Funnelytics Review 2024: How Does Funnelytics Work?


Overall Verdict

Funnelytics is the world’s #1 funnel mapping and analytics tool founded by Mikael Dia in late 2018. Mapping a funnel is exactly what it sounds. This tool provides you a complete mapping funnel for marketing with a visual drag-and-drop interface and comes with built-in analytics to monitor and track their performance.

Out of 10


  • Done-for-you Client Acquisition System
  • Funnelytics Certification
  • Weekly Expert Sessions
  • Early Access to Beta Funnelytics Features
  • Best platform for marketing data visualisation
  • The support at Funnelytics is A Grade


  • Its very much expensive
  • Only 14 days trial period
  • It can be overwhelming for new users


Price: $ 49

Looking for an unbiased Funnelytics Review? I am here to help you today. 

Are you an entrepreneur or marketing manager looking for a new #1 Funnel Mapping & Analytics Tool?

Are you interested in optimizing the performance of your funnels and campaigns?

Understanding your funnel is crucial to understanding your business. The funnel determines everything from your conversion rates to your revenue.

But how do you know if you have a problem? How do you know when to make changes? If you’re like most marketers, you don’t.

That’s where awesome Funnelytics comes in. With the click of a button, you can see what’s working and what isn’t, and you can make adjustments before it’s too late.

Funnelytics is the best funnel-mapping software available to marketers and entrepreneurs.

Russell Brunson, 9-Figure Entrepreneur – Co-Founder & CEO of Clickfunnels

Bottom Line : This is the best #1 Funnel Mapping & Analytics Tool Built By Marketers, For Marketers. I love this tool. Funnelytics is the only tool that lets you plan, measure and optimize your funnels and campaigns visually. Unlike 99% of tools, it’s designed for Marketers and doesn’t require a PHD in data science.

– Validated by thousands of real customers.

– Funnelytics provides advanced tools for quickly measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

– Find out where your efforts are least effective in a few seconds with Funnelytics, and see where you can improve them.

– Track each individual website and analyze its statistics using Funnelytics advanced analysis tools.

– Move your analyses from Excel to Funnelytics easily and inexpensively.

Even Russel Brunson say this tool is beast for marketer. You’re going to love it. This is something I would easily pay $3,000 or $4,000 for, or more. So there is no doubt that Funnelytics is best funnel mapping software in the market.

Funnelytics Reviews Pro customer testimonials

Funnelytics Review

Funnelytics Alternatives 2024 

1. ClickFunnels


It’s a marketing and sales funnel builder, that allows you to design unique landing pages, opt-in sites, and more.

For example, utilizing its analytics tools, helps you create successful funnels and track their effectiveness, which in turn helps you increase sales and conversions.


  • Even if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s simple to understand and put into practice.
  • Offers ready-to-use templates for high-converting funnels.
  • All of your funnel’s components—from landing pages to shopping carts—can be built in one location.
  • Your CRM or email marketing platforms can be integrated with it, as well.
  • You don’t have to redirect clients to a third-party payment system like PayPal, Stripe, etc. to collect payments on your website pages.
  • A/B testing of website pages is made simple and effective.


  • It takes some time to get everything set up.
  • Actionetics, the software’s email marketing tool, can be glitchy at times.
  • ClickFunnels owns all of the pages you build in your account. You’ll have to start from scratch if you depart.
  • Especially for small enterprises, this is extremely expensive.
  • B2B and B2C marketers and business owners, e-commerce business owners are the best fit for this product.

The Basic package costs $97 a month, while the Advanced plan costs $297 a month. There is no free version of ClickFunnels, however, a 14-day free trial is offered.

2) SmartLook


Using Smart look’s qualitative analytics, businesses of all sizes and sectors can discover the “whys” behind their customers’ actions, such as why users abandon their carts, why they don’t use a feature, or why they skip onboarding altogether. The guesswork has been eliminated.

Smartlook is a unique combination of features that allow you to finally comprehend user behavior at the micro level. Always-on visitor recordings and heatmaps provide detailed information about how and where your website or app’s visitors interact with it. Conversion funnels take the events generated by automatic event tracking and show you how successful your site is at converting those visitors into customers.


  • It illustrates how people engage with both web pages and mobile applications.
  • Apps don’t noticeably slow down as a result of this lightweight feature.
  • Integration with software such as WordPress, Shopify, and Google Analytics is simple and easy to accomplish.
  • Not only does it record the behavior of every visitor on your website, but it doesn’t sample recordings.
  • More than 30 filters are available for a more thorough investigation of data.
  • A feature of visitor recordings is the ability to fast-forward through specific events.


  • Dashboard design can seem confusing at first.
  • Sharing recordings isn’t as simple as it used to be.
  • Heatmaps can be difficult to grasp at first sight.
  • Privacy controls are sluggish and difficult to understand.
  • Free version data is restricted after 1500 visits in a month, in the free version.

Best for e-commerce and SMB owners, B2B sellers as well as CRO professionals.

For $31 per month, SmartLook offers a Startup plan, while for $79 per month, it offers a Business plan. You can also purchase an “Ultimate” plan to further personalize your account’s features, but it comes at a cost.

3) Simvoly 

Simvoly vs wix- Simvoly overview

Using Simvoly, users can make their own websites, funnels, landing pages, and online stores without having to know how to do any of these things before. It lets you make everything yourself instead of paying for designers and developers to do it for you.

Everything you do on the platform can be done under your own name, from the domain to the prices to the templates. You can come up with your own solution for your customers.

There are a lot of beautiful templates for a site, store, or funnel that you can choose from. Then, you can start making changes to them with our smoothest drag-and-drop tools. Everything you do is made to look good on any kind of device. You can make anything from a simple landing page to a full-fledged website with e-commerce and funnels. You can also make a simple landing page.

Pros :

Simvoly’s E-commerce solutions make it simple to sell your products or services, regardless of whether you are a graphic designer, photographer, contractor, or business owner.

PayPal and Stripe have been seamlessly integrated into online stores for quite some time now. Images of products can be uploaded quickly and easily. Promotions can be managed easily.

Inventory can be tracked easily.

Customer information can be stored safely and managed easily.

It’s possible to choose from more than fifty mobile-friendly themes. The website wizard allows you to see a real-time preview of every theme and change you’ve made so far.

As an added bonus, Simvoly includes an excellent blog function that allows you to post blog entries with images, slideshows, and videos, as well as allow comments and incorporate social media share buttons.


If you want to make a website and sell digital downloads, this isn’t the best platform yet. Lacks integrations, image editing, and mobile views I don’t like it.

Pricing :

Price starts from $12 Per month with a 14-Day free trial and great customer service.

So let’s get started with Funnelytics Review which includes detailed insights into its pricing, features, functionality, and more.

In short: What I will discuss about Funnelytics Pros & Cons: 

  • What Is Funnelytics in detail?
  • How I Use Funnelytics
  • What Are Some Of My Favorite Things About Funnelytics?
  • What Are The Annoying Things About Funnelytics
  • A Look Inside at Funnelytics
  • Funnelytics Pricing
  • Final Thoughts
  • Funnelytics Pros and Cons

Funnelytics Review: Best Funnel Mapping Software Ever? 

Funnelytics pros and cons

– 80% of marketers are not aware of the best practices for running their business

Funnelytics offers a dashboard that shows you exactly how your marketing is working and gives actionable insights on what you should be doing next.

– Get an insightful view of which channels are performing well, which ones are struggling, and which ones need a bit more work.

– If you want to know if something is working, Funnelytics provides actionable insights on which parts of your funnel to focus on next.

– Play funnels in 20 different languages so that everyone has the same experience

Funnelytics Pro Review

Funnelytics is the world’s #1 funnel mapping and analytics tool founded by Mikael Dia in late 2018. Mapping a funnel is exactly what it sounds. This tool provides you a complete mapping funnel for marketing with a visual drag-and-drop interface and comes with built-in analytics to monitor and track their performance.

Funnelytics is a comprehensive software tool designed to help digital marketing professionals identify and analyze their sales funnels for more efficient marketing. Funnel mapping tools have become very popular since the turn of the century. They have been used by marketers to keep pace with the highly variable digital marketing space and analyze the results of their marketing strategies.

Wondering if Funnelytics is better than Geru? Check out this article which shares a detailed comparison of Funnelytics vs Geru with details on pricing, pros, and cons.

Funnelytics- Track & Optimise Your Sales Funnels

This will give you a better understanding of how your potential customers are going through your funnels and make the necessary changes to performance funnels.

Point to remember, Funnelytics helps you map sequences, including landing pages and emails, it does not allow you to create landing pages or send emails through the software itself.

Funnelytics Lifetime Deal June 2024 Available Now?

The original lifetime deal was $595, but now they don’t have any Funnelytics lifetime offer. Once the Funnelytics lifetime deal is up I will update you on this page.

Key Features of Funnelytics: 

– Funnelytics will help you make sure your marketing funnel is working as hard as it should be.

– Tracking conversions, sales, and overall revenue can help you plan for future growth and optimize your marketing efforts.

– Funnelytics allows you to manage all of your funnels in a very easy-to-understand way.

– Your Funnel Builder will be fast, simple, and easy to use for new and existing marketers alike.

– Funnelytics allows for a completely unique user experience. You don’t have to work with the same interface every day or use them through integration or another third party.

Funnelytics taFunnelytics tag managerg manager

Funnelytics have some exceptional features that have a great way to map and analyze the effectiveness of your funnels. It is also handy when it comes to attracting new customers who are unfamiliar with the funnels because it gives you a straightforward and attractive visual presentation.

Here are some of the core features of Funnelytics:

1. Funnelytics Vault

Funnelytics Pro users can have lifetime access to funnel templates developed by some of the most experienced and successful funnel traders in the world for a modest $47. Regardless of the type or size of your business, the funnels you are likely to create will resemble one or more templates in Funnelytics Vault.

Funnelytics Vault

They always offer more experienced funnels every month. The funnels come from a wide range of sectors, including information products, books, and associate travel.

Funnelytics has expanded all aspects of these funnels, from the first pages to the website to the landing pages and advertising. They have explanatory videos for each funnel so you can understand how they all work.

Above all, these funnel templates are directly integrated into Funnelytics. All you have to do is click the button, and the selected template is immediately loaded onto the funnel map.

2. Drag and Drop Funnel Builder

Drag and drop is the main feature of Funnelytics. You can drag and drop the entire Funnelytics interface with icons for each of the different levels into a typical sales funnel such as a sales page, webinar, logout, blog post, and thank you page. If you want, you can add more icons to customize the funnel further.

Funnelytics- Drag and Drop Interface

There is also a section about traffic sources like Facebook, email, and guest blog posts, and another part about activities that show you the steps you need to take at the end.

To create a funnel, select a traffic source, such as Facebook, go to Pages, select icons, and drag them to the project. The pages are arranged in the order in which they are placed. The arrows show how the icons are linked.

3. Analyze Mode

Funnelytics is famous for two modes; Funnel Mapping and Analyze mode. You can find Funnel Mapping mode in the Basic and Pro versions of the program, but the Analyze mode is only in the Pro version.

Funnelytics Review- Analyse Your Funnels

In Analyze mode, it is possible to track the path that customers follow directly from the traffic source, such as a Facebook ad, placing an order, or scheduling a meeting. It lets you explore the process where most expectations fall so that you can make the necessary changes.

4. UTM Tagging

UTM tagging lets you track traffic from external sources. It’s all about combining UTMs with website URLs and creating unique tracking codes. Every time someone visits your site, the activity is captured using codes and sent to Funnelytics. You can track and analyze them in the program, like any other lead.

Funnelytics also provides a UTM tracking spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet to manage to track links in your campaigns.

You can also use this chart as a guide. Most of the table cells are locked, so there is no need to argue with text or formulas. If you choose to unlock some cells, use the password “funnelyticsrocks”.

You will need to make a copy of the spreadsheet and add it to your Google Account. Funnelytics requires that you do not request any change access.

5. Google Tag Manager

Funnelytics goals

With Google Tag Manager, you can track user activity on your site by providing information about specific items, such as clicks, pop-ups, video views, etc. You must first install the tool. Then install the Funnelytics script with the following steps:

  • Open your Funnelytics account
  • Then open your project
  • Click Settings
  • Copy the script
  • Now open Google Tag Manager
  • Add a new tag

Note: Always set Google Tag Manager to Crawl all pages on your website.

6. Tracking Revenue

Although Funnelytics cannot be linked to the payment carts, it is still possible to track the revenue generated by each step of the funnel.

All you have to do is go to different pages of your funnel and set a price tag for each product. Each time a user visits a product confirmation page, a value is assigned equal to the price for that product.

Tracking Revenue- Funnelytics Review

Funnelytics Pro shows you the revenue from each step of the funnel and during the campaign. Fortunately, they created a smart solution. Instead of a direct link to payment processors, you can set goals on separate pages at your funnel and price each product.

How To Create Visual Funnel Maps with Funnelytics:

Funnelytics revenue measureIf you are a beginner in a sales funnel or digital marketing, you may ask yourself, “What is funnel mapping?” Funnel mapping can be defined as a visual representation of the intended routes that customers will follow before purchasing their product or service. 

Usually, this was done manually on the board, but now with tools like Funnelytics, it is possible to plan and map funnels in a computer program.

Funnels are routes that customers use, such as their online store or website. Effective funnels require a good understanding of digital marketing and all aspects of your marketing strategy.

There are three main steps to creating visual funnel maps with Funnelytics.

Step #1: Map the Funnel Strategy

You can start from scratch or quickly begin with a proven funnel template. The intuitive design of this funnel mapping tool helps you plan, present, and sell to your clients. Funnel Mapping is totally free with the Starter plan of Funnelytics.

Funnelytics Pro - Map Your Funnels

With these features, you can easily map your funnels.

  • Easy to use Drag & Drop canvas
  • 6 Free funnel templates to get started 
  • You can export beautiful and professional funnel maps to amaze your customers.
  • You will get 50+ pages, traffic, and action icons.

Step #2: Plan Your Profit

Clear targets and plans make it easy to run a business successfully. Use your calculations and visions to create solid ROI and marketing goals.

Funnelytics review- Plan Your profits

Funnelytics helps you.

  • Calculate expenses, traffic volumes, and conversion rates.
  • Calculate ROI, expected profit, and other metrics
  • Know what you need to do next to make more money
  • Impress clients based on their KPIs and easy-to-understand marketing targets

Step #3: Deliver Results

Everyone believes in results. The best way to know your results, whether it’s profit or loss. With Funnelytics, you can track how people are flowing through your funnel and how much profit you are getting. You can easily avoid losing money because you can see your results through your funnel mapping.

Deliver The Results- Funnelytics Review

You can easily track results because

  • There are no graphs, spreadsheets, or complicated Google Analytics views
  • You are getting only those real-time numbers through the funnel map that you want to see
  • You know where to fix your funnel in case you’re at a loss
  • You can report your customers in a secure way

Funnelytics New Pricing Plans

1) Introducing Marketer Plan Due to popular demand, they have introduced a new plan called Marketer. Marketer includes some premium features like unlimited canvases, forecasting, collaboration, and more… This is the perfect plan for those who need to plan out more funnels and collaborate with their team and clients but aren’t ready for the tracking or analytics features.

2) Goodbye Icon Limits You can now add unlimited icons to your Funnelytics Canvas on our Free Starter plan. Previously they had a 30-icon limit.

3) Additional Changes– they have changed the name of Projects to Workspaces. The functionality stays the same. – Additional Workspaces can be purchased at $9/m on Pro and Marketer plans.

Funnelytics Pricing | How Much Does Funnelytics Cost?


Funnelytics pricing is flexible and affordable as well.

Funnelytics has two versions

  • Starter
  • Pro

The Starter plan is free and mainly offers funnel maps. 

The Starter plan offers you:

  • 1 Team Project
  • Email support
  • Drag-and-drop canvases for your funnels
  • Six free funnel templates to get started
  • 50+ icons to help you create stunning funnel maps
  • Allows to share funnels and export them to PNG

The Pro version is worth $99/month ($74/month if billed annually) and is much more than just a funnel mapping tool. It includes features such as email tracking, goal, and conversion tracking, ad tracking, thermal mapping, and Facebook integration, in addition to what the Starter plan offers, which is useful for creating and analyzing sales funnels. You can download the free version first to check the software interface and ease of use.

Funnelytics Pro Version

The Pro plan offers you:

  • All Starter plan features
  • 1 Client Project
  • Unlimited funnel canvases
  • Unlock 50+ funnel templates 
  • Unlimited funnel tracking 
  • Customize your canvas with your own icons
  • Collaborate and strategize with your clients and team
  • Forecast the potential of your funnel and establish KPIs
  • Priority chat support
  • You can easily report on the metrics 

Funnelytics Money Back Guarantee

You get the 30 days money-back guarantee when you purchase the FUNNELYTICS PRO

Design funnels have the right to steal all the expert funnels and bounce after 29 and a half-day if you want to.

All that is important is to implement the Funnelytics before you try to bail it.

If you ask for a refund without touching the software you may be disqualified.

Funnelytics Support & Documentation

Funnelytics support

You can find detailed videos and informative articles for many technical aspects of setting up Funnelytics tracking features. They always have the latest article update so you can be sure it’s relevant.

Funnelytics has chat support, but not 24/7. So if you are across the world from their Toronto headquarters, then you are probably not going to get your answers soon. 

But their employees are very motivated to help solve problems. They’re still in the BETA test phase, so it is best if you stick to the Pro plan. The support staff is always grateful when you point out that something is going wrong so they can fix it for you.

Best Ways To Use Funnelytics

Funnelytics Pro Review

Here are some best ways to use Funnelytics

  • You can share the funnels by linking or downloading them as PNG or PDF files.
  • Funnelytics Vault is the best way to join the experience of the best marketers in the world with their Funnel Templates.
  • You can see your reference traffic with a clear glass view.
  • You can monitor and analyze page performance.
  • Another way is to analyze user engagement with browse percentage, video Percentage, pop-ups, and events.
  • Get your thoughts out of your head and paste them onto the map to see the world.
  • You can also share your funnels.
  • You can also build funnels live in front of your customers.

Funnelytics Comparison (Funnelytics Vs Geru Vs ClickFunnels)

Funnelytics vs Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is nothing like Funnelytics. They both are entirely different from each other and serve different purposes.

You can use Funnelytics for funnel mapping whereas Clickfunnels is used to build sales funnels, webinar funnels, optin funnels, self-liquidating funnels, etc.

Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial to its users, but Funnelytics offers a totally Free plan if you want funnel mapping only.

If you want to build different types of funnels, you can give Clickfunnels a try!

Funnelytics vs Geru

Geru is the world’s first funnel simulator that lets you quickly model and simulates the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel. It helps avoid costly marketing mistakes so you can grow your business as fast as possible. Funnelytics also offers forecasting features like Geru.

That means Geru is just for forecasting and planning. So Geru is nothing like Funnelytics that do analytics and tracking.

Funnelytics vs Google Analytics

Funnelytics and Google Analytics are not the same, although they can be classified as monitoring tools.

However, I recommend that you have Google Analytics available with Funnelytics. Google Analytics is essential for everything else, such as Google ads, audience reclassification, etc. Funnelytics involves sales funnels and critical performance metrics.

Google Analytics is FREE, but Funnelytics PRO is paid. You can find both, and you will not regret it.

Why Should You Choose Funnelytics Over Others?

Funnelytics Review – Pricing Plans & Features


Funnelytics is a very fantastic tool if you know how to manage the software. Funnel mapping makes it easy to show your funnel ideas to others. This is a better way to let your employees understand your funnel ideas.

Funnelytics Pro- The New Way

What sets Funnelytics apart from other tools is its completeness with exceptional features. For example, you can schedule funnels directly in the software. As an example, you do not need to draw plans on a blackboard or an associated software tool before creating them. It allows you to make quick changes to a completed funnel without touching any settings.

In general, Funnelytics is a complete tool that replaces many other marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, and makes it easier to use and more fun to use.

Funnelytics Pro Reviews By Customers & Their Success Stories

Funnelytics Reviews Product Details Funnelytics Software customer reviews

Funnelytics Pro Reviews by customers

Funnellytics Review- Customer Reviews

Funnelytics Customer Reviews

This software is AMAZING! Such a great way to map out and analyze the effectiveness of your funnels. Also comes in super handy when you’re trying to land new clients who don’t know what a funnel is as it gives you a really simple and attractive visual representation/explanation!

Ryan Martin


I used to have SIX analytics tools and I needed to hire multiple people to help me interpret how visitors were becoming customers.

Funnelytics is saving me time and headaches by giving me ONE visual tool to see what’s happening with my traffic and funnels.



I did another $10k + $2k retainer sales this week with it

Damien Plutino, Founder
Marketing Sales Pros, LLC


The data is soooo much easier to read than using the likes of Google Analytics. Which is huge plus point when presenting to customers. Most clients that want sales and marketing funnels are not data nerds   like some of us

Matt Stringer

What I like about the Funnelytics tool…
What I like about the Funnelytics tool is that it helps me quickly visualize the entire funnel building process from start to finish. The cool features I found most helpful were the tracking pixel, the funnel vault, and the share funnel via link(this is genius). I am an original founding PRO member as a result of me believing in the vision of the founder Mikael. This is a MUST HAVE tool for any funnel builder freelancer or agency owner to help you close clients and over-deliver on REAL not perceived VALUE.

I wish the company many years of success or better yet, an acquisition for a $500 Million USD buyout!

Godspeed. 😎

Marketing Sales Pros, LLC


The support at Funnelytics is Grade…
The support at Funnelytics is Grade A+++. They’re actual experts with funnels and digital marketing. The tool itself is amazing and keeps getting better. They truly overdeliver, if you use the tool. My main thing is it’s easy for reporting to clients. I just give them access to their set-up and tell them it’s live reporting. They don’t bother me after that. Thanks, Guys!

Later, I’ll be getting into performance marketing and real funnels!

Eddie Lee


Funnelytics- Customer Reviews

Is Funnelytics Pro The Right Choice For You?

As every coin has two faces, positive and negative. Similarly, it also has two faces, GOOGLE analytics is amazing for a lot of things but it also has a certain set of limitations.

While going through Funnelytics Pro, you can instantly have your analytics on steroids. If you want to do the following, then Funnelytics is the right tool for you, if

  • You want to create a beautiful funnel fast
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the funnel
  • Track metrics for each element and channel of the funnel
  • To create a clear vision of a marketing plan
  • Share the vision with customers

It may not be right for you, if

  • Funnels may not be a regular part of the marketing strategy
  • When creation, testing, and optimization have already been created whenever needed.
  • Have other tracking tools for adequate feedback

Why I am choosing Funnelytics for my business 3 reasons:

Features: When you add Funnelytics to your sales funnel, you’ll be able to see everything that happens in your funnel. It can even tell you what is happening across multiple funnels at once!

Advantages: The advanced analytics tools offered by Funnelytics enable marketers to decide the fate of their entire sales funnel. You can take a moment and assess the progress of all of your sales activities on a month-to-month basis without having to spend a valuable marketing budget on an agency or salesforce tool.

Benefits: Funnelytics helps marketers who are constantly juggling multiple sales processes and outcomes. The advanced analytics tools help them monitor and optimize marketing efforts for better results in helping reach their goals.

FAQs Related To Funnelytics Reviews 

👉🏻What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is a funnel mapping and analytics tool that helps digital marketing professionals identify and analyze their sales funnels for more efficient marketing.

👉🏻What does Funnelytics integrate with?

Funnelytics don’t integrate with any software, but they are working on this project.

👉🏻How does Funnelytics track conversions and visitors?

To track conversions and visitors, Funnelytics use UTM links that let you identify the source and the campaign they came from.

👉🏻Can I use Funnelytics to build pages or send emails?

As I told you before, Funnelytics only offers design and analysis of your funnel. It doesn’t allow you to build pages or send emails. If you want, you can try Clickfunnels to build pages and Convertkit to send emails.

👉🏻Can I share Funnelytics funnels with the team & others?

You can share the funnels with your team by linking or downloading them as PNG or PDF files.

👉🏻Does Funnelytics track ad spend, ad traffic, and email traffic?

Yes, Funnelytics also tracks Email ROI, Revenue, Landing Page Visitors/Leads/Sales, along with these metrics.

👉🏻Who should use Funnelytics and the PRO version?

If you only want Funnel Mapping, then you can go for the Starter plan, which is basically free, but if you want more features such as email tracking, goal and conversion tracking, ad tracking, thermal mapping, and Facebook integration, then you can definitely buy the Pro version.

👉🏻What is the Funnelytics Vault?

It is a collection of pre-made funnel templates from the biggest marketer around the world. You can also import the exact Funnelytics templates and their version of the Clickfunnel template.

👉🏻Is there a Free trial for the PRO version?

There is no free trial of the Pro version. But they do offer a 14-day return policy. You can cancel the subscription within 14 days.

👉🏻What is the Funnelytics Agency Accelerator Program?

It is an application for those people who want to start agencies (or want to boost their agencies). This application contains strategies of Mikael Dia and his partners that they have used to scale their agencies in millions.

👉🏻What is Funnelytics Academy?

Once you access the Funnelytics dashboard, you can find Funnelytics Academy there. Funnelytics academy has a FaaStrack program that offers ‘Funnels as a Service’ to their clients. It has six courses. Funnel Mastery (worth $195.00) contains 19 lessons that help you become a Funnelytics master.

👉🏻Is there a Funnelytics certification?

There is no confirmation about Funnelytics certification.

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Conclusion: Funnelytics Review 2024

No doubt, Funnelytics is a reliable funnel mapping platform that you should check out right away. We all know that mapping a funnel has never been easier. Now you can easily bring your funnel ideas to life with the click of a button, with the help of Funnelytics.

In Short: Is Funnelytics Pro Worth Getting? My Final Thoughts!

Funnelytics is a funnel, campaigns, analytics, and funnel mapping tool that lets you measure campaign success against goals by providing a real-time dashboard of your funnel performance and metrics.

Your marketing team will love using Funnelytics as the tool for tracking your A/B testing progress and daily reporting.

This also allows for easier strategies and optimization.

The Funnelytics platform uses AI technology so that marketers can focus their efforts on the most profitable parts of their business, rather than on building complex software to do work for them.

Use Funnelytics to track your funnels and campaigns with real-time analytics. Monitor your funnels from any device connected to the Internet.

You can achieve high-performing campaigns with no manual effort or expertise, no up-front costs, and no dev time required.

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