Full Time Blogging In 2024: How To Become A Professional Blogger?

It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a full-time blogger, especially when trying to become a professional. Those extra beers, whopping meals, and a quick trip to the cinema or theater will no longer suffice with your income.

You need it to pay all your bills: your mortgage, rent, power bill, and car.

There is no way I would do that if I were to open my laptop whenever I had the time and make a few posts each day. Working for yourself with your own business means working longer hours than working for your boss.

The difference is that you earn more money for yourself when you work longer than you earn for your employer!

Blogging is a profession for many professionals. Professional bloggers are not merely amateurs. You have to earn enough revenue every week to pay your food bills, medical bills, school fees, and vacation costs!

Full Time Blogging

About Full Time Blogging

Full-time blogging means making a job out of writing and sharing posts on a website.

Bloggers pick a topic they love, write interesting articles about it, and share these online. To make money, they use ads, work with brands, and sometimes sell their own products or services.

Types of personal blogging

It’s not easy and takes time to attract many readers and earn money, but it lets bloggers work on their own schedules and write about what they enjoy.

It’s like turning a hobby into a way to make a living, using the internet to reach out to people who like the same things.

Benefits Of Full Time Blogging

1. Flexibility:

One of the biggest advantages is the flexibility it offers in terms of schedule and location. Bloggers can work from anywhere with an internet connection and at any time that suits them, allowing for a better work-life balance.

2. Creative Freedom:

Bloggers have complete creative control over the content, design, and direction of their blog. This freedom allows them to express their ideas, share their passions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

3. Potential for Passive Income:

Through methods like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and ad revenue, bloggers can earn money even when they’re not actively working. This passive income stream can grow over time, offering financial stability.

4. Personal Branding:

Blogging is a powerful tool for building a personal brand. A successful blog can establish the blogger as an expert in their niche, opening up opportunities for speaking engagements, book deals, and more.

5. Learning and Growth:

Running a blog requires acquiring a wide range of skills, from writing and SEO to social media marketing and website management. This continuous learning keeps the job interesting and enhances personal and professional growth.

6. Community Building:

Bloggers often build communities around their blogs, creating spaces for people with shared interests to connect. This can lead to meaningful relationships, both professionally and personally.

7. Opportunity to Impact Others:

By sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights, bloggers have the opportunity to positively influence and inspire their readers. This can be incredibly rewarding.

8. Cost-Effective Startup:

Compared to many other businesses, starting a blog requires minimal initial investment, making it accessible to many people.

Problems Of Full Time Blogging

Make Money Online Full :Time Blogging
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Blogs are being monetized by millions of people. It’s a very competitive market. Be sure to make yourself visible as soon as possible. 

The majority of bloggers who start new blogs do not achieve that rapid recognition and so are unable to make a living as bloggers.

Bloggers with a decent following and a long history of blogging will have a better chance than them. As such, the first tip is to wait until you feel confident making money from your blogs before thinking about professional blogging.

In the event you can make a living by working more hours just by working a few hours each week, you should absolutely do so!

Full-time blogging, while offering flexibility and the potential to turn a passion into a career, comes with its own set of challenges:

1. Income Stability:

Unlike traditional 9-to-5 jobs, blogging income can be unpredictable, especially in the beginning. Revenue from ads, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing can fluctuate significantly from month to month.

2. Work-Life Balance:

Without a fixed work schedule, full-time bloggers might find themselves working odd hours, which can interfere with personal time and lead to burnout.

3. Content Creation Pressure:

Constantly generating fresh, engaging content that stands out can be demanding. This pressure can lead to creative blocks and affect the quality of the blog.

4. SEO and Technical Issues:

Keeping up with the latest SEO practices and managing website technicalities require continuous learning and adaptation, which can be overwhelming for some.

5. Audience Building:

Growing a loyal readership takes time and effort. Bloggers must engage with their audience through comments, emails, and social media, which can be time-consuming.

Important Things To Follow

Building your own following is a secret to making money from full-time blogging. Create a mailing list for each blog you write by registering with a service such as AWeber, GetResponse, or MailChimp.

Subscription forms can be generated in their software and published on your main navigation sidebar. Each post and page will include a subscription form. 

Provide a free gift in exchange for an email address on a squeeze page designed solely to capture contact details, such as address. As soon as your visitors have provided you with their contact information, you can keep in touch with them.

Websites are often found, checked out, and left by most people. Although they promise themselves to return, they rarely do.

You can send them emails on a regular basis when they fill out the form. You can use this list to grow your business. After all, “the money is on the list.”

Blogging As A Full Time Business

You will need to set up your blog as a business if you want to become a professional blogger.

You can earn part-time income from blogging. When your blog is your primary source of income, you have to take a different approach. You struggle to earn money from your blog because you don’t have a paycheck each month.

Blogging as a Business
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Your blog needs to be monetized first. Making a thousand dollars a month does not cover everything between buying food and paying the mortgage, medical bills, and other expenses.

The business plan, the branding, and the method of making money on a daily basis must be made.

It’s a common practice, so it’s possible. So, what is the process of becoming an official blogger? Here’s a list of a few things you should think about besides keeping your financial records and saving for your retirement.

Before You Start With Blogging As A Business

If you want to make money, choose a niche where you can make money. Perhaps you’re passionate about falconry, but can you make money from your passion year after year? You can no longer rely on your day job income to support you!

The number of internet marketers and eBook publishers is growing, but competition is fierce. You should have the chance to make a living by offering what there is a need for.

There is a large demand for information and products available on the internet, which makes blogging about multiple niches an excellent option.

Set Up Your Blogs

If you want to run multiple habitats from your website, make sure your web hosting service supports them. Select the software you need to operate your blog.

Make sure the service allows you to modify it in a variety of ways.

Using WordPress as an example, you can download the software and host it on your own site instead of using WordPress.org. Once you have an optimized blog for your needs, you can publish it.

A CPanel hosting service like HostGator allows you to host multiple blogs. Based on your chosen domain name, you can create an unlimited number of separate websites, each with a unique WordPress blog.

The advice you will receive here is not necessary if you are already an established professional blogger. It is reasonable to assume that your blog is already generating income.

This program is offered to those who intend to pursue blogging as a full-time occupation. If you intend to go full-time, keep your day job until you make enough money to justify leaving it!

Importance of Planning

A business cannot function without planning. Your full-time home business will become a professional blogger if you become one. To be a professional blogger, you should also take the following steps:

  • Construct a Business Plan: Make monthly and even weekly income goals based on the annual target. Find out how much income you need to meet your monthly outgoings. Identify ways to generate that income.
  • Brand Your Business: Create a good logo and company name.
  • Invest In Your Business: Purchase professional software instead of using free programs, and get an accounting package to keep track of financial data.
  • Set Up a Taxation System: Be sure to collect and pay sales tax as needed.
  • Keep Track Of the Expenses You Can Reclaim On Your Tax Return: To assist with this, you can contact an online tax expert anywhere in the United States, such as New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Knowledge of Online Marketing Tools

 Full Time Blogging : Marketing
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You may be able to earn enough each day by working more hours to meet your living expenses by blogging professionally if you understand all this.

To succeed in professional internet marketing, you need to know most aspects of the profession. Among them are:

  • Know the basics of search engine optimization.
  • Adobe Photoshop is an example of an application you should know.
  • Create professional videos with knowledge of how to do it.
  • It is not good enough for those who only think they can write good English to have good writing skills and grammar. Instead, hire a ghostwriter.
  • An understanding of how to use social media effectively.
  • Knowing how to utilize Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to their advantage is essential.
  • It is highly recommended that one thoroughly understand Google protocols, including Panda, Penguin, and any other Google animals, preferably before their introduction.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the best ways to market your blog and use its visitors effectively.
  • You should be familiar with list-building and maintaining contact with those who visit your blog through autoresponder software.
  • Free gifts are available where you can access them.

It’s possible to make money online through regular websites or blogs in a number of ways, but these are the basics. 

Monetize Your Blogs

 Full Time Blogging : make money online
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You must monetize your blog to earn a full-time income from blogging. AdSense is a possibility, but if you’re lucky, you’ll only make a couple of dollars per day.

You might even get your Starbucks fix! Hat fancy coffee! When your blog has a high search engine ranking, you can make a significant amount of money from direct advertising.

Products that you create and those of others may be sold. Those of you reading this article probably have a good deal of products and services to sell, either as affiliates or resellers.

Unless you’re already making significant amounts of money, many people don’t consider blogging full-time.

The following are a few ways to monetize your blog:

  • Keep Google’s TOS in mind, and you will earn a modest income from Google Adsense.
  • Your blog can be used for advertising. If you write good content and get lots of visitors, people/businesses will pay you to advertise on your blog.
  • You can provide your own professional services, such as designing headers and plugins for WordPress, creating blogs for your clients, etc.
  • Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if done correctly, but it also involves a lot of competition.
  • Reviewing products for a fee on your blog is possible. 
  • You can create a membership site showcasing your skills and expertise. The site can be free to access, but paid access is available to those who would like further analysis or other benefits.

Though I am sure there are many other ways to make money as a professional blogger, these are the most popular methods.


About Advertising and Guest Blogging

Contribute to other blogs to get your name known. Your blog should feature some well-known voices. Make your name known online and get your blog noticed. Use an easy-to-remember name.

Perhaps ‘MyBlog’ won’t catch the eye as much as ‘Fire-SEO’ or ‘Killer Quilts’. It is important to catch the attention of every visitor with your brand name and to capture their contact information.

You can learn from other professional blogs by becoming involved in them. Become a member of a blogger network if one exists in your niche. You can also create your own. Make your posts as good as possible.

The information you provide to readers should be accurate and helpful. You can offer more information in your newsletter if you leave it hanging at the end of the post. The form on your sidebar allows you to collect responses and add them to your mailing list.

Google shouldn’t be forgotten. Make sure your SEO includes this search engine, as it is by far the largest.

Your website must rank high in search engines, particularly Google, which accounts for almost 80% of all traffic. Using articles and social networking can help you promote your blog.


🚀 How do I start full-time blogging?

Start by choosing a topic you love, then create a blog using a platform like WordPress. Write regularly and share your posts on social media. Learn about SEO to get more visitors.

💰 How do bloggers make money?

Bloggers earn through ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing (getting a commission for selling others' products), and selling their own products or services.

📊 Is blogging a stable career?

It can be, but income might vary month to month. Successful bloggers diversify their income sources for more stability.

⏳ How long does it take to make money blogging?

It varies. Some bloggers start earning in a few months, but for many, it takes a year or more to earn a steady income.

🤔 Can I blog about anything?

Yes, but it's best to choose a niche or topic you're passionate about and that has an audience interested in it.

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Conclusion: Become a Professional Blogger

Whether you want to make a living as a blogger or not, you need to begin by blogging about a topic that is suitable for making money.

In order to get started, you should be making money already and think you can make enough money to quit your day job by working more hours.

If you feel confident that blogging full-time will make you enough money, then you should follow the above advice to improve your chances of success.

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