ExpertRating Review 2024 ūü•á Is It Really Worth It?


Overall Verdict

With ExpertRating, I have experienced a world-class learning journey and gained valuable certifications that have opened doors to new opportunities. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to helping individuals and businesses succeed is truly commendable. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient online learning and testing platform, ExpertRating should be your top choice. ūüėä

Out of 10


  • Extensive course options
  • Huge variety of specializations
  • ISO-certified
  • 6500+ Companies
  • 25 Million+ People Tested
  • Testing & Certification in Over 800 Skill Areas


  • Non-accredited
  • Some courses are low-quality
  • No money-back guarantee


Price: $ 19.99

In this ExpertRating Review, I look at one of the most popular online training platforms available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

With the current job market, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and have the best possible resume.

Even if you have all the experience and qualifications that an employer is looking for, without the corresponding certification or degree, you may not get past the initial resume screening process.

ExpertRating can help you gain industry-recognized certifications and skills that will set you apart from other candidates.

They offer a wide range of courses and testing options to help you develop new skills or prove your knowledge in specific areas. Their certifications are backed by ISO certification and are recognized by employers around the world.

Bottom Line Upfront ūüė欆¬†

I am in love with ExpertRating’s certifications! They are like hidden jewels in the modern professional world, as the skills they provide are of tremendous value. Since their founding in 2000, over 2.7 million individuals around the world have benefited from their superior certifications, and I am proud to be one of them.

ExpertRating is even more remarkable because they are trusted by significant corporations. These industry titans, including Convergys, Google, and UPS, utilize ExpertRating to validate the expertise of their employees. It’s remarkable to see the impact their certifications are having in the business world.

ūüė欆 I was also delighted to discover ExpertRating’s novel endeavors. The custom skills assessment tests that they developed for Ericsson exemplify their adaptability and dedication to meeting the specific requirements of various industries.

‚ÄúWorkers still have a considerable amount of leverage in the U.S. labor market,‚ÄĚ according to an analysis by Nick Bunker, economic research director at the Indeed Hiring Lab.

‚Ä≥[They‚Äôre] having their moment in the sun, but some clouds are likely to come along and darken the outlook,‚ÄĚ he added.

There were 1.2 million layoffs in April, a record low, the U.S. Department of Labor said Wednesday. That indicates employers are trying to hold onto their workers amid an elevated number of open positions and voluntary resignations, or ‚Äúquits.‚ÄĚ

Job openings hit 11.4 million at the end of April, a decrease from the record 11.9 million openings in March but still near all-time highs, according to the Labor Department. (Openings are a proxy for employer demand for workers.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


Let’s check out Expert Rating Review in detail.

ExpertRating Review

Table of Contents

Detailed ExpertRating Review 2024

What Is ExpertRating?

ExpertRating offers Pre-employment testing, Employee Testing, and Online Certification in 600 skill areas. Start testing employees in under 3 minutes through a flexible and affordable employment testing system used by several fortune 500 companies worldwide.

ExpertRating is a leading provider of online training and certifications. They specialize in employee testing, personal certification, and online training and courses. ExpertRating has trained and certified people for more than 17 years.

They offer more than 800 capability tests to be certified. More than 6,500 companies have used ExpertRating for their employees’ training and certification processes, and more than 25 million people have been evaluated.

Currently, they offer training and certification in 35 countries worldwide.

According to ExpertRating, their customers are so satisfied that the replacement rate is 86%. ExpertRating offers online courses, e-books and tutorials at affordable prices. For the purposes of this ExpertRating review, we will focus only on Expert Rating courses and certification tests for information technology.

If you want to get a certification to take your career to the next level, ExpertRating has more than 300 generally accepted online certifications. With over 3 million employees in more than 60 countries certified by ExpertRating, this service is an excellent way to showcase your knowledge to your current or future employers.

You can check our detailed Thrivecart review to get detailed insights into this shopping cart creation platform.

ExpertRating Certification Detailed Review

The ExpertRating certifications comply with the world standard ISO 9001: 2015, which is accepted by hundreds of companies around the world. And these are important companies like GE, Erickson, Walmart, Fox News, and many others. With ExpertRating they test the knowledge of their employees.

Let’s now turn to some course preparation and review topics offered by Expert Rating. To prepare for certification, ExpertRating prepares for the CompTIA A +, Basic, Intermediate to Advanced certification, and the CompTIA Network Plus course. They also offer security plus prep courses and computer applications.
ExpertRating Courses Review- Certifications

Code course in expertiseExpertRating teaches a course in Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Access, from an introduction to junior high school. Microsoft Excel for an introduction to advanced knowledge and Microsoft PowerPoint for an introduction to advanced knowledge.

They also teach Microsoft Word with advanced introductory levels. Peachtree certification is also available, as are Microsoft Publisher and Photoshop tutorials.

For programming, ExpertRating offers database management courses in programming. It also offers and C ++ programming courses, and database development courses. Microsoft Access and Visual Basic 2008 Perl and SQL programming are included.

If you’re looking for graphic design courses, ExpertRating offers courses on Adobe Acrobat 9, Adobe InDesign CS3 knowledge, Corel Draw Illustrator courses, Microsoft Publisher 2007, and Photoshop.

ExpertRating PC troubleshooting and networking Certification

If you are interested in solving PC and network problems, ExpertRating offers a range of IT security courses and networks. Basic computer training and a course on wireless networks.

Since in the last few days essentially everything takes place over the Internet, ExpertRating offers various basic courses for Internet knowledge in blogs, shopping, and selling on eBay as well as an eBay marketing course, etc.

They also teach a Microsoft Outlook course, a Microsoft Outlook training course, and a search engine marketing course. There is also a search engine optimization course.

ExpertRating Computer Programming Certification

For computer programming, ExpertRating currently offers the AJax programming certificate, an course, a
C ++ programming course, a Java course, a Pearl, and a PHP programming course for beginners. There is also a Python course and Also Have Ruby Programming Courses.

Career opportunities in the qualification of experts. Expert Rating offers the following courses for web and multimedia graphics: a core drawing course, a drawing course, and a Photoshop course for creating web graphics with Photoshop CS3.

Web Expert And SEO Certification

If you want to improve your knowledge of web-expert design, consider an introduction to Dreamweaver CS4 and an introduction to web design or an advanced course. If you are interested in search engine optimization, there is SEO training.

Currently, they also offer certifications for .Net technology, big data, and cloud analysis technologies, hardware, databases, and general programming. ExpertRating also certifies the following areas: Graphic Design, Internet Concepts, Java Technologies, Networks, Web Design, Computing, Internet Programming, Mac Applications, Microsoft, and Mobile Technologies.
ExpertRating Courses Review- Courses Available

In each of these categories, there is an immense number of information technology tests that you can pass and receive your certification. ExpertRating also offers online courses conducted by an instructor. You will not be forced to watch a recorded video and read an e-book while completing your courses online.

With a wide range of learning and online certifications, ExpertRating offers something for almost all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

If you want to advance in your career or just want to learn new techniques to help you stay focused on today’s changing world, you can try ExpertRating. These are the courses and certifications that ExpertRating offers in information technology. I hope this ExpertRating review helps you become an IT expert.

Development of the test and determination of the validity.

1. Definition Of The Test.

They work with clients and sponsors to determine the purpose of each test, the target audience, the qualification level to be assessed, and other parameters. Once the parameters have been agreed upon, they are frozen as a test specification document.

2. Analysis Of The Work

Based on the test specification document, profiles, and employment levels will be identified for which the proposed test will serve as an effective means of assessing the candidates. This information is added to the test specification document and forms the basis for the validity of the test design.

3. Definition Of The Test.

The detailed specifications of the tests serve as a guide for experts in the field: topics to be dealt with in the test, the distribution of elements from one topic to another, and the ratio of simple, medium, and difficult elements. Object types to use, scaling, and subscale.

4. Analysis Of The Work

Experts in this field create articles according to the strictest standards of quality, confidentiality, and originality of the material. The articles are discussed in parallel by the classmates so that the corrections of the course can be made without loss of time or effort.

5. Speech Output.

The plaintext is corrected for grammatical errors. It goes through a spell checker and a plagiarism check. The language corresponds to the English style of Chicago.

6. Technical Examination

After the repetition, the test is returned to the skilled person to confirm that the semantics of the text remains unchanged after the grammatical revision. Then each element is subjected to a content inspection which allows for the accuracy and distractors to be considered. The validity of the construction and the content is determined.

7. Beta Test

Subsequently, the test is subjected to a population sample to collect data for the investigation of reliability, the analysis of the difficulty and discrimination as well as other statistical methods. The participants’ comments are also collected and used for refinement and refinement.

8. Reliability, Validity Analysis, And Verification.

Test-Retest reliability is achieved. The alpha reliability coefficient of Cronbach is calculated. Analysis of the difficulty and discrimination is carried out. The elements that negatively impact these actions are eliminated so that only the most successful elements in the final project are accepted.

9. Analysis of Pass / Residual Points.

Based on the test results of the reference group, the approval score and the approval score are determined according to sections assigned in the scale and subscales.

10. Publication Of The Final Trial.

The final test will be published.

11. Maintenance of Regular Tests.

After publication, the test data is continuously collected and monitored. The success rates and exhibitions of the articles are monitored and the article banks are regularly updated.

The alpha coefficient, the analysis of the difficulty, and the distinction according to Cronbach are repeated periodically.

Summary Of The Characteristics Of The Course

  • Learn implementation based on scenarios.
  • Online Forum
  • green belt
  • The course of the black belt
  • Master Black Belt Course

Main Feature Of ExpertRating

1. Certification

ExpertRating offers certification that makes it a one-stop-shop for certification in Six Sigma. You will have to pay for a printed copy, but only the shipping and handling costs. Online transcripts are always available to prove your credentials. This makes affordable prices even better.

2. Combined Packages

ExpertRating is all the more valuable as it offers the ability to combine packages. You can integrate project management certification into every level of Six Sigma certification. However, the combination of cost-effective products is not just limited to PM certifications. There are dozens of other certifications, ranging from business writing to speed reading.

3. Non-manufacturing Services

Six Sigma is mainly used in manufacturing or healthcare. However, ExpertRating helps break new ground and is used in other industries where Six Sigma methods can help reduce waste in project management. , The inclusion makes ExpertRating an excellent option if it is not in the manufacturing or healthcare sectors.

4. Lovers Of Green, Black, And Black Belts.

Many employers organize internal training and certifications. With an accredited low-cost certification with a low-level green belt, you can conduct attractive Six Sigma training for companies offering high-level internal certification.

You can also go for mastery with the Master Black Belt option. You can also choose the middle term with just one black belt course. The choices make it a very versatile program.

5. Project Scenarios

When you learn Six Sigma methods, you need to learn how to implement them. Learning the associated philosophies and principles saves you time and money in effective project management.

But you have to learn more than the ideas behind Six Sigma. ExpertRating uses the implementation to enable real learning based on several project scenarios. There is no better way to ensure that you have learned a basic concept than to put it into practice.

Ideal user

ExpertRating offers a Six Sigma course that is perfect for people who need the flexibility to control the duration of their course. With an expiration date of one year, you can revoke it in a month or take the time to do it during the year.

Recruit Talent Quickly And Efficiently:

Hundreds of big employers have chosen the ExpertRating solution for employment testing to quickly and efficiently identify the right talent for the right job.

The US Department of Labor UU estimates that hiring a manager for $ 100,000 a year would cost the company around $ 300,000. Pre-adjustment tests have shown time and time again that they are the most effective way to reduce uncertainty in the setting.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of companies using our pre-employment tests increases by more than 100% per year with a replacement rate of more than 75%.

Flexible Test Options

The ExpertRating Job Test System is designed to simplify the use and flexibility of trial options and pricing. Employers can start the test program for their employees by simply registering and paying the test fees whenever and whenever required.

Unique Work-Safe Features For Businesses

  • Detailed reporting features
  • Several payment options
  • Economic test
  • user-friendliness
  • Flexible testing options

My Suggestion

Offering courses from the Green Belt to the Master Black Belt, with the ability to add additional certifications, gives ExpertRating Six Sigma certifications outstanding value for money. You have one year to use the program, and the prize is among the best in the industry.

The project scenarios ensure that you know exactly how Six Sigma methods are implemented in each project. And once you have completed the course, pass the certified exam at no additional cost.

How It works

  • We have configured a test module, a management module, and an API for you on our server. The front is personalized with the header, footer, and stylesheet.
  • It sends users through a link that passes the user ID and the test ID.
  • Users pass their tests on our website without getting familiar with the tests provided by ExpertRating.
  • At the end of each test, we publish the user ID, test ID, and test result on your server before returning the user to your site.
  • You save the results in your database.

What You Need To Know About ExpertRating

1. The ExpertRating Personal Trainer Certification Program is an online beginner course in the field. It breaks down the concepts in a very easy-to-understand way.

The course offers students a large number of learning materials. This includes more than 120 exercises that are animated and explained. The entire course is conducted online. Important note: By clicking on the links on this website, we can generate advertising revenue.

2. The ExpertRating Personal Training course includes 17 detailed training chapters. The first chapters serve to make you more familiar with the human body.

A deeper knowledge of human anatomy facilitates understanding the following chapters. These first chapters focus on the theory of aptitude and terminology. They also focus on the musculature, which is divided into both its parts and as a whole.
ExpertRating Courses Review- Online-Certification-and-Employment-Testing

3. The ExpertRating course is certified by several organizations. He has a Trustmark. This seal confirms that the company keeps your information secure. It is also certified by the International Organization for Standardization. This certification reflects the deep evolution of the company’s training system.

The company wins Google SME Heroes Award. This award is given to companies that excel in using technology in their field.

4. You can save money by combining courses. Fitness today is a combination of disciplines. Most people want their training and diet to be done by an expert.

You can combine your personal training certificate, for example, with certifications in yoga or sports nutrition. These certifications make you a more desirable candidate in a growing field. You can also ask for more for the services you provide.

5. You can work at your own pace. After registering, all chapters of 17 courses are open at any time. You can take the time to study them all, or you can get started as soon as possible. However, if you move too fast or jump from one chapter to the next, you may not understand one or more concepts.

It’s better to take each chapter with you and take the time to process your lesson.

Benefits Of ExpertRating Review

1. Personal ability test

ExpertRating offers more than 800 tests in various disciplines and areas that can help you save money on extensive work testing. In addition, you can view real-time reports on employee test results by email and in your employer’s account.

Another advantage is that you can test multiple competitors simultaneously in different locations to save company resources and time. You can customize the work checks based on duration, questions, and topics. You can also organize tests with your own questions.

2. Get An In-Depth Analysis

The platform offers you a detailed account after the exam. The report will show the candidate’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy scores so that he can make an informed decision about his performance.

In addition, the report identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate in order to demonstrate his ability to perform certain roles.
ExpertRating Courses Review- Stats

3. Web Monitoring

You can monitor the rated people even if you use the Web Monitoring Tool offline. When a candidate performs an online exam, the system records their photos at regular intervals. You can consult them later to see if the candidate has used unfair methods.

4. Customized Test Solutions

With ExpertRating you can also digitize content and existing questionnaires. Managers and employers can use the Build Your Own Test feature, which provides an integrated platform and a library of questions.

Recruiters can choose the difficulty level of the questions and specify whether or not to apply the randomization. You can also easily create tests for multiple sections.

ExpertRating Pricing

ExpertRating Courses Review- Courses Pricing

Volume Discounts 

Test Sessions                 Discount       Price per Test

Less than 10                  Base price          $10

11 to 20                          10% off               $9

21 to 50                          20% off               $8

51-100                            30% off               $7

101-250                           40% off               $6

251-500                          50% off               $5

501-1000                        60% off               $4

More than 1000           Talk to the vendor

Purchase Test Session

  • More than 1000 test titles to choose from.
  • Reliable, validated, and standardized tests.
  • Start your employee testing initiative in just 3 minutes and at $ 10

ExperRating Customer Review:

ExpertRating Courses Review- Review

ExpertRating Courses Review- Customer Reviews

Pros & Cons of ExpertRating Review

Pros For ExpertRating

Here on the website, people can get the certification of the various skills they need at the time they use their services. That’s because the site is one of the most important online certification platforms for those seeking to certify specific skills.

They offer the world’s largest test inventory with more than 800+ skill tests candidates can request. In addition, thanks to the support of more than 35 countries, numerous expert evaluations have been carried out abroad.

  • Leading Online Certification
  • The largest test inventory in the world.
  • The replacement rate of 86%
  • Served 35 countries

Cons For ExpertRating

  • Perhaps the only downside you should keep in mind is that has problems with refunds.¬† Many of their customers complained about applying for a refund and refused to start.
  • This is something you want to know about reviews at this time.
  • Problems with the return

FAQs on ExpertRating Review

Is ExpertRating accredited?

The ExpertRating website does not indicate accreditation. Instead, it boasts that it is an ISO-certified corporation.

Is ExpertRating certification legit?

ExpertRating has produced its courses following ISO 9001:2015 processes, although they are not from authorized universities. An international quality management system has been implemented, and your certification represents a high degree of education.

What kinds of certifications does ExpertRatings offer?

ExpertRatings has a wide range of certifications available. Some of these are fitness, personal development, computer and web development, sales and marketing, health care, and graphic design.

Is ExpertRating expensive?

Most of the courses on ExpertRating cost $129.99. Some of them cost as little as $19.99 and others as much as $2,299.

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Conclusion: ExpertRating Review 2024

The greatest benefit is the flexibility and convenience they provide. I was able to select certifications that aligned with my objectives and schedule, and they provided a seamless learning experience.

Their user-friendly platform made navigating courses a pleasure, and their outstanding customer service made me feel supported at all times.

However, it does not conclude there! ExpertRating also caters to employers, assisting them in conducting efficient employee skill evaluations. It is extraordinary how they collaborate with thousands of companies to streamline and reduce the cost of the recruitment process.

I can personally attest to the impact ExpertRating has had on my career and credentials. With each certification, my confidence grew and new opportunities presented themselves. Their commitment to empowering individuals such as myself is genuinely admirable.

I highly recommend ExpertRating if you are searching for a dependable, comprehensive, and results-driven online learning and assessment platform. Believe me; you won’t be let down!

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