Engagebay Vs MailChimp 2024 : Which is the Best CRM platform?

Engagebay vs Mailchimp

Overall Verdict

When you take the pricing scale, free plans with a lot of features, plenty of templates and authenticity for your own emails with no logos. Then clearly, the winner is Engagebay.

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In this post, we have shared the Engagebay vs Mailchimp comparison. Which one is a better CRM Platform?



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$8.99 per month $10 / month
Best for

Helping you grow your business with intelligent, powerful email marketing.

Customers who want an easy to use email marketing tool, with a great range of features at cost-effective pricing

  • Task Management
  • Automated data entry system
  • Integrated syncing tracker
  • Individual/team reports
  • Scalability
  • Recovery of passwords
  • Landing pages for mobile version
  • Website behavior tracking
  • Feature including email marketing, landing pages, templates
  • Email automation for all your contacts
  • Offers no mandatory contract
  • Simple and customizable interface
  • Free of cost
  • Consists of detailed analytics
  • It's hard to edit email Templates and landing pages
  • NO SMS Function However I have been told this is coming soon
  • You can’t do any e-mail testing on a free plan
  • Free plan offered by Mailchimp has nothing much
Ease of Use

The dashboard is easy to navigate and the tool offers amazing robust marketing solutions.

Mailchimp is very easy to use and has a free option for freelance or people starting their business or community.

Value For Money

Engagebay is less expensive than Mailchimp and provides a better platform to users.

Mailchimp is slightly high priced as compared to Engagebay. However, the features are incredible and provide value for money.

Customer Support

 Are you planning to settle down with the best CRM platform which provides great features and deals for your small business or startup?

Although, you so badly want to select one suitable for your business as you have narrowed your choices to two platforms — Engagebay Or Mailchimp.

Now you are befuddled about which one to choose between the two?

Look no further and don’t worry, we have got you covered. We will take a deep dive into the features, pricing, security, and pros & cons of both the CRM platform.

In the end, we will come to a conclusion after analyzing both and decide who won this battle fair and square?

Let’s delve deep into the topic and who wins in Engagebay vs Mailchimp comparison. 

Overview: Engagebay vs MailChimp Comparison 2024


Engagebay Overview- Engagebay vs Mailchimp 

Engagebay is a CRM platform that provides a marketplace for its customers including sales and marketing, CRM, and support software. Although it was founded in 2017, having a list of giant competitors, engagebay did make its own path for itself. 

When other companies confined their CRM offers to big business companies. Engagebay had a great deal offering CRM to small businesses and start-up companies. 


Mailchimp Overview- Engagebay vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp was found by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius in the year 2008, when they both understood the intricacies of how a small-scale business works and they wanted to contribute a huge part of CRM software tools to those who needed it the most but were on a low budget.

Although they started it just for email marketing, in just two years they panned out to various functionalities including, Ad campaigns, Automation tools, Landing pages, and Marketing CRM.


Common features

  • E-mail marketing 


It all starts with a simple email. Engagebay offers a personalized email marketing feature. Their email templates options are customizable from scratch. 


 The sole purpose of starting Mailchimp – the one with the monkey and a cap as its logo, was to provide email marketing. 

  • Automated workflow


Engagebay uses an automated workflow to track the customer’s behavior, you could use this data to follow up on the customers based on their preferable perspectives. 


Mailchimp provides an automated workflow for increased efficiency and a less cumbersome workload to customers. It can be either a single-step or multi-step process. 

  • Lead / behavioral / click-link tracking


It provides a comprehensive lead scoring system, where it tracks the activities of a potential lead, which link they click, what are their preferences according to their previous transactions and purchases. It analyzes the data and could give you a preview of the number of potential leads qualified to become customers. 


Mailchimp gives you a detailed review of analytics which includes email click-through and open rates, the number of subscribers, and compartmentalized data. 

Unique features


EngageBay Review-Engagebay vs Mailchimp

  • Task management 

 It provides task management, where you can analyze your work and do a follow-up on your sales and support team for a possible conversion based on the assignments you’ve taken up and completed. 

  • Automated data entry system

 It provides a complete automated data entry system, hence eliminating the time taken to do manual data logging. 

  • Integrated syncing tracker

Both sales and marketing teams have been integrated with a tool so they could sync and track each other’s activity without a hassle. 

  • Appointment scheduling

 They have the same appointment scheduling feature, in which they send out the meeting dates via an individual or team calendar so the relevant party could have a talk when necessary. 

  • Recorded call logs

The calls between the customers and the team get recorded and go to call logs records, which is useful for future purposes if there’s an escalation.

  • Pipe visualization

It provides Pipe visualization for acknowledging the deals that are closed, deals which are yet to be done and in progress. 

  • Individual/team reports

It provides a brief, precise sales report of an individual and also provides the same on a team level to let you know your strong areas and where you need to improve. 


  • Scalability

Mailchimp provides more features for email marketing, which includes providing various templates for email which could be used over phones or tablets. 

  • Recovery of passwords

 The automated mail system sends you an email newsletter at a scheduled time and in case the password entered is wrong, it sends you a confirmation mail to cross-check if that’s really you trying to log in and sends an alternative password recovery. 

  • Landing pages for mobile version

Mailchimp offers you a mobile version for landing pages which are simple where you could create a prototype for your business meetings and build your way up from it. It comes in handy since you don’t have to keep all your thoughts to yourself until you finally create an impeccable landing page on your laptop. It’s less time-consuming and more productive. 

  • Website behavior tracking 

You can choose the website tracking feature to know how many visitors visited your website, what were they interested in looking for, how many hours they spent on your website. Based upon the analysis, you could figure out what a potential lead might be interested in and you could eventually turn them into a customer by tailoring their likes and send an ad or email to them. 


For any business, security is the rudimentary concern for CRM platforms, because they are handling thousands and millions of data, they have their customers’ data saved in their databases.

If there’s a security breach, the customers’ data could be compromised. Hence, it makes it a top priority case for CRM platforms to handle the security concern with utmost care.

The following are the features of the security level provided by each CRM platform. 


Engagebay always strives hard to maintain the confidential information of its clients with utmost priority. When times of any security breach, it offers an automated data backup and could recover any data that’s been lost during a security breach.


Mailchimp takes security on a different level. Hence, it provides security and protection to data at every level of the process. 

  • It has data centres distributed around the USA in different locations, they get backed up on a regular basis and update the data. 
  • It provides encrypted passwords to its users, just like how many messaging apps provide encryption and privacy to people’s chatting platform which even they can’t decode, likewise, these passwords if forgotten, can’t be retrieved. They can only be reset. 
  • They protect our data and also they monitor any suspicious activity or email sent or a change in your account password will automatically send you an email to verify if that’s really you. They provide a 2 step authentication process for extra security. 

Pricing: Engagebay vs Mailchimp


Engagebay Pricing - Engagebay vs Mailchimp

Engagebay offers four packages options.

Free version

  1.  Users will get 1000 contacts and 1000 branded emails.

Basic version

  1. The basic version is available for 8.99 Dollars per user/month.
  2. Users will get 10000 branded emails and 15000 contacts.

 Growth version

  1. The growth version is available for 29.99 US Dollars per user/month.
  2. This package comes with 25000 branded emails and 50000 contacts.
  3. A dedicated customer support team for your onboarding and queries.

Pro version

  1. Pro version is available for 47.99 US Dollars per user/month.
  2. This package offers you unlimited contacts and 50000 branded emails.


Mailchimp Pricing- Engagebay vs Mailchimp

Free plan

  1. In this plan, it provides many features for free including basic templates, analytics reports, landing pages, automated builder, behaviour tracking, purchase history tracking, website click tracking, Facebook ad campaigns, 10,000 emails/month.
  2. This plan is limited to a maximum of 2000 contacts. 

Essentials plan

  1. When you exceed your 2000 contacts in the free plan and make your way up, you could choose the essential plan. This starts at $9.99 per month, which is not too much and quite affordable.
  2. So what are the added features that are provided in this plan? It has a limit of up to 50,000 contacts. It provides a pre-built customer journey builder, 24 hours live chat support, and email testing. 

Standard plan

  1. This starts at $14.99 per month. It provides its own set of features which are, scheduled time for sending email, scheduled posts in social media, 3 months app engagement, tracking customer journey to retarget ads. 
  2. This provides about 2 million monthly emails and 200,000 contacts limit. 

Premium plan

  1. This starts at $299 per month and it gives unlimited audiences, 3 million monthly emails, phone support, comparative analytics reports and 200,000 contacts, and more. 
  2. Since you pay the big bugs here, anything you need, you could get a customized option according to your needs.

Pros and cons


  • Engagebay offers almost every feature including email marketing, landing pages, templates, dashboard reports, email broadcasting and many more in its free plan, it is very stable for small businesses with about 1000 contacts or less. 
  • But when your startup gets boasted up and you start expanding your contacts to more than 10,000, you will step into the growth plan which provides you email automation for all your contacts and it is quite affordable at the rate of $24.99 per month. 
  • Engagebay became famous in a short period of time because it offers no mandatory contract and users can save a huge amount of money by opting 
  • Engagebay since it costs very little compared to other CRM platforms.
  • Once your business grows, engagebay also offers you many automated features with the automated builder and to make your own customization using the automated bot.
  • Engagebay also takes the security and protection of their uses very seriously. Hence they give utmost importance to user data backups on a regular basis in case of a security breach, they could easily carry on with the backed up data with a smooth transition. 
  • Engagebay offers a lot of integration, CRM tools for small-scale businesses which many other CRM platforms could offer you only on a paid subscription basis.


  • Mailchimp is recognized for its email marketing strategy, hence it provides more details and choices mainly on email marketing. 
  • The free plan offered by Mailchimp has nothing much or fewer options for you. Their priority is to reel in more customers to use their paid subscription plans over the free plan. 
  • You can’t do any e-mail testing on a free plan ultimately losing your leads because you are blindsided by the lack of analytics based on customer behavior tracking. 
  • If you’re looking for more template options and customized templates if you do not want to see the monkey with the cap logo on all your email marketing, you’d have to upgrade to the essentials plan, which is quite pricey. 
  • Although, Mailchimp offers you plenty of features that have their own pros. 
  • But once you start looking at it keenly, you’ll realize it is just as pricey as any other high profile CRM platforms which makes it look like they are not too expensive but in turn, they absolutely are. 
  • The templates, automated builders, landing pages, chat support, customization, and high-class security of user data and other features are offered by every CRM platform, but what makes it different or unique from the others? It still falls on the downside of the CRM platforms because of its pricing and limited features. 

FAQs On EngageBay vs Mailchimp

🔥What are the different integrations services provided by engagebay and Mailchimp?

Engagebay has successfully integrated with services like Exotel, twilio, Ring, Plivo, AWS SES, Shopify, Zapier and many more. Mailchimp has a list of integrated services, each for its own services and uses. They are LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Shopsync, Hootsuite, Textiful, Stripe and many more.

💥What is GDPR? Are engagebay and mailchimp compliant with the GDPR policy?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation law which has been effective since 2018. It is the law which guides and regulates how personal data can be collected, used, and processed. This law impacts on the privacy and protection of user data. Both Mailchimp and Engagebay are GDPR compliant.

✔Can I use plugins from other sites to integrate it with my Engagebay or Mailchimp account?

Yes, you can transfer data from other sites to your account but you must make sure that the third party integration you use with your engagebay or mailchimp account strictly follows GDPR policies. If they do not, then you might be compromising your customers data and privacy.

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Conclusion- Engagebay vs Mailchimp 2024 | Winner is…..

Hurray! You made it to the end. It’s getting so hot in here now, isn’t it? To know which one is the best CRM platform, we made a very brief discussion and dissected every feature offered by these two platforms. 

Of course, each of it has its own perks, but they have its downside too. 

When you are sending an email to a customer, authenticity matters a lot. If you’re gonna send an email with the Mailchimp logo, customers can easily fathom that it’s an automated mail and doesn’t have much originality content.

Besides the limitations of a free plan offered by Mailchimp, their pricing scale is too expensive for small-scale businesses.

When you take the pricing scale, free plans with a lot of features, plenty of templates, and authenticity for your own emails with no logos. Then clearly, the winner is Engagebay. Yet again, Engagebay proves to be a solid winner amongst many other CRM platforms. 

When you take the pricing scale, free plans with a lot of features, plenty of templates and authenticity for your own emails with no logos. Then clearly, the winner is Engagebay.

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