GetEmail Review 2024 : Is this the Best Email Validation Software ? (Pros & Cons)


Overall Verdict is among the best email locators out there and if you are searching for an inexpensive e -mail account and web address tool that will help you easily create your address books and begin being more successful with your email marketing campaigns.

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  • Participate in the Agreement.
  • Features
  • Simple to use
  • Customer service
  • Reliable


  • Only supports English
  • Not available for iPhone
  • Insufficient training resources


Price: $

Email validation and verification software are developed to allow businesses to search for legitimate email IDs and send them email lists and campaigns. Users can utilize these tools to upload email lists which will then be verified in several ways.

Email validation solutions are generally created with an aim to identify accurate email addresses as well as domain structures, while some tools can also check a mailbox against an internet service provider to see if it exists.

Such tools are used by the marketing teams of growing businesses to improve the performance of their email campaigns,  deliverability, user engagement, and ROI by downloading the results and receiving up-to-date, clean, and authentic email lists.

If you too are looking for a dependable email validation solution to boost the reach of your emails and campaigns of your brand, then you are reading just the right post!

In this post, we will give you an elaborate review of GetEmail, powerful email validation and verification software that allows small, medium, and large businesses to locate an email manually within seconds and then modify their email marketing campaign accordingly!

GetEmail Review


Overview: GetEmail Review is an all-in-one Email Validation software for companies and startups. offers an end to end Macintosh email services. Syntax check, Domain Check, Bulk Email Verification, Catch all Server Detection and Mail Server Validation are all included in this internet Based Verification program. checks the internet for anybody’s email address using Big Data and Machine Intelligence. The app uses the first name, last name, and company domain name to find the email address of someone on the planet.

The system operates by “scanning” a large number of websites in order to determine the general email format used by millions of businesses. The software then recreates the technical email address of the prospect you want to contact.

Their approach is quite easy, but it saves you a lot of time! It will take you about 5 minutes to locate an email manually, while GetEmail takes just a few seconds. GetEmail saves you 2 hours a day if you check 20 email addresses a day! – Salient Features 

In terms of a 70% hit rate and 95% accuracy, is one of the finest email finding tools in the market. is used by over 500k users from over 100 countries to find the technical email IDs of their partners, prospects, vendors, attendants, candidates, and others.

Marketing, distribution, hiring executives, and event planners all use The software is quick to use, requires no special skills or knowledge, and requires no configuration. The onboarding procedure is also pretty quick and takes just two minutes. It also contains a slew of new features, such as:

  • Search for an email address’s most valuable function is that it allows you to search any email account in just seconds whether you have the first name and last name or a domain.

  • Email authentication in bulk

This useful tool allows you to check various email IDs in one single step, saving you a lot of time that you can utilise in your projects.

  • Verify the domain automates the process of validating and verifying domains so you don’t have to spend time on this.

  • Checking the mail server

This is just another critical function that alleviates the burden of authentication and eliminates the annoyance of any missed email messages.

  • Verification of a single email address

This tool allows you to search every relevant individual email address very quickly and easily.

  • Check your syntax

This function makes use of artificial intelligence to double-check the results for any kind of mistakes or misspelled words.

  • Recognition of all servers

Another function that aids in double and triple-checking to ensure that the findings you receive are the ones you require.

How does work?

It’s an email verification tool that helps with API access and CSV download for companies in marketing, sales, recruitment, and event management. This system offers the first names, last name, and business domain name to search the email address of someone on the planet.

We have “checked” a list of sites in search of the common email format used by millions of users. Then we rebuild the prospect’s technical email address so that you can communicate with them.

Our approach is very easy, but it saves a lot of time. It will take you about 5 minutes to identify an email manually, while GetEmail requires just a few seconds. GetEmail can save you 2 hours per day if you check 20 emails each day.

Getting started with

The process of using is as simple as the name suggests. Here’s how you can do it :

  • Navigate to and sign up.
  • In the upper right-hand side corner, simply click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab.
  • Enter your information or use your Google account to sign up.
  • Select your password and press the green “Sign Up” tab.
  • Select the green extension from the drop-down menu.
  • To activate the extension, simply click on the button.
  • Now, you are about to start receiving emails from LinkedIn.
  • After you have completed the sign-up process, be sure that you read out the helpful demonstration that will show you how to get started with receiving your first LinkedIn emails.

Subscription plans of 

Pricing: GetEmail Review

Clients of have a lot of choices when it comes to pricing packs, as the company provides five various plans :


With this package, you will receive the following features-

  • Free of cost
  • CSV download
  • 10 Credits per month
  • API access
  • Support: Not applicable


It is priced at $49 per month. Prices don’t come better than this one and, with this package, you will receive: 

Features of the plan:

  • CSV download
  • 300 Credits per month
  • API access
  • Support: Email support


It is priced at $99 per month. The Standard kit adds a little more zing by including:

Features of the plan:

  • CSV download
  • 1000 credits per month
  • API access
  • Email as well as chat support


It is priced at $149 per month. If you choose to buy the Premium package, you will receive the following benefits

Features of the plan:

  • API acess
  • CSV download
  • 2000 credits per month
  • API acess
  • Email, Chat as well as Call support


It is priced at $399 per month. If you go for the Ultra kit, you will receive:

Features of the plan:

  • API acess
  • CSV download
  • 10000 credits per month
  • 24×7 Email, Chat and Call Support

Pros And Cons of 

So far, we have looked at’s amazing and appealing features, the price, and you have heard about the suitability and device integration. No one is perfect, and will be no exception, but here’s a brief breakdown of the positives and negatives of this convenient little tool:


  • Participate in the Agreement. offers a range of pricing choices, such as a free one, so there’s something for every business size and budget.

  • Features has a quite attractive set of features – all of which implies that you get a great value for money. 

  • Simple to use

Even if you have no specialist expertise, this system is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily. The interface is also very easy to be used for added convenience.

  • Customer service

The customer service department at is extremely attentive, and if you choose one of most expensive plans, you’ll have the option of receiving help via chat, email, or smartphone.

  • Features offers a comprehensive range of functionality, all of which add up to an attractive price.

  • Reliable, unlike some of the other similar apps, is a fantastic tool that provides secure and convenient results.



  • Only supports English is currently only available in English, which can be inconvenient, but you will be updated if they add more!

  • A limited number of free versions are available

Although we should just not talk or complain about having anything free of cost, the free program’s 10 credits per month seem to be a bit scarce.

  • Insufficient training resources

The website is deficient in technical manuals, webinars, and other resources that many people, including myself, will find interesting. Even so, the program is so easy to use that the onboarding process will be fast.

  • Not available for iPhone is not presently accessible for iPhone users, so you might be out of luck if you want to check your emails quickly and easily.

Why do we like GetEmail?

GetEmail is a French startup that offers an easy-to-use email lookup service. This platform uses big data and machine learning algorithms to provide you with accurate addresses in less time. You’ll get 10 free credits when you sign up, and the platform’s pricing starts at $49 per month for 300 searches.

  • It’s simple to find someone’s email address from their LinkedIn profile page; simply press the Getemail button; it’s fast and accurate. 
  • It’s the easiest app to use, and we like how they keep all of your found emails on file for easy access.
  • It’s easy to set up and use, and we like that it’s tiny and unobtrusive. The emails are also accurate when they’re sent!
  • The best feature of this product is the ability to find people’s contact details directly from LinkedIn.
  • offers a free Chrome Extension that is simple to use and reliable. When scraping an email from a LinkedIn profile, it returns a response in a single click.

HAVE ANY DOUBTS? Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

👓When can you use 1 getmail credit?

Yes, indeed. Getemail offers a completely free version, which you can register. If you want more additional features, you may sign up for a free trial of any of the advanced plans or switch to one of our low-priced monthly packages and modify as required. Our mission is to assist as many customers as possible in solving their business challenges without attempting to obtain every last dollar from them.

👍Who all can use

It is an email verification tool that provides CSV download and API access to organizations and companies in the advertisement, sales, recruiting, and event management industries.

✔ What all operating systems are supported?

You can use on the following operating systems- Mac Android iOS Web Apps Windows

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GetEmail Review Conclusion – IS GetEmail WORTH IT?

Finding an email account for a preferred contact can prove to be deeply annoying as well as time-consuming. The ability to obtain this information is crucial for constructive lead generation, and using a platform like is much quicker and more reliable than physically searching for emails.

We won’t claim that is 100 percent effective in locating anyone’s email address, but it’s okay because there is a tool as such. Despite this, it has a decent hit rate of 70%, which is better than many other applications.

This software checks a lot of items, if you are a local business or a big corporation. The product plans are very adjustable and flexible as well, and you can change and modify them up or down as often as you wish.

It does have some of the amazing services and tools to increase the application’s value for money, which can prove to be essential for many other businesses all around the world.

If someone had to complain, it would be that they should include more training and educational material on the site, as they can be beneficial, but by no means this is a deal-breaker. is among the best email locators out there and if you are searching for an inexpensive e -mail account and web address tool that will help you easily create your address books and begin being more successful with your email marketing campaigns.

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