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Organizing work meetings with colleagues across the country can be tedious and expensive.

Then you worry you out the quality of the online meeting platform and will easily manage his weekly collaboration.

Use the original online meeting platform with GoToMeeting.

Choose between Starter, Pro or Plus to meet your phone conference needs. All packages are feature-rich, so you need to relax and invite your colleagues to discuss everything, from business opportunities to weekly meetings, to weekend business.

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GoToMeeting Coupon Codes 2024: Now Save Upto 20%.

What is GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a simple and very simple web conferencing system with international functions. This makes it an ideal option for companies with multiple international and professional locations that build contracts and relationships with international clients and colleagues. The software has an easy-to-use interface, and the start of a meeting can be done in a few moments. The same flexibility and simplicity apply to your pricing system and the many integrations it can offer (Podio, Slack, LMS Agreement, Zapier, Microsoft Office 365 and many other applications).


GoToMeeting is a great solution for businesses that have video conferencing and web capture tools and need more service than Skype, Hangouts, and FaceTime. Although popular and widely used, they are not designed for intensive use. It is compatible with PC, MacBook Pro, and iOS devices as well as Android mobile devices. This gives users great flexibility and allows them to create or participate in online meetings from any device. at any time and in any environment. Space.

More about GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting was created in 2004 by Citrix using a split screen and remote access (similar to GoToMyPC and GoToAssist) to allow users to use web conferencing.

For 2010, GoToMeeting has added the features GoToWebinair and GoToTraining to attract a wider audience among professionals. Developers have developed software similar to to provide high-security encryption and the ability to create passwords.


It can transfer communications between computers over incredibly powerful firewalls. In 2015, Citrix worked to make GoToMeeting into its own business worth over $ 4 billion. GoToMeeting and Citrix are headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with more than 8,800 employees.

Key features of GoToMeeting

  • Meeting Scheduler
  • One-Click Meetings
  • One-Click Recording
  • Call Me To Join Meeting


  • Built-In Audio
  • Toll-Free Option
  • Personal Meeting Room
  • HDFaces Video Conferencing
  • Join via Desktop Options
  • Join via Mobile Options
  • Desktop/Application Sharing
  • Drawing Tools
  • Hand Over Control
  • Virtual Whiteboard

GoToMeeting Benefits

Powerful, robust, and cost-effective, many companies prefer Citrix ‘GoToMeeting for their video conferencing and web conferencing needs. It offers users the simplicity and features offered by many other similar systems, but at an affordable price. Users know how GoToMeeting makes it easy to start or participate in web conferencing.

Like other Citrix products, GoToMeeting guarantees record availability and reliable customer support at all times.

With the easy-to-use interface, you can easily create a meeting and provide participants with a personalized URL to access the online conference room. If you can attend meetings with your tablet and smartphone, the versatility of the users is even greater, especially if they are still on the road or on-site and forced to participate.


GoToMeeting works seamlessly with PCs and Macs as well as Android and iOS devices, so users do not have to search for compatible devices to join the conference.

GoToMeeting, with its features such as toll-free multinational telephone numbers, is an ideal application for organizing conferences and meeting international attendees. The PIN-based entry increases the security of the platform.

Participants must enter a PIN or code before the call that many similar platforms do not offer. Although some users find this feature uncomfortable, most users prefer this feature to convey that sense of security.

The support is also first class. Users will certainly appreciate GoToMeeting’s resources and channels, including training videos, live training, PDF tutorials, and live chat.

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans:



STARTER ($19/month)

PRO ($29/month)

PLUS ($49/month)

GoToMeeting offers companies and SMEs four price plans, including a free plan for teams of three. Review the details and choose the ideal plan for your business:


  • 3 Participants
  • Web audio
  • Screen Sharing
  • 1-Click Meetings

Starter – $19/month

  • All Free Features
  • 10 Participants
  • Dial-in conference line
  • HD video conferencing


Pro – $29/month

  • All Starter features
  • 50 Participants
  • Drawing Tools
  • Recording
  • Personal Meeting Room
  • Mobile Apps
  • Keyboard & Mouse Sharing
  • Call Me

Plus – $49/month

  • All-Pro Features
  • 100 Participants
  • Active Directory
  • Lightboard

Getting Help

GoToMeeting provides a three-step guided tour of the product to guide users through the platform and familiarize themselves with all features.

There is also a separate training offered at certain times of the week. Register for a schedule and receive personalized training to plan and manage session functions. Provides telephone technical support and online sales calls to help you evaluate the product.


The knowledge base and help text are complete and the forums are active. The questions asked above are easy to find. It also has 24-hour assistance if you need to contact a technical support representative.


  • Switch between speakers (give permission to other participants and share the screen with them)
  • Gives keyboard and mouse authority (you can control your screen from the end, which has sometimes saved my life)
  • That is said (if you hear a voice, you see at the bottom of the screen that is just talking)
  • You can have multiple participants (I’ll scratch the surface for the number of participants I can have during the meeting).
  • Webcam Option (Yes, you can enable the disabled webcam so others can see you.)
  • Chat option (if you can not hear someone writing a message in the chat and responding)


  • I can not hear the other person, even if I see them online

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Conclusion: Best Buy GoToMeeting Coupon Codes 2024

It can be difficult to find the right online tools for your business, with so many programs and websites to choose from. However, with GoToMeeting, entrepreneurs can choose a reliable brand and save a lot of money with their monthly subscription.

GoToMeeting has improved its game in recent years, increasing the number of people it supports in a given meeting, and supporting mobile devices. The limit for six webcams is disappointing. This is more like mainstream video services like Skype and Google Hangouts.

You expect an upper limit for an enterprise-level service. GoToMeeting may be the most basic video conferencing solution available, and although it’s not the simplest, it’s still one of the many companies that chose it because they know it very well. Think of an alternative such as ClickMeeting, our publisher selection that offers more features, or Adobe Connect, which offers unlimited webcams.


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