How To Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

Backlinks are incoming links to a web page or website and they were considered the primary means of navigation before the advent of search engines. These are significant part of SEO as search engines gauge the popularity of a website with the number of quality external links the website has. Links from high quality websites has a major influence on search engine rankings. Marketers are always looking for options to get quality backlinks from websites that have good domain authority.

Building backlinks is an essential part of any SEO strategy and therefore it is important to ensure that good backlinks SEO strategy are built during any internet marketing campaign. This Wiki page can help you to learn more about the topic: from wikipediaBacklinks from Wikipedia – Is it useful?

  • Wikipedia is one of the most popular and authoritative websites on the internet.
  • Any backlink that is received from reputed websites such as Wikipedia will have an effect on the search engine rankings of the website.
  • The backlinks in Wikipedia are ‘No Follow’ backlinks and therefore they will not be able to pass any link juice to your website.

Therefore, is it worthwhile to develop Wikipedia backlinks when the backlinks are of No Follow nature? The answer to the questions is, Yes! Though no follow backlinks are said to not add any link juice, they do have an impact on SEO. Backlinks from Wikipedia will help to divers some direct traffic to your website and this can help you.

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How to get backlinks from Wiki

As Wikipedia provides no follow links, getting backlinks from Wikipedia will take time and requires patience. Let us see what you can do to get backlinks from Wiki.

  • Building quality backlinks have been always a give and take relation. Therefore, you will have to give something before you can receive backlinks from sites like Wikipedia.
  • First step is to join Wikipedia as an editor.
  • Next step is to spend time (lots of it) to edit the content in Wikipedia and to help Wiki maintain its content.
  • Do not edit content just for the sake of editing. The editing that you do must be accurate or else you may be removed as an editor.
  • Other Wiki editors will be watching you and if they suspect any wrongdoing, they will report you.
  • Pick articles in Wiki that has the scope for you to add more details to it.
  • Research studiously for information that you can provide to that page and ensure that the content is well presented.
  • You can cite reliable sources while providing information to Wiki pages.
  • Once you have developed a trusted history in Wiki, you can add your links on pages that have content that are relevant to your products or services.
  • Ensure that you provide the reason why the link you have provided will be useful.
  • Keep searching for content that is relevant to your business and sketch out plans on how you can add links to that page.
  • Add links that are relevant, or it will be deleted by other editors.
  • DO NOT spam Wiki with links, as it will hurt you badly. Be organic and add links in a smart manner.
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So what is your thought on getting backlinks from Wikipedia !!!!! Are you ready for it.

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    We’ve managed to get some wikipedia links to some of our clients and their rankings have increased accross of about 50-130 keywords.

    Those wiki links builds trust despite being nofollow.

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        Varsha Paul

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    • Hi Lisa, Yes you are right that there are nofollow links in wikipedia now, Yes it is worth in my view, but different people have different opinions, nofollow backlinks also helpful sometime, Google is now going more towards nofollow links.

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