FeedbackWhiz Review 2024: Is This Amazon Tool Worth??


Overall Verdict

FeedbackWhiz is one of the advanced software tools for merchants to: boost their businesses, automate email campaigns, improve seller feedback, get more product reviews, easily monitor listings, and intelligently analyze seller profit and accounting data. FeedbackWhiz is recommended by thousands of Amazon sellers and I highly recommend you to try this tool.

Out of 10


  • Feedback Management
  • FeedbackWhiz automatically monitors all critical events on your Amazon product listings
  • Experience a clean, beautiful, and intuitive interface
  • Automated Review Requests
  • Custom Email Campaigns
  • Advanced Amazon Seller Tools for Measuring Data Analytics


  • More options pricing needed
  • More templates needed


Price: $ 19

Welcome To My FeedbackWhiz Review 2024

FeedbackWhiz is an advanced automation and monitoring software designed to help Amazon sellers get more reviews and feedback, improve brand reputation, and monitor changes in feedback, reviews, and product listings.

Bottom Line Upfront:

FeedbackWhiz helps Amazon sellers monitor and manage their brand and store reputation. They offer a variety of features to improve conversions.  Once your email campaigns are setup and running, FeedbackWhiz will help monitor reviews and feedback and inform you anytime these events happen via email. This Amazon seller tool is easy to use and is something every seller must use if they want to stay competitive on Amazon. Feedbackwhiz creates web-based tools for Amazon Sellers to manage, automate, and monitor orders, feedback, and product reviews. Try FeedbackWhiz for free now. 

Here is the detailed FeedbackWhiz review with all features & pricing details.

FeedbackWhiz Review

FeedbackWhiz Review 2024

Although the tool focuses on getting more reviews and feedback using email automation (as the name implies), it’s also a very useful tool that alerts you when product reviews, feedback, and listing changes occur.

Feedbackwhiz automation tools


The key difference between FeedbackWhiz and other similar email tools is that it collects all your Amazon order metrics and integrates them together.

For example, if you had a particular order where the buyer has left you positive feedback, if they are a repeat buyer, or if they used a discount code, you can easily filter and search these on their order manager page.

Why Is integrating this data important for getting product reviews?

Feedbackwhiz tetsimonials and reviews

Because now you have the ability to send or exclude emails to certain customers based on this data.

Email campaigns can be set up to trigger based on if the customer left feedback, if they are refunded or returned your product, or even if used a particular promo code.

You can avoid sending emails to buyers who returned your product or left you negative seller feedback which can prevent getting unnecessary negative reviews.

Feedback whiz review

Having the power to trigger and exclude emails based on data just scratches the surface of this tool.

The template creator FeedbackWhiz has built is extremely easy to use, and so powerful you can build customized templates, buttons, pictures, and even embed a product demo video into your email.

Feedbackwhiz amazon software

The ability to replace a text link with a picture link to any of the variable links inside FeedbackWhiz without knowing HTML code makes creating templates hassle-free.

Once you have set up your email campaigns with the correct timing rules, triggers, and exclusions, you can sit back and watch the reviews pour in.

FeedbackWhiz provides analytics like open rates so you can see how many of your customers are reading your emails. There is even an A/B testing tool to help you test out different subject lines.

Feedbackwhiz review for amazon

For brand sellers, their product review monitoring tool allows you to track and manage all your product reviews on Amazon.  You get up-to-date notifications anytime a review comes in so you can quickly respond to negative ones.

Having the ability to read and manage all your reviews on one screen is a game-changer.

FeedbackWhiz allows you to quickly filter and search by review rating and even keywords.  The custom tagging functionality makes it really easy to track and manage internal notes left by yourself.

Feedbackwhiz review for customers

All the data FeedbackWhiz collects can also be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet.  Being able to download all feedback and review information is really helpful to cross-reference if any of your reviews get removed by Amazon.

About FeedbackWhiz Review 

In summary, FeedbackWhiz automates, monitors, and manages orders, feedback, and product reviews and monitors all changes in these activities. You can create really eye-catching emails and run targeted email campaigns to increase the conversion rate of your product reviews.

This software is easy to use and loads extremely fast even with pages that have large amounts of data.  The dashboard interface is stunning and shows many statistics that seller central does not have; such as the most reviewed and best-selling products over any time frame.

Feedbackwhiz AB split tool

The A / B split test feature allows you to improve your open rates and some of the pre-loaded subject lines get over 40% open rates already.  There are almost 2 dozen preloaded templates that are Amazon TOS-friendly to help you get started.

Being able to read all product ratings on one screen makes it very easy to manage reviews and you can even monitor your competitor’s ASINs and get notified when their reviews come in.

The Reporting section allows sellers to download all their data into a spreadsheet since we all know that Amazon does not allow you to download data after a certain period of time.

feedbackwhiz data reporting
feedbackwhiz data reporting

How Can FeedbackWhiz help Amazon sellers?

The #1 most important factor for Amazon shoppers is your product review rating and quantity. 

According to the Bright Local Consumer Survey of 2018, over 90% of consumers said they read reviews, and 84% trusted product reviews and personal referrals from friends.

With FeedbackWhiz, it’s a simple way to automatically get compliant product reviews from your buyers without having to pay or use blackhat tactics that can get your account suspended.

Feedbackwhiz tools for amazon


In addition, setting up a good email sequence can help funnel those negative reviews to your inbox rather than your product page giving you the ability to resolve issues before customers post them online.

In the ever-changing Amazon world, brand reputation is more important than ever.  If you are neglecting customer service or unaware of your customer’s feedback, you are setting up yourself for failure.  Having automation software that automatically sends emails and notifies you when events happen is a worthy time-saving investment.

How Easy Is It To Set Up FeedbackWhiz?

When you first sign up for the platform (everyone gets a free 30-day trial), you will receive a welcome email with step-by-step instructions for connecting your Amazon AWS to FeedbackWhiz and instructions on setting up email campaigns, product review monitoring, and listing notifications.  Setup is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Top Features of FeedbackWhiz

Feedbackwhiz pricing testimonials Feedbackwhiz pricing testimonials

  • Time Savings: Seller Central does not allow sellers to automate sending emails or build customized email templates with links, pictures, or attachments.  Imagine manually sending out hundreds of emails every day, you should be focusing on other things to improve your sales.
  • Features and Data: There is an abundance of features and analytics provided that can help you increase conversions.  One of the features that stands out is how FeedbackWhiz integrates refund data. FeedbackWhiz uses Amazon notifications to integrate your refund data rather than the delayed Amazon API data. This feature allows them to see your refund data in real time so you can avoid sending emails to buyers who refunded your product. Remember that Amazon does not like sellers sending too many emails, so you want to make sure every email you send counts.  Investing in a tool like FeedbackWhiz that can make sure each buyer gets the right message pays off quickly.
  • Interface: Intuitively built and one of a kind.  There is no other tool similar to the FeedbackWhiz interface.  It’s very easy to use and navigate around. The layout is impeccable.  The amount of data you can see on each page without going blind makes this one of the best Saas tools on the market today.
  • Effectiveness: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if you have more functionalities and targeting rules, you will get more conversions. Most other email automation tools are very basic and do not have many of the functionalities FeedbackWhiz offers. Based on their marketing page, it looks like they have a very large amount of Amazon sellers and agencies using them. They also have outstanding reviews on the Amazon app store.
  • Pricing: There is a plan that fits every seller. The free plan allows users to send up to 150 emails a month and it’s a great way to help build your reviews if you are a new seller.  The pricing is affordable and in line with other competitors.

FeedbackWhiz Has Some Limitations

  • Multi-Channels: FeedbackWhiz is only built for Amazon. It would be nice if they could integrate other channels like eBay and Shopify to help automate and improve brand reputation.
  • First-time users: Although the tool is very intuitive and easy to use.  There are so many features available that it may take some time to get familiar with all the different functionalities.  Fortunately, FeedbackWhiz has an awesome support site with videos that explain everything.
  • Additional Features:  We would love to see FeedbackWhiz provide more data on the ASIN level, session rates, inventory and automate paid advertisement on Amazon.

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Feedbackwhiz Pricing

Feedbackwhiz offers five paid packages in the email automation package: Free ($ 0/ month), Starter ($ 19.99), Basic ($ 39.99), Professional ($ 79.99), and Ultimate ($ 139.99). Key differences between the plans are the number of emails and campaigns allowed.

Feedbackwhiz pricing

Product Review and Listing Monitor starts at $5/month and pricing is based on the number of child ASINs monitored.

Feedbackwhiz amazon tool

Although Feedbackwhiz has different pricing tiers, as we expect from most online tools, they are reasonably priced and scale accordingly based on your business size.

Another big plus is that you have the ability to choose whether you only need email automation, review, listing monitoring, or both.  They even have a 100% free plan for new Amazon sellers to help you get reviews early on.

Product Review and listing monitor pricing are extremely affordable starting at only $5/mo.

Some plans do have limitations, but they also offer plans with unlimited emails and even a dedicated account manager to help you every step of the way.

Features Included In FeedbackWhiz 

  •  Review Request Triggering
  •  Critical Event Notifications
  •  Graphs & Statistics
  •  Customer Orders Integration
  •  Real-Time Refund Integration
  •  Automatic Buyer-opt Outs
  •  Live Email Preview
  • Easy Variable Insertion
  • Custom Buttons for Links
  • Animated Gifs and Emojis
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Internal Note System
  • Logo & Attachments
  • Email Tracking & Analytics
  • Duplicate Email Detection
  • Target and Exclusion Statuses
  • Seller Feedback Notifications
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Campaign Filters and Timers
  • Repeat Buyer Integration
  • Positive Feedback Integration
  • Buyer / Order Blacklist
  • Download Data Reports
  • Send Manual Email

Profits and Accounting Pricing Plan of FeedbackWhiz

Features Included

  •  Aggregate data from single and multi-Amazon marketplaces.
  • View and analyze the best and worst performing products.
  • A detailed breakdown of all sales, profits, and expense metrics.
  • Analyze data from custom-labeled products.
  • Automatically convert to the currency of your choice.
  • Interactive Graphs for all metrics.
  • Detailed Expense and Cost of Goods manager.
  • Input Fixed or Recurring expenses for your business.
  • Select dates and time frames of expenses.
  • Assign labels and tie them to specific ASINs.
  • Input Cost of goods calculated by units.
  • Import and Export data via CSV files.

FeedbackWhiz Testimonials By Its Users

Xprevia Development recommends FeedbackWhiz

Awesome software for any Amazon seller! Highly recommended. Direct product review matching. Very slick dashboard and order management. Email campaigns with open rates and unsub rates. Best all around Amazon tool out there.


Joe A Sulistyo  recommends FeedbackWhiz

Innovative and cutting edge! Simple to understand and use. Every Amazon online sellers need to at least try it once. You’ll get hooked!


Ray Nope recommends FeedbackWhiz

The FB Whiz team is beyond awesome. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in contact with customer support and they’ve always been quick to resolve issues and help me to nurture business ideas to help me grow my amazon business. Locally, they host meetup events which I’ve attended almost all of them— the guys behind it are generous with their time, energy, and always offering the best of their talents. The tracking metrics as well as e-mail customization at the price you pay for their services is top notch.

Feedbackwhiz testimonials Feedbackwhiz testimonials

FeedbackWhiz  Alternatives Or Competitors 2024

1) Helium 10

Helium 10- Jungle Scout Alternative

Helium 10 is one of the most impressive alternatives to FeedbackWhiz. This all-in-one software provider is trusted by more than 1,000,000 e-commerce agencies, entrepreneurs, and major brands across the globe in order to boost the growth of their business on Amazon. They offer you an incredible set of tools that are needed to boost up the complete sales pipeline, from finding a product to launching them and scaling up your business. Check out our Helium 10 Review

With this eCommerce solution, the sellers of Amazon can visualize vital metrics like profit estimates for analyzing the success rate of a product and seasonal trends. They also offer keyword research tools, ASIN grabbers, a profit calculator, an index checker, an inventory protector, multi-user login, and a lot more.


Helium 10 offers 5 pricing plans viz Starter, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, and Enterprise. All plans come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

  • The Starter plan has all the tools and training that are needed for getting started, and it costs $37 per month and $324 per year.
  • The Platinum plan is perfect for those who have a growing business, and it costs $97 per month and $970 per year.
  • The Diamond plan is a great plan for those who are expert sellers, and it costs $197 per month and $1970 per year.
  • The Elite plan can be the best choice for advanced-level sellers and costs $397 per month.

To know more about the Enterprise Plan, you need to contact their sales team.

2) Jungle Scout

Jump Send Review- junglescout

The next amazing alternative we will like to mention is Jungle Scout. This Amazon research tool is pretty helpful in finding estimated sales, winning products, researching keywords, and doing a lot more on just one dashboard, which is pretty easy to use. It will quickly show the products that can get you maximum profit and easiest to grow a business with.


Jungle Scout has three pricing plans to offer viz Basic, Suite, and Professional. You get to try Jungle Scout for 7 days with a money-back guarantee.

  • The Basic Plan can validate the product ideas for you when you browse through Amazon with their extension. It costs $49 per month (Monthly Billing) and $29 per month (Yearly Billing – $349).
  • The Suite Plan has everything that is needed in order to find the products and manage your Amazon business expertly. It costs $69 per month (Monthly Billing) and $49 per month (Yearly Billing – $589).
  • The Professional plan is great for experienced sellers looking for an all-in-one tool. It costs $129 per month (Monthly Billing) and $84 per month (Yearly Billing – $999).

3) SellerMobile

Sellermobile amazon software reviews

The third alternative to FeedbackWhiz is SellerMobile. This cloud-based e-commerce mobile and web application for Amazon sellers provide a complete suite in order to enhance the experience of the sellers through various incredible tools like feedback tool, automated repricer, inventory and restock management, as well as lost sales analysis.

SellerMobile boasts of providing services for the sellers, by the sellers, and with customer support from seasoned Amazon Sellers.


The platform offers three pricing plans viz Start, Grow, and Expand. They offer a risk-free trial for a period of 14 days.

  • The Start Plan costs $59.99 a month.
  • The Grow Plan costs $129.99 a month.
  • The Expand Plan costs $199.99 a month.

4) Webgility


It is a very flexible account managing software for e-commerce. The operations of Webgility are very convenient and purposeful. They include data synchronization and other optimized business operations. It has an excellent order management system. The accounting management and accounting systems are very well managed. Webgility is also a very, very good marketplace platform with outstanding marketplace integration and management.

The support system of Webgility is up-and-coming and supportive. Both the interface and setup are straightforward and easy. On the whole, Webgility saves a lot of time relatively. The users love QuickBooks rather than feeding in data manually. Overall, Webgility is an excellent alternative to FeedbackWhiz.


There are four plans that one can opt for.

  • Lite: It costs you around fifteen dollars per month and is the most basic plan with minimal features.
  • Pro:  It costs you around seventy-nine dollars per month and is the next plan with the addition of a few more features. You can pay yearly.
  • Advanced: It costs you around one-seventy-nine dollars per month and is the next plan with upgraded features. You can pay yearly.
  • Premium:  It costs you around two-forty-nine dollars per month and is the highest plan with the full features. You can pay yearly.


SAP or SAP commerce cloud is an excellent accounting app with outstanding integrating features that include admin app management, back-office maintenance, and API service support.

It has a very well-designed interface, and the installation and further implementation are also effortless and easy. It is one of the finest accounting apps that is very recommendable.

SAP reviews

It is a popular alternative to FeedbackWhiz. It’s very reliable for accounting, computing, and clouding. Due to high integration with many businesses and commerce, data gathering becomes very easy with the SAP commerce cloud.  It has efficient functionality and dedicated customer support. It has a widespread customer community around the globe, over a hundred countries, and thirty-five thousand customers. It represents over twenty countries.


Pricing of SAP is not constant; it is variable with market conditions; contact them for further details.

6) Accounting Suite

If you are looking for a solid and robust alternative to FeedbackWhiz. It has outstanding ratings and reviews. Accounting Suite like FeedbackWhiz is an all-in-one accounting application that broadly includes everything related to accounting. They have been providing the most scalable business software for quite a long time. It has a fantastic and feasible dashboard that makes it very easy to use.


It has the best data import and data export tools that make it an excellent alternative for FeedbackWhiz. It strengthens the overall integration of the Accounting Suite. You can also customize the platform according to your needs. It is also beneficial to maintain and manage the general ledger. Payables and receivables are also accessible with Accounting Suite.


There are four plans that one can opt for.

  • Startup: It costs you around nineteen dollars per month and is the most basic plan with minimal features. Only one user is permitted.
  • Business:  It costs you around twenty-five dollars per month and is the next plan with the addition of a few more features. It permits two users.
  • Professional: It costs you around fifty-nine dollars per month and is the next plan with upgraded features. It permits five users.
  • Professional or for e-commerce:  It costs you around one-twenty-nine dollars per month and is the highest plan with the full features. It permits ten users simultaneously.

FAQs On FeedbackWhiz Reviews

🔥Do I get notifications promptly?

Yes, you get notifications very promptly. These include all types of feedback and reviews, whether positive, negative, or regular ones that are neutral. You get all sorts of alerts for example, hijacker alerts. Also, you’ll get notifications if there are any specific changes related to the product, like title and other details. If you’re not getting notifications, check if your notifications are on in the settings. Users can turn off the notifications if they would prefer to. You can select which notifications should be notified and which not.

🔥After a free trial, will we have alerts, or directly does it get into any plan?

After the expiry of your trial period, you will not be able to access the features of FeedbackWhiz anymore. You will get alerts, and you can personally choose if you want to continue with a plan you would select or discontinue by ignoring the attention. But definitely, we will not deduct any money without your consent.

✅Is FeedbackWhiz compatible?

Yes, it is highly compatible. It supports the majority of the available browsers like google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. you can use it on mobile phones, pcs, laptops, tablets, etc.

✅Which Amazon marketplaces are supported by FeedbackWhiz?

It supports UAE, India, Japan, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Canada, Mexico, and US.

✅What software do I need to install or download if I want to use FeedbackWhiz?

There are no downloads needed. FeedbackWhiz is a mobile-based application that you can use from your web browser.

🔥What devices or browsers are supported by FeedbackWhiz?

The supported browsers are – Mozilla Firefox, google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many more. It is compatible with PCs that can run on web browsers, tablets, and mobiles.

🔥Can FeedbackWhiz be used with some third-party MWS software simultaneously?

You certainly will. However, it is not advisable that you use various email systems, since Feedbackwhiz may not have access to details about emails received to other providers, and this may result in repeated messages being sent to consumers. If you're moving from another provider, you will learn more about the procedure in this post on their Support section.

🔥When can I cancel my subscription?

There are no commitments or contracts, and you may terminate your account at any time.

🔥Does FeedbackWhiz provide any sort of statistics?

FeedbackWhiz tracks returning clients, top-selling brands, email campaign statistics, most frequent buyers, email click and open speeds, and much more!

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Conclusion: FeedbackWhiz Reviews 2024

The vast number of features, email campaign optimization, and filtered analysis content make FeedbackWhiz worthwhile in the majority of cases. There’s no way to go wrong with this comprehensive program if you’re a small business trying to boost sales and brand reputation without discomfort. It did, after all, make our list of the best Amazon resources for 2021.

Unlike standard customer management tools, FeedbackWhiz aims to offer a comprehensive, all-in-one interface that gives users visibility into order delivery, listing updates, and crucial events.

FeedbackWhiz takes the cake when it comes to analysis management. The software basically automates the process of responding to bad feedback, following up with consumers, and seeking reviews from happy customers.

Signup for FeedbackWhiz today with a 30-day free trial, no credit card is required.

If you have used FeedbackWhiz before, please share your thoughts below in the comment section. 

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12 User Reviews on FeedbackWhiz

  1. Feedback Whiz is the best in the market!
    This is because it has unique features which makes it impeccable!

    Firstly, ​FeedbackWhiz automated “Review Request Button” tool — Unlike other current solutions on the market today, this new feature requires no external programs or chrome extensions. It’s 100% secure and compliant with Amazon policies.
    Secondly, Profits and accounting tool
    Another is FeedbackWhiz labeling system Order Management which create labels and filter orders by labels, bulk edit labels.
    I’ll highly recommend everyone to try it out!

  2. Feedback Whiz will help you with everything, it works perfectly fine for me .
    The key features include:
    □Order Management
    ■Feedback Management
    □Product Review Tools
    ■Email Automation
    □Monitoring and Notifications
    ■Profits and Account

  3. FeedbackWhiz is very easy to install. It may be the most seamless Amazon seller tool to set up, that I’ve encountered. Not only does each part of the process come with clearly defined steps that are highlighted on the dashboard, but I also received a welcome email from FeedbackWhiz that contained instructions.
    I’m still using FeedbackWhiz and it’s been a good experience!

  4. FeedbackWhiz consequently screens all basic occasions on your Amazon item postings
    With this you can encounter a spotless, wonderful, and natural interface
    It produces robotized Review Requests and helps in custom Email Campaigns

  5. This tool is easy to use and is something every seller must use if they want to stay competitive on Amazon.

    Feedbackwhiz is a web-based tool that aids Amazon sellers in getting feedback, managing orders, and monitoring product reviews.

    It is a free Amazon seller tool that helps sellers monitor, automate, and manage their orders, feedback, and product reviews.

  6. Ive been using Feedback Whiz for just about a year and the best feature was that the the templates and email sequences are easy to setup and it gives us daily email reports of returns and feedback and product reviews received.

  7. Ive been utilizing Feedback Whiz for pretty much a year now and is extremely dazzled by its capacities. The best thing about Feedback Whiz is that they don’t charge you for the measure of messages.
    The layouts and email successions are not difficult to arrangement and it gives you every day email reports of profits and criticism/item surveys received.

  8. Feedback Whiz is a feedback software that will help you increase the number of positive feedback and improve seller ratings on Amazon.
    Using this service, you can create automated email campaigns that will send letters to your customers depending on the time or status of the order.
    FeedbackWhiz can also send you notifications of negative product reviews and feedback by email.
    I’m surely pursue you to trying it out, it’s trusted my many and will definitely help you!

  9. Feedback Whiz does not provide with much pricing options. For newbies it becomes expensive and irrational to buy them.
    There are very less variety of templates offered that means it is limited.

  10. FeedbackWhiz is one of the high level software for dealers to: support their organizations, mechanize email crusades, improve vender input, get more item surveys, effectively screen postings, and insightfully dissect merchant benefit and bookkeeping information.
    FeedbackWhiz is suggested by a great many Amazon venders and I strongly prescribe you to try it.

  11. Feedback Whiz software uses a very clean and well designed user interface and dashboard to allow you to easily create automated follow-up emails.
    It aims to help Amazon sellers gain more reviews and feedback, therefore gaining a better reputation on Amazon and more sales in the process.

  12. I simply love using Feedback Whiz. Feedback Whiz is an feedback software that will help you increment the number of positive feedback and further develop seller ratings on Amazon.
    Utilizing this service, you can make automated email campaigns that will send letters to your customers relying upon the time or status of the order. You can utilize the default service templates or make your own ones.

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