Galaksion Review 2024: Is It Worth? (Pros & Cons)

Galaksion Review

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Galaksion is a global advertising network that provides webmasters with direct traffic. Here, no middlemen nor deception are present. Instead, the firm offers a straightforward Self-Service Platform, a vast array of selectable formats and verticals, and a database of free creative templates.

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  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Accurate real-time reporting system
  • Control over your ads
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Most competitive rates


  • Only work with mainstream traffic


Price: $

Are you searching for a review of Galaksion to decide whether it’s worth investing in? Today, purchasing traffic based on conversions is possible, which is a dream come true for many.

Ad networks have been improving their technical capabilities, and one of their latest innovations is the ability to sell visitors on a cost-per-acquisition basis.

However, not every advertising network can provide this option to its customers. Although they cannot guarantee that all visitors will convert, they still sell it.

If an ad network offers this choice, it is a strong indication of excellent traffic quality.

Galaksion Review

Galaksion Review: What Is Galaksion?

Galaksion, a private advertising network located in Riga, Latvia, has been active since 2014 and is not entirely new to the advertising industry.

After a few years, it ultimately opened its doors to the public as a self-service advertising platform.

Galaksion should be considered if you are in the market for a new traffic source.

In addition to providing a CPA pricing model, it also offers direct traffic. And that’s only the beginning; let’s examine all the characteristics that make Galaksion such an intriguing option for affiliate marketers.

Galaksion Review

Galaksion is one of the ad networks that provide CPA traffic purchases. They do not deal with resellers and can ensure high-quality traffic owing to patented anti-fraud technology and stringent quality assurance criteria for traffic.

Such a structure would be great for offers with a straightforward conversion process: single opt-in, registration, and installation. These would be verticals with low conversion rates, such as Dating, Sweepstakes, or Utilities, and there would be few KPI worries.

Deposits are an additional option. Popular sectors include eCommerce, utilities, VPN/Antiviruses, subscriptions, apps, gambling, games, etc.

However, variables such as user LTV (lifetime value), size and quantity of deposits, and buy-out rate will significantly impact here. Therefore, establishing a testing cap with the management is prudent before going all-in on this offer.

Overall, ad networks can entirely automate the process of purchasing traffic. The platform will hold the proper bid on your behalf. 

Major Features of Galaksion

Benefits of Galaksion

1. High-traffic sources:

Their traffic originates directly from reputable websites, allowing them to take full responsibility for their quality. It provides billions of monthly impressions from Asia, the Middle East, and Tier-1. The annual traffic growth rate exceeds 400%.

2. Highly secure:

Their publishers get the utmost protection. Your audience will never be exposed to malicious software or unauthorized advertising.

3. Multiple ad formats:

They provide several effective and lucrative ad types to their advertisers. In addition to reliable sources, their anti-Adblock and malware-defeating systems ensure the absence of fraud or covert manipulation.

All advertisers may choose the pricing strategy that best meets their needs, either CPA, CPM, or CPC.

4. Anti-Adblock and Malware Protection:

Galaksion employs its anti-Adblock and malware prevention solution to combat fraud and covert manipulation, ensuring transparent and reliable advertising for both publishers and advertisers.

5. Flexible Pricing Models:

Advertisers can select from various pricing models that suit their objectives, including CPA (Cost Per Action), CPM (Cost Per Mille), or CPC (Cost Per Click).

6. Good guidance & support:

Their team believes that their growth and success are intimately tied to the growth and success of their partners. Therefore, they are constantly there to provide guidance and share their expertise.

Galaksion for Advertisers

Galaksion for Advertisers

1. Anti-Fraud: Their IT development team develops novel data analysis techniques to prevent their partners from engaging in fraudulent behavior.

2. Automatic & Manual Optimization: Traditional digital advertising methods and cutting-edge user acquisition techniques are provided by a seasoned optimization team and a recently updated platform.

3. Smart Targeting: Targeting choices are not restricted to the Galaksion platform. It provides access to the smallest audiences and the most straightforward campaign administration using modern marketing technologies.

4. Personal Manager: Digital marketing experts with more than eight years of advertising experience (in common) are always willing to give insightful advice and optimize the performance of your campaigns

5. Exclusive Traffic Sources: Only reputable and high-quality placements provide the most significant audience reach.

Galaksion for Publishers:

Galaksion for Publishers

1. Trustworthy Advertisers: Their marketers are consistently competitive in many market segments. They give their publishers prominent advertisements and the most affordable CPM prices.

2. Fast & Reliable Payouts: Galaksion supports all prevalent payment methods. The withdrawal procedure is fully adaptable to your requirements, with possible daily payments.

3. Efficient Ads: They choose the most qualified advertisers for your audience and produce high-quality advertisements. You just post them on your website. It’s as simple as pie!

4. Multiple Ad Formats: Your website may accommodate any ad style, from intelligent browser alerts to traditional click-under.

Galaksion – A Self-Service Platform

  • Personal Manager: They will provide a seasoned manager who will aid you in designing and tailoring your advertising strategy to your industry’s characteristics.
  • Automatic & Manual Optimization: Galaksion achieves its goals using the help of its skilled staff members and algorithms. 
  • Trusted Traffic Sources: They only purchase traffic straight from reputable website owners. This enables them to preserve the purity and quality of the sources and ensure the absence of bots, resold traffic, and leftover traffic.

How To Sign Up As a Publisher at Galaksion?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Galaksion from here, and click on ‘SIGN UP.’

How To Sign Up As a Publisher at Galaksion step1

Step – 2: Select ‘Publisher’, fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Register’.

How To Sign Up As a Publisher at Galaksion step2

Step – 3: When done, you will see this screen. Now click on ‘LOG IN.’

Now click on ‘LOG IN.’

Step – 4: Verify your email address. Fill up your login credentials and click on ‘LOG IN.’

Verify your email address

Step – 5: Fill up your account information and click on ‘Next.’

Fill up your account information

That’s it. Start making money with Galaksion. 

Why Do I Recommend Galaksion?

1. Low Minimum Deposit:

Given that the CPA business model is available to any advertiser, you would anticipate their minimum deposit to be significant. Interestingly, it is not. €50 is plenty to begin marketing in Galaksion.

2. Worldwide traffic:

This worldwide advertising network receives visitors from over 190 nations and territories. However, Tier 1 and Asian countries have sufficient volume to scale.

3. Multiple Ad Formats:

Galaksion provides a range of ad types, each of which has distinct advantages. This eliminates the need to switch between ad networks when promoting the same offer through numerous ad kinds.

4. CPA pricing model:

The CPA model is very enticing for businesses seeking to maximize advertising expenditure. Because they can’t guarantee that all traffic will convert, not all ad networks can afford to provide this option to their customers.

Galaksion is still ready to assume this risk due to its confidence in the quality of its traffic.

5. Good Traffic Quality:

Since the organization works directly with publishers (on an exclusive basis), the quality of the traffic is relatively high. Many affiliates believe Galaksion to be their secret weapon for this reason.

Galaksion: Customer Support

Galaksion takes customer support seriously, offering a range of services to assist both publishers and advertisers. Whether you have questions or concerns or need guidance, Galaxian is dedicated to providing the help you need.

Upon joining, users may be assigned a dedicated account manager who will offer personalized support and campaign optimization tips.

Additionally, Galaksion typically provides various contact channels, including email, live chat, or a contact form on their website, to ensure easy access to their support team. They aim to deliver prompt responses to inquiries, ensuring users receive assistance when they need it.

For self-help resources, users may find a knowledge base or FAQ section on the Galaksion website, which can provide answers to common questions.

Additionally, a ticketing system may be available for users to submit support requests and track their progress. Some networks also offer user communities or forums where individuals can engage with fellow publishers and advertisers, discussing issues and sharing insights.

Galaksion’s commitment to customer support ensures that users can navigate the platform with confidence and receive assistance whenever necessary.

Email Contact: [email protected]

Ad Formats Provided by Galaksion:

Galaksion is an advertising network that offers various ad formats to help publishers and advertisers effectively reach their target audiences.

Ad Formats Provided by Galaksion

Some of the ad formats provided by Galaksion include:

1. Display Ads: These are traditional banner ads that can be placed on websites and come in various sizes and formats, such as leaderboard, skyscraper, and rectangle banners.

2. Native Ads: Native ads blend seamlessly with the content on a webpage, making them less intrusive and more engaging for users.

3. Push Notifications: Push notifications are messages sent directly to a user’s device or browser. They can be used for promotions, updates, and alerts.

4. Pop-Under Ads: Pop-under ads open in a new browser window or tab behind the current window, making them less intrusive than pop-up ads.

5. Interstitial Ads: These are full-screen ads that appear between two content pages, typically when a user navigates from one page to another on a website or app.

6. Video Ads: Video ads include various video formats, such as in-stream video ads (played before, during, or after video content) and out-stream video ads (standalone video ads that don’t require specific video content).

7. Mobile Ads: Galaksion provides mobile-specific ad formats optimized for smartphones and tablets, including mobile banners, interstitials, and video ads.

8. Push Traffic: Galaksion offers push traffic as an advertising format, allowing advertisers to reach users through push notifications on their devices.

These ad formats cater to different advertising goals and user experiences, enabling advertisers to choose the most suitable format for their campaigns and publishers to monetize their websites or apps effectively.

Galaksion: Payment and Investment Details for Advertisers

Cost Model: Galaksion operates on various cost models, including Cost Per Mille (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Action (CPA)​.

Minimum Deposit: The minimum deposit required to start a campaign with Galaksion is either €50 or $50. This relatively low entry point makes it accessible to a wide range of advertisers, including those who are new to the platform or have smaller advertising budgets​​​.

Payment Methods: Advertisers can fund their accounts using various methods. Accepted payment methods include Visa/Mastercard credit cards, WebMoney, and Paxum (by request). Additionally, wire transfers are available but require a higher minimum deposit of €1,000 or $1,000​​​.

Flexibility in Campaign Investment: The minimum deposit may vary based on the desired campaign budget. Advertisers are encouraged to contact Galaksion’s support team for current information on minimum deposit requirements, indicating a level of flexibility and personalized service​.

Galaksion Pros and Cons:


1. 24/7 Dedicated Customer Support: Galaksion provides round-the-clock customer support, which is crucial for addressing any issues that may arise.

2. Accurate Real-Time Reporting System: The platform offers an accurate system for reporting ad performance in real-time, allowing advertisers to make informed decisions quickly.

3. Control Over Ads: Advertisers have significant control over their ads, which helps in tailoring campaigns to specific needs.

4. Multiple Ad Formats: Galaksion offers a variety of ad formats, providing flexibility and the ability to use different types of ads for different purposes.

5. Low Minimum Deposit: Starting with Galaksion requires a surprisingly low minimum deposit, making it accessible for various advertisers.


1. No Live Chat: The absence of a live chat option for support might be inconvenient for users who prefer instant assistance. The network plans to add this feature in the future.


🤔 What is the minimum deposit required at Galaksion?

Galaksion accepts a minimum deposit of $50.

🧐 What are Ad formats supported by Galaksion?

The ad formats supported by Galaksion are mobile push-ups, native ads, on-page notifications, push notifications, and popunder ads.

🚀 What payment methods are accepted by Galaksion?

The payment methods accepted at Galaksion are bank cards and WebMoney. On request, they may agree to bank transfer and Paxum.

🤑 What are the different pricing models supported by Galaksion?

Different pricing models supported by Galaksion are CPC, CPM, and CPA.

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Conclusion: Galaksion Review 2024

With Galaksion’s traffic, businesses could reach a larger audience with their goods and services.

By demonstrating that its traffic is most effective for eCommerce, utilities, VPN/Antiviruses, subscriptions, apps, dating, sweepstakes, Nutra, utilities, eCommerce, and many more verticals, the network has created new options for companies of all kinds.

The main takeaway from this Galaksion review is that this ad network is an effective tool for contacting prospective clients but is not risk-free. With a well-planned and executed advertising campaign, affiliates may effectively reach a big audience with their advertisements.

Here is a little gift for you, only for my readers. Use the coupon code ‘BLOGGERS15,’ which will give you 15% off on your first top-up with Galaksion. 

Although outcomes cannot be guaranteed, taking a leap of faith (also known as conducting a test campaign) sometimes provides unexpected benefits.

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