr has a user-friendly interface with a sophisticated text editor, which makes writing content on the platform relatively simple. This enables you to express your views effortlessly and format the text inside the document.

Built-in Plagiarism Checker:

Similar to Jasper, Rytr has an integrated plagiarism detector. Both services use the well-known application Copyscape to detect whether the resulting output contains duplicate content. In contrast to Jasper AI, which offers individual credits for Copyscape use, Copyscape does not sell separate credits.

In contrast, Rytr claims that this “free” is included in their programs. However, any characters processed by the plagiarism detector will count against your plan’s set character limit. This is not a problem for individuals with an unlimited character subscription, but it is for those with smaller quotas.

To guarantee that you always have high-quality, original content, a Rytr plan with 50,000 characters per month will only provide you with 25,000 characters of produced text and 25,000 characters via a plagiarism checker.

Expand, Reword, & Shorten Features: 

Have any existing content that you want to work with or enhance? Rytr has capabilities for extending, rephrasing, and condensing source content. This helps you produce a more engaging result while lowering the amount of effort or time necessary.

20+ Tones of Voice: 

Within the Rytr application, it is possible to produce copy with up to twenty distinct tones of voice. This contributes to a more nuanced output, which is excellent for businesses who want their content to sound more personal or correspond to a certain feeling. This covers a sufficient amount of ground but falls short of Jasper AI’s virtually limitless tone of voice selections.

30+ Languages Supported: 

Rytr allows the production of GPT-3 text in more than 30 languages. This implies that it will support all the key languages spoken around the globe and enable you to publish content in many languages for yourself or your customers.

30+ Built-In Templates & Use Cases:

Within Rytr, over 30 built-in templates and use cases enable you to address a broad range of writing or content-generating requirements. These include short-form content like headlines, blog ideas, meta descriptions, video descriptions, and calls to action, as well as longer-form content such as blog post authoring, extensive product descriptions, and emails.

Intelligent GPT-3 Based Language Modeling:

Rytr, which the GPT-3 language model powers, can produce unique phrases that resemble passages from books or the Internet. GPT-3 was created by OpenAI and is the same underlying technology used by other popular AI authoring packages, such as Jasper AI.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr Pricing

Rytr Pros and Cons


  • Rytr’s user interface is pretty contemporary and well-organized. It seems clean and welcoming on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • The Rytr tool is user-friendly for novices and is not packed with hundreds of features to overwhelm the user.
  • The most pleasing aspect about Rytr is that it supports various languages. Currently, you can produce content in 29 languages. Indians would want to produce content in Hindi!
  • Their Live Chat service is attentive and quick. I got responses to my questions within 1 to 5 minutes.
  • The Landing Page Creator provided content that was outstanding and very relevant. With a few adjustments, the text for your landing page is ready to go!
  • Additionally, Rytr features an integrated plagiarism checker. By activating the plagiarism detector, you may quickly determine if the created content is accessible on the web.
  • The Magic Command tool enhances the versatility of AI composition. It enables the creation of extra content, such as poetry, letters, and question-answer pairs, not covered in the use cases.


  • During the generation of SEO metadata, Rytr should provide the ability to include target keywords. The SEO metadata should be created based on the keyword goal. Although it is not a significant problem, the input option would have significantly aided in the customization of the content.

3. is developing software that generates text using Artificial Intelligence. The application is aimed to assist content producers and marketers generate better content using a user interface that is both simple and surprisingly powerful (UI).

ShortlyAI Review

Like previous AI writing tools, you must provide some information before the program can create any content.

In addition, includes content assistant functions modeled like AI. These capabilities make the whole article writing and content development process seem more straightforward.

After you hit the ‘write for me’ button, the AI writer will take over from where you left off, for instance, when you have written a few words, such as an introduction, using the app.

Almost no other AI writing tools on the market adopt this intriguing approach. It is a rejuvenating alteration.

Therefore, you should no longer be concerned with content creation or article layout and instead concentrate on anything else. In a short time, AI can create fresh and original writing and customize it for a range of audiences.

Major Reasons to Choose

Availability of handy slider:

In addition, the Shortly app has a convenient slider. With this function, you can alter the percentage of the article that is created or the precise number of words to generate each time the tool is used.

Unique and original text output:

This AI article writing program is notable for its capacity to generate unique, value-driven, and original prose independent of the user’s chosen word count. In other words, the production of your content on the Shortly writing software is entirely original and one-of-a-kind. No red flags will ever appear when you perform a plagiarism check on it.

Availability of Text Commands: 

In addition, is equipped with the text instructions function. Instead of utilizing the writing functions in the main menu, this feature enables the user to submit the writing software for an in-depth study on a specific term. By writing or ordering to write about the current weather condition in Colorado, you are communicating your desires to the AI article writer.

In this situation, you may further clarify your command by appending any sign (a plus or a minus) to the root terms you want the writing tool to discuss or write about. Therefore, if you entered “write about the current weather condition in Colorado. + Raining – Sunny” – etc., you are instructing the program to focus more on the wet weather and less on the sunny weather! More text commands are available on Shortly that may be utilized to the writer’s benefit. ‘Write for me’ feature: 

Interestingly, the ‘write for me’ function is there to assist you anytime you get writer’s block. Simply hit the ‘write for me’ button, and the text generator will continue from where you left off in your voice.

In addition, if you are dissatisfied with the program’s results, you can undo the work or hit the ‘regenerate’ button for a better outcome. The text editor is quite similar to Google Docs, so utilizing the program will be simple.

Output Length: 

While composing an article with the editor, you can use a slider to alter your desired article length or the quantity of text created when you click the ‘write for me’ button. This characteristic is crucial in modern times since most AI writing tools cannot generate lengthy content at once.

If you discovered that your output word count or text quality fell short of your expectations, you may adjust the output length, which is of great assistance. And my favorite method of application is to lower the output length section by section until the whole long-form essay is complete. This will result in a higher quality.

Article Brief: 

The ability to comprehend your short is an additional feature that intrigues the Shortly writing software. As you create fresh content in the app’s text editor, you will see a little box for writing an article summary. The goal of the box is for you to provide a few lines or a short description of the article you want to create; this will offer the AI insight into your intended blog post and may result in improved outputs.

Simple User Interface: 

Shortly’s the basic but unexpectedly powerful user interface is one of its most intriguing aspects (UI). The UI is straightforward and focuses only on the text authoring and editing application.

You will simply see a plain page and a link to “start writing” when you log in to your dashboard. Compared to other writing tools I’ve evaluated, offers the most straightforward writing interface, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it.

There is no intimidating list of menus and settings nor a plethora of buttons; just a thumbnail of recent work and the “New” button to begin a new project. This interface would lead you to believe that does not have many features, even though it has.

Instead of a massive list of possibilities, provides you with just two content types to choose from blog and tale. And to date, it has produced the highest quality of long-form content in the business. Pricing Pricing Pros and Cons


  • With, you can produce content for a variety of reasons, including blogs, articles, posts, tale narratives, technical and legal papers, etc.
  • Your information will be created quickly and effectively in terms of grasping the context of the concept.
  • It currently connects with WordTune and Grammarly.
  • With its basic approach to content production, it fits seamlessly into any setting.


  • Shortly AI may not be the most effective content writing aid for native speakers of languages other than English. The system of Shortly AI presently only works with English-language content.

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Conclusion: GPT 3 AI Generator Online Tools 2024

They are incredibly effective, but you must understand how AI operates. Artificial intelligence has scoured the internet and learned the link between words.

It does not necessarily comprehend their meaning. Therefore, when prompted to write, numerous outputs will be generated. 

And you may anticipate that certain outputs will not meet your requirements. It does not understand what you are saying. So, you just examine all the textual outputs and choose the most comprehensible one.

Rather than looking at a blank cursor, it is more efficient to scroll through incomprehensible content until you reach the appropriate one. GPT-4 will be better, but GPT-3 is currently an excellent tool for overcoming writer’s block.

I would definitely recommend using GPT-3 technology. If used right, they can save you a lot of time. I sincerely hope this list helped. Please let me know in the comment section which one of these AI writers did you choose and why. 

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