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Let’s discuss what this DYNADOT stands for. It is a kind of domain name registration site and also you can host your website. This was founded by a great engineer names TODD HAN in 2002. Its first headquarters was established in SAN MATEO, California. Now it has nearly all the area in the world. Its main job is related to web services.



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Domain Name Registration -Dynadot Review

Now talking about the services, it is mostly related to web domain marketing and hosting the sites. It offers domain registration, its renewal, and transfers for over five hundred top level country domains. Because of the domain facility customer can bid any domain accordingly due to its expiration date or can also backorder the pending domains that are left for deletion. They can put any domain on auction or can sell the domain to the capable buys that they think to deserve.

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DYNADOT also provides with some of the advanced hosting facilities that use c-panel and also collaborates with WordPress. 2014 was the year in which its website builder was launched.


Now the steps you need to follow steps for creating DYNADOT account, they are as follow-

  • Visit the create account page and fill the complete form carefully.
  • After that order on DYNADOT website and then system will give you the message to create your account, ignore the message if already you have one over there

Order list can be like-

  • You can have your dream domain so you are free to register for that.
  • You can transfer the domain to some other people or can sell it to the site itself.
  • Pre-order is also there for the domains that are not even launched.
  • Purchase the domain where you can have any or can sell in the market easily.
  • Construct your own website. There are many easy features that are friendly can you can change them accordingly.
  • Template build feature can also be seen.
  • You can also buy any of DYNADOT web hosting sites.
  • You have an option to choose for security service with SSL




The plan that is offered by DYNADOT VPS comes with various features. Some of them are listed below-

  • Fully accessible right.
  • KVM virtualization
  • Word press can be installed beforehand
  • Storing capacity for RAID 10 SDD
  • CPU of Intel Xeon
  • Free hosting panels
  • IPV6 is free and is truly dedicated

This VPS is not manageable by the beginners or the ones who have less knowledge about it. It is also not good for the ones who don’t have server management experience. It is built for the ones who have advanced knowledge in this era. That have technical skills who can manage the installation process of the software and can also handle the troubleshoot issues at the same time. Because of these reasons server management is not attached to its VPS plan.

Let’s discuss what all are the advantages of installing DYNADOT into your PC-

  • You will be getting the chance to build your own website for free, which also serves with templates that are friendly with mobile phones too.
  • Email and blogging facility is reasonable so a starter can start a good business by using DYNADOT
  • VPS hosting is also there with some good building plans
  • You will be getting a free domain with some plans that will turn into a profit for you.

Now let’s have a look at the disadvantage section-

  • There is only one VPS plan that can’t be handled by the any newcomer
  • There is no option of other VPS plans or hosting service
  • The cost of the builder cost you 3 times more than the pro plan which only offers some extra services as compared to pro plan
  • As told earlier, website hosting is not meant for the beginners. To start that you need proper knowledge and support.



Should You Go With DYNADOT?

DYNADOT VPS hosting facilities can be a great choice for the ones who have technical knowledge about the software’s, who want all the hosting facilities to be run at one go. But we have an overlook; it’s very unmanageable to work with DYNADOT and will not at all go for the ones who are new in this field.

Its customer facility is available in the form of help files that are meant for each separate category. Online chat and community forums where you can leave your problem and will be soon be replied via email. The number is also there through which you can contact with its team members.





It is one of the iconic domain registrars which offer some good fares for registration. Prices are affordable for the common man to purchase and sign up. They offer affordable domains compared to the market value. So it very clear neither web hosting nor is web construction only the aim of DYNADOT. They also offer various templates that can also be used in mobiles and are mobile friendly. The web builder that is there offers a limited free trial. That is it allows you to create only five free web pages.

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Now summing up, DYNADOT is the best option for the domain registrations and services that surround it. But web hosting and site construction are not meant for everyone, so for using that you should have the proper managing skills of software installation and troubleshoot issues that were discussed above in the content.


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