Review 2024: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Is Legitimate?)

GetCourse Review

Overall Verdict

GetCourse is an incredible platform. It has everything you need that can help you grow your business drastically.

Out of 10


  • End-to-end analytics
  • Evergreen webinars
  • email and messaging app
  • Landing page and website builder
  • Autofunnels
  • CRM (client relationship management)


  • None


Price: $ 50

In this post, I have featured my honest GetCourse Platform  Review 2024 which includes detailed insights into the GetCourse Platform.

Are you looking to share your knowledge with the world by creating an online school? GetCourse is an All-in-one platform that will save your time and money. Review

It is a powerful system that helps you to build sales funnels for your online academy, grow your business and implement automation.

The platform includes everything that an online academy needs: Webinars, Training, Online School Website, Email Broadcast, CRM, Sales Management, and much more. 

Your customers will love it because GetCourse helps to make your customer’s journey easy and convenient.

Detailed Review 2024

Review of GetCourse Platform

Starting from payment through course completion, the platform’s structure is organized in a convenient way for both students and teachers.

It allows teachers to track students’ work and students receive feedback about their progress from time to time without missing.

Being updated about all the progress will lead to more profits and increased sales of the courses.

So why not give it a try today? Sign up now and make your journey easy by running an online school by yourself. 

7 Major Features of GetCourse

Here are 7 Features of GetCourse:

1. Content Management System

Build your website from scratch with a no-code website builder. With a simple drag and drop option add the contents for the landing page.

You can also connect your own domain to GetCourse and the website will be opened at your domain and redirected to GC.

2. Webinars and Evergreen Webinars

Conduct webinars using GetCourse platform but this does not limit to here, you can also connect through YT, Zoom, or any OBS software.

GetCourse will be an interface between you and your students along with helping you track all the activities during the webinar. 

GetCourse can withstand powerful loads. The biggest number of webinars’ participants was 27 000 last time.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Worried about how to handle all the students who are subscribed to the course? It has been made easier with a convenient segmentation tool.

Categorizing students on the basis of their progress, you could send updates and notifications easily now. Customize the CRM view.

In addition, you can add extra fields to your user’s profile and track all activities.

Additionally, you can conduct surveys to record responses from students and build your own visual dashboards.

getcourse- features

4. Learning Management System

With no limitation of hosting the courses, the courses can be self-paced or a course program where you will teach them all at one-time.

As a part of course promotion you can easily set some courses open to students and can give different types of access to the courses.

You can find all the students’ work in the answer feed without missing out on any comment or question posted.

With the help of gamification, you can boost students’ motivation to complete the course without being left out in the mid half of the progress.

And in the end, you can provide a Course Completion Certificate when students complete successfully. 

5. Automate

Why do what the automation will do faster and more efficiently?

With a no-code builder, you could automate any business process for your online school and build an automated sales funnel. 

6. Email/Messengers Broadcasting

With this tool, you can not only send broadcasting emails but also send individualized emails.

Choose a convenient communication way with your customers depending on your goal.

Create trigger emails, attract attention, and include calls to action in your messages.  

7. Sales and Payments

An important aspect of all comes to end with payment and management.

By advertising promotional offers for courses and offers, students can easily pay through connected payment gateways. 

You can also set up promo campaigns and promo code automation. GetCourse also provides affiliate programs that you can set up for your students.

features-Review of GetCourse Platform

3 Major Benefits of GetCourse

Here are the 3 Benefits of GetCourse:

1. Automation

Gone are the days when everything had to be done manually but now with advanced tools and technical support from GetCourse you can easily automate your sales and promotional campaigns managing all the processes being butter smooth.

And with this, you can communicate individually and manage sales along with keeping track of the progress of both course subscriptions and student activities.

2. An All-in-One place (everything you need for online school)

Starting a school may be a hassle with a lot of technical needs and finding ways to advertise and manage the inflow of students.

GetCourse has all the tools which a school needs too.

Making you only focus on content and launching of the course while the rest tools will lead you the way.

3. Sales Funnel Automation 

The platform is for people who want to build a systematic business and scale it.

For that, there are tools for that: sales funnel automation and the capability to train thousands of students at the same time. 

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What is Included in GetCourse

1. Build your own Website: A No code website builder which gives independence to you to create your landing page more appealing and simpler for students to go through.

2. Create Your Course: The interface and contents that your students interact with are a reflection of your company, which is why you may want them to be flawless.

Enhance your project with a logo and a favicon picture. This will enable you to white-label your online school and strengthen your brand’s identification in the view of students and clients.

Want to make your videos more visually attractive and professional? With a few clicks, you can easily add video thumbnail pictures to each course.

3. Webinars: Live Webinars allows you to communicate with students and respond to them instantly along with monitoring all the activities happening during the session.

Not restricted to GetCourse platform but you can also use other platforms like Facebook, Zoom and other OBS Softwares.

4. Launch and Training: Getcourse provides training to make it understandable and easy to launch your course. 

getcourse- Review of GetCourse Platform

5. CRM: A customer database with the capacity to interact with them.

6. End-to-end analytics: It will help you to track the effectiveness of advertisements and promotional campaigns.

7. Dashboards: Create a dashboard to display the metrics you’d want to monitor.

Analyze your financial success across periods with built-in analytics. Maintain precise records of your profits and sales.

With Dashboards, view all the website traffic in one go and keep a check on the conversion of visitors to paid customers.

8. Communication: Establish a series of mailings and schedule them to be sent automatically one by one, or create triggers to send certain emails based on user action.

Processes may be configured using a simple visual editor.

Create professional-looking emails that include your logo and your subscribers’ names automatically. Within a few hours, send thousands of emails within your database.

getcourse offered

9. Payment Methods:  Create an infinite number of digital items and sell them to clients with no constraints on price or quantity.

Accept credit cards and other payment options with the integration of with global payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and local once.

Offer your audience discounts or promo codes to create a feeling of urgency and to enhance the selling process. 

10. Brand Protection: Maintain your composure and do business securely with GetCourse’s dependability. materials are secure and anti-piracy – they cannot be shared or downloaded by students.

The ecosystem enables you to have different access levels for each of your co-workers.

Secure your domain name and your users’ personal information by installing an HTTPS certificate. You may quickly and simply ban or remove obnoxious people.

11. Storage: Depending on your needs for services and storage capacity Getcourse have different packages and pricing with all the tools needed to run the academy.

This storage file stores the course videos and other shared files, such as Presentations, PDF’s or any text files.

12. Automation: Automate your sales funnels and administrative activities by establishing numerous procedures.

13. Affiliate Program: Allow third-party promoters and sellers to advertise and sell your goods for a charge.

14. Sales and Payments: Connect payment gateways, accept payments, set up promo campaigns and promo codes. 

15. LMS: Organize and conduct your online training, track your student’s progress in the answer’s feed. 

Why We Recommend

Here are the 4 Reasons why we Recommend GetCourse:

1. Extended Support:

Immediate Human assistance available with a customized experience: Simple explanations, video explainers, and screen capture.

Once you begin using, their technical support team will do all possibles to assist you with any technical issues.

Once you see and understand how it works, you will be in love with it for the rest of your life!

2. Subscribe Students To Your Classes Across the Globe: For Free or for a Fee:

Are you an expert in a certain field? Whether it’s affiliate marketing, foreign languages, knitting, programming languages, astrology, and Tarot, or even your unique skills and experience, demonstrate your expertise to the public.

Make your education beneficial to kids while also being lucrative to you.  

3. Prompt Assistance From Technical Personnel:

Create courses and concentrate on creativity and business – technical issues may be resolved swiftly with the assistance of the team.

90 % of customer requests are handled within one conversation.

Each support agent has been meticulously chosen and has all of the required abilities to do any work on the service.

In comparison to other providers, their support team cares about you.

On business days, you’ll get a response to any query you have concerning the platform within 24 hours.

4. A More Effective Tool Combo For Managing Your Online School:

With the aid of automated sales funnels and clever business procedures, you may spread your expertise to thousands of individuals.

Forget about separate platforms for each activity: hosting a webinar, making a website, and sending email sequences – already includes all of this and much more.

GetCourse Pricing

While most of the similar services like GetCourse limit their users by the platform’s features depending on the tariffs, GetCourse pricing approach is built-in absolutely another way.

They provide access to ALL the platform’s features by default in all the tariffs and split tariffs depending on the number of active leads and students you as a user has in your account.

As a business, you always start from the first tariff which includes up to 1000 users and when your business is growing and you have more leads and students, you move to more expensive tariffs.

According to GC’s analytics, they usually spend on the platform not more than around 3% of their revenue. 

There are no hidden commissions apart from your monthly subscription.

All payment transactions happen between users and their students with the payment gateway. 

There are many plans depending on the number of users, here are a few ones you can start from. 

Other tariffs included 5000+ users are available by request.
To any tariff, you can add extra storage space which cost, for example, about 1000 for 50Gb

GetCourse provides 14 days free trial to all newly registered users. 

GetCourse Pros and Cons

Here are the Pros & Cons of GetCourse:


  • End-to-end analytics and reports
  • Webinars and evergreen webinars
  • Mailings by email and messaging app
  • LMS (learning management system)
  • Landing page and website builder
  • CRM (client relationship management)
  • Autofunnels
  • Payment acceptance


  • None

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FAQs About GetCourse Platform 2024

What sorts of reports can I generate?

You can see multiple dashboards and graphs for traffic analysis to profit data.

How many students and courses can I have?

Depending on the selected plan, you will be able to disseminate your knowledge to more unlimited number of students.

How can help me gain customers? features a variety of marketing automation solutions that can help you obtain your first paying clients.

Why should I purchase

Because it is a faster and comfortable platform to get things done and develop your own educational company, which will bring you money.

What are the prerequisites for working with

You only need to be motivated to teach others and share your expertise! You will learn all the technical aspects when setting up your account.

Can I make certificates for my students after course completion?

Yes, you can create one and send them automatically.

Conclusion: GetCourse Platform 2024

As you can see, GetCourse is an incredible platform. It has everything you need that can help you grow your business drastically.

We sincerely hope this review was helpful. We highly recommend GetCourse for you and your business.

Please let us know in the comment section whether you liked it or not.

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