7 Best USA Proxies Providers 2024: Our #1 Pick

Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best USA Proxies, most individuals find Bright Data and Oxylabs to be the best options.

Are you searching for a way to unblock websites using a US proxy? Think of a proxy as your online helper. It acts as a shield between you and the internet, keeping you safe and private.

When you use a US proxy, your web traffic quickly detours through it before reaching the website you want to visit.

Then, it comes back through that same proxy (most of the time). The proxy also speeds up common requests and works like a security guard, protecting you from online threats.

So, why use a proxy when you can go directly to a website? Well, modern proxies do more than just connect you to websites. They offer extra security and privacy and can even make your internet faster. A US proxy is an excellent solution for a secure and private online experience.

Why Trust Us:

Our carefully chosen list of the best USA proxies for 2024 is based on in-depth research, a wide range of choices, honest reviews, user experience, real user feedback, current industry standards, and data from reliable sources.

We want to make your choice easier by giving you a short, reliable guide to keeping your privacy and safety online in today’s constantly changing digital world.

7 Best USA Proxies Providers 2024 

1. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

Bright Data Proxy

Bright Data has established a strong presence in the proxy network industry over an extended period, making it one of the most prominent players with a vast pool of over 72 million IP addresses.

Among these addresses, 5 million are dedicated to the United States. Notably, what sets this company apart is its commitment to ethically sourcing these IP addresses, ensuring users have the rightful privilege to utilize them.

In addition to their extensive global coverage, Bright Data offers proxies in various locations, encompassing major cities and states worldwide.

However, their US proxy network receives special attention, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability. These proxies are not only secure but also impressively fast.

Given these qualities, it’s challenging to find why one would not opt for a provider of this calibre for their US proxy needs.

Bright Data Pros:

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Customer Support 24/7

Bright Data Cons:

  • When compared to other proxies, the cost is not competitive.

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a leading US proxy provider that will likely become your preferred choice. They offer an extensive array of millions of unique IP addresses meticulously distributed throughout the United States.

Their substantial IP pool size in the US and their unwavering reliability position them as one of the top-tier proxy service providers.

What’s particularly noteworthy about Oxylabs is their offering of residential proxies, encompassing numerous cities and states.

Clients consistently praise their exceptional performance, and the added benefit of having a dedicated account manager ensures your online security and personal information are never compromised.


It’s important to note that Oxylabs may be pricier, making them an ideal option for larger businesses or individuals tackling more substantial online tasks.

If you’re running a sizable operation or need to accomplish significant online endeavors, Oxylabs presents an excellent choice.

Oxylabs Pros:

  • In-House Rotation
  • Multiple Locations
  • Full IPV6 Support
  • Custom Setup
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 99% Uptime
  • Lean IP Management Tool

Oxylabs Cons:

  • Prices might be slightly higher

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy USA Proxy service: Best USA Proxies Providers

Smartproxy is a highly reputable proxy provider that’s well-regarded in the industry. They offer an extensive network of proxies, including over 40 million residential and 100,000 datacenter proxies distributed globally across more than 195 locations.

If you aim to access a specific website using a US IP address while maintaining your online anonymity, Smartproxy has you covered. They provide access to over 7 million top-notch US proxies, ensuring you can browse the web with confidence and privacy.

Smartproxy Pros:

  • 40M+ residential proxy pool
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited connections and threads
  • Full anonymity and security
  • 195+ locations worldwide
  • Instant 24/7 live-chat support can answer any tech questions
  • 3-day money-back option.

Smartproxy Cons:

  • There is no free trial

4. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire reviews: Best USA Proxies Providers

ProxyEmpire is a savvy choice for your USA proxy needs, boasting an impressive pool of over 40 million IP addresses. Moreover, they have a global presence with access to more than 195 locations worldwide. Their entry-level plan starts with a generous 5-gigabyte bandwidth allowance, priced at just $75 monthly.

One of the standout features of ProxyEmpire is its unlimited internet connectivity. Particularly appealing is their collection of residential IPs based in the USA. Despite being a premium proxy provider, ProxyEmpire is known for its budget-friendly pricing. Unlike pricier alternatives, they cater to many clients without breaking the bank.

Within their extensive pool of 40 million proxies, you’ll find over one million IP addresses in the USA. This abundance assures you’ll have the resources you need for various online tasks and ensures that ProxyEmpire is a reliable choice for all your USA proxy requirements.

ProxyEmpire Pros:

  • Free trial available
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Easy to use

ProxyEmpire Cons:

  • Bandwidth is limited

5. Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxy has established itself as a leading provider of proxy services in the USA, known for its reliability, speed, and security.

Offering a range of proxy solutions, Oculus Proxy caters to both individual users and businesses looking for high-quality proxy services.

Oculus Proxies

Oculus Proxy guarantees uptime and consistent performance, ensuring that your activities are uninterrupted. Their proxies are known for their fast connection speeds, which are crucial for tasks requiring real-time data.

With robust encryption and privacy measures, Oculus Proxy ensures that your data remains secure and anonymous. They offer various types of proxies, including residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies, to suit different needs.


  • High reliability
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Strong security measures
  • Diverse proxy options
  • Excellent customer support


  • Premium pricing
  • Limited free trial options

6. IPRoyal

IProyal Proxies

IPRoyal offers efficient data center solutions for USA proxies without any hidden charges. You can select your preferred location, making geo-blocking concerns a thing of the past. Moreover, IPRoyal provides unlimited bandwidth and dedicates IPs solely to you. You can count on HTTPS and SOCKS5 support for secure data extraction.

Whether you’re hunting for sneakers or other items, IPRoyal specializes in helping you find what you need. They excel at obtaining products from specific stores worldwide, especially when they’re in high demand or difficult to find.

What sets IPRoyal apart is its proximity to store locations, ensuring minimal lag and significantly improving your chances of success. Plus, their 4G/5G proxies allow you to carry out actions that might typically result in blocks without getting into trouble.

When you use IPRoyal’s proxies, your IP address remains hidden from websites, preserving your anonymity. You can purchase as many proxies as you need and switch them as required. These proxies are exclusively reserved for you and boast blazing 100 Mbps speeds without traffic slowdowns. With IPRoyal, you’re equipped with the tools to navigate the online world confidently and effectively.

IPRoyal Pros:

  • Simple & easy to use
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Spread over more than 150 countries

IPRoyal Cons:

  • Not that much  secured

7. Squid ProxiesSquidProxies- Fast Proxy Providers For USA

If you’re looking for USA proxies, consider Squid Proxies. They have plenty of US IP addresses for your online needs. Whether you’re doing research, monitoring SEO, or accessing region-restricted content, they’ve got you covered. Plus, their reasonable prices make them accessible for individuals and businesses.

You can choose from different proxies, including shared and dedicated options. They offer coverage across various parts of the USA, ensuring you can get proxies from specific states or cities.

With Squid Proxies, you can expect reliable and fast connections, smoothing your online tasks. Setting up their proxies is easy, even if you’re new.

They also provide customer support to assist you with any questions or issues. Remember your specific needs when selecting a proxy service, and check user reviews to ensure Squid Proxies suits your USA proxy requirements.

Squid Proxies Pros:

  • No bandwidth limitation
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • With super-fast servers capable of 1000+ Mbps, you may enjoy quick browsing and downloading.

Squid Proxies Cons:

  • Native SSL Support Is Missing


🤔 What is the most reliable proxy service?

Oxylabs, Smartproxy, and Bright Data are trustworthy proxy services. Location coverage, proxy type, and price determine it.

👀 Which VPN proxy is the best?

Because each user has different requirements and preferences, there is no universally superior VPN proxy. Oxylabs, Smartproxy, ProxyEmpire, and IP Royal are just a few examples of well-known VPN providers.

🚀 How to buy IP USA?

You may get a US IP address by subscribing to a VPN or proxy service that has servers in the US. Providers like Oxylabs, ProxyEmpire, Smartproxy, and IPRoyal are among the most well-known in the industry.

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Conclusion: Best USA Proxies 2024

When it comes to the United States, there are numerous websites and services that you might want to access. However, things can get challenging if you’re not in the USA or prefer not to use your US IP address.

Fortunately, companies and proxy providers offer specialized US proxies, making it possible for you to accomplish everything you need online.

Opting for a US-specific proxy is smart because these providers, unlike generic proxy providers, tailor their features specifically for this purpose.

We recommend exploring the options we’ve mentioned earlier, including Oxylabs as one of the best USA proxies. Take into account your budget and specific requirements to select the service that best suits your needs.

With the right US proxy, like Oxylabs, you’ll have seamless access to all the required online resources.

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