EPIC Challenge Review 2024 🥇 Is Roland Frasier Genius or Scammer?

5-Day EPIC Challenge

Overall Verdict

If you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of Roland thoughts and strategies for achieving your business goals, the EPIC Challenge program is truly an incredible opportunity. It offers a chance to delve into his mind and gain valuable insights that can help you on your journey.

Out of 10


  • Easy to understand
  • No upfront investment required
  • Challenging and Effective course
  • Taught by one of the best coach.
  • Amazing Modules
  • The EPIC Challenge can prepare you for the EPIC Accelerator online course before you apply.


  • It’s ultimately not beginner-friendly.
  • This course is designed for individuals who are already engaged in entrepreneurship and business ownership, which makes it comprehensible.


Price: $ 55

Welcome to my EPIC Challenge Review 2024.

This article aims to answer some of the most often-asked questions about Roland Frasier and his program, including how much it costs if it is a scam if you can actually make money with it, and who exactly Roland Frasier is.

Ultimately, I want to help you determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you personally and whether or not there are better alternatives.

Did you know that $100 invested at 5% interest will earn $50 annually? If your investment does not pay any income, you are losing money.

This post provides information on how to scale your business with passive income and make more money without investing anything other than time.

The 5-Day EPIC Challenge To Scale Your Equi-Biz With Roland Frasier & EquiJuri Revie is coming up!

Join Roland Frasier and the team for a deep dive into the power of scaling to grow your equine lifestyle business exponentially. With all-new content from both speakers, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience!

Bottom line Upfront 😍 

The EPIC Challenge featured excellent training and a private Facebook community. This network of like-minded entrepreneurs inspired and supported me, making the learning path more gratifying.

Lifetime EPIC digital textbook and recording access changed everything. I can now review the excellent stuff at my own pace to completely understand it.

The application also included outreach scripts and a business valuation algorithm. These practical tools were gold nuggets for my company approach.

The EPIC Challenge isn’t a single course, though. Instead, it shows EPIC Accelerator life. For serious business owners, the latter goes further into the challenge’s tactics.

As a business owner curious about mergers and acquisitions, I found the EPIC Challenge an excellent entry point into EPIC Accelerator. The chance to study under the industry’s brightest minds was too good to pass up.

I highly recommend giving this challenge a shot if you’re ready to take your business to new heights and explore the world of mergers and acquisitions. It’s a journey of discovery and empowerment that will leave you inspired and eager to make your mark in the business world.

EPIC Challenge Review

What is the 5-Day EPIC Challenge?

For no money down- EpicChallenge

EPIC, an acronym for Ethically Profit in Crisis, is a five-day live and interactive challenge in which Roland Frasier assists company owners and people in regaining financial control.

Individuals and companies will learn where to begin, how to identify firms open to deals, connect with the appropriate people, and how to create a win-win transaction over five days.

Frasier will offer a list of at least five “laser-focused purchase opportunities” to add to one’s portfolio after the five days. Most importantly, financial recovery is claimed to be possible with no down payment.

Roland Frasier’s 5-Day EPIC challenge teaches you how to acquire and grow companies without spending a dime of your own money or needing to accept debt financing or loans from any bank with some compounding interest.

It is a life-changing event and a life-changing task. I took on this challenge for myself and found it very EMPOWERING!

That is why, on my blog, I suggest it to every entrepreneur or company owner looking to establish or grow their firm. Because I’m certain it will help you get off to a flying start and catapult your company.

It demonstrates how other successful entrepreneurs, company owners, and investors develop their companies by following a step-by-step plan, methods, and tactics to accomplish their objectives and exponentially expand their businesses and investments.

EPIC Challenge demonstrated to me that our minds are the only thing holding us all back. Our self-created narratives about our identity and self-image.

This prevents most businesses and equestrians from achieving their maximum potential. That is also what is undermining you. Using this challenge, you can overcome it.

Who Is Roland Frasier?

Roland Fraiser - Epic Challenge

Roland is a self-described “recovering attorney” and the principal/co-founder of five distinct Inc. Magazine fastest-growing businesses in the Saas, real estate, e-learning, and e-commerce sectors.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown, and sold over two dozen enterprises ranging from consumer goods to live events to manufacturing firms with revenues ranging from $ 3 million to just under $ 4 billion.

Roland has been featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, Money, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, as well as on national television. On his award-winning Business Lunch podcast, he has interviewed Sir Richard Branson, Sarah Blakely, creator of Spanx, and many other industry leaders.

He has created infomercials with Guthy-Renker, arranged shows with major Las Vegas hotels, financed over 100 public and private offerings, managed an international hedge fund, and advised big companies (from Uber to PepsiCo to McDonald’s) on various business problems.

He now resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California, where he invests in and advises company owners on leveraging, growing, scaling, and exiting their businesses.

Who is this Challenge For?

While the COVID pandemic is generating dread, worry, and tension, it is also generating new possibilities for those who want to uncover, investigate, and utilize it.

The EPIC Challenge represents a window of opportunity. Opportunity awaits those who are willing to seize it. Those who think crises, change, and adaptation are necessary.

The EPIC Challenge is for those who comprehend life’s duality. Those who understand that a volcano is required to find gold.

  • Those who understand that without darkness, a flashlight is useless.
  • Those who think they deserve a great life, future, and liberty will never accept anything less.
  • Those who feel they have a message to share with the world, regardless of how exposed they will be.
  • Those who think that they have more significant potential to fulfill regardless of their circumstances.
  • Those who think that if difficult life seasons are unavoidable, their great success is also inevitable.
  • Those have an unwavering determination to become BUSINESS SUPERHEROES in the face of adversity!
  • Those who recognize their worth deserve the freedom to select their job, clientele, residence, and the causes they feel compelled to support.

The EPIC Challenge is not a get-rich-quick scam. Those who believe they cannot start and develop a company independently; those who believe their present circumstances will prevent them from rapidly growing their firm via acquisitions or sales.

It is not for people who consider themselves to be workers and have no desire to establish or develop their businesses. It is not for people who cannot recognize possibilities in these difficult times, who are unwilling to learn and think they already know everything.

You are the right candidate if you are –

  • Interested in investing in or acquiring more companies with little or no money down. If you cannot commit time or cash at the moment, this challenge is not for you.
  • Are you interested in turning your passion into a successful company by establishing a new venture or acquiring an existing one? This is not for you if you do not already have a company or a passion that can be turned into a lucrative venture.
  • Identify new income sources both inside and outside of your company. This is not for you if you have no intention of starting or growing a company this year.

How Does 5-Day EPIC Challenge Work?

3 Step Epic Challenge - EElastic Webinar Challenge

Step 1: As Roland will demonstrate, you must THINK like an E.P.I.C investor. Roland will demonstrate why purchasing a company (or its assets) is the easiest and most efficient method to achieve your development objectives, and why NOW is the greatest moment in over 30 years to do so.

They’re discussing a paradigm change in how you see money, business, and negotiation by delving into case studies, structure mastery, and real-world transactions Roland has completed.

Step – 2: This one is all about FINDING bargains. Where have they gone? Why are they looking to sell? And how can WE get THEM to visit the US?

They’ll discuss over 70 distinct deal sources, Roland’s screening process, analyst toolkits, etc.

Step 3: FINANCE. More precisely, financing transactions. Without taking any money from our pockets!

There are 159 of these methods, and they’ll narrow them down to the ones that work best for you. Additionally, they’ll link you to almost 6,000 other fundraising sources our community already uses.

Step 4: The most enjoyable part, BUYING. They’ll cover the agreements and papers you’ll need to stay secure and legal, as well as due diligence flowcharts to ensure you don’t miss anything and post-purchase integrations with your team to keep stacking them up.
This is what I like about this challenge, not only do they guide you, they tell you exactly the sources you will be using.

What Does Scaling Mean?

Scaling or expanding a business entails establishing the conditions necessary for your firm to grow. It involves the capacity to develop unhindered. It often needs preparation, some financial resources, the appropriate systems, personnel, procedures, partners, and technology.

How Can You Then Expand Your Business?

Simply put, You Can Expand Your Business In Two Distinct Ways:

The critical point to grasp is that you should not be working IN or ON your company, but rather, as Roland advises, you must be working – OVER – your business.

Billionaires amass money through purchasing and selling companies, not only their firms’ goods and services. According to Robert Kiyosaki, wealthy individuals educate their children on how to purchase and sell companies.

According to his renowned WEALTH Quadrum, you may fall into one of four categories:

  • Investor:

This is when you invest in companies by purchasing and selling them, or in part of the equity or debt of a company by purchasing stocks or bonds. Most billionaires amass their wealth by investing in assets, stocks, or companies that increase their portfolio’s income or value.

At this stage, you’re concentrating on establishing your FORTUNE & LEGACY.

  • Entrepreneur:

It is when you begin a company to convert your passion into a lucrative venture. Employing a few individuals to assist you in resolving people’s issues or assisting them in achieving their objectives. You only pay taxes on your sales and earnings under this approach (after deducing your own expenses).

The majority of billionaires acquire their wealth via their companies.

At this point, it seems as if you are working to support your workers’ payrolls.

  • Self-Employed:

These physicians, attorneys, and equestrians, among others, must gain information, perfect their skills, and develop an attitude of excellence. You’re almost certainly exchanging time for money here. Because your time is limited, so is your money.

It seems as if you labor for the banks to fund your house mortgage, vehicle payments, and so on.

  • Employee:

It’s when you labor for a little wage to enrich someone else. Under this work arrangement, you must pay taxes first before receiving money or deducting expenditures. At this stage, it seems as if you work for the government since you are the one who pays it first.

For instance, in most nations, you are better off owning a home you rent out via a limited SPV business (Special Purpose Vehicle) than operating in your capacity. Because in the first instance, you pay taxes AFTER deducting the costs associated with your home from its income, while in the latter case, you pay taxes before deducting the expenses associated with your home from its revenue.

In basic words, when you purchase and sell companies, you try and sell them for a multiple of their profit or EBITA. Thus, you earn more money than you would if you just retained the earnings as a company owner.

Equity is equal to the sum of your assets and liabilities.

Consider your assets as something that generates income or increases in value, regardless of what your accountant or CPA advises.

Consider your Liability like something that DEDUCTS money from your pocket, regardless of what the lender who lends you the money to buy your home claims.

For instance, if you own a business that earns $ 100k in earnings and sells for a multiple of ten, you will get a million dollars if you sell it and $ 100k if you retain it. Thus, it is obvious that you may earn many multiples of your wealth if you flip some businesses over a few years, which you cannot do if you invest only in a single company.

The issue with most impoverished people is that they purchase LIABILITIES in the mistaken belief that they are purchasing ASSETS.

Kindly do not fall into this trap!

It’s somewhat a misunderstanding that can be resolved together.

It will fundamentally alter your own relationship with some money.

There is no other program on the internet today that can assist you in creating, growing, and protecting your company and money more practically and easily than the 5-Day EPIC Challenge.

The 5-Day EPIC Challenge will teach you the newest techniques and ideas Roland and his team use to acquire companies, assets, and customer lists.

You’ll Discover The Exact Strategies Roland Used and achieved –

Ethical profits means for you - EPIC Challenge

  • Possess one of the nation’s fastest-growing real estate businesses.
  • Become a principal/co-founder of five separate businesses on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies.
  • Purchase a $ 4 BILLION company with no cash outlay.

None of the ones mentioned above are intended to impress you. It’s intended to demonstrate to you that this is genuine merchandise. It is the next step up from ‘in the trenches training that produces results.

This is not intended to educate you on how to exploit others. It is critical to grasp the difference!

Having worked in the mergers and acquisitions sector for over two decades as a corporate lawyer representing the world’s top brands, Fortune 100 companies, funds, and leading banks. I am familiar with the ‘tricks of the trade’ that less scrupulous ‘business bandits’ would attempt.

There are hundreds of different methods to arrange dubious transactions. There are other schemes to defraud troubled company owners. This area is rife with pranks.

This is NOT the lesson Roland imparts in this EXTREMELY DIFFICULT CHALLENGE. Rest assured that he would never assist anybody in doing so.

This challenge teaches you how to conduct transactions inside the ‘Zone of Fairness.’ This zone ensures that all parties emerge significantly better off than when they arrived. Everything is legal.

They are rehabilitated corporate attorneys who want to play by the rules.

You’ll assist other struggling company owners and earn a fantastic income for yourself and your family. All this is possible because of your efforts to learn throughout the 5-Day EPIC Challenge.

What’s the price of the EPIC Challenge?

Ethical Profits - EPIC Challenge

You’re presumably asking what the investment is. To give you a general idea about Roland’s group training program that usually sells out each time it is offered for $ 6,997.00 per student. For just $ 55, which usually costs $ 997. This thing is fantastic. Take the 5-Day Challenge for yourself and see for yourself.

These methods are the crux of the matter. Especially when it comes to purchasing your first home (or subsequent) company ethically and profitably.

Nobody teaches this material. Only a select few individuals in the whole globe have the expertise necessary to complete the number of transactions required across the breadth of sectors.

There are over 1000 individuals who have completed the Challenge, and as far as I am aware, they are very pleased with the outcomes they obtained in their companies and personal lives.

When you join this challenge with the other participants, you’ll discover why none of this is bunk. If you need assistance in navigating through all phases of company growth in the most straightforward manner possible. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve entered the first round of this EPIC Challenge and believe it’s the greatest value for money I’ve seen online in the past decade!

EPIC Challenge has returned tenfold my investment in cash flow in less than a quarter. It aided me in reorganizing my money, assets, and company. It aided in the expansion of my company and network. As with me, you’ll leave feeling more secure. Additionally, you’ll learn about insurance and tax planning.

Roland’s unique background as a recovering corporate lawyer and accountant enables him to provide a comprehensive perspective of your company and how to develop it. He shares his 35 years of expertise in purchasing, scaling, selling, and owning businesses and Inc’s fastest-growing firms with you.

You’ll get his company purchasing plan if you accept this challenge. A step-by-step guide on using mergers and acquisitions for development, profit, and scalability most straightforwardly and practically possible.

Let’s face it, purchasing a company may be frightening and stressful. Many questions are difficult to ask and properly answer.

Consider the following –

  • How can you create an enticing offer?
  • How do you locate companies to acquire in the first place?
  • How would you convince an owner to sell his company or a portion of it to you?
  • The most terrifying one is What if they said YES!?

According to Harvard Business Review, mergers and acquisitions fail at a rate of between 70 % and 90 %.

According to the Small Business Administration, 75 % of venture capital purchases fail. This implies that three out of every four venture capital transactions fail.

As a result, I may infer that even the most astute institutional investors with limitless cash, supercomputers, and the finest available information are seldom effective. At most once every four years. I’ll return to it in a minute.


See what others have to say- Epic Challenge

If you recognize that NOW is the best moment in modern history to buy companies, wouldn’t it be stupid to forego learning the quickest, most secure, and most lucrative method of increasing your wealth and income with ZERO out-of-pocket investment?

As an investor today, you’ll assist thousands of workers and company owners who want to close their doors, retire, or start a new venture!

Additionally, you are a HERO by assisting individuals in retaining their money and assisting the economy is recovering.
Now, the issue is very apparent for astute investors, entrepreneurs, and YOU as well, assuming you’ve read this far. Because it indicates that you are intelligent and already ahead of most others.

You’ve arrived at this point because you’re asking the appropriate questions. The correct questions will provide the correct answers.

You’ve arrived at this point for a purpose. If you’re like the majority of successful entrepreneurs, you’re now asking yourself the following questions –

How can I capitalize on this present opportunity and acquire companies with NO out-of-pocket expenses –

  • without an outrageous failure rate?
  • without an individual guarantee?
  • without the danger of legal or financial repercussions?

The good news is that you eliminate the element of guessing from your approach. You may acquire a company with NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS and increase your income, wealth, and most importantly, YOUR FREEDOM in a secure, dependable, and predictable manner.

Roland has paved the trail for you throughout a five-day adventure.

EPIC – Not a Get Rich Quickly Scheme

As it turns out, if you want to live like the 1 %, you must do the job that the 99 percent will not. Not only is it necessary to work hard, but it is also necessary to work intelligently.

Even the most powerful meditations, affirmations, fantasies, positive thinking, and zen will never get you anywhere until you prepare the appropriate strategy, technique, and action to bring your vision to reality.

It is not a path to be taken alone. We all need a mentor and a supportive community to help us succeed.

A place where it is safe to ask questions, provide assistance, promote possibilities, and network with potential partners.

EPIC is a thriving and welcoming community of astute investors that will assist you & conceal your flaws.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I’d want to personally welcome you to the EPIC Challenge!

What You Will Get With the 5-Day EPIC Challenge?

Achievement - EPIC Challenge

  • Access To The EPIC Challenge Recordings For Life
  • EPIC Digital Workbook Downloadable
  • EPIC’s Private “Members Only” Facebook Group
  • Roland Frasier Provides Five Days Of Live Interactive Training
  • A Proven Formula For Valuing For Sale Businesses
  • Outreach Scripts That Are Ready To Use

The normal price is $ 997, but Frasier now accepts entries for as low as $ 55. The challenge starts on 29th July 2021. Registrations will end on 29th June. So, hurry up! Don’t miss this chance.

EPIC Challenge Customer Reviews:

epic 5-day challenge customer reviews

Best Alternatives To EPIC Challenge :

Conclusion: Do I recommend the EPIC Challenge?

In conclusion, the EPIC Challenge was an exciting and energizing experience that sparked a passion for learning and growth in me. The insights and guidance provided by Roland Frasier have been invaluable to developing my company endeavors.

I urge everyone interested in taking their company to new heights through mergers and acquisitions to take on this task. As you engage in this journey of discovery and personal growth, you’ll get the inspiration and drive to positively impact the corporate world.

When I took the challenge, I was utterly amazed and earned incredible money. I want my readers to take a leap and earn as well. Let me know in the comment section how much you made because of this challenge.

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