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Would you like to enroll in a prestigious business school? If this is the case, you should know that you must complete the GMAT test to be considered by the best institutions in the niche.

Bottom Line Upfront : We conduct a detailed review of GMAT and discuss its features, characteristics, pricing, policies, and all the important things you need to know before making the final decision. Read the section about the GMAT Discount coupons in the following section.

GMAT Courses With Discount Code May 2024: Which Is Best?



Save Upto $400 On The Princeton Review

The princeton Review Discount Coupon Codes

Best GMAT Test Prep Courses of 2024 | GMAT Discount Coupon

1. GMAT Test Prep Courses: Kaptest

Kaptest instructors are highly skilled and their GMAT courses are among the most popular on the market. Each course includes 18 hours of live training by an experienced Kaptest instructor. Classes are offered throughout the year and in hundreds of locations.

GMAT discount- Kaplan Test Prep

A Kaptest GMAT Preparation Course will also allow you to complete a complete “set of exams” by completing a full GMAT exercise in a Kaplan Exam Center, which will be supervised in the same way as the day of your exam. Your purchase includes nine extensive field tests and access to online resources, including 5,000 practice questions and hundreds of educational videos.

The personal preparation course for Kaptest GMAT costs $ 1,449, while online courses cost $ 1,299 and are available on a laptop or smartphone. Custom lessons cost only $ 799. With your purchase, you will receive three GMAT preparation books and an MBA Admissions Guide.

2. GMAT Test Prep Courses: Magoosh

Magoosh offers many of the best preparation resources for GMAT at a fraction of the cost of most other exam preparation programs. For just $ 249 for pre-paid preparation, $ 219 for computer preparation and integrated thinking, and $ 799 for preparation for Magoosh plus tutoring, you’ll have access to e-mail support during your studies.

GMAT discount - Magoosh Review

Dozens of video lessons, hundreds of practice questions and explanatory answers, point prediction tools and skill development lessons.

Each package includes a different point guarantee and different amounts of individual attention. A premium package also includes two full GMAT training created by Magoosh experts. With every Magoosh GMAT preparation kit, you can access content for a full year. Get it more discount with Magoosh coupon codes.

3. GMAT Test Prep Courses: PrepScholar

PrepScholar’s unique adaptive algorithm will be adjusted based on your progress as you pass GMAT tests and practice exercises. It starts with a 60-question GMAT that gives you a realistic overview of your strengths and weaknesses, how to structure your learning units and your goals. The GMAT PrepScholar program is suitable for all students as the materials are available for beginners, advanced and teachers.

GMAT discount - prepscholar

With the purchase of the GMAT Preparatory Course, you will receive a personalized curriculum, progress indicators, more than 50 video lessons, more than 1,000 GMAT practice questions, instructional videos from experienced instructors, and four fully adaptive computer-based practice exams to see the day of the exam.

Some GMAT PrepScholar resources are available in a package priced at $ 69. A fully customized GRE training course with personalized attention costs $ 259 and a self-directed online BRM prep course. 139 US dollar discounts are available for small groups and private GMAT lessons. Your purchase includes a 60-point warranty and a five-day free trial.

4. GMAT Test Prep Courses: Princeton Review

Princeton Review’s GMAT exam preparation courses include more lessons, video tutorials, and online support than average, which makes them ideal for significantly raising or learning longer scores.

Lessons include 27 hours of instruction, over 5,000 video tutorials and hands-on questions, personalized GMAT test feedback, ten complete GMAT training sessions in a realistic format and a guarantee to increase the number of training sessions. Points (or refund of tuition).

GMAT discount - Princeton Review

Using GMAT preparatory material for Princeton Review at your own pace costs $ 499, while a full online GMAT prep course costs $ 1,299. A personal preparation course for the GMAT is available at the Princeton Review for $ 1,399. A private GMAT tutoring program with a Princeton Review teacher costs $ 1,800.

5. GMAT Test Prep Courses: Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep is a premier GMAT preparatory organization and it’s no surprise that its instructors are first-rate and that their practical issues are generally considered the best and most realistic in the industry.

In your customizable GMAT question database, you can create questionnaires that deepen the specific skills you should work on. If you purchase a $ 699 self-enrollment program, a $ 1450 GMAT live preparation course or a $ 2,650 private GMAT tutorial, you will have access to these 5,000 practice questions and the online help. homework

GMAT discount-  Veritas Prep

You can access GMT resources from Veritas Prep anytime, on any platform or device, and the interface is easy to use. Live classes take place in US classrooms. UU. Or completely online. Your purchase includes a guarantee for higher scores.

6. GMAT Test Prep Courses: Testmaster

GMAT Testmaster preparation courses have a very high guarantee. If your GMAT score does not improve by at least 100 points after attending the course, you can take another full course for free. (However, you must do all your homework, otherwise, the warranty will be canceled).

Testmaster offers GMAT class rates starting at $1099. Each course includes GMAT Testmaster Preparation Material (more than 1,200 pages) and a copy of the official GMAT Exam Manual.

GMAT discount - testmaster

Courses are offered in a variety of formats including nationwide lessons, private lessons, online GMAT preparatory courses and personalized group classes that you can visit with friends, colleagues or classmates. the classes a group reduction


7. GMAT Test Prep Courses: Manhattan Prep

If you’re an advanced student looking to take a high-level MBA program, or are looking for a full scholarship to a business school and just want to improve your score by a few points, Manhattan Prep is a particularly useful resource for your GMAT Preparation They offer a variety of intensive courses, including the GMAT training camp, which offers 35 hours of lessons in two weeks for $ 2,699.

GMAT discount- Manhattan Prep

This is best for you if you learn fast and have very high goals.

In addition, all of the Manhattan Prep strategy manuals, including those specifically designed for high-performing students such as Advanced Quant, are included in the $ 1,399 GMAT exam preparation courses. You can attend the first session of a GMAT Manhattan Prep course for free, so you do not have to make an immediate decision.

What is the GMAT?

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), GMAT is an exam that aims to “demonstrate what skills are most important at business schools and beyond.” Benefits serving as a global council of business schools. Although some MBA admissions offices accept a GRE score, most programs require the GMAT score.

GMAT discount- Online GMAT Prep & Practice

Rather than being a general admission test for graduates like GRE, the GMAT for business schools was developed by business schools to assess the most relevant skills for success in a graduate management program.

The GMAT test tests your skills and business intelligence by asking you to take a four-part exam in three and a half hours. You can freely choose the order of the four sections, which is excellent from a strategic point of view. For example, you can start with the sections that you know best, to give you more time for the other sections.

Since we are talking about the four sections.

let’s see what they are:

Analytical Writing Assessment: This is usually a unique topic that will put your analysis of reasoning skills to the test.
Integrated Close: Here you are asked to close multiple sources, the graphical interpretation, the two-part analysis, and the table analysis.
Quantitative: A section on data shortage and problem-solving.
Orally: As a business owner or businesswoman, you should know how to communicate effectively so that this section will assess your reading comprehension, critical thinking, and sentence correcting.

You should also keep in mind that the GMAT test is an adaptive computer test (or CAT) that adapts to the student’s abilities. This type of exam is also known as a custom test and contains questions that are tailored to your level of preparation.

Finally, GMAT assesses you through a range of knowledge and skills such as geometry, algebra, arithmetic, grammar, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and more. The most important test result shows how to fit you are in a world where you need to make quick decisions based on large amounts of data.

GMAT discount - gain real test experience

The GMAT test is not only required by 50 of the best full-time MBA programs in the US. UU., But also required by employers of the largest companies in the country. A good GMAT test result can give you the confidence to start a wonderful career in the business world.

However, to pass the exam you need to be prepared and for that, we will compile a list of the best resources you can find on the market. Below are the 5 best GMAT preparation courses you can learn for your GMAT. Take a look and choose the ones that suit your needs.
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What are the benefits of a high GMAT score?(Read full instruction Here | GMAT Review with Discount)

A good GMAT score is primarily for MBA approvals. The higher your score, the more likely it is that you will be included in the business school programs you choose. It’s important to know that your test scores are not the only thing schools are looking for.

Your GPA exam, your test request, your letters of recommendation, and your resume are also important factors. By determining the average GMAT score for the MBA programs you are interested in, you can determine where to set your target score. If you’re trying to compensate for a low cumulative average or want financial support based on earnings, you should score above average.

For reference, 710-800 will place it in 10% of the top scorers. A score between 650 and 700 is very competitive, while a score between 550 and 640 is the average candidate.

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Conclusion: GMAT Discount Coupons 2024

Online courses are a great way to learn for the GMAT because they provide unrestricted access to a variety of resources (not just impressions). Better yet, the offer is quite rich and you can choose according to your budget and your general knowledge in the field.

You also have the option to choose based on the level of improvement you need for the overall grade, and each course guarantees an increase in the grade.

Be sure to study the offer before choosing to find the course that suits your needs. After all, you do not want to pay an advanced course for high-performing students unless you have the time or determination to follow that course.


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