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Facebook URL
Year Established  2004
CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Main Headquarters 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025
Employees as of March 2023 65,964
User Statistics Total monthly active users: 2.91 billion
Active mobile users worldwide: 2.75 billion
Daily active users on mobile: 1.59 billion
Daily active users overall: 1.93 billion
Demographics 56% of users are male, 44% are female
Largest demographic: 25-35 years old
69% of US adults use Facebook
Largest Facebook population: India (320 million), followed by the US (190 million)
Advertising Stats Nearly 10 million advertisers
Facebook ad revenue in Q4 2021: $32,639 million
Average Cost Per Click (CPC) on Facebook Ads: $1.72
Financial Information Revenue for Q4 2021: $32.639 million
Net income for Q4 2021: $10.205 million
Usage Statistics Average daily time spent on Facebook: 34 minutes
Facebook Messenger users: 1.3 billion
Facebook Group members: over 1.8 billion
Facebook Live Stats Facebook Live accounted for 35% of total use in 2019
Over 3.5 billion live broadcasts by the end of the year
Live videos receive 10 times more comments than pre-recorded videos

Facebook Stats In Brief

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  • 2.91 billion total monthly active users (according to the last updated data of 16/2/2022)
  • 2.75 billion active mobile users worldwide (according to the last updated data of 28/6/2021)
  • Total Active Users on Desktop: 1.7 percent of all Facebook members (according to the last updated data of 28/6/2021)
  • 1.59 billion people use Facebook on their phones every day. (according to the last updated data of 28/6/2021)
  • 1.93 billion users are active on a daily basis. (according to the last updated data of 16/2/2022)

Demographics of Facebook

  • Men account for 56% of Facebook users.
  • Women account for 44% of Facebook users.
  • Between the ages of 25 and 35, the greatest demographic segment of Facebook users. Men account for 18.8 percent of the population, while women account for 12.8 percent.
  • Seven out of ten adults in the United States (69%) use Facebook.
  • Seniors aged 65 and up make up the tiniest population on Facebook (4.8 percent ).
  • 18-24-year-olds account for 23.8 percent of Facebook users.
  • Facebook is used by 82 percent of college graduates.
  • Facebook is used by 75 percent of online users who earn more than $75,000.
  • Almost 90% of Facebook’s Daily Active Users are from outside the United States and Canada.
  • India has the largest Facebook population, with over 320 million subscribers, followed by the United States with 190 million.
  • India has 320 million Facebook users, followed by the United States (190 million), Indonesia (140 million), and Brazil (130 million) are nations with over 100 million Facebook subscribers.

Advertising Stats on Facebook

  • There are almost ten million advertisers on Facebook.
  • For the entire year of 2021, Facebook ad impressions climbed by 10% annually, while the typical price per ad increased by 24%.
  • In Q4 2021, Facebook ad revenue was $32,639 million. It was $27,187 million in Q4 2020.
  • Instagram accounts for 39.7% of Facebook’s net ad income in the United States.
  • Every month, the average Facebook member clicks on 12 ads.
  • In the previous year, 18.3 percent of adults in the United States placed an order through Facebook.
  • At least once a week, 75 percent of Facebook consumers check a local business page.
  • The Average Cost Per Click (CPC)  is $1.72 on Facebook Ads, with a 0.9 percent Click Through Rate (CTR). The conversion rate (CVR) is 9.21% on average.

Financial Info of Facebook

  • The revenue for Q4 2021 on Facebook was $32.639 million.
  • Facebook’s net income for the fourth quarter of 2021 was $10.205 million.
  • Advertising income for Facebook in Q4 2021 was $32.639 million.
  • Facebook’s revenue in 2021 was $117.929 million, up 3-11 percent annually.
  • The net income for Facebook in 2021 was $39.370 million.
  • The revenue from Facebook advertising in 2021 was $934 million.

Stats on Facebook Usage

  • Every day, individuals spend 34 mins on Facebook on average.
  • Only 81 percent of Facebook users use the platform on their mobile devices.
  • Only 1.7 percent of all Facebook users use a computer or laptop to access the platform.
  • Only 14.3 percent of smartphone Facebook users use iPhones, while 80.5 percent use Android phones.
  • Facebook Messenger is used by 1.3 billion people.
  • Facebook Groups now have over 1.8 billion members.

Stats From Facebook Live

  • In 2019, Facebook live accounted for 35% of the platform’s total use.
  • In 2017, one out of every five Facebook videos was a live stream.
  • By the end of the year, Facebook had over 3.5 bn live broadcasts.
  • Facebook is used by 57 percent of social media users in the United States to share content.
  • Facebook is used by 46% of social media users in the United States to watch videos.
  • Videos in square format receive 35% more views than videos in landscape format.
  • When compared to standard preloaded videos, live videos have six times the interaction level.
  • When compared to pre-recorded videos, Facebook live videos receive more than ten times the amount of comments.
  • To cover an event, 76 percent of broadcasters prefer to use Facebook live.
  • Facebook Live is used by 50 million businesses.

Interesting Tidbits

  • Facemash, a website that enabled users to compare people’s faces and vote on “who’s sexier,” was Mark Zuckerberg’s initial proposal.
  • ‘TheFacebook,’ Zuckerberg’s second proposal, was a digital student directory for Havard students.
  • Facebook is the third most popular website on the internet.
  • Only half of all Facebook users can communicate in English.
  • On Facebook, you may choose from over 100 different languages.
  • By going to the More menu and then to Settings & Privacy, you can see how much time you invest on Facebook. You may discover Your Time on Facebook there.
  • On Messenger, there are over 300,000 bots in use.
  • In 2021, Facebook will celebrate its 17th birthday.
  • Facebook is used by 36% of individuals to get news.
  • New music is discovered by 45 percent of new music enthusiasts aged 35 to 54 on Facebook.
  • In Q1 2021, the most talked-about topic on Facebook was travel photography.
  • Every day, 500 million individuals use Facebook Stories.
  • With 11.7 million members, Evergreen Bangladesh is the largest Facebook Group.
  • Over 1.5 billion matches have been made on Facebook Dating.
  • At least 1 other social networking platform is used by 96.3 percent of Facebook users.

Top 10 Facebook Statistics You Need To Know In 2024:

Here are Facebook stats by Editor pick:

Use Facebook to Market Your Business

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1. What percentage of the population uses Facebook?

Facebook has 2.91 billion active monthly users (Facebook, 2022).

Facebook’s original mission was to unite the planet together & in the 17 years since it launched, it has not only succeeded but also grown in popularity.

Today, over 1.88 billion people utilize the network on a daily basis. Other Facebook key products such as WhatsApp, Messenger & Instagram are included.

Facebook reached one billion active users in October 2012, followed by two billion active users 5 years later in 2017.

2. In 2020, Facebook was the #2 most downloaded app:

Despite the fact that it was created in 2004, the social networking site remains among the most popular apps worldwide.

Only TikTok could surpass Facebook in terms of total downloads by the end of 2020.

According to app figures, TikTok’s flagship, lite, & regional versions received well over 800 million new installations in 2020. This represents a 43 percent increase over the 564 million downloads recorded the previous year.

Three other big Facebook-owned apps made the list: WhatsApp came in third, Instagram came fourth, & Facebook Messenger came in sixth.

Despite the introduction of fresh apps onto the market, Facebook has always been a continuous contender for the top 10 list for numerous years.

These numbers demonstrate how pervasive Facebook is already in our daily lives.

3. Males use Facebook in greater numbers than females:

Males account for 56% of the entire Facebook audience, while females account for 44%. (Gender reporting is limited to only females or males on Facebook). 

Between the ages of 25 and 35, the greatest demographic segment of Facebook users. Males account for 18.8% of the population, while females account for 12.8%.

Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Source: Pexels

The sole demographic segment with more female Facebook subscribers than male Facebook subscribers is those aged 65 and up. Men make up 2.3% of the population, while women make up 2.6%

Interestingly, male employees outnumber female employees, as per Facebook’s 2020 diversity report. Men account for 63% of Facebook’s employees, according to the study.

However, the organization is working hard to bring diversity to its workforce, as the share of male employees continues to plummet as the female workforce expands.

These results are even more impressive when you consider that in 2014, men made up 69% of the total workforce.

4. India has the largest Facebook user base and is the most active user:

With 320 million active Facebook users, India leads the world (Statista, January 2021).

With 190 million users, the United States ranks second.

Both Indonesia (140 million) & Brazil (130 million) are the only other nations that have more than a Hundred million active Facebook consumers around the world.

The fact that Facebook supports 111 different languages accounts for its deep penetration in other nations (particularly non-English speaking countries).

5. Facebook seems to have a large and active user base:

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform, with over 2.80 billion active monthly users (Facebook, 2021).

Facebook consumers launch the application at least 8 times each day on average, and the average American user ends up spending 38 minutes per day on it.

With around 69 percent of total adults using Facebook, it continues to be one of the most popular apps in the world, with an increasingly active audience.

Facebook analysis

Source: Pexels

Facebook accounts for a large portion of the five hours a day that US consumers spend on their apps. Facebook accounts for 19% of total time or about 57 minutes.

This is more money than people pay on any other application, such as music, video, or shopping.

According to a Statista report, Facebook is the most prominent social media network in the United States in terms of engagement.

In the year 2019, Facebook users used the app for an estimated 769.16 minutes every month. At the time, TikTok was the 2nd most common app, with consumers spending roughly 498.09 minutes every month on it.

6. What are the engagement & conversion rates on Facebook?

Every day, brands publish about 7.5 Facebook posts.

At 53.5 each week, the media sector has the most Facebook postings published.

Other high-publishing businesses include sports teams and non-profits, with 18.5 and 9.2 postings per week, respectively.

Food and beverages account for 2.5 hours each week on average. This puts the weekly average for all businesses on Facebook to 5.5 postings.

The greatest Facebook engagement rate across all of these industries is 0.19 percent, while the average is 0.08 percent.

Influencers (0.19 percent) & sports teams (0.18 percent) have the highest levels of interaction, whereas tech & software (0.2 percent) and media (0.05 percent) have the lowest.

As you can notice, the quantity of shared postings has little bearing on interaction rates. The content that is shared has a greater impact on increasing audience engagement.

7. When is the optimum time to update your Facebook status?

A great deal of research has been done to help establish the optimum times to post on Facebook. Despite the fact that most sites provide different answers, the basic line stays the very same: it all depends on your brand & who your intended audience is.

The optimal moment to post on Facebook through the week, according to Hubspot, is at 9 a.m. In some areas, this is also informally translated as 8 a.m.

facebook login

Source: Pexels

This is the best time to advertise because this is when most individuals check their social media networks on their way to work.

Facebook postings perform more effectively on Wednesdays and worse on Sundays, per research by Sprout Social.

8. What would be the most prevalent type of Facebook content?

According to Statista’s research on ‘Average FB page fan interaction with chosen types of posts worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2020,’ status postings have the greatest level of interaction with page fans at 0.19 percent.

Images continue to be the most popular type of material on Facebook, with 0.18 percent engagement, followed by videos with 0.13 percent. Link postings are the lowest popular content type, with only 0.05 percent engagement rates.

9. What percentage of marketers utilize Facebook?

Every month, 160 million businesses utilize Meta applications (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp) to communicate with clients.

Unlike many other social networking networks, such as LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat, Facebook stats indicate that it is suitable for everyone (regardless of their gender, financial status, or age).

Snapchat and TikTok, for example, cater to younger ages (Millennials and Gen Z), whereas LinkedIn is best for professionals.

Facebook, on the other side, is a medium that can be accessed by people of all ages, from baby boomers to Generation Z. As a result, it’s really the holy grail for businesses looking to promote items or services to a large demographic.

Furthermore, when compared to other existing media platforms, Facebook’s CTR is highly tempting. The greatest Facebook click-through rate is 1.61 percent, with an average of 0.9 percent.

Facebook has made it much easier for marketers to communicate with their consumers as they strengthen and build their relationships, in addition to reaching their target demographic.

Facebook has also taken steps to make it easier for advertisers to fine-tune their marketing strategy in order to better target the correct audience.

Marketers can save time and money by using Facebook as their primary marketing channel.

10. Facebook is where 31 percent of American social media consumers obtain their news:

According to social media users, 48% of Americans acquire their news from these channels. A considerable portion of people polled stated they got their news via Facebook.

Facebook logo

Source: Pexels

Platforms like Facebook have developed new fact-checking procedures to guarantee that whatever is published on the network is correct and accurate, & does not mislead other consumers.

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Conclusion: Facebook Statistics 2024

I hope you like the facts and figures regarding Facebook mentioned in this article. 

It’s incredible to think that 2.91 billion people use Facebook every month. It’s like almost everyone I know is on there, connecting, sharing, and staying in touch.

The fact that so many people, especially in India and the US, use it daily is a testament to how Facebook has become a part of our daily routine.

It’s fascinating to see how it continues to be a major player in the digital world.

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