19 Experts Roundup: How to Explode Your Facebook Organic Reach In 2024?

Facebook is an important part of our life and it still has worth if you are willing to promote your online business. But, the problem lies that promoting using paid ads is not a good idea. I would prefer to promote my products or my blog with organic search rather than using the paid ones.

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I asked 19 Facebook Experts on How To Explode Your Facebook Organic Reach in 2024 which really works. Read here what experts has to say?


19 Experts Roundups: How to Explode Your Facebook Organic Reach In 2024?

Read here the experts’ opinion:

1) Marko Saric

Blog: https://markosaric.com/promote-your-blog/


Marko Saric


Marko Saric: On a mission to help you share what you love and get discovered by people who love the same things too.

Marko’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

It’s incredibly difficult to get Facebook to reach without spending money on ads. I would recommend putting all focus on the creation of great content that helps real people with things they care about.

If you do that well, people that find you and that get their questions answered by you will share your content with their friends and network. And getting people to share your content on Facebook is a better way of boosting your organic reach than trying to share it yourself on your Facebook page.

2) Harris Schachter

Blog: https://optimizepri.me



Harris Schachter: Director of Marketing at Home Care Delivered, Owner of OptimizePrime, LLC

Harris’ Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

The key to a large organic reach is to engage your audience so they carry your message for you. Virality, comments, and engagement can all do this. As we’ve seen, pure organic page posts get very little to no organic reach by themselves, so the best bet is to earn your way into the newsfeed by making sure the content your sharing is really worth it.

Some ways to do this: contests which require shares, viral content (controversial or thought-provoking), or tailoring the content specifically to earn engagement like company reviews (if your fans are mostly customers).

Overall, test different strategies and see what works for your business.

3) Kim Garst

Blog: www.kimgarst.com


 Kim Garst


Kim Garst: Kim Garst is one of the world’s most retweeted people among digital marketers. She is a renowned marketing strategist, keynote speaker and an international best-selling author of Will The Real You Please Stand Up, Show Up, Be Authentic and Prosper in Social Media. Kim focuses on helping entrepreneurs grow their business using social and digital media strategies.

She is also internationally recognized as a thought leader in the social media space. Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. Her blog, kimgarst.com, is one of the top social media resources in the world.

Kim’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

1. Use your analytics to post popular content at optimal times

Posting random content whenever you feel like it is unlikely to get you good results. Instead, pay close attention to what your page Insights are telling you: What days and times are your fans most likely to interact with your content?

Which types of posts (images, links, polls, videos, etc.) do they prefer? What topics get the most engagement? Keep in mind that images are proven to get 2.3 times more engagement than a normal post.

2. Elicit a response (CTA, questions, etc.)

Whenever you post, be sure to give you fans a way to respond. Ask questions, do “fill in the blanks”, or close your post with a call to action, asking your fans to leave a comment or click through to your site.

3. Use organic post targeting

Did you know you can actually target your organic posts to certain segments of your audience? For maximum engagement and reach, target your posts based on interests, gender, age or even educational status.

4. Go Live

Video continues to KILL it on Facebook! And Facebook Lives are even more likely to get organic reach than regular videos. In fact, we know that Lives are more likely to appear in people’s newsfeeds while they’re live…so the more often you can go live, the better!

5. Be truly helpful

Whatever other strategies you use, never forget that your primary goal is to provide truly helpful, useful content that your audience needs. If you consistently show up and do this, you can’t go wrong!

4) Bill Gassett

Blog: https://www.maxrealestateexposure.com


Bill Gassett



Bill Gassett: One of the top RE/MAX Real Estate Agents in New England for the last decade-plus.

Bill’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

By joining high profile Facebook groups in your niche. When you actively share and participate in groups the eyeballs on your content explode exponentially. For example, there are quite a few exceptional real estate groups where I’m able to put my content in front of people who otherwise would not be seeing it.

5) Brooke B. Sellas

Blog: https://bsquared.media/


 Brooke B. Sellas


Brooke B. Sellas: Brooke B. Sellas is the in-the-trenches Founder & CEO of @HelloBSquared, award-winning social media management & advertising agency. She’s also the co-host of The Marketing Companion podcast with Mark Schaefer, where they discuss jaw-dropping marketing trends. Brooke’s marketing mantra is “Think Conversation, Not Campaign” so be sure to give her a shout!

Brooke’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

The answer you don’t want to read is to invest more time and money into paid advertising on Facebook. 🙂 HOWEVER, since we’re talking organic reach (non-paid content), I’ll tell you three ways our current clients are still seeing good organic reach numbers on Facebook.

1. BTS CONTENT: BTS or behind-the-scenes content performs really well for most of our clients — no matter the industry. As my friend and podcasting partner in crime Mark Schaefer says, “The most human company wins.” Using BTS to put a face to the brand name is wise. It makes storytelling and making an emotional connection easier. Get buy-in at the top and figure out ways you can use BTS to humanize your brand.

2. USE FACEBOOK LIVE: Going Live is not only another form of BTS, it garners about six times more interaction than “regular” video. Be strategic about going live and have something valuable to say. One of the easiest ways to be “worth the watch” is to take your frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answer them. Or, try an AMA — “ask me anything” as it relates to your industry, product, or services.

3. THINK CONVERSATION: These two little words are in our tagline for a reason! Creating one-to-one moments on social media will help you be more human. Even Facebook’s Head of the News Feed had this to say: “Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed.”

For best results, we encourage using organic and paid efforts in tandem. But if you only have time to spend, try the three tactics above to gain more traction.

6) Ryan Biddulph

Blog: https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/


Ryan Biddulph


Ryan Biddulph: Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

Ryan’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

Be generous with people and talk to people one to one. I tag people after featuring them on my blog. Folks I tag share the post on Facebook, increasing my organic reach. I also help people 1 to 1 by answering their questions on my profile and in Facebook Groups related to my niche. These people share my posts, also boosting my organic reach. Be generous. Help people 1 to 1, and they will boost your organic reach.

7) Rick Ramos

Blog: https://healthjoy.com/

Rick Ramos


Rick Ramos: Rick Ramos is the Chief Marketing Officer at HealthJoy, a health tech venture-backed SaaS startup who’s on a mission to change the healthcare experience. Prior to HealthJoy, Mr. Ramos ran marketing for a wide variety of B2B and B2C companies. This includes Adknowledge, the sixth most acquisitive unicorn, according to TechCrunch.

Virtumundo/Treeloot, the first CGI scripted dynamic game and 17th largest website in the world. Avalanche who owned MatchMaker.com and Date.com, the first online dating websites on the web. He’s also an author of “Content Marketing,” which ranked as the #1 marketing book in Amazon.

Rick’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

I would say that you shouldn’t try to grow your organic reach outside your target audience. You’ll see old acquaintance sometimes trying to do that by sending you a notice to like their new business page. It might be someone you never talk to on Facebook nor in real life for years. They send you a request to like their real estate page in a town you don’t live in nor ever visited.

You might even like the page, but you quickly ignore every post and might also hide the posts from your feed.

The whole problem with it is that you aren’t the target audience for the page. You’ll never engage with the content, and that tells Facebook that the content is low quality.

Focus on your target customer, don’t chase vanity metrics like likes. Share narrow-focused content that your audience will love. Get them engaging with your content, and you’ll find your overall organic reach grow.

I think the best content you can share is high-quality evergreen content (content that never gets old.) Videos can work particularly great and help you reach your target customers over the long term.

I would rather people work on less, higher quality content. Something that talks to the exact pain point your ideal audience is having. Do that, and you’ll find your reach explode.

8) Ivana Taylor

Blog: https://diymarketers.com/

Ivana Taylor


Ivana Taylor: Publisher of DIY Marketers

Ivana’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

I don’t think it’s about organic reach. It seems like Facebook is making the organic reach more and more difficult as sponsored content and followed pages fill everyone’s feed.

I think the more engagement and sharing your posts get — the better your organic reach is going to be.

And the key to creating engaging content is finding YOUR sweet spot for types of posts (whether video, Facebook LIVE, meme’s, etc)

I think time spent experimenting with different types of content that resonates with your audience is time well spent.

9) Adam Franklin

Blog: https://bluewiremedia.com.au/speakers


Adam Franklin


Adam Franklin: Adam Franklin is the author of Web Marketing That Works — an Amazon #1 bestseller. He is a professional speaker, university lecturer and CEO of Bluewire Media – which he co-founded in 2005.

Adam’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

The key to optimizing your organic reach is interacting 1-on-1 with your fans and group members. If you ask questions and tag people, they are much more likely to feel a part of your group or page. And don’t underestimate the power of personal touch via private messages to show the love to people in your community.

10) Sherri-Lee Woycik

Blog: http://www.socialmediaminder.com

 Sherri-Lee Woycik



Sherri-Lee Woycik: Empowering women to create the lives & businesses of their dreams so we change the world together, using strategic Facebook Marketing and Ads.

Sherri’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

When I want to explode my organic reach I go back to good social practices.

I spend more time being INTERESTED in my audience than trying to be INTERESTING to them and I use my posts to LEARN about them.

So I ask questions, I create interactive content, and I am present to reply and have a conversation.

When I remember the PEOPLE in my business, everything gets easier and Facebook becomes my friend and helps me reach more people.

Some other things that help are:
*Post at the right time of day for your community on your page
*Post questions
*”stack” your engaging content BEFORE posting something promotional or educational
*aim for 4 out of every 5 posts to be about your community and 1 out of every 5 to be about you and your business.

Whenever something seems to be not working and you aren’t happy with your reach, don’t blame Facebook or the “algorithm” instead of going on the hunt for what is working. Stop making it all about you and things will change.

11) Jenna Soard

Blog: http://www.youcanbrand.com/


Jenna Soard


Jenna Soard: Jenna is a brand & design expert, and course creation circus master! Her biggest passion in life is helping entrepreneurs find their confidence through developing design, branding and course creation skills.

Jenna’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

A few things to consider! If you accept people onto your personal Facebook profile and you make the decision you’re NOT going to use it for friends and family…and you accept all 5,000 friends, your posts will reach more people because Facebook doesn’t see you as a business from a personal profile. So if you’re networking in Facebook groups like for PAID programs.

You pay x amount of dollars for a course, for example, $500-$3,000, and everyone in that Facebook group has ALSO paid that amount (They’re a higher quality lead) because they’re segmented by topic and how much they’ve spent.

If you FRIEND all of them and just SHARE what project you’re up to, they will reach out and want to do business with you: collaborations, requests to work with you, feature you on their podcasts or summits or joint venture for launches. This is how you explode your organic reach!

12) Georgi Todorov

Blog: https://getvoip.com/blog/

 Georgi Todorov



Georgi Todorov: Georgi Todorov is a digital marketer. He recently started his own blog about digital marketing called DigitalNovas. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

Georgi’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

2 tips from me:
1) Partner up with facebook pages in your niche.
2) Find facebook groups in your niche and post there. It’s important to check if the posts in that group get any engagement first. There are many Fb groups which have posts with zero likes and comments, you don’t need such groups.

13) Louise McDonnell

Blog: www.LouiseMcDonnell.com


Louise McDonnell


Louise McDonnell:  Louise McDonnell is the author of Facebook Marketing, The Essential Guide. She has been voted one of the top worldwide 50 Facebook Marketing Bloggers by Feedspot and Springboard.com listed her as one of the top 108 digital marketing experts worth following. BloggerLocal listed her as one of the top 10 worldwide Facebook experts.

She has been working in the area of Digital Marketing since 2009 and has trained and coached in excess of 8000 people. For more information on Louise see www.LouiseMcDonnell.com or www.SellOnSocial.Media.

Louise’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

7 ways to improve the organic reach of your Facebook page

1. Use media rich content

Use an image or a video with every post. Image posts get 50% more notice and video posts increase organic reach by 135%! People spend 3 times longer watching Facebook Live videos compared to those that are no longer live.

2. Tag other pages

If you are mentioning other pages – tag them in the post (as well as the image). They will get a notification that they have been tagged and they may share your post. Tag suppliers, customers, stakeholders, sponsors, community organisations, local business groups, neighbouring businesses. Remember Facebook is a social network so it’s good to tag!


3. Encourage engagement

Write your post in a way that will encourage engagement or intrigue your reader. Your aim is to get people who see your posts to click, like, comment or share them.

4. Timing is important

Publish posts when your fans are most likely to be using Facebook. In the insights section of your page, check out the “Posts” tab, where you will find another tab “When your fans are online”. This shows you the best days and the best times you should be posting. Test different times and days and check from your Facebook Insights what’s working.

5. Schedule posts

Use the “scheduling” option on Facebook to schedule posts. So if the optimum time for your fans is 10pm at night, you don’t have to be working then. Simply schedule your post to publish at this time.

6. Invest time researching content

Spend time researching content for your page. There are no shortcuts on Facebook. The more time you invest in your page, the more return you will achieve. Remember you need to post about topics that your target audience is interested in.

Remember people use Facebook to be social, to hang out with friends and family. They are not there to read your sales pitches. Pages that just try and sell every time they post have poor engagement levels and as a result low organic reach.

7. Use Hashtags

Although hashtags are more widely associated with other social media channels. They are also possible on Facebook. They are search terms, so a great way of being found by people interested in you, your events and stories.

14) Jeffrey Romano

Blog: www.wplighthouse.com

Jeffrey Romano



Jeffrey Romano: Freelance Writer, Online Marketer and Founder of WP Lighthouse

Jeffrey’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

One of the best ways to consistently explode your Facebook organic reach is by publishing unique content on your Facebook Page. That means the content is not even found on your other social media channels.

These may be ‘behind the scenes’ images and videos, quick live-streams to boost your engagement or even collaborations with other Facebook Pages.

These forms of high quality, unique content will give your audience a reason to follow you specifically on Facebook, thus driving your reach and engagement to the roof. Having your audience focused on one or two platforms makes sense as that way your audience all congregate together and they will be able to feed off each other’s engagement.

Remember, you should always create and adapt your content depending on the medium, and with Facebook, it’s no different.

15) Ian Spencer

Blog: https://www.istdigitalmarketing.co.uk/


Ian Spencer


Ian Spencer: CEO, IST Digital Marketing

Ian’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

In my opinion, if you are looking to build your Facebook reach, then you should be thinking about the short and long-term strategy.

For a new business, one of the best things you can do is run paid Facebook advertising and grow your “likes” and following on Facebook, as a well-run, well-targeted campaign aimed at the people you want, both from a location and interest point of view can quickly and cost-effectively build your Facebook page likes and its overall popularity.

We recently took on a new client and took their page likes from 30 to over 2,000 in just two months and it only cost around £300. These people we highly targeted, and since we did this, any organic post we put now reaches over 50% at any given time, with a brilliant engagement rate as well.

If you fail to build enough followers on your Facebook page, you are never really going to be able to push your organic reach down the line, as Facebook makes organic reach almost impossible for new businesses or businesses new to social media, so the best thing you can do is concentrate on growing your likes and followers, and if you get the right people your organic reach should continue to grow and grow naturally over time, as more and more people engage, share and interact with your content.

16) Ben Brausen

Blog: https://BenBrausen.com

Ben Brausen


Ben Brausen: Having directed successful digital marketing programs for Fortune 50 brands to small one-person shops, Ben has helped others achieve amazing through social media, influencer marketing, SEO, paid search and social, amongst other digital marketing areas.

Ben’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

Give your followers what they really want. No, not what you think they want or what you want them to want, but what they actually follow you to see. What interests them and what they’re looking to engage with.

That may not be the thing you want them to engage with right now, but you have to work to determine what engages them and then find a way to align it with the requirements of your own initiatives and make those two things intersect.

This is far easier said than done but those that succeed see huge engagement and follower growth, even in a time when most think organic on Facebook is dead.

17) Nikola Baldikov

Blog: https://www.brosix.com/


Nikola Baldikov


Nikola Baldikov: Nikola is Digital Marketing Manager at Brosix, specializing in helping companies` success. Besides my passion for digital marketing, I`m an avid fan of football and love to dance.

Nikola’s  Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

I find that participating in Facebook groups is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience. I suggest going about it in two ways. First, you can choose existing niche groups that include large user segments relevant to your company in order to attract new followers. Second, you can create your own group where you can bring together like-minded people to connect and share content.

This tactic improves both your organic reach and your connection with the target audience were a lot of your sales prospects come from. Using a combination of both of these approaches will help you truly explode your organic reach.

18) Jacob Cass

Blog: justcreative.com


Jacob Cass


Jacob Cass: Jacob Cass is a prolific graphic designer & branding expert who runs the popular design blog, JUST Creative, which doubles as his award-winning branding & design firm. Jacob helps brands thrive, by crafting distinctive logos & brand identities, backed by strategy. He recently rebranded San Francisco AND Puerto Rico, and also branded New York’s Digital District.

Other clients have included the likes of Disney, Nintendo, and Jerry Seinfeld. Jacob has spoken at TEDx, been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and has been awarded LinkedIn’s “Best of” for branding.

Jacob’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

Encourage engagement. Ask a question. Leave a CTA. The quicker your post is liked & commented on, the more reach you will receive. One trick to try is to give a freebie away to the first 10 commenters!

19) Hugh Beaulac

Blog: https://mc2.bid4papers.com/


Hugh_Beaulac - Hugh Beaulac


Hugh Beaulac: Hugh Beaulac is a content strategist behind MC2 website who also helps SMBs promote their products on social media.

Hugh’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

It’s no secret that Facebook organic reach is declining, so marketers should stay creative to find out new ways to increase organic reach. For example, it’s a good idea to use Facebook Stories as people love short-lived content and it grabs their attention. If you post several stories a day, it’s more likely your followers will be interested in watching your stories.

The more you post, the more engaged they are. As a result, the Facebook algorithms will show more posts to your followers which means better organic reach over time.

20) Nick Dimitriou

Blog: https://moosend.com

Nick Dimitriou


Nick Dimitriou: Nick is the Head of Growth for Moosend, a top 10 Email Marketing and Marketing Automation platform. When I am not writing articles, you’ll find me running my SEO magic site-wide, or making friends from blogs and companies discussing the expert power of Email Marketing.

Nick’s Tips To Explode Facebook Organic Reach:

Since the reduction in organic reach can drive a company towards more sponsored posts and extra costs, finding the best way to boost your organic reach can save you valuable resources. The question is, how do you do it?

If you think about it, social media platforms are nothing without content. Content is what gives them their unique character and user preference. So, posting amazing quality content is the best way to boost your organic reach and engage your followers.

However, since Facebook posts have a short life expectancy that lasts until the post gets old, coming up with content that will be both timeless and informative will give you a long-lasting tool that your audience will gladly use as a source of information.

On the plus side, evergreen content with multiple likes, shares, and comments will work best on new users who have just discovered your profile and give them more reasons to engage with it since their peers favor it.

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Conclusion: How To Explode Your Facebook Organic Reach?

As of now, you might have a clear cut view of Tips On How To Explode Your Facebook Organic Reach. You can apply these experts advice in order to build a more profitable facebook marketing campaigns.

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