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PayPal is basically an American based company which provides worldwide facility for online payments which supports the Online Money Transfer and you can get money orders and checks with this platform.

PayPal is very useful for freelancers from many others company and established in 1998.

Here you are getting a chance to earn $100 just by referring PayPal to other users. When they started in their early days, they used to offer great deal like they are giving $20 for signing up for PayPal and also giving $20 for referring it for the others people.

Paypal - Earn from referral

Later when their company became popular, instantly they removed this referral plan. As depicted above this the best choice available for online payment of freelancers. In the recent years as the technology grows up the new competitors came up in the market and giving tough competition to PayPal.

In recent year Bitcoin came and now it is very popular among all over the world. Seeing all these competitors PayPal decided to start again the referral program. So it is not bad to earn $100 just by referring PayPal to others.

Earn $5 for every Referred:

You can avail this offer if you have U.S. Paypal account in good standing. If you are interested in the process then let’s go ahead make $100 just by inviting others.

Keep one thing in mind that the users who are signing up with your referral link should open U.S. based PayPal account and they will get $5.  They have to make an eligible transaction within 14 days of signing up.

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Let’s go ahead and have a look at eligible transactions.

“Eligible transaction means it is an online checkout payment of at least $5 USD which should be completed and not refunded or reversed by the referee or by the seller.”

Get your Referral link:

This option is available for all the users having U.S. PayPal account in good standing position. You will have to use PayPal mobile app. The app is available fro all the platforms you can download easily on Google Play Store and iOS App store.

Steps to follow:

  • Open the app and log in the PayPal mobile app.
  • Just click on to the fear icon at the top right most corner (setting button).
  • Hurrah! Click on to “invite friends and get $5”.
  • Now click on “Share and invite” or “just choose contacts” you have choice you can invite people from your contact list.

Paypal - Earn money from referral

If you want to do more with that and wanted to share that link on your blog then you can click on ‘Share an invite” and select your email. You will receive an email with the PayPal referral link.

This referral is not a hoax and it is tested and verified.

Some terms and condition of PayPal affiliate program:

  • You can only earn $100
  • Can send referral only to personal contacts
  • You are not allowed to post it publicly where people who are not in your contact list can see it.

PayPal does not give you permission to post this referral link on social media website, when you will be doing such acts then you are complying with the website terms and condition.

It would be better to tell the referred person about the terms and condition of the PayPal referral earning process. If somehow you make mistakes then automatically you will be disqualify from the program. Due to this you will be forfeited from the reward.

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Here’s holds a condition that it is for people who is operating within U.S. boundaries. After sometime PayPal may come up with this referral program worldwide and many users can make use of it and earn $100.

Simple way to make money With Paypal!

Check Out Paypal Terms Now [/button-red

Just share it on all the leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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