Energies Of Love Review Of Donna Eden And David Feinstein’s Book 2024

Energies Of Love Review

Overall Verdict

Donna Eden and David Feinstein have designed an amazing program called ‘The Energies Of Love.’ Every couple in the program will be able to understand and heal their relationship, integrate their unique energy patterns, and keep the charm as it was earlier in the relationship.

Out of 10


  • Result Oriented Course
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • Dashboard is super easy to use
  • The method itself is simple and easy to use.
  • Donna and David will conduct one pre-recorded coaching call together.


  • However, we have not adopted all the advice given. I can’t even approach some of them with my husband because they are so far outside of my comfort zone


Price: $ 59

Looking For Unbiased Energies Of Love Review? I’ve Got You Covered.

You and your partner don’t seem to be maintaining the same kind of relationship as you did before? Feel the lack of charm, the gap, and the dullness now? Feeling toxic sometimes or not feeling like this person is the right one for you?

You will never be able to fix your relationship’s vibe no matter how much couples therapy you receive or how much counseling you receive. To earn some profit, doctors lie to you.

In this case, however, I’ll tell you the truth. It is only a lack of energy that has developed between you and your partner that can explain your difficulties with your partner.

When you have difficulty connecting to your partner in their level of energy, you can feel dull, sometimes even boring, and often less excited.

It is completely acceptable and common these days to experience communication problems, conflict, misunderstandings, addictions, bad habits, unmet expectations, and reduced connection with your partner.

Relationships don’t work that way, so it’s vital to fix the problems and find a permanent resolution. Relationships don’t last, and they remain unresolved.

Therefore, MindValley has developed the best solution available for every couple. Through their program, we grow and become closer as a couple. The program is called The Energies Of Love.

What Are The Energies Of Love?

Donna Eden and David Feinstein have designed an amazing program called ‘The Energies Of Love.’

Every couple in the program will be able to understand and heal their relationship, integrate their unique energy patterns, and keep the charm as it was earlier in the relationship.

Essentially, it is a real-time virtual energetic therapy that has been created in a curriculum that you need to have access to. In the program, you’ll find 52 types of energetic techniques you can use to deal with various challenges and situations that may arise during the relationship.

The Energies Of Love will exactly accomplish what its name implies. In the meantime, it will also enable us to better understand each other’s perspectives and strategies. Let’s see what it will look like…

Who Is The Creator Of The Energies of Love

In addition to being two of the world’s leading energy medicine pioneers, Donna Eden and David Feinstein have been married for 42 years.

A gift was born to Donna Eden. One of those gifts is the ability to recognize one’s energies – those invisible forces that motivate the human body. Donna can see eight additional systems in addition to Chakras, as opposed to some people who are able to see only Chakras.

Taking the perspective that our bodies consist of a collection of energy systems, Donna has been relentlessly proclaiming, teaching, and demonstrating how we can systematically and naturally reclaim our health and vitality over the last 40 years. Her New York Times bestseller, ‘The Energies of Love’, shares her experiences of Energy Medicine.

Energies Of Love Review Creator Of The Energies of Love

Donna Feinstein is today one of the premier proponents of Energy Medicine in America, and she and her husband, David Feinstein, Ph.D., run the world’s largest Energy Medicine school. The classes are being attended by over 100,000 people (including physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals).

Hundreds of thousands of relationships have been saved and transformed through Donna and David’s signature energy medicine program, Energies of Love, a piece of work that has been adopted by people from all walks of life worldwide.

Trainer Credentials

  • New York Times bestselling author Donna is an award-winning author. Many other energy healers and health practitioners use her books as reference material.
  • Their combined expertise in energy medicine and clinical psychology has resulted in a unique approach combining established and emerging sciences by Donna and David over the past four decades.
  • Their enduring relationship is a testament to Donna’s energy work, as well as David’s ability to heal from a variety of ailments, including multiple sclerosis, asthma, and serious allergies.

How do The Energies Of Love work?

There were originally four parts to the program, dividing the days. Thus, from the first day until the last day, you will learn and experience various things in-depth as well as benefit from many benefits. There are four parts:

PART #1:

Your relationship has invisible energies: 

We have created Part 1 spanning the first to seventh days, which will have you discovering hidden energies within you and your relationships. Among the techniques you’ll learn are:

  • Acknowledge and influence your partner’s and your energy by learning to amplify your energy.
  • You can restore both’s energy with these 20 powerful methods. You will also be able to relieve stress and remove mental blocks.
  • Understand how to reestablish and maintain your emotional safety when you are faced with pressure.
  • The book includes habits and energy that boost love, positivity, and energy for a better life.
  • The list goes on.


Day 8-15 is for discovering your inborn traits, such as visual, kinesthetic, tonal, and digital. You will discover:

  • Know how your brain differs from your partner’s.
  • Your sensory stress style can be determined.
  • Learn how to solve any conflict using a 4-step energetic strategy.
  • Using the “Do You Mean?“ approach with a method!
  • The list goes on.


The period lasts 16-26 days. Through some methods, you can erase those disheartening patterns and replace them with new ones. In this stage, you discover the influence of your childhood learnings on your relationships. Highlights include:

  • Find out how you bond and connect.
  • Discover how tapping can help you overcome energetic blocks and increase vulnerability, authenticity, and courage.
  • You can align your physical and energetic body by addressing the physical, emotional, and energetic blocks.
  • Find out how to repair relationship ruptures using energy techniques.
  • The list goes on.


There will be a period of time between days 24 and 30 in which the lifetime of love, intimacy, and connection will be sealed. There will be:

  • You can increase your intimacy and boost your sec life with certain energy techniques.
  • By feeling and connecting, you can love someone mindfully.
  • Get to know the many aspects of soulful communication rituals.
  • Become soulmates and connect with one another.

What Are The Benefits of The Energies Of Love For Couples?

As it has been designed in a way only that does not pose any problems for you and your partner, it helps you in many ways. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits it provides.

  • Your relationship will be strengthened as a result.
  • Your partner will feel closer to you when you do this.
  • Your energy is infused with theirs.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to rediscover your happiness.
  • Connecting better with others is made easier with it.
  • Additionally, it helps resolve conflicts in a mature manner.
  • Emotional intelligence is amplified.
  • It helps you become more aware of yourself.
  • The misunderstandings are resolved.
  • Your interests, problems, and partners can be explored.
  • Intimacy and sex life are also improved with it.
  • It allows you to live in harmony and peace.
  • You become proud of your self-awareness and become confident.
  • It is less time-consuming and absolutely safe.

Energies Of Love For Couples

It’s just a matter of investing 20 minutes a day, and you can experience literally everything!

How Many Benefits will you Receive from The Energies Of Love?

You will get access to a lot of things since it is a 30-day program:

  • You will find all you need to connect on an energetic level with your partner and create extraordinary intimacy, love, and connection in your relationship in the Energies of Love program.
  • Join Donna Eden and David Feinstein for 30 days of easy-to-follow, in-depth coaching.
  • 52 practical techniques and methods you can use and follow for all types of relationship scenarios.
  • You’ll have access to all the programs and bonuses for the rest of your life.
  • To access the program, you need a smartphone app.
  • Apple TV, iPad, and desktop versions are available.
  • Get lifetime access to the online student community of Energies of Love.

As a bonus, Donna and David will conduct one pre-recorded coaching call together.

How Much Does It Cost?

The program can be accessed in two ways:

  • DIGITAL ACCESS: With this program, you will receive access to the Energies Of Love program. For this, you will pay $349 today instead of $1049 for the original price.
  • MINDVALLEY ALL ACCESS: Using this, you will be able to access all the MindValley programs! Buying it for the original price of $12364 will cost $599 per year instead.

Energies Of Love Review Energies Of Love cost

How Your All-Round Transformation Will Impact Your Results

With Mindvalley Membership, extraordinary things begin to happen.

Your habits immediately become those of a super performer:

After reading a book or studying a course, you’re left with a temporary high that eventually fades away.

Our top-of-the-line behavioral change processes permanently transform you through the installation of uplifting habits, beliefs, and emotional patterns in you, so you experience peak performance, glowing health, unshakable peace, and boundless joy as the norm.

Mind, body, and soul are superhumanly productive:

No matter what you want to become or achieve, Mindvalley will support you. Take productivity hacks to the next level, by mastering cutting-edge mindset tools, flow states, deeper levels of consciousness, and even spiritual tools that revolutionize how you feel, think, act, solve challenges, and get things done.

Every aspect of your life contributes to your growth and well-being:

Are there many rich, successful, and sick people? And are there many fit and healthy people who are broke? You don’t have to sacrifice one aspect of your life for another when you use Mindvalley. As a result, we provide you with the best tools and guidance to ignite your brilliance at every level.

This will enable you to become a superhero at work. You will also look at the part. In addition, your kids will see you as a superhero. You are truly the best.

Connecting with impactful people elevates your life:

With 70,000+ Changemakers worldwide and growing, you’ll be part of a global movement. These aren’t the average people you meet on the street: they’re high-impact entrepreneurs, talented artists, visionary thinkers, and deeply inspirational people.

Our events, live workshops, and other events will keep you connected and growing every day. No matter where you are.

Energies Of Love Customer Reviews:

Energies Of Love Reviews

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Conclusion: Donna Eden And David Feinstein Teach The Energies Of Love: Review

Love is analyzed from a psychological, social, biological, and spiritual perspective by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. Each of these areas is influenced by your body’s energies. There are techniques that will help you resolve issues in each of these areas.

The book can enhance your relationship if you and your partner are willing to try out what it teaches. After reading this book, my husband and I have developed a better understanding of each other.

However, we have not adopted all the advice given. I can’t even approach some of them with my husband because they are so far outside of my comfort zone.

It is possible that would change if this book became a quest. It might take me a little longer to become more comfortable with the practices that Donna Eden and David Feinstein discuss. I doubt it will take me that long.

We’ll take the Energies of Love quest together, however, I cannot guarantee we’ll practice all of what they teach.

In terms of the book as a whole, I believe that it helps you understand your relationship better and emphasizes the importance of taking action to grow and connect in your relationship.

Taking away a few energy therapies from the book helped not just in my relationship when I am stressed out, but in my everyday life when I feel overwhelmed or want to focus.

When Mindvalley’s All-Access Pass becomes available, you can buy it from them and have it automatically added to your account. Alternatively, wait for my quest review to see if you’re more interested in that than the book!

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