Google Hummingbird – Latest shift in Google Search Algorithm

Recently Google announced latest search algorithm to its users & webmasters. Google unveils this update yesterday and they are planning to give more accurate answers to user long tangled queries.

google hummingbird
Google hummingbird

Google search will now be better understanding the concepts, relationships and more complex situations.

This will impact search results later, Google announced this news very secretly. Google had made changes in their search technology in recent months, these updates had affected more than 90% of websites around the world. They are calling this update “Hummingbird ”. This update will be able to handle more complicated queries. Google search results will be more feasible to users.

“Our algorithm had to go through some fundamental rethinking of how we are going to keep our results relevant,” Singhal said.

As on Searchenginewatch

Google quietly made a huge change to its core search technology in the past month, one that affects about 90 percent of searches worldwide. Calling it Hummingbird, the technological update of Google search is designed to handle more complex queries.

As TechCrunch explained:

The main focus, and something that went repeated many a time, was that the new algorithm allows Google to more quickly parse full questions (as opposed to parsing searches word-by-word), and to identify and rank answers to those questions from the content they’ve indexed.

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  1. hi Jitendra vaswani thanks For Sharing this Update:
    Is hummingbird killed The Linkbuilding?
    and SEO Dead?

  2. Hey mate,

    When it first happened on 21 Aug, it was bad for my blog. I got hit pretty bad and I was literally screaming my heads off!

    After 7 days or so, I noticed my traffic picked up pretty much and it was good. Personally, I am seeing some good side effect even though I hope to rank better and well 🙂

    Just my 2 cents 😀

    • Hi reginald I am glad that your blog traffic is increased due to positive impact of this update Hummingbird will surely create a buzz in seo.
      I hope I will also get benefited from this update
      Cheers Bro !!!

  3. In my opinion, this algo is ties in with their Google Glass project and increasing voice search. So it won’t be as much about domain authority anymore I guess, more about co-occurence, describing the domain with correct meanings (schema and your associations with other domains, not necessarily link based).

    • Hi thomas, Yes Google will increase voice search. People now tend to search more in voice, & also large & complex queries will also be handle by google hummingbird, We hope to get better results

  4. Jitendra, this is the first time I’ve heard Hummingbird used to name a Google update. So far my numbers are good with this update, Hoping it stays that way but have seen such variances over the past year not counting on it! Glad to read it wasn’t just me with 90% of websites seeing changes.
    They sure are changing things so quickly now with search on Google. And the chrome browser too which I’m not thrilled with yet. Harder to find things I used to find in a second 🙂 Thanks for sharing this information with us and have a great day Jitendra.

    • Hi Lisa I am very happy that you heard that news on my blog, this google update is surely to have big impact on websites, I hope it will have positive impact on small businesses, most websites are changing according to Google updates. This year we will be seeing many changes. I hope this update bring positive impact in SEO world

      • You and me both Jitendra – so far so good on my sites and hope they are POSITIVE for the small businesses that don’t have time to play with Google all day!

        • Yes Lisa We can hope good for that, lets see what google do will he make us dance again with his mindboggling algorithms, will it ruin small businesses. All we can do is wait & watch next step in Google algo. This for sure that spammers will suffer in this algo

  5. Hi, Jitendra,
    Seriously, A big change in algorithm of Google. It was last month when my website was hited by the update and I lost many of my users. Hope, This change is made for betterment of search. Thank you for a fast update. 🙂

    • Hi Kumar Thnnnx for landing on my blog, Yes this update had already impact us in last month, now we are hoping positive impact on small businesses who are unable to rank on 1st page. This change is definitely for better enhancement.

  6. Hummingbird Algorithm is mainly concentrated on user query. Google wants to give apt and quality information for the web surfers who are searching daily. So maintain their standard, it is again a revision for the quality contents on the web to rank it for the user query than some craps which doesn’t satisfy the need of user. It has been implemented due to the complexity in the search query by users day by day.

    • Hi Shathayn thnxx for stopping by here, Google this update will be having positive impact on small businesses. Yes quality content will be important in SEO 2013

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