FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet 🚀 2024: What Is The Difference Between Two Platforms?

FeetFinder and InstaFeet are marketplaces where you can sell your Feet photographs and begin earning money.

FeetFinder and InstaFeet are the two venues you should seek if you’re interested in selling your Feet pictures and videos.

This page provides a comprehensive comparison of the two platforms- FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet.

Some websites offer pictures of feet, and FeetFinder and InstaFeet look to be the finest. This raises the issue of which one is superior. InstaFeet or FeetFinder?

In order to provide a response, I have compiled some material that may help you comprehend the difference between the two systems.

FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet

🚀Bottom Line Upfront

Both platforms cater to those who are seeking a community of individuals who share similar interests and desires.

FeetFinder offers a paid membership for its users to access exclusive content and connect with other members, while InstaFeet operates as a social media platform where users can showcase their feet for a wider audience.

Regardless of which platform you choose, one thing is for certain – there is no shortage of feet to admire and explore on the internet.

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a website with over 200,000 active members where you can buy and sell pictures of your feet.

According to the creator of FeetFinder, the website is safe and has the ideal configuration for male and female feet picture merchants to expand their businesses and attract clients from across the globe.

FeetFinder is a membership-based site; as a seller, you will purchase a subscription for $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year.


FeetFinder, unlike other foot websites, only charges sellers for registration to ensure that only prospective sellers are in the market. This demonstrates the platform’s legitimacy and fosters customer and seller confidence.

Moreover, the site leverage membership fees to enhance user experience, boost best-seller profiles and cover marketing costs.

How Much Money Can the Creator Make on FeetFinder?

Some content makers claim to be making money on Footfinder. However, I do not know how much you may make as a content developer.

One thing to consider is that it is no longer easy to generate money on these platforms without investing time in them.

The more time a content producer invests, the greater his or her earnings potential.

As for the approach, the creator needs to charge for their photographs and films. The artist might begin at $5, $10, $50, or even cross as excessive if the fan is prepared to spend.

What is InstaFeet?

InstaFeet is a private marketplace that enables vendors of foot photos to cater solely to foot aficionados. The platform is offered at no cost to both buyers and sellers.

The InstaFeet creator profile is restricted by membership fees determined by the vendor. InstaFeet is a more secure option than FeetFinder. But, it no longer looks to be as legitimate as it once did.

The subscription barrier stops stalkers and thieves from stealing your Foot photos.

InstaFeet is often commended for its stringent regulations, yet many prospective vendors are left behind since the company did not deem them to be legitimate.

InstaFeet exclusively allows female Foot models to register and display photographs of their feet. There is no room on InstaFeet for male-foot models.

How Much Money Can a Content Creator Make on InstaFeet? 

By enrolling on InstaFeet, the content producer is able to begin uploading. Specialists recommend that the author submit five first-rate photographs.

The author may publish more often to keep their subscriber base rising. After uploading their images, the designer must next choose a price for them.

Due to the fact that it is simple to attract additional consumers, the vast majority of clients set their monthly membership fees at less than $10.

Fans are generally hunting for foot photo merchants with low membership rates. The creator must promote their account, particularly on their social media accounts.

Inform your friends, family, and stalkers that you utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. On this site, some producers may earn $1,000 to $1,500 each month with relative ease.

FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet:


Several people claim that InstaFeet has stolen their information. According to my study, this attitude is most prevalent among those who were unable to get access to the website or failed to sell a foot photo.

When joining InstaFeet, you should be aware that only a small percentage of applications are accepted and that rejected accounts do not get correspondence.

Feet Finder Safety

That is inconsiderate, but it is not evidence that InstaFeet is a data-harvesting business masquerading as a feet photo marketplace.

The largest safety-related concern on FeetFinder is the existence of several bogus buyer accounts.

Fortunately, the site’s principle is “pay as you order,” which makes it harder for thieves to steal from you, provided you follow the proper processes.

Whenever someone requests to remove correspondence from FeetFinder, they are likely attempting to defraud you. You may increase your safety by avoiding these profiles and using the platform’s escrow services extensively.

Customer Support

InstaFeet lacks a customer service telephone number. Just email [email protected] is available for communication, which, according to reports, is not very beneficial.

Their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts have also been inactive for some time. Their most recent tweet was sent in April 2020, while their most recent Facebook post was published in 2019.

It makes little sense for a platform that deals with images to opt out of social media marketing, leading us to assume that they either lack adequate customer service or do not want to be contacted.

According to reviews, the support crew on FeetFinder is not only accessible but also rather helpful.

Payment Options

According to its FAQ page, InstaFeet pays on the first and fifteenth of every month.

There is no indication of the payment method, yet the same website instructs individuals who desire to cancel their membership to do so using their PayPal accounts.

There is relatively little information on how the pay intervals operate and if there is a minimum withdrawal amount. FeetFinder is transparent in this regard.

Feet Finder payment: FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet

Each week, you get paid, but you may only withdraw if you have at least $30 in your wallet. Creators in the United States are paid using Segpay, whilst overseas creators are compensated via Paxum.


InstaFeet is complimentary for foot models. You will only be required to pay a membership fee if you want to see the inventory of other merchants.

If you simply sell photos of feet, you will only lose the regular 10% commission on all transactions. FeetFinder is free for purchasers. The cost for sellers is $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year.

There is also a premium option that costs ten dollars per month or thirty dollars per year, which, according to FeetFinder, provides dealers with more exposure on their site.

As if that weren’t enough, the platform also reduces all picture revenues by 20%. This is twice as much as InstaFeet, despite the fact that InstaFeet does not need producers to pay a monthly fee.


Since neither InstaFeet nor FeetFinder has an app, you can only use the platform via a desktop or mobile web browser.

That is a significant disadvantage for sellers since it restricts the amount of time they and prospective purchasers can spend on the marketplace.

Feet Finder Categories: FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet

Even worse, there seems to be an issue with the site’s design, responsiveness, and optimization for InstaFeet users.

Most negative complaints I saw on Trustpilot were from customers who were upset with the site’s loading speed and login concerns.

The Sign-Up Process

To create a creator account on InstaFeet, you must be 18 years old and possess a valid government-issued identification card.

The first procedure is supplying your name, email address, and other details typical of social network sign-ups.

You will next be required to submit a photo of your ID, followed by a selfie with the ID in your hand.

According to the site, the purpose of this is to protect purchasers from fraudulent vendors, not to sell your information to other parties.

After your account has been authorized, you may begin posting photos and building a following. InstaFeet provides each vendor with a unique URL to promote themselves on social media and other channels.

Joining up for FeetFinder is almost the same. You must be 18 years old and provide valid identification to verify it. Before continuing, you must also give a valid email address and validate it.

As with InstaFeet, account verification takes considerable time since each of the tens of new profiles must be carefully reviewed. It is thought that just one-tenth of all FeetFinder applications get granted.

FeetFinder Pros and Cons 

FeetFinder Pros

FeetFinder Cons

It is simple to navigate the foot finder using hashtags and particular images. The user can peruse a person’s profile. No mobile application
Referral incentive if you recommend someone to join Foot Finders.
ID verification for all clients to ensure that there are no imposters
Weekly compensation for content providers
Simple authentication and sign-in procedure.

 InstaFeet Pros and Cons 

 InstaFeet Pros

InstaFeet Cons

It is a private website, so the author may conceal their identity, and only customers can access their account. InstaFeet stores the author’s personal and financial information, threatening the developer with identity theft or fraud.
As a merchant, the creator might charge as little or as much as desired. Not every application is accepted. Some of them are accepted.
It is free to sign up as a vendor or a creative. It takes a considerable amount of time to approve creator applications.
Weak customer service.

FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet: Trustpilot Review

FeetFinder Trustpilot

InstaFeet Review


🌐 Are FeetFinder and InstaFeet available worldwide?

Generally, these platforms aim to be accessible globally, but it's essential to review their terms and conditions for any geographical restrictions.

💸 How do I make money on FeetFinder and InstaFeet?

Users can typically earn money by selling feet pictures to interested buyers on these platforms. The process and payment structures may vary, so explore the details.

📸 Can I set my own prices for feet pictures on FeetFinder and InstaFeet?

Yes, sellers often have the flexibility to set their own prices for feet pictures, giving them control over their earnings.

👉 Are there any specific rules or guidelines for posting content on FeetFinder and InstaFeet?

Yes, both platforms usually have content guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful environment. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines is important.

👥 Can I interact with buyers or sellers on FeetFinder and InstaFeet?

Some platforms allow communication between buyers and sellers within specified boundaries. Always follow platform rules and guidelines for interactions.

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Conclusion: FeetFinder Vs InstaFeet 2024: What Is The Difference Between Two Platforms?

In conclusion, FeetFinder and InstaFeet offer similar features that make connecting easy for customers and providers. However, some key distinctions separate the two platforms.

InstaFeet’s wide range of payment options makes it quick and easy for customers to pay their providers. At the same time, FeetFinder’s sophisticated review and ratings system ensures providers get feedback they can trust.

Both platforms have strengths and weaknesses, which are ideal for different types of foot-related services. It’s important to choose the right platform that meets your specific needs and provides the most value.

From a seller’s perspective, FeetFinder is the most comprehensive platform. It provides numerous ways to earn money and has a customer service center that meets its intended function.

After considering all these points, you should be able to determine which platform is best suited for you or your business.

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