Engagebay Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)


Overall Verdict

Engagebay is an excellent marketing solution and has all-in-one solutions according to them. In this Engagebay review, we will be discussing its features, pricing, and pros and cons thoroughly to give you a better understanding of the platform.

Out of 10


  • Build Lasting Customer Relationships
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Multiple Deal Pipelines
  • Free Onboarding Sessions
  • Flexibility With pricing model
  • Dedicated Account Manager


  • NO SMS Function
  • The training manuals could be improved


Price: $ 8.99

In this post, we have featured Engagebay Review which includes detailed insights into Engagebay.

In the current era, digital marketing is the most crucial part of any business module. If you want to succeed and have better success, you need to be able to promote your product efficiently.

Quality is now not the only important aspect of a business as it won’t be worth anything if you are not marketing the same product efficiently.

Engagebay is an excellent marketing solution and has all-in-one solutions according to them. In this Engagebay review, we will be discussing its features, pricing, and pros and cons thoroughly to give you a better understanding of the platform.

Bottom Line Upfront: EngageBay All-in-One Suite is a simple, affordable, all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform built to support small businesses and startups. To acquire, engage, nurture web visitors and convert them into happy customers. If you wanna see get results like that then try Engagebay yourself.

Marketing is not about catching a few’s attention. It is about making a mark on the industry and gaining brand recognition. Engagebay is capable of providing all that and more through its exhaustive list of features. It can help you gain exposure, get better conversion rates, scale your campaign, analyze your data, and much more. 

Engagebay Review

Engagebay Review: In A NutShell

The official tagline of the company reads “All-in-one marketing and sales CRM.” The company seems to be doing justice to its tagline by providing every digital market tool a company can ever need. Some of the features provided by Engagebay are:

 Engagebay Review - Overview

  • Email marketing
  • Email sequencing
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • Web forms
  • Contact management
  • Appointment scheduler
  • All-around customer view
  • CRM
  • Live-chat software
  • Macros
  • Ticket Collection
  • And much more

Engagebay is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You do not require any prior marketing experience to be able to operate this platform.

There are a lot of features that Engagebay provides that you might not require. However, the company’s main target is to provide its customer with a solution to any problem they might face. 

The Engagebay marketing platform has been broken up into three different areas, Marketing, Service, and Sale. You can choose to purchase the complete package or any one of three bundles. Let us discuss what these three options have to offer.

Engagebay Marketing Bay

Engagebay provides all the features you will require for your marketing needs in a single place. This set of features will eliminate the need to buy separate tools for different features. The main marketing bay features that Engagebay provides are:

CRM-Software-EngageBay - Market Business

1. Social Media Marketing

You can actively manage all your social media content from the Enagebay platform. You can stay updated with all new notifications and updates on your various social media accounts using this platform without having to browse multiple applications. 

2. Conversion

You can easily create both in-line and popups forms, and landing pages with Engagebay advanced builder. It also provides you with a wide range of templates to choose from which are specially designed for this particular task. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot customize your own theme.  

CRM-Software-EngageBay -Build Losting Customer

3. Email

With the help of Engagebay, you can customize your email templates and designs to send personalized emails to your database. The platform also provides you with an option to segment your list, track the emails and create automated email sequences for all your requirements.

CRM-Software-EngageBay - Email Marketing

4. Multi-channel Marketing

One unique feature that separates Engagebay from other CRM tools is its ability to market at different channels simultaneously. You can automate site messages, push notifications, and SMS in simple steps and let the tool take care of your every need. 

5. Automation

Automation is not confined to email and SMS as with Engagebay, and you can automate simple day-to-day tasks such as tagging contacts, data syncing, and updating lead scores. 

CRM-Software-EngageBay - Automation

Enagebay has all the tools you might need for your marketing needs. If you are a digital marketer and only require a marketing bay, you can get this module at 7.79$ per month. 

CRM and Sales Bay

This module of Engagebay is designed to provide its users with all the necessary tools to boost their sales. You can track the deals in the sales pipeline and ultimately build strong relationships with your customers. Some of the CRM and Sales Bay features are: 

CRM-Software-EngageBay -Sales DashBoard

1. Contact Management

Engagebay provides a complete track of your sales and customers by tracking all the interactions and storing them in a secure place. You can review the data to understand and prioritize leads with the help of a smart scoring system. With this tool, you can avoid nurturing cold leads and save a lot of time and money in the process. 

CRM-Software-EngageBay -HelpDesk Setting

2. Visual Deal Pipeline

This feature gives you access to visualize the health of the sales pipeline across all the past and present deals. You can track closed or lost leads and find a way to engage them through new campaigns. 

3. Appointment Scheduling

Most CRM tools require third-party integration to be able to schedule appointments. However, Engagebay comes with a powerful and smart built-in calendar tool. You can create calendars for your teams and sales reps and even sync these calendars with Office365 and Google Calendar. 

4. Task Management

When you are managing all different aspects of your business, you tend to lose track of some of the crucial tasks. However, Engagebay can help you to automate the creation of tasks by setting up some ground rules. This feature will help you from losing any potential lead or client. 

CRM-Software-EngageBay -Sell Like Pros

5. Automated Data Entry

You don’t have to update emails, notes, calls, and lead progress manually. Engagebay will automatically store all the data in a secure place so that you can view it any time you want. 

6. Email Tracking

Enagebay can track when your email is opened and other activities for Gmail. This will help you better understand your engagement rate and pattern.

7. Reporting

All the data related to sales forecasting, call breakdowns, deal analysis, and task management is stored in the reporting section of Engagebay. You can easily view this data at any time to make better decisions for your sales strategy.

Service Bay

Engagebay has excellent customer service for every customer. You can track, prioritize and resolve customer support tickets from the same dashboard. This will help you to create a more trustworthy relationship between your customers and your business. Some of the exciting features of the Engagebay’s Service Bay are:

EngageBay - Service Bay

1. Live Chat

Your customers can talk to you in real-time using the live chat feature. This feature will allow your team to help the customers in resolving their problems as quickly as possible. You can also follow up with the customers with automated messages when they are on your website. 

2. Visibility

You can view closed, open, and new tickets on your dashboard to keep a better track of every ticket status. 

3. Responsive Templates

You can create quick templates for commonly asked questions to help your team provide quick responses to FAQs. 

4. Service Quality Rules

Enagebay allows you to set up escalations rules which will help you monitor the completion of tasks and ensure the quality of the service.

5. Support Groups

You can create groups for particular problems such as sales groups, technical issues groups, marketing issues groups, and so on to improve performance and service. 

Let us now discuss Enagebay’s additional features in detail to give you a better understanding of what you will get with Enagebay’s complete packages.

Engagebay Features

Below we have talked about some exciting features that Engagebay provides in detail.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient and beloved tools for digital marketing. It has an excellent ROI and can be very beneficial in reaching the masses with a single click and low effort.

Various reports in 2016 stated that Email marketing could offer up to 4400% ROI, meaning for every dollar you spend, you can earn $44.00. Even in 2018, a report stated that email marketing still accounts for 59% of the ROI generated for a company. 

Engagebay offers a variety of email marketing features, as explained below:

  • Email Templates

Engagebay has one of the largest email template libraries in the market. To make choosing more comfortable for you, they have categorized these templates into different sections such as events, eCommerce, celebrations, invitations, etc. All the user has to do is choose the right template and edit it to personalize it. 

If you, in the rare case, do not like any preset the company has to offer, you can build up your own preset from scratch. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping different elements in the company’s template builder. 

  • Personalization

Personalized emails always have a better engagement as people do not prefer opening up spam emails with zero effort. Engagebay has a smart solution for it and can help you personalize emails with minimum effort. While composing an email, all you have to do is insert a placeholder. Engagebay will automatically add the credentials of the receiver in the placeholder and personalize every single email. You just have to compose an email a single time, add a placeholder, and provide the receivers’ list. 

A personalized email has a higher chance of opening by 18.8%, whereas a non-personalized email only gets open 13.1% of the time. 

Email Sequencing

No matter how many times you try to get the user to sign up for your newsletter, they will more likely opt for the service. Email sequencing or drip emails can help you in such aspects.

Engagebay allows you to sequence the number of emails sent either at a particular time or on some action. You can choose to automatically send out an email when the receivers interact with your business in different ways. 

You can actually use this feature to get your dead conversions back. For instance, if a user adds items to the cart but leaves without checking out, an automatic email will be sent out to that person. It is an automated service, and you are only required to write the email once. 

A/B Tests

A/B tests are a crucial aspect of any digital marketing strategy. In order to understand your customer better, you have to put out different copies of your campaign.

This will help you understand their preference better to customize your campaigns according to their interests and get better conversions. 

Engagebay ab testing

Engagebay has excellent A/B testing features that can help you test every part of your campaign. You can test the subject line, content, images, body, deals and offers to find the right working model. 

Double Opt-In

The more and better approach might not work when talking about digital marketing. Studies show that a shorter list of clients can help you get more conversions. When you have a smaller list, you can focus on providing them with personalized content instead of sending out the same email to several people. 

Engagebay uses the feature of Double Opt-ins smartly to capture the leads. When a user sign-ups on to your store, Engagebay sends out an alert to verify their email to the customer’s account. This will help you to engage your customers in a much better way if they choose to verify their email accounts. 


Automation has made the lives of many digital marketers easier. This feature helps you save valuable time by automatically sending out campaigns to your client list. You do not have to send every customer email separately, which can be a very daunting task, especially if you have a huge list. 


Engagebay can help you in creating subsets of users based on their recent behaviors and engagements. You can divide them into groups based on their activities such as opening emails, clicking on the links, ignoring the links, and so on. Engagebay can automatically segment into different users for better targeting. 

These segments can help you better customize your campaigns and target different sets based on their behaviors. Engagebay also has an additional feature called “predictive lead scoring,” through which it scores users based on their activities. You can determine how to score them based on their engagement with your campaign. 

Condition-based Lists

Engagebay has a smart listing system in which it automatically adds users to lists created by you based on their source and characteristics. For instance, you can add CEOs to a list that comes from a landing page or inline forms. 

You can then exclude or include these lists into the campaigns to minimize your costs and gain better ROIs. 

Automated Tracking

Engagebay‘s advanced tracking algorithm can smartly track your target audience’s activities with your campaigns. It can automatically track when the user clicks on an email or engage with it and collects the data.

Engagebay has several other extensive automation features that cannot be encompassed in their entity in this brief Engagebay review. 

Engagebay autoresnonder

SMS Broadcasting

While you might think SMS might not produce good results, according to the World Bank, 60% of the customers might not have internet access on their phones. You can target this vast customer base using SMS as it has a broader market than emails.

Also, 99% of SMS are usually opened, whereas only 33% of the emails are opened. Engagebay SMS campaigns work the same way as Email marketing and are easy to set up. 

Landing Pages

It goes without saying that landing pages are crucial for your online business. They help in providing data to CRM software, track your viewer’s activities, and much more. A landing page can be very efficient in promoting a service or a product. 

CRM-Software-EngageBay - Landing Page

Engagebay makes designing landing pages very easy, and you do not require any technical knowledge to do so. They have several pre-designed templates that you can customize to fit your needs. You can edit these templates easily by using its drag and drop features. 

Landing pages help in gathering information about visitors, conversion rates, subscriptions, engagements, etc. You can create your own landing page with Engagebay’s landing page editor and test its responsiveness. 


Every campaign needs forms as you cannot collect data from the users without forms. They act as a backbone of every campaign because the real agenda behind any campaign is to collect user data. You can create two types of forms with the help of Engagebay.

  • Inline forms
  • Pop-Ups

Creating forms is very easy with Engagebay and hardly takes five minutes. You can either choose from several pre-designed templates, make the required changes, or simply publish your form. You can also make several customizations to the templates, such as adding CTA buttons and changing the position of elements, content, and design. 

Engagebay also gives you the option to choose Opt-in verification to avoid spamming. A thank you message can be sent on completing a form, or you can forward the form data to an autoresponder. 

SEO Optimization

Every digital marketer understands the importance of SEO optimization when it comes to digital marketing. SEO helps you to become visible to the masses.

Whenever a business searches for a service or product that you offer, your website will pop up if your business is SEO optimized. 

There are several factors that contribute to SEO optimization, all of which are taken care of by Engagebay. Some of these factors are quick loading speed, mobile optimization, right keywords, accurate meta descriptions, original content, and so on. 

With Engagebay, you do not have to worry about your website being SEO optimized as every template is carefully optimized by the designers. 

Engagebay Other Features

To finish this Engagebay review, we will be going through a list of other exciting features the company offers. 

  • A ticketing solution
  • Marcos
  • SLAs
  • Live-chat for your company
  • Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Contact Management Software

The ticketing solution is a great way to set up a ticketing feature for your campaign. This will help the customers to approach you in a systematic order.

Engagebay can also offer SLAs on the tickets. Your customers will be able to get an ETA on resolution times, get detailed reports, and monitor the staff performance. 

Macro is an excellent tool that helps eliminate spam or repeating replies for similar issues. You can install live chats on your projects to provide real-time solutions to your clients.

To get a detailed report on the issue, you can add forms instead of a message dialogue box. 

Enagebay also offers:

  • File Repository: It is a section to store your marketing materials that can be accessed by any member. 
  • Social Suite: You can manage all your social media accounts through your Engagebay account.
  • Shortcuts: You can create keyboard shortcuts to add repetitive phrases or sentences in an email quickly. 


The final feature of the Engagebay review is its excellent support. Engagebay provides an option to live chat with them, or you can book and schedule an appointment with a technical expert. You can choose your own time slots for the appointment. 

User Experience

One of the main reasons for Enagebay’s emerging popularity is its easy-to-use interface and simplicity. Most CRMs have a lengthy learning curve, which can be challenging for new business owners with no prior experience.

Engagebay has an easy learning curve, and you can figure the platform out in a few minutes. Engagebay’s onboarding service is also excellent as they follow up immediately with a series of emails and helpful tutorials. 

Engagebay Pricing| How Much Does Engagebay Cost?

Engagebay currently offers four different plans, namely, Free, Basic, Growth, and Pro plan. All the plans, including the Free plan, have some basic features available such as 


  • Email Marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Sequences
  • Lead Grabbers
  • Landing Pages

The free plan gives you access to 1000 contacts and 1000 Branded emails for a lifetime.

The basic plan is for small businesses as you can add 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails. You get some additional features such as Lead scoring, SMS MArketing, 3rd Party integrations for $8,99 per month. 

The Growth plan costs $29.99 per month and gives you access to 50,000 contacts and 25,000 branded emails. It is perfect for medium businesses, and you get access to premium features such as Marketing Automation, Push Notifications, A/B testing, Custom Domain, and so on. 

The Pro plan is the premium package that Engagebay offers for $47.99 per month, giving you access to unlimited contacts and 50,000 branded emails in this plan.

The Pro plan includes all the features that Engagebay offers, such as Web Analytics, SSO, Proposal Analytics, Role management, and so on. 

Engagebay Pros and Cons

As we reach the end of this Engagebay review, we will now discuss the platform’s pros and cons.

Engagebay Pros

  • Engagebay provides an all-around solution for every digital marketing need. 
  • The platform’s advanced automation feature can help you save valuable time to do other essential tasks at hand.
  • Engagebay’s live chat and ticketing feature is unique and can help you provide answers to your customer’s queries in a systematic way.
  • Its responsive support is always ready to help you resolve any issue you might face.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge from the user.
  • The free plan is a great way to kick start your business without having to invest a lot of money from the get-go. 

Engagebay Cons

Engagebay Testimonials By Users

Engagebay testimonials

Lilach Bullock
Business Coach | International Speaker | Top Women Social Media Influencer

Engagebay has got to be the most powerful all-in-one tool for small businesses: you just dont get this level of features with many tools(and trust me when i say i tried so many) its even difficult to calculate how many essential business tools and software your effectively replacing with just one software

CRM-Software-EngageBay - Customer Rating

EngageBay - Customer Review

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Conclusion: Engagebay Review 2024

After this Engagebay review, you should have a clear image of the platform and the feature it provides. Its advanced email campaigns, pre-designed templates, SMS marketing, automation tools, and landing pages are optimized for performance. Also, unlike several CRMs, Engagebay is easy to use. 

Engagebay is one of the most powerful all-in-one CRM tools for every business. It can help you by replacing several marketing tools as it has all the features that you might require to advance your business. 

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