Elorus Review 2024 Why You Shouldn’t Skip This Invoicing Software?

The most important thing that I have personally experienced in the world of Blogging and Affiliate marketing is that once you reach a certain point, and have created a respectable name for yourself, you will slowly have a growing number of people who want to partner with you.

Collaborating with others successfully requires a lot of effort and financial transactions to be made. Keeping your operations tight and under control in an organized and systematic way, is a must for any business to survive. You should always be able to answer the following questions:


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Should I buy new equipment or should I wait for a month when my company’s cash-flow will be in a better level for such an investment?

Which recurring expenses are killing my cash flow?

Where does my money go to and constantly hire content writers for writing articles for my blogs. Moreover, there are other collaborations regarding side projects and affiliate marketing.

Due to the above, my money is on the move on a regular basis. Either in the form of salaries for those working for me, or as transactions from collaboration ventures and investments. Invoicing is an important task for me.

But, that’s only about me! Millions of small businesses across the world have money flowing in and out in the form of incomes, salaries, funds, interests, taxes, debit, credit, hard cash and online transactions and expenditures.

So, in order to manage your finances effectively, you need to find a trustworthy software for invoicing and accounting.

Elorus Review


  • You need to know what’s happening with your money and that’s the only way to have everything under control.
  • Online payments: Your clients can pay you anytime from any place, with just a few clicks, saving you time in back and forths.
  • It will help you calculate a proper budget for your monthly expenses.
  • Talking about calculating, an invoicing application will eliminate calculation errors that leave your business and brand exposed.

ELORUS: Invoicing and billing platform

Elorus is a cloud invoicing and billing application specially designed to enable small businesses and freelancers. It is a simple and reliable invoicing system that will help you create invoices and organize your finances. It has very user-friendly, yet powerful, features that help cater the needs of all users be it advanced or not.

Elorus Review - Online Invoicing Billing SoftwareThe application lets you create customizable invoices and has a variety of features that provide users with a simple invoicing experience. Scheduled invoicing, online billing, powerful reports and multiple currencies are just a few of the highlight features.

Elorus also allows users to convert quotes into invoices with just one click. Moreover, it has an automatic notification system that keeps you updated on important events such as invoice due dates expiration, online payments and many more.

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ELORUS: Highlight features and specifications

After the brief intro section on the app above, let’s now actually get into the highlight features of this application. Elorus has a whole list of amazing and important features that I can list down for you to know why this app is really worth the hype.

Elorus Review - Benefits

  • Powerful billing and invoicing
  • Invoice management
  • Online payments
  • Client portal
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Invoice status monitoring
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Data import/export
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Quotes
  • Automatic reminders
  • Notifications
  • Third party integration
  • Activity dashboard
  • Data secure storage
  • Expense management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Customizable templates
  • Invoicing in 7 languages

And a few more!

ELORUS: Plans and pricing

Elorus offers four pricing plans depending on the number of clients/suppliers you invoice per month along with the number of users in your team.

Pricing plans - Elorus Review

  • Free: $0.0 per month for 3 clients/suppliers and 1 user.
  • Basic: $9.95 per month for 10 clients/suppliers and 2 users.
  • Professional: $16.95 per month for 50 clients/suppliers and 3 users.
  • Business: $22.95 per month for unlimited clients/suppliers and users.

The good thing is that no credit card is required to get you started.

Important specifications to note

Here are some important specifications you need to know before you purchase the app.

  • Intended for Mid-sized businesses, Small businesses and freelancers.
  • It is a cloud-based application with a responsive design.
  • Supported payment gateways: Razorpay, PayPal, Braintree and more.

My in-depth analysis

My career choice as a professional blogger and Affiliate marketer always requires me to track every cash movement on a regular basis. Either in the form of salaries for those working for me or as transactions from collaboration ventures, invoicing is an important task for me. Not just that, organized finances help me make financial decisions towards the right direction.

It is due to these aspects, that having a good and reliable invoicing app is so important for me. As a result, I have used many well known and popular invoicing apps and softwares like Debitoor, Xpenditure, WinBill and Telecom Expense Management. Honestly, all of these pretty much satisfy my purpose, but then I heard about “Elorus” from a colleague and decided to give it a try, as well.

invoicing-new-Elorus review

I have been using it for more than 5 months now and my feedback for the app is totally positive. There are numerous features about Elorus that I loved, which made my invoicing and accounting experience absolutely smooth and seamless.

The biggest plus is its multi-user functionality, which allows you to integrate number of people into your invoicing network according to your requirements.

The app has a very easy to use interface and is efficient in organizing income and expenses, tracking my payment dates, as well as giving me a look into the balance anytime, anyplace.

The stylish and customizable invoice templates leave a good impression on my clients and helped boost my image as well, which by the way, is actually very important for any business.

All in all, I would just end this review with one simple statement

Good tracking of revenues and expenses, even better tracking of cash flow, Multi-user functionality and an easy to understand user interface makes Elorus a great value for money!

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