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Elastic Webinar Review 2024: Is It The Best Automated Webinar Platform?

Elastic Webinar

Overall Verdict

Elastic Webinar is the modern automated webinar software that helps you increase your online sales and builds trust. With this, you won't have to do much of the manual work. You can simply take the help of live webinars.

Out of 10


  • Quick Set up
  • Webinar Automation
  • Offers various integrations
  • Real-time chat option
  • Detailed Webinar Stats and Analytics
  • You can set up email reminders on automation.


  • Product is still new
  • Not as comprehensive as WebinarJam


Price: $ 37

Are you looking for a way to get on board with webinars without having to invest too much time and money? Well, look no further! After trying out dozens of different services, I found Elastic Webinar.

It’s the best one out there. They have tons of user-friendly features like automated recordings and live chat integration that makes it easy to host your own webinars with little hassle. Read my review below for more details!

In this blog post, I will be reviewing Elastic Webinar and how it helps to automate your pre-recorded webinar sessions. What makes this stand out is their ease of use – they are super easy to set up (you don’t need any technical knowledge).

So, excited about how it can help you? Read along

Elastic Webinar Review

Elastic Webinar Review 2024: What is Elastic Webinar?

Elastic Webinar Review- Overview

Elastic Webinar is the modern automated webinar software that helps you increase your online sales and builds trust. With this, you won’t have to do much of the manual work. You can simply take the help of live webinars.

Why Choose Elastic Webinar?

Everything Happens in the browser - Elastic Webinar Review

Elastic Webinar subscriptions provide all of the necessary webinar functionalities. You are not required to buy third-party video hosting or sophisticated webinar email marketing services.

  • Software integrations:

Software Integrations

Connect your webinars to hundreds of other software platforms, such as CRMs or other marketing tools, for advanced use cases.

  • Webinar statistics:

Webinar Statistics

Evaluate the success of your webinars by tracking comprehensive data for each webinar session. Export the data to a spreadsheet for offline usage or more complex computations. I personally like this feature.

  • Real-time chat:

Real time chat

Leave your evergreen webinars running on autopilot or monitor several webinars simultaneously from the admin interface. Communicate with and monitor your guests in real-time. I use this feature multiple times and can say it is incredible. Their customer support is really good.

  • Simulated events:

Simulated Events

To accurately replicate live webinars and to increase audience engagement, define simulated events. Like in a live webinar session, chat messages, polls, sale notifications, product offers, and other automatic events will be shown.

  • Hosted registration:

Hosted Registration

Choose from a variety of registration page templates to create your ideal registration page. It should be adjusted to fit your webinar. Alternatively, you may utilize the registration popup on your registration page.

  • Email reminders:

Email Reminders - Elastic Webinar Review

You are not restricted by preset email templates while using our sophisticated email editor. You compose the whole email text and decide when to send it.

  • Easy setup:

You’ll be conducting automated webinars in no time with Elastic Webinar.

Everything is straightforward and logical. Even better, we developed TimeWalk to assist you in matching simulated events to pre-recorded video presentations. I feel like this one is very important and most platforms lack this one.

Setting Up the Webinar

Easy setup- Elastic Webinar

For setting up the webinar you don’t have to do much. It is a very simple and easy task to set up the webinar which can be easily accomplished with the help of just a few clicks.

You have to just follow the few steps such as –

• You need to select the perfect videos from any source {Ex:- YouTube or file} and to insert it.
• Designed the title which attracts the public to see your webinar.

One thing that I have come across while studying about this Elastic webinar review is that you have to fix or standardize the duration of your webinar.

As elastic webinar is designed to create fully automated webinars so the length of your video is similar to that of webinar duration. The reason behind it is that you can make it smaller when required.

Once you end up creating the webinar, you can able to avail more customization options after editing the event. In this webinar maker, you can only able to get the function of scheduling in the edit mode.

The best thing about this elastic webinar is that the scheduling options are very adoptive and you can able to set them at your specified time. Once you schedule your webinar, it will automatically start at that time.

Hosting the Webinar Video

Every webinar maker has to struggle at the time of hosting the video for their webinars. Though nowadays people are finding it easy to host their videos on different platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

hosting a webinar elastciwebinar review

But there are many pitfalls of using these platforms for hosting the video, many a times you can have watermarks or plugins in your video. One of the major disadvantages of using the online platform is that you ultimately have to sacrifice the quality of your video.

For such cases, the elastic webinar has been designed. While hosting the videos for your webinars you need good quality which is exactly provided by the elastic webinar.

They provide you with the facility to stream your videos directly from the platforms. Hosting video through this device can give life to your webinar and your attendees will be able to experience the more realistic approach of your webinar.

Many platforms are available that can provide you with the facility to host the videos but on this device, you don’t have to pay any extra money and you can enjoy the webinar hosting at a very low cost.

Registration and Funnel Pages of Webinars

The webinar registration page can make your webinar successful. It must attract more and more users to attend your webinar. It’s a gateway from where you can able to find the attendees.

elastic webinar set up review

The registration page is the one where people decide whether it is useful for them or not. Hence we can easily say that it is one of the most important pages of your entire webinar funnel.

You must be designed this page in a way that people find it trustworthy and they must think that it is useful to spend time watching your webinar.

For making good attendees of your webinars elastic webinar provides you with the features of templates that you can use in your registration page to make it more attractive and intense. They are providing as many as 14 templates with all different layouts.

Even you can find videos in some of them.

The best thing is that you will also be able to create more edits in the template also. On the registration page, you will be able to change all the texts and then you can see how it looks for the attendees.

Though, there are so many different pitfalls that are associated with the editing of the registration page. One of them is that after deleting the text you will not be able to add it once again. If you want to bring that text back then you need to follow the very long procedure of restoring the template.

Another disadvantage is that there are many templates available that are fixed and you will not able to change the images on such templates. Many are fixed while you are reading this review.

To make your attendees more clear about your webinar you can also able to create custom questions on your registration page. Mainly you will be able to form the questions either in checkboxes or in text fields.

Once any of the attendees submit the option for signing in to your webinar he or she will be directed towards the specific type of URL which is associated with the webinar.

After registration, the attendee will be a move to the thank you page. But apart from the greetings it also contains the time of the webinar, title, and many other details.

The Email Editors and Reminders for the Webinar

These are very effective tools that will help your attendees to get the remainder of your webinar. You will be able to send the webinar reminders before few hours or few days of your webinars.

It will ultimately increase the number of attendees and it increases the chance of your webinar to become successful.
On the other hand, email editor is very powerful and flexible with the help of which you can able to easily modify the subjects and body.

It is powered by TinyCloud and has lots of features such as –

• Title of the webinar
• Date and time of the webinar
• Link to open the webinar
• Name and email of the user
• Name of host

Email segmentation is one of the best features that I have ever come across in any type of webinar maker and it is best in the elastic webinar.
There are 2 segments –

1. The persons who attend the session (show up)
2. People who have only made a registration but didn’t attend the session (no shows)

There are lots of things which you can do with the help of these options such as you can give a good deal to your attendees. You can ask for feedback on the sessions by making calls.

Automated Interaction Tools of Elastic Webinar

Elastic Webinar Maker provides you with the best feature of interacting with the attendees at a certain point of time during the running session. It will provide you with the option of scheduling the time for making the interactions.

Here you will also find the feature of making simulated attendees which will create positive enthusiasm in your attendees to attend the session with full concentration.

Elastic webinar money back guarantee

Here you will also be provided with the option of a chat room, where you can able to interact with the attendees as a host. These options will help you out in clarifying the doubts and queries of your attendees and you can able to convey your idea to them very easily.

It will create such an environment in your webinar that will look like real interactions.

As a host, you will be able to turn on the notification bell which will sound when anybody messages in the chat room.

  • Automated Offers:

For the successful completion of your automated webinar, this tool of automated offerings is the very crucial key. You must be able to design and form such offers that can attract more and more customers towards your product and it must convey to them about your course.

The best thing about this webinar maker is that you can easily be able to form an urgency timer. It will create a sense of humor in your attendees to avail your offer within the time limit.

One thing that I like about this device is that you can able to present the offer in such a way that it attracts the attendees towards your product. You can able to put your ideas and imaginations into it.

The offers aren’t pop up they are easily noticeable to the attendees. On the other hand in many of the different webinar makers, the offers are pop up which can be easily closed at any time. In the case of the elastic webinar, the offers are only minimized and never fully closed.

  • Automated Info Messages:

The host is also provided with the feature to pin the messages.

These pinned messages are known as automated info messages. The good thing about pinning the messages is that the host can able to find them more conveniently. These messages are also put into use to clarify some important points to the attendees.

  • Automated polls:

This feature helps to engage the customers or attendees of your webinar. These polls will go to launch at the time that you have set. You can easily schedule the timing of automated polling and you can also frame the duration of the poll.

As soon as the timer of voting completes the attendees will be able to see the results. The host will be able to predetermine those results. Due to the automatic counting of the vote, the attendees will not be able to see the individual’s vote.

On the other hand, the advantage for us is that we can able to collect all the votes of each attendee. To be honest with your attendees you should predetermine the results of the polls.

  • Time walk-overview of all the interactions:

After the successful completion of your webinar and creating the interactions with your attendees, you should be eager to know the overview of your entire webinar and you must know the experience of your fellow attendees.

For knowing the overview of your entire webinar the elastic webinar provides you with the feature of time walk. This time walk feature allows you to launch the preview of your webinar. It also provides the feature of the different color pin which provides you with a coherent overview of your webinar.

  • Webinar experienced on mobile devices:

According to my experience, the mobile version of this tool is extremely satisfying to use. Some features such as landing pages and webinar rooms are completely mobile-friendly.

On landscape mode, it also works very fluently.
In the chatbox, the messages are visible and notifications can be viewed easily. Even you can able to scroll back the chat.
As soon as you triggered the poll attendee will be able to see that where he can make a vote. After the timer gets over the attendee can easily see the results on the screen.

If we talk about the AUTOMATED OFFER then I can proudly say that it can be easily seen on your mobile screen. This offer is also provided with the close button if any attendee wants to close it but it will be not going to close entirely. It will go to minimize.

  • Webinar follows up and replay recording:

Many a time you will notice that the attendee is not ready to buy your product during the time of the webinar. For such cases, the webinar follow is a very important tool.

At the time of the webinar, you are making offers and giving your best to convey the right information and valuable things to your attendees.

In such cases, the tool of automated webinars helps to get in touch with the customers and trying them to convey about your device and making them ready to buy it. You can easily able to send emails with ease to any attendee.

Sometimes, your attendee might not satisfied with one webinar. He or she may have some doubts. So the replay link of the webinar is very important which can be easily sent through emails.

As soon as you complete the webinar you can able to create the link for it. One good thing about replay video is that one can pause it at any time. It will allow the attendees to carefully look at the parts of webinars which are very important.

  • Automated Webinar Session Analytics

Here the dashboards reflect the:-
• Number of people to see the webinar
• What was the peak time during the session
• Number of attendees
• Total registration

You can also inject the tracking pixel of Facebook to get the maximum attendees. You will not find any conversion for the landing page.

Elastic Webinar Trial and Pricing: How much is Elastic Webinar? 

The coolest feature that I have come across at the time of purchasing it was that this tool is being provided with the function of making trials.

During the initial time, you can able to host webinars for 10 minutes. So that you can experience this device.

Elastic webinar pricing review

They have 4 exciting plans for you –

Free (EUR 0): This one has a room limit of 10 attendees, and a 10-minute session limit. This one is the best for exploring Elastic Webinar.

Starter (EUR 45 per month and EUR 37 per month for the yearly plan): This one has a room limit of 100 attendees, and a 1-hour session limit. This one is perfect for those starting with webinars.

Professional (EUR 71 per month and EUR 59 per month for the yearly plan): This one has a room limit of 250 attendees and a 3-hour session limit. This one also has custom branding and is the most popular plan. (This one is my personal favorite as well).

Business (EUR 176 per month and EUR 146 per month for the yearly plan): This one has a room limit of 500 attendees and a 5-hour session limit. This one has everything like other plans and priority support as well. This plan is perfect for large businesses.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Elastic Webinar? Elastic Webinar Review 

According to my experience with this tool, I will frankly say that it is a very flexible and easy-to-use device. It is straightforward and convenient. It indulges with all the features that you need to form or create an effective webinar.

The features such as –
• Elegant landing pages
• Option for follow up
• Replay link
• Schedule interactions

And the end I can say that it has all the necessary functions and tools to create a beautiful webinar.

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