EverWebinar Review 2024 🥇 Why I Love This Software For My Business?


Overall Verdict

EverWebinar has been crucial in helping me maximize the ROI of my webinars. I have complete confidence in its ability to help my webinars reach new heights because to its user-friendly split testing function, outstanding customer support, and money-back guarantee.

Out of 10


  • Automated Webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • It has a live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar.
  • Live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar
  • Active offer displays with urgency and scarcity
  • Split test your registration pages to perfection
  • Point-and-click templates


  • You can’t simulate the live chat
  • Email reminders are not included- an extra cost
  • No live webinars


Price: $ 597

Welcome to my EverWebinar Review and why I love this webinar software for my business.

Have you ever experienced a webinar meltdown?

Imagine your webinar attendees sitting at their computers, waiting for the event to start, and the platform is down. Or how about when you try to deliver your webinar on your own?

Your internet connection goes down and you don’t have any backups?

With EverWebinar, marketers can create a live webinar that is pre-recorded and fully automated. No technical skills are required, and EverWebinar will take care of everything.

EverWebinar can help you ramp up your sales if you’re in small and medium-sized businesses simply by taking existing webinars and replying to them in order to satisfy the customers and get many more potential customers.

Bottom Line Upfront 🥇

I personally experienced EverWebinar’s transforming effect. This incredible technology has enabled me to easily split-test my webinar landing pages and content, allowing me to discover which version leads higher conversions. It’s been a fantastic tool for increasing my sales and propelling my business forward.

What distinguishes EverWebinar is not just its amazing capabilities, but also the extraordinary level of support it offers. Whenever I’ve had a problem or a concern, their customer support team has been there for me, answering quickly and providing excellent advice. Their commitment to provide a consistent customer experience has definitely impressed me.

EverWebinar’s 14-day money-back guarantee is another feature that provides me piece of mind. It demonstrates their trust in the platform as well as their dedication to client satisfaction. Knowing that if I’m not totally pleased with my purchase, I can seek a full refund gives an added sense of security.

If you’re still on the fence about trying EverWebinar, I strongly advise you to take advantage of their free trial offer. I did, and it changed the game for my webinars. Firsthand experience with the platform will provide you with a better knowledge of its potential and how it can impact your webinar strategy.

Everwebinar user reviews

EverWebinar Review 2024 🔥

Everwebinar reviews

Simply by importing events and using the best feature of EverWebinar automation-friendly features, you can record a webinar once and you can replay it whenever you want.

EverWebinar currently transforming the historical process of hosting webinars along with making the process super easy. Here in this post, we have given a trustworthy- EverWebinar Review. Let us find out why you should go with EverWebinar. 

What Is An Automated Webinar?

Basically, an Automated Webinar will provide you the opportunity to get “ face to face”  right with your customer at scale.

Rather than organizing one of the scale calls or any of the face-to-face meetings with the automated webinar, you can easily speak to 100 or even thousands of your customers all at the same time; really it’s fascinating, isn’t it?

EverWebinar Review- Automated Webinars

Really you can do that task with this amazing software called EverWebinar,  it is not only efficient but your customer will also be going to love it.

Basically, the thing is that people who are watching videos are more likely to make a purchase and that’s the thing you can increase your sales and satisfy your customer or even organize a webinar meeting you can do all these tasks in a super easy way.

Benefits Of EverWebinar

Webinar schedules

  • Automated Webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • You can share files directly on a webinar.
  • It has a live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar.
  • Provide secure webinar rooms with password protection.
  • You can also customize your pages for brand consistency.
  • Here, Active offers will be displayed with urgency and scarcity.
  • You can easily know your data right with their advanced analytics and tracking.
  • It has built-in autoresponders and you can easily communicate pre and post-webinar.

EverWebinar is also designed for beginners and intermediate marketers and this basically laid a solid foundation for automated webinar marketing. In order to conduct a successful webinar you should do the following things:

  • Increase registration
  •  Increase show-up rate
  • Increase stick rate through the  webinar
  •  Increase sales conversion
  • Just Echo through automation

Features of EverWebinar

EverWebinar Included Offer- EverWebinar Review

  • Free training: Right with expert help you can easily turn webinars into highly converting automated marketing machines.
  • Community:  You can easily join they are an exclusive Facebook community that is having over 25, 000 members
  • Unlimited support:  That is the best part of this fantastic webinar service they will solve your problem and will be there with you till the problem is fixed.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:  They promise you’ll be given your whole money back because EverWebinar basically comes with a full 30-day 100% back guarantee.  And any reason you are not delighted with their services you can simply ask for your reference.
  • Evergreen Webinar: This is one of the acclaimed evergreen webinar platforms that is used by thousands of business owners.
  • Automated Webinars: Automation is the fastest way to increase your business by 10 times without working hard.
  • Pre-landing pages: You will get Pre-made landing pages in order to maximize the registration and you are the best part is that there is no coding or designing skills are needed. The best part is that there are dozens of gorgeous designs all you need to do is put these designs in webinars and they will definitely be going to look amazing.
  • Automated email Communications: Keep your subscriber in the loop with a full Email and SMS communication system. And you can easily communicate with your subscriber before and after the webinar.

What you can do with  EverWebinar’s Automated Webinars Feature?

Everwebinar automation

  • Advanced scheduling system:  right with this feature you can easily set up your promotion for monthly, Weekly, or even daily Webinars.  and you can also select specific days of the week along with the time zones which is basically best for your audience.
  • Just-in-time webinars:  You can easily set dynamic “  just in time” webinars starting within minutes of registration. You can easily let them watch your webinar on-demand as they register.

EverWebinar Setup:

Really, EverWebinar keeps it very easy and so fast to complete set up in less than 3 minutes for all of your members.

  • Live to Evergreen in One Click: This webinar is built with direct integration to webinar jam, which is being sold separately. FB all know that webinar is the simplest and easiest way to grow your business, and here EverWebinar will help you out. once you will join EverWebinar, you can quickly turn a live webinar right into an evergreen webinar right by clicking one button.
  • One-click platform swap: Just stay in one place in order to manage all of your life and evergreen webinar marketing,  it’s really simple.
  • Convert live to automated:  You can easily import a fast live event, and your EverWebinar will automatically break it into an evergreen event within a second.
  • Convenience:  Just keep all of your stats, chat along with videos in one convenient, easy-to-access location that you can easily access from anywhere safely.

EverWebinar Reviews- Laws of Successful Webiinars

Is EverWebinar 14 Days Trial for $1 Valid?

Get Your 14-Day $1 Trial Today!

Yes, they do have 14 days $1 free trial.

List of Advanced Simulation Tools with EverWebinar

Everwebinar features and reviews

Simply increase conversion with the highest level of interaction. Here you will get the list of Advanced simulation tools that you will get with this amazing webinar service.

1) Live chat simulator:

EverWebinar Review- Live Chat Simulator

You can simply write or import your own chat history and here the system will roll It live, throughout the event.

  • You can easily send your preconfigured chat line and here they will be displayed in order at your desired time stamp right throughout the event.
  • Just download and import all the chat history from previous webinars. This will replicate the previous live webinar right into evergreen mode breeze.
  • Your customer will be able to see all those chat line roles in real-time, making your evergreen event feel alive, real, and intuitive.

2)  Dynamic Attendee Display:

EverWebinar Review- Dynamic Attendee Display

Here it is all about mimicking a live webinar environment. People can join and leave the webinar all the time during a live event. And here the best part is that EverWebinar will easily replicate it in natural behavior.

  • Attendee behavior replica:  You can easily pre-defined your desired attendee pick and here the system will progressively fill up the attendee count all the way in order to pick and then it will curve down when the event goes on.
  • Hide the attendance: If you really want to hide your attendance level hidden you can easily disable your audience count with a click.

Everwebinar features and reviews 1

3)  Seamless Integration:   The basic thing is that you can easily subscribe to all of the webinar registrants right to your favorite autoresponders.  And once you have done that you should set it and forget.

EverWebinar Review- Seamless Integraion

  • Build Your Mailing List:  Without having any second thoughts, growing a mailing list has never been easier. But here, EverWebinar integrates with all of the popular auto subscribers like Aweber, MailChimp, and GetResponse, along with Contact and many more.
  • Seamless tagging integration: Just by using any of the advanced autoresponders such as Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign Here it will pass all of the customer behavior tags to your leads so you can easily organize them based on whether they have attended your webinar or not.
  • Third-party tracking:  Here you can easily embed your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixel so you can easily Run any of the paid ads campaigns or retarget your audience and many more things.

Everwebinar features and reviews traffic analytics

Checking Performance Stats in Real Time with EverWebinar

Here you can easily know everything and check the performance stats of any of the webinars that you have organized and they will provide you the track of everything. You will get the reports of the following things:

EverWebinar Review- Webinar Analytics

  • Sign-up, attendance, and purchase ratio:  Here with this feature, you will easily know how many visitors converted into registrants along with how many registrants converted into viewers and also you will know how many visitors converted into your buyers.
  • In webinar behavior tracking, You can easily know how many people vote on your polls, how many people click on your links, how many people have filled out your survey along with answering, and also knowing how long through the event they stay.
  • Track the money:  If you are someone selling a product or services to your automated events you can easily know your average dollar per sign-up so that easily you can budget right for your advertising cost accurately.

EverWebinar Pricing

Basically, the price of EverWebinar is $597.

But using our special discount offer, you can get it for $497.

Everwebinar pricing details

Difference Between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

As far as we understand both WebinarJam and EverWebinar are packed with many features. But they did this on purpose. WebinarJam is for live webinars, but once you have a good one, you can take the video and convert it to an automated webinar in EverWebinar. You don’t even need to log in for it to start!
EverWebinar looks the same as a live webinar, but it’s running automatically (so people watching don’t know).

Also Read: EverWebinar vs WebinarJam

Can I Use my WebinarJam session in EverWebinar?

You ran a WebinarJam session. It was successful. Now you want to import it into EverWebinar. You can choose your WebinarJam session and EverWebinar will do the work for you!

Can I use EverWebinar without WebinarJam?

Yes, sure you can use Everwebinar without WebinarJam.

You can use WebinarJam to import your webinars into EverWebinar. EverWebinar is designed to convert any video into an automated webinar.

What Is WebinarJam?

This software can be used to record a live webinar. It is easy to use and has training videos if you need help.

The best part is that it will send email reminders for the day of the webinar 15 minutes before it starts, and will even follow up with a recorded event replay. You can also link your YouTube channel or Facebook Live to stream from there.

Can you do live webinars on EverWebinar?

You can do a live webinar with tools like WebinarJam or Zoom. You can then record it and put it on EverWebinar to make it an automated webinar. It is not just a recording of an old webinar because people cannot just watch the recording like they would if it was a video.

Where can I host Evergreen webinars?

Here are two of the best software for hosting, recording, and delivering evergreen webinars:

  • EverWebinar

Is EverWebinar free?

You can try the EverWebinar for free for 14 days, then it will cost $497 per year. You also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test how well the program works before you invest anything.

How do you automate a webinar?

You can easily automate webinars with Everwebinar: 

Step 1: Record Your Webinar Presentation.
Step 2: Create Your Opt-In Page Design.
Step 3: Set Up Your Follow-Up Sequence.
Step 4: Set Up Your Booking Calendar.
Step 5: Set Up Your Webinar.
Step 6: Test Your Webinar.
Step 7: Drive Traffic.
Step 8: Track Your Stats.

How to get people to register for your EverWebinar?

You need to tell people about your webinar. This includes email and social media. You can send emails using Mailchimp or another email service provider if you have a big audience. If you have a small audience, try posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

EverWebinar vs Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar is a service that offers automated webinars.

Pros of Stealth Seminar

  • It has many benefits: A/B split tests, for example. You can test different topics without losing information because it’s all automated, and if you want to keep people from realizing it’s automated, this feature will be useful.
  • Stealth Seminar also has an automatic reset time so that people won’t immediately come back to your event and see the countdown again (which would make them realize it’s automated).
  • There are no contracts; you can cancel anytime.

Cons of Stealth Seminar

  • The cons of Stealth Seminar are that you have to buy an upgrade so that people can get reminders by email.
  • It is not easy to set up WebinarJam’s live webinar recording software. It uses Google Hangouts on Air software, which is not as good.

EverWebinar vs ClickFunnels

EverWebinar is a Software that helps you show your products and services to people. ClickFunnels is a way of making landing pages for websites. Evergreen webinars are used for teaching things to people.

They can be effective ways of selling products because they teach people how the product works and why they should buy it. They also collect email addresses from visitors on your website so you can contact them in the future, too!

Sales Page Funnels and Membership Sites are ways to sell things or share something online. It is easy to set up a webinar funnel through ClickFunnels and you can stream from Youtube Live onto a ClickFunnels page. Still, WebinarJam is easier to set up and also allows you to drop in offers, live chat, poll attendees, have multiple presenters, and more.

When it comes to running live and automated webinars, ClickFunnels does integrate with both WebinarJam and EverWebinar. So you can build a sales funnel from within the software or use one of these other tools if you want that option.

Why GoToWebinar is terrible:

  • There are a ton of restrictions
  • The software is clunky and has not been updated in 10 years
  • On the basic version, you can have 500 people register for your webinar, but only 100 people can attend. This means that the other 400 customers who registered for your webinar cannot watch it!
  • This service is also very expensive, at $2,400 per year.

How to record an EverWebinar

  • First, get the right software to record your webinar.
  • Then, make sure you have a script for what you want to say.
  • Next, you will need to record your webinar live. You can try WebinarJam for $1 and EverWebinar for $1 in 14 days of free use.
  • Send people emails about the webinar registration page and ads or other social media sites so they know about it too.
  • Once they know about your webinar, re-use it forever by turning it into an evergreen one with EverWebinar.

EverWebinar Customers Testimonials :

Everwebinar pricing structure

“It’s super easy to set up, just like WebinarJam. I’ve used lots of other webinar programs and this one is just head and shoulders above them. I love that I can import my live webinars or import videos from other sources and have a webinar up and running for my clients.”

Jim Brown,  EverWebinar User

“We  have been using EverWebinar since it launched. Best webinar software on the planet. Very easy to use and has some powerful features. 3x our conversions from our other webinar platforms!”

Greg Vogel,  EverWebinar User

“I’ve been waiting for a solution like this ages! I pounded my list and filled a live webinar room up, then I just automated it with EverWebinar into my funnel. Result? An additional 10% ROI doing absolutely nothing! I love EverWebinar… I really do… Oh, and using it for “live” trainings for my new customers, refunds are cut in half! I love you again EverWebinar. Buy it!”

Kevin Porter,  EverWebinar User


Best EverWebinar Alternatives

1) GoToMeeting 

GoToMeeting troubleshooting issues-Overview

GoToMeeting is a cloud-based video conferencing tool that pioneers internet calls and online conferencing solutions. In the last year, GoToMeeting gained a lot of popularity as it was the need of the hour.

The Mobile downloads of GoToMeeting spiked by almost 400 percent, making it one of the best options available. Read this GoToMeeting vs Gotowebinar

What does GotoMeeting offer? 

  • Instant cloud-based web meetings 
  • Full Mobile Support 
  • Secure and safe 
  • Insights and analytics for admins 
  • Complete online conference room support 
  • Up to 250 participants in meetings 

GoToMeeting Pricing

  1. The professional plan costs $12 per month 
  2. The Business plan costs $16 per month 
  3. For the Enterprise plan, you need to connect with the sales team to custom-build your plan as per your requirements 

2) GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar guide for webinar-Overview

GoToWebinar is one of the most trusted brands in video conferencing and meetings. They are responsible for providing great webinar solutions along with powering millions of meetings online. GoToWebinar provides the best solutions for marketing webinars, corporate communications, and business training programs.

The product and its features are very simple to use. Features like integrations and analytic support are great to connect with your partners and teammates. 

What’s Included 

  1. Cloud-based service 
  2. Compatible with all devices 
  3. Email support and helpdesk 
  4. Forum page for assistance 
  5. Tutorials for a better understanding of the product 
  6. On-call support 
  7. Training videos 


  • GoToWebinar offers a 30-day free trial version for use before the user makes the decision of buying their plans.
  • The user can have up to 100 persons attending the webinars, with the paid subscription, the user can have up to 3000 attendees.
  • The plan starts at $59 per month. For Business plans, you need to contact the sales team to get your custom-build plan. 

3) Zoom Video Webinar 

Zoom Meeting & Chat

Zoom Video Webinar allows as many as 10,000 viewers to access your webinar, proving that they focus on increasing your reach to the maximum. You can have almost a hundred panelists with an online streaming option integrated into their cloud service.

You can go live on YouTube and Facebook via a Zoom Video Webinar. They offer features to engage your audiences like Questions and Answers, Polls for opinions, hand raising, reporting bad behavior and other issues, and follow-up emails.  Check out this comparison of GoToMeeting vs Zoom


  1. Schedule Meeting 
  2. Record all your sessions 
  3. Integrated meetings 
  4. Webinars with up to a hundred attendees 
  5. Promote your business using social media widgets 
  6. Build your own webinar landing page 
  7. Live stream with your own watermark in the background 
  8. In-Chat support 
  9. Promote attendees to panelists 
  10. Gather attendee feedback to know more about how you did 
  11. Save webinar contacts as leads in the CMS 
  12. Monetize your webinars using multiple payment options 

FAQs Related To EverWebinar Review

🔥Can the viewer tell if the session is pre-recorded or live?

It is next to impossible for the viewers to tell if the webinar is pre-recorded or live. Even the team at EverWebinar won’t be able to figure it out. The stimulated events are so engaging that these things are hardly noticed either on the landing page or the Live Room.

🔥How many integrations does EverWebinar have?

Including the list of integrations mentioned below, EverWebinar also is in collaboration with a handful of SAAS companies, like ClickFunnels and LeadPages. Kartra AWeber ActiveCampaign InfusionSoft iContact GetResponse MailChimp OntraPort ConvertKit Drip Maropost ConstantContact Twilio Zapier

🔥How can I monetize my webinars?

Yes you have the option to charge for your webinars. You can either host your webinars for free or for a fee to your viewers. Once you have targeted and created an audience that is willing to pay for your webinars you can charge them a registration fee or charge them per session. In the Payment Checkout section you have all the options and you can pick your preferred settings. The most common payment gateway used in EverWebinar is PayPal.

🔥How can I create automated marketing campaigns and webinar campaigns?

You can fully automate your leads and marketing funnel as per your preferences. By just clicking a button you can create an automated marketing webinar campaign. Building a campaign is very easy on EverWebinar and if you already own WebinarJam then you can import all your campaigns from there to EverWebinar for free.

🔥How many external video sources can I use for my webinars on EverWebinar?

If you did not shoot a video via the WebinarJam then there are multiple options available. Everwebinar has support for third party brands like YouTube, Vimeo Pro, S3, Amazon and more. If you would like to use videos from these platforms then all you need to do is convert these videos on the EverWebinar Dashboard and use them with ease.

🔥How can I make pre-recorded webinars and showcase them as live Webinars?

The process to make pre-recorded webinars is a lot of fun. All you need to do is add social triggers that are built in into the platform for you to use. You can also interact with your viewers via chat and polls. If you want people to pre-register for your event, you can send them alerts to do so. Everwebinar gives you all the tools to stimulate a live webinar that appears to be on the spot and you get the option to increase your client engagement and conversion rate.

🔥How to make EverWebinar events really live?

From your control panel you need to login to your EverWebinar platform, open your control panel Brower and then you shall be notified of all the live chats that will be running on your account. Once you go live you can enter the live chats with your attendees and make the webinars live.

🔥Can I use my own personal landing pages or pages from another software provider?

Yes, you can create and use your own landing pages and the process is quite easy. EverWebinar offers you registration options for your interested attendees. You can also copy and paste pages from other websites into your own website.

🔥What are the partner companies associated with EverWebinar?

Some of the famous brands that are associated with EverWebinar are: NBC ABC The CW Inc. 5000 CBS Fox

How do I set up webinar equipment?

Computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Webinar software. Webcam. Headset (headphones and microphone). Lighting. Speakerphone.

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Conclusion: EverWebinar Review

Everwebinar money back

EverWebinar is a game-changer when it comes to conducting webinars and increasing conversions. I can easily discover which version of my webinar landing pages and content is more successful by doing split tests.

EverWebinar stands out from the competition thanks to its dedication to its customers. I like that they recognize learning how to use new software isn’t always easy. That’s why they made these in-depth films explaining what to do. The quality of their client service, though, is what most impressed me. Their crew is always fast to reply with solutions whenever I run into a problem, so I’m never left feeling helpless or overwhelmed.

In addition, EverWebinar provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a nice touch. If I am not completely happy with my purchase, I may get my money back without any problems. EverWebinar’s quality and efficacy are demonstrated by its undying trust in their own product.

I recommend you take advantage of EverWebinar’s free trial if you’re still on the fence about signing up. Gain a better idea of the platform’s potential and the beneficial impact it can have on your webinars by trying it out for yourself.

In conclusion, EverWebinar has been crucial in helping me maximize the ROI of my webinars. I have complete confidence in its ability to help my webinars reach new heights because of its user-friendly split testing function, outstanding customer support, and money-back guarantee.

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