Excelr Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?? (READ TRUTH)



  • Trainers with 5+ yrs of experience
  • Learn from the best in industry in Online mode
  • Market Leader for 8+ yrs
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 24x7 Live Chat Support
  • Placement Assistance with Mock Interviews


  • Bit expensive for beginners


Price: $ 399

In this post, we have featured Excelr Review 2024 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, online courses, certifications, functionality and more. Let’s get started here. 

Excelr Review

Excelr Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Must Read)

Detailed Excelr Review

Excelr offers reliable online training and certification platform that can help you in preparing for various courses like Data Scientist, PMP, ACP, Tableau and many more as well. 

Excelr was founded back in 2014, ExcelR has become a leading global provider of training and consulting services. The company supports students and professionals around the world through world-class classrooms and online training programs.

The Excelr welcomes a group of passionate professionals dedicated tutors to meet the needs of the industry, which respond to evolving technological advances. 

Excelr has headquarters in the United States and a presence in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia, the Netherlands, and India, also they have created a strong global presence that transcends borders and reaches students around the world as well. 

Also, they have a passionate and dedicated team of experts has successfully trained more than 28,000 students and professionals in a variety of disciplines, including data science, project management, services, and digital marketing, this is not the end of the list.

Excelr Review - Info

They are determined to increase your level of excellence and accelerate your career with their online training course and online certifications. 

Excelr Review - Resources

Excelr generally provides a  global platform for aspiring students and professionals, and strengthen their position on the international stage by providing quality education. They strive to obtain the best possible learning experience and for a higher level of service and support than anywhere else.

Full Information In Below Section👇

  • Certified Business Analytics / Data Scientist Training Program

The Business Analytics or Data Analytics course is one of the very popular and requested profession, which requires a specialist with a solid knowledge of data analysis in all its dimensions and the discovery of the invisible truth, along with the knowledge of Logic and mastery to influence income. 

Excelr Review - Data Scientist

Here the Excelr data science training program has been carefully designed and designed to meet the needs of the industry. Also, it is considered the best in the industry. In addition, Google Trends is even showing an upward trend with an unprecedented exponential increase in search volume.  Springboard also offers legit and affordable Data Science courses. Read our complete Springboard review here.

So this is sufficient evidence to confirm the statements of Harvard Business Review and Business Giants that business analytics will be the most sought after job in the world in this booming digital world nowadays. 

Pricing Plans: 49,000 INR

The professionals who see the Business Analytics / Data Analytics / Data Science certification program as the next logical step to improve their careers are:

  • Professionals working in business intelligence and reporting tools.
  • Professionals working in data storage technologies.
  • Statisticians, economists, mathematicians.
  • Software programmers (have the advantage of writing code to achieve a forecast model)
  • Business analysts (have an advantage in terms of industry experience)
  • Six Sigma consultants are already facing statistics

Key Features Of This Course:

  • 60+ Assignments and Live Projects offered
  • Post-Training Support also offered 
  • Life Time Access to Self-Paced Learning
  • Simply avail ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS
  • Tutors there are Data Scientists, Alumni of IIT, IIM qualified

Business Analytics Certification Students:

Excelr Review - Six Sigma

Delivery Operations Manager, CSC It was awesome training which will redefine my career in analytics area. Thanks to the trainer that he is so apt with all the knowledge. He is a very good trainer.

Excelr Review - Testimonial



  1. MARYS RUBBERS PVT. LTD. The Overall Training was nice. The sad part is that I missed almost half of the sessions due to travels. But went through the recorded sessions and completed the project.

2) PMP Certification Training Course

Excelr offers four days of PMP® certification training as part of a portfolio of project management courses. PMP® certification training is provided by experienced and certified trainers who are considered one of the best trainers in the industry. Just give it a try and you’ll never regret it. 

Excelr Review - PMP

Excelr is one of the best PMP® training institutes in Bangalore. RIght with their best classroom training, you can easily gain in-depth knowledge of the project management of the PMBOK® 6th Edition Guide and receive the PMP® certification easily. 

In addition to four days of training, they also offer 180 days of online access, three series of 200 simulations of PMP® simulations, knowledge domain simulations, 35 contact hours along with many more things. 

PMP® – Project Management Professional is an identifier basically managed by the Project Management Institute, USA. UU. (PMI) ®. PMP® is a worldwide recognized certification that demonstrates the ability to direct, manage and manage projects in all areas. 

 The PMP® certification helps people improve their employer’s marketing, stand out from the crowd and maximize people’s income potential.

Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition).

Pricing: 12,500 INR

Advantages of PMP® certification:

  • Certification recognized worldwide
  • Increase the success rate of your project if it is better organized
  • Minimize resource consumption and make a project profitable
  • Change the way others see your skills
  • To promote your work or get a new job
  • Increase your current salary (help to move forward)

Key Features:

  • Avail ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS for 1 Year
  • 35 Contact Hours (PDU) Certificate As Well
  • 3,000+ Practice Questions and 5 Simulated Tests
  • Crack (PMP)® in the First Attempt with Prep Plan
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

3) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course Training

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next major technological breakthrough. Many organizations are already using it and the demand for AI professionals is growing tremendously.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) course with ExcelR will definitely help you better understand the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and create computer programs to solve problems and achieve goals in the world easily and effortlessly. 

Excelr Review - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows computers to easily perform tasks like voice recognition, decision making and visual perception, which normally require human intelligence to develop intelligent machines.

The basis of ExcelR’s artificial exploration practices is likely to be beneficial in business and professional life. This course will cover the concepts of artificial intelligence from basics to advanced implementation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming smarter on a daily basis in all commercial functions to improve performance. Artificial intelligence is widely used in games, media, finance, robotics, quantum science, autonomous vehicles, and medical diagnosis.

To succeed in artificial intelligence (AI), this course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of artificial intelligence. This course gives you practical experience and helps you easily implement projects. This Artificial Intelligence course is based on industry-leading experience to make you a professional IT expert easily and effortlessly. 

ExcelR basically you to the basics, problem-solving and learning methods of artificial intelligence. Get yourself registered with this course and become an AI expert in no time. 

What Skills Will You Learn With This Courses?

In this Artificial Intelligence (AI) course, you will be able to achieve:

  • Learn the key terminology used in AI space
  • Learn major applications of AI thru use cases and more. 
  • Understand the basics of AI.

Key Features:

  • Avail ExcelR’s JUMBO PASS (Limited Period Offer)
  • Faculty are working AI Experts 
  • Programs Tailored to Suite the Industries / Sectors 
  • Certification from the University of Malaysia – UNIMAS Business School
  • Learn Python Libraries including TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV too
  • 10+ Neural Network Architectures explained in detail just by using real-life case studies. 

4) AWS Certification Training

Basically, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform comes with computing, database storage, and other capabilities to help businesses grow effortlessly. You can simply how millions of customers currently use AWS Cloud products and solutions to create sophisticated applications that offer greater flexibility, scalability, and reliability as well. 

Excelr Review - AWS

The cloud is a new standard in today’s IT industry. One of the most difficult steps to implement a cloud application infrastructure is to move data to the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) generally provides a range of data transfer services. Each solution mainly offers a different level of speed, security, cost, and performance too. 

ExcelR has very experienced and highly qualified coaches with an average of 8 to 10 years of experience in this field. In addition to that, the training content provided by ExcelR is not comparable to any other training institute.

They generally offer tasks on topics that allow you to practice and review concepts the same day. Support will continue after training and you will get a solution to any of your problems. 

Pricing Plan: 15,000 INR

Key Features:

  • Avail ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS 
  • 6,200+ Professionals Trained on the AWS Certification
  • Top-Notch Faculty with extensive Real-Time Experience
  • Complete Hands-On Training with Practical examples
  • Industry Leader in AWS Certification Training
  • Offers Life-Time access to Self-Paced AWS Training Videos

5) Digital Marketing Certification Course

Right for the Digital Marketing Certification Course, ExcelR offers a money-back guarantee. 

Yes, You are absolutely right! For the first time in India, a digital marketing training company provides such security. Right with their 100% money-back guarantee, you are fully protected. They will refund the course fees they cannot place you in Digital Marketing. 

Excelr Review - digital marketing

ExcelR is very safe! You will be going to love this quality training and they are ready to offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first time without any risk. They have extensive three-month training and internship program for live projects prepares your market. 

ExcelR has its own investment department that mainly works continuously with several Indian and multinational companies to market their profiles. They facilitate interviews and help you locate yourself. 

They have already registered almost 99.1% of the participants trained by us. Their three-month internship program will allow you to perfect your concepts in live projects and give you the knowledge to get a job as a specialist in digital marketing too. 

And during the internship program, they will also help you eliminate 9 international certifications from Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These certifications increase the marketability of your profile and help you work effortlessly and finding jobs in a super-easy way. 

Pricing Plans: 25,000

What Kind Of Opportunities You’re Going TO Get After Digital Marketing?

  • You can go for a Job / Freelancer/ Consultant
  • You can start a website (Blog)
  • You can start an App/Video Channel monetize
  • You can start a Digital Marketing Agency

Key Features:

  • Google Ads Certified Trainers
  • Top-Notch Faculty with Rich Industry Experience
  • 120+ Hands-on Practical Assignments
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Curriculum
  • Life-Time Access to Self-Paced Learning
  • 9 International Certifications from Google Ads / Facebook / YouTube

6) IoT Training Course

International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the installed Internet base of things will bring about 212 billion “objects” and the market share of the surrounding ecosystem to $ 8.9 trillion worldwide.

Excelr Review - IoT Course

As a 50-hour training offered by IoT organization, the Internet of Things is one of the most advanced and emerging technologies that exploit the interaction between machines/devices with software, electronics, and hardware. Sensors, just to name a few.

According to several surveys, more than 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. These connected devices generate large amounts of data. 

Pricing Plans: 15,251 INR

Key Features:

  • Avail ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS 
  • 1,800+ Professionals Trained on IoT Certification
  • Top-Notch Faculty with extensive Real-Time Experience
  • Complete Hands-On Training with Practical Examples
  • Industry Leader in IoT Certification Training
  • Life Time Access to Self-Paced IoT Training Videos
  • Free IoT Hardware Kit worth Rs 7000/- 
  • Access to IoT Library with 100+ practice projects and more

7) Python Certification Training

Python is a popular, high-level and open source programming language that offers a wide range of automation, big data, data science and performance data analysis applications. 

 It is a flexible, powerful, object-oriented and interpreted language and also Python is considered as the programming language with the greatest number of job opportunities.

Excelr Review - python

The researchers called Python “the next big thing” because many young and experienced developers prefer it. This is a highly paid skill in all IT programming languages.

Excelr mainly provides comprehensive Python training to help you learn basic principles and advanced theoretical concepts, such as scripts, Python sequences, and file operations, while gaining practical experience with functional applications. 

Pricing Plans: 15,000 INR

Students Testimonials:


Santosh Kumar

Principal Consultant, Ciber Inc Trainer has depth knowledge in ITIL.His presentation skills are good. It is a very good institute for ITIL.

Excelr Review - Testimonials


Sandeep Kumar D

Software Engineer, Cisco Systems It was a great learning experience. The trainer had provided relevant examples & truly enjoyed the sessions

Key Features:

  • Avail ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS 
  • Tutors working at ExcelR are working Data Scientists
  • 60+ Assignments and 2 Live Projects
  • Assured Post-Training Support and Guidance
  • Life-Time Access to Self-Paced Learning

7) Blockchain Course Training Program Excelr

The blockchain is the most used technology in the decentralized information system of another phase of the data transaction in the secure distribution register, which we now know as the cryptocurrency.

Excelr Review - Blockchain Developer Certification Training

 Blockchain technology is distributed and basically shared a ledger that several parties use that is used to collaborate to build trust in data transactions by building trust in security, authentication.

It also improves banking, supply chain and other transaction networks along with facilitates secure processing in the digital world. It has potential network operations that generally provides secure online security for hierarchical and centralized decisions in B2B operations with a greater degree of resistance.

Pricing Plans: 25,000 INR

Key Features:

  • Avail ExcelR’s Exclusive JUMBO PASS 
  • Faculty are working Blockchain Experts
  • Hands-On Experience With The Courses
  • Assured Post-Training Support and Guidance
  • Life Time Access to Self-Paced Learning

What Makes Excelr Different? 

Excelr is now a proud partner of Malaysia Sarawak University (UNIMAS), the first public university in Malaysia. It ranks eighth among the best universities in Malaysia and is one of the 200 best Asian universities in 2017.  ExcelR also partners with Tata Consulting Services (TCS), a global leader in IT services and consulting since 1968.

Just to let you know more middle and senior managers choose ExcelR Solutions instead of other management companies, since the training and consulting solutions offered here guarantee efficiency and reliability.

excelr review -Data Analytics course Key Benefits

Excelr is the only company of this type that works with clients every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible education to boost your career and grow your business. If your organization needs advanced training that has proven effective in practice, let ExcelR Solutions show you how you can achieve more in less time. 

Excelr actually helps companies of all sizes to strengthen their workforce by offering courses based on the latest technological trends. Their convenient and centralized solution ensures that you don’t fall behind in the race to reach your ultimate goal in this super-competitive world. 

As a global player, they mainly believe that critical changes are critical to your career and help you get the ball going. Working together, they open new possibilities and offer you a variety of professional opportunities. They are proud to define new standards with you as an integral part and work for a better future.

Customer Support

The kind of customer support offered by this platform is extremely awesome and helpful. The best part is that this platform provides support in terms of video tutorials, forums, and email as well. 

Excelr Review - Contact us

And if you somehow get stuck in between then you can check out their video tutorials and blogs in order to get yourself out from that situation. Apart from that, if you have queries regarding your course and training then you can contact directly to the team.

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Conclusion: Is It Useful Or Not? | Excelr Review 2024

Without having any second thought I would like to say, Excelr offers reliable online training and certification platform that can help you in preparing for various courses like Data Scientist, PMP, ACP, Tableau and many more as well. 

You can rely on this platform for various training programs as it is a result-oriented firm that always strives to provide results. We highly recommend ExcelR to our visitors and readers. 

We hope this post suits your purpose well. And if you liked the post, then kindly share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


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