Review 2024: Best Dropshipping Niche Analytics Tool? Review

Overall Verdict emerges as a highly valuable tool for dropshippers and e-commerce businesses. Its comprehensive analytics, detailed product insights, and robust support make it a standout choice for anyone looking to identify profitable niches and boost their online sales effectively.

Out of 10


  • It supplies Facebook ad insights
  • It provides detailed information on Niche products
  • Queries: Unlimited Daily
  • Full Data Access
  • AliExpress Products Scout
  • Shopify Prodcuts Scout


  • The products are limited


Price: $ 1

Today I am going to do FindNiche review 2024 that you’re looking for a reliable, unbiased, and prejudice-free report on this free Niche Analytics Tool. 

Niche research is one of the most complicated tasks you will encounter as an eCommerce owner, drop shipper, or any digital marketer involved in product sales.

Consequently, we have dived deep into the core of FindNiche to uncover its key features, benefits, pros, and cons.

Is it a tool worth investing in or a mere waste of money? Find out more in detail. Review Review: In A Nutshell

Before we go further into analyzing, it’s imperative to understand the intricacies of why finding profitable niche markets is such a physically, psychologically, and time-consuming endeavour that is carried out traditionally. Review

Since anyone can sell any legitimate products online, carving a name for yourself in any niche implies that you have tons of competitors to contend with.

It doesn’t matter whether you are into the merchandise of popular, hot-selling niches or the not-so-popular ones. Competition exists everywhere, although at different levels. 

However, the good news is that you can gain an advantage in finding a niche product by leveraging niche analytic tools such as 

Now that we have established why niche research and finding a profitable market are so essential, let’s proceed to the business of the day, FindNiche Review!

What Should You Know About FindNiche?

FindNiche is a free tool that you can use to analyze profitable products with the potential for a massive return on investment.

As an eCommerce store owner or someone dropshipping on platforms such as Shopify or AliExpress, the first hurdle you will need to surmount is how to find a profitable niche.

The traditional method might involve things like checking social media for trending products and asking friends and family about their opinions on what product will be profitable. 

About FindNiche

Do these methods work? Maybe. Are they effective? Hell No! The product market is highly dynamic, and as humans, we often have a bias towards perceived winning products.

Also, our knowledge is too limited by geographical locations. That means a trendy product in China, for instance, might be out of favour in the U.S.

That’s when niche research tools like FindNiche come into play. What can you uncover with FindNiche?

  • Products that are the most popular on either e-commerce store.
  • Products that are in the high-margin niches, even though they are not popular.
  • New competitors and drop-shippers operating in the same space as you.
  • Trending stores, new competitors in eCommerce, and dropshipping business. 

FindNiche can analyze over 2 million Ali-Express products in 11,000 different niches. It also covers over 700,000 different Shopify stores. It is a very powerful analytic tool built with the most innovative technologies in today’s digital business.

The tool has proven helpful for many startups looking to break into and compete in the eCommerce industry.

It was developed to empower startups with limited resources and capital to compete with more prominent brands with inexhaustible advertising costs. 

The team behind FindNiche was founded in 2019 with a mission to develop high-quality tools at prices that startups can afford. What’s more? The tool covers over 40 countries on multiple continents of the world.

FindNiche Key Features

FindNiche - User Reviews

1. Niche Research and Shop Analysis

FindNiche, as a highly intuitive tool, is very useful in analyzing 11,000 niches, 700,000 stores, and millions of competitive products within a short time.

That means, as a FindNiche pro user, you will have unlimited access to hundreds of products in different niches that you can list in your store. 

2. Big Data Analysis

eCommerce is all about extracting meaningful data from big raw data that will allow you to make a pre-informed decision.

This is one of the key features of FindNiche that enables users to gain insight into what products to invest in.

3. Smart Product Picking 

How do you know which product to choose from a multitude of seemingly hot-selling items? With FindNiche, you will be able to identify trending products with a high sales margin.

Also, you can gain insight into products that are not too popular but have high potential. These are the secret products that other sellers don’t focus on but are highly profitable. 

4. Niching Down

Going the manual route in sorting products can be stressful. FindNiche allows users to filter hundreds of products using functional search methods.

That is, you can choose a particular category and narrow it down to a sub-niche without sacrificing the quality of your niche research. Pricing Plans

 FindNiche, has various pricing plans available: Review- Pricing

1. Basic Plan – $9/Month

This plan is geared towards those looking to find winning product ideas on AliExpress. It includes:

  • Access to the AliExpress Database, Top Chart, and Store
  • Access to Shopify Store
  • Limited to 20 searches and 20 trackings daily
  • Data export limit of 12 per instance

2. Elite Plan – $59/Month (Limited Time Offer, Now at $1)

Perfect for comprehensive insights on Shopify and AliExpress. Features include:

  • Full access to AliExpress Database, Top Chart, Store, and Market Insight
  • Full access to Shopify Database and Store
  • Daily limits: 20 niche products tracked
  • Tracking capacity: Up to 500
  • Data export capacity: 600 per instance
  • Online support
  • Special offer: 3-day trial for $1, with the ability to cancel anytime

3. Premium Plan – $99/Month (Limited Time Offer, Now at $1)

Ideal for users needing extensive tools for Shopify, AliExpress, and advertising platforms. It includes:

  • Complete access to AliExpress and Shopify databases, including market insights
  • Ad spying across 3 platforms
  • Daily limits: 100 niche products tracked
  • Tracking capacity: Up to 800
  • Data export capacity: 600 per instance
  • Online support
  • Special offer: 3-day trial for $1, with the ability to cancel anytime

4. VIP Enterprise – Starting from $200/Month

A custom solution tailored for larger businesses or those with specific needs, offering:

  • Expanded access to multiple product and seller platforms
  • Increased advertising platform options
  • Multi-seat accounts and API integration
  • Onboarding and demo services
  • Requires annual payment

Each plan automatically renews each month unless unsubscribed, providing flexibility and ease of use for users at different levels of engagement and with varying needs.

How Does FindNiche Work?

Using FindNiche is easy and straightforward. From the moment you visit the website to that when you finish using the tool. The site is intuitive and can be easily navigated. This is thanks to a very user-friendly UI interface.

Here is what the FindNiche homepage looks like. 

As a new FindNiche user, when you click on “FIND NICHE FOR FREE,” you will be prompted to register. You’ll be required to enter a valid email and set your password. 

After that, you can choose to analyze any one of the products, niches, and Shopify stores. When you click on one, you will be taken to a detailed page where you can then toggle the several options available to select what you want to analyze.

1. FindNiche for Product Analysis

Let us assume that you are interested in knowing how lucrative it is to sell consumer electronics. Your first step will be to navigate to the FindNiche products page. Then, you will select the classification under which the products you want from a drop-down list. 

Also, you can check the product popularity by the number of people that added it to their Wishlist and the actual number of orders. For instance, in the image below for Men Smartwatch Strap Fitness Tracker, it currently has 45.3K favorites and 25.4K orders. 

Although this product is high in demand, that doesn’t mean that it’s more profitable than the less popular product. You need to do more intense niche research to unravel that.

Next, you will be required to select a country, where you want to ship the product from, the number of orders you want analysis for, and the price.

You can go even further and toggle with the advanced options. All of these filters help you garner even better analytics for the product you are looking for.

Below is a more visual image that shows the performance of our sample product. 

2. FindNiche for Niche Analysis

Analyzing a niche or a store following similar patterns is intuitive. And the results you can get are nothing short of spectacular. The results include performance graphs and charts specific to different countries.

This will help you make better decisions as to whether a particular venture is worth pursuing or not.

3. FindNiche for Shopify Store Analysis

As has been mentioned, the AliExpress analysis allows you to analyze products currently being offered on the AliExpress website. You can also analyze the top Shopify stores using the Shopify List feature.

The sample below shows the ranking of each top-performing Shopify store, its web URL, category, target country, ads shown, and the number of Facebook likes.

Having the knowledge of this will provide you with an insight into the strategies you have to employ to be well-positioned in your chosen niche.

Pros and Cons of FindNiche

While FindNiche is a very powerful tool that assists startups in choosing the best products to sell, it also has its own downsides. Some of these are explored in detail below.


  • Extensive product analysis across AliExpress and Shopify platforms.
  • Wishlist monitoring provides insight into customer preferences.
  • Direct links to product views enhance user experience.
  • Helps identify top-selling products for informed decisions.
  • Continuous updates ensure data remains current and relevant.
  • Offers valuable blog resources for startups and businesses.
  • Includes responsive online support for user assistance.


  • Free access is limited and restricts the number of daily searches.


💼 What can I learn from the FindNiche blog?

The FindNiche blog offers valuable business insights, including failsafe strategies for running a profitable e-commerce business.

💬 What kind of support does FindNiche offer?

FindNiche provides online support where users can get help with any issues they encounter while using the tool.

🌐 Where does FindNiche get its data?

FindNiche pulls data from extensive databases covering AliExpress and Shopify, ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive market insights.

🛠️ How can FindNiche help me find niche products?

FindNiche specializes in pinpointing niche markets by analyzing sales data, trends, and competitor performance, aiding in informed product selection.

🚀 Is FindNiche suitable for any size of e-commerce business?

FindNiche is versatile enough for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, providing scalable solutions.

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Conclusion: Review 2024 

FindNiche is, by far, one of the best niche analytics tools for eCommerce owners and drop shippers.

While its elite plan is more expensive than that of the average niche tool, it provides more detailed data which gives it a good value for money.

Such data can then be used in making better and more informed decisions on which products, niches, and stores to invest in.

FindNiche tool is highly recommended for every startup operating in the e-commerce space, especially AliExpress and Shopify.

The opportunities in terms of maximization of return on investment are simply too much to ignore.

After having read this, you should head to the FindNiche website to register. You can choose the free plan to start with and upgrade later if and when you are satisfied with what the tool offers.

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