Best Dubsado Alternative 2024: What Is Better Than Dubsado?

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Starting and running your own business is hard. You have to be an accountant, a bookkeeper, a marketer, and sometimes a salesperson. It’s overwhelming and can quickly become expensive. 

Not only do you have to wear all of these hats, but you also have to keep track of every hour you work to bill clients properly. What if an all-in-one solution could take care of all of this for you?

Bonsai is the solution for self-employed professionals who want to focus on their work, not paperwork. Bonsai automates invoicing time tracking and bookkeeping so that you can spend more time doing what you’re good at – serving your clients.

Bonsai is one of the best Dubsado alternatives. So let us check out Bonsai in detail.

What Is Dubsado, And Why Go For Bonsai Instead?

Dubsado Alternative

Dubsado is a great business management system that boosts productivity, automates monotonous operations, and expands your company. It is simple to use and will save you money and time.

Dubsado is an excellent software for freelancers and online service providers. It includes all the necessary tools, such as lead capture forms, invoicing, digital contract signing, project management, and more.

Bonsai is an online application designed to streamline freelancers’ everyday responsibilities.

After creating an account, go to the dashboard to see your contracts, invoices, proposals, and client information. Having everything in a single location allows you to remain organized and, ideally, complete chores more quickly.

Bonsai’s mission is to give you everything you need from start to end for a freelancing job (or payment proposal). You’ll get a 7-day free trial when you join up, which should be sufficient time to determine how Bonsai might impact your everyday life.

Dubsado is a business management software, while Bonsai is a freelancer management system precisely but it works great for business management as well. Dubsado has some issues with customer support and user interface, which are overcome by Bonsai, and that is why I recommend Bonsai as a better alternative to Dubsado. 

With Bonsai it feels like the customer support is extremely friendly and you can count on them to resolve any issues you have. On the other hand, my customer support experience with Dubsado was never really very good. 

What Can Bonsai Do For You?


Bonsai may link to payment processors like Stripe to combine your payment accounts with your Bonsai dashboard for invoice payments. Its other connectivity options are limited, although it can link to your Google Calendar to remind you of upcoming chores, appointments, etc.

It also integrates with Slack, which is helpful if you work on client-facing teams. The connection will deliver push notifications to relevant Slack team members when a project task is due or complete, a contract is signed, or a proposal is seen. This feature requires a Professional Bonsai account to access.


I frequently hear freelancers joking that if they didn’t have to deal with accounting, their lives would be much simpler, and I have to agree. Keeping track of revenue, spending, tax payments, and everything else that comes with the work on your own may take time and effort.

Bonsai cannot replace a professional accountant, but it may assist you in keeping your income and spending in line at tax time. Import costs from your bank account, manually input them into the software, and then link them to client invoices. However, this function might be enhanced if you scan receipts with your mobile device and instantly add them to your account.

Invoicing and payments:

You may directly bill customers and receive payment by PayPal, Stripe, or wire transfer to your bank account. Bonsai invoices are plain and uncomplicated. With a professional account, you may add your branding, attach the invoice to a customer and project, and then add line items, taxes, discounts, and costs, if necessary.

Bonsai has just introduced the capability to provide recurring auto-payments to customers who prefer to pay a single invoice for a subscription service rather than several bills. Unfortunately, this functionality is only available if you take credit or debit card payments through Stripe.

Project management:

Your Bonsai dashboard is a centralized repository for all project-related information. Add social media, website, and contact information to each customer, along with remarks and project details. Additionally, you may initiate new projects in Bonsai and assign them to your existing customers so that they appear in the Client panel.

Each project enables you to name it, pick the currency you’ll be paid and set a flag to indicate whether or not you’re charging an hourly rate. If you’re charging an hourly rate, you can use Bonsai’s built-in time tracker to automatically record the amount of time you’ve spent on each project phase. Simply press the Start Timer button, configure your hourly rate, and tell Bonsai which project you want to monitor your time for.

If you have a Professional subscription, you’ll also be able to invite colleagues to your Bonsai project, which is helpful if your endeavor involves numerous components, such as content production, design work, etc.

Contracts and proposals:

If you’ve ever been required to draft a contract without prior experience, join the club. Freelancers are not necessarily proficient in legalese, but they do themselves a disservice by commencing a significant job without a contract.

Contract and proposal templates from Bonsai may significantly simplify the paperwork process. Use the proposals to detail everything you’re providing your customers, and then, if you’ve reached an agreement on the scope and payment, draft a contract. Actual attorneys review contracts with Bonsai, therefore, you do not need to know a single legal term. Additionally, you may modify your ideas and contracts to make more sense in light of your freelancing business, such as development or photography.

Time Tracking:

What if you are working on a project that is more flexible and lacks fixed deadlines and payments? Using the time tracking tool, Bonsai looks to have you covered there.

Within this area, there is a button for increasing hours. Click the button to choose a project and add working hours to it. If numerous workers are associated with a project, and you define separate hourly rates, you may specify who worked those hours.

In addition, there is a small timer button in the screen’s upper-right corner. Bonsai sets a timer that records the duration of your work when you click this button. After an additional click, the time worked is added to the project. If you mistakenly click the timer, you may also erase the undesired hours from the project. Again, everything is smooth and uncomplicated.

There does not seem to be a mechanism for customers to monitor this, which is the only concern I discovered. This may be fine for you, but less-trusting customers may dispute your hours, and the platform needs to provide a way to demonstrate how you spent them.

How To Use Bonsai & Bonsai Pricing

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Bonsai from here and click on ‘Pricing’.

How To Use Bonsai & Bonsai Pricing step 1

Step – 2: Choose the plan of your choice and click on ‘START FREE’.

How To Use Bonsai & Bonsai Pricing step 2

How To Use Bonsai & Bonsai Pricing step 2.1

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Create Free Account. You can also choose to sign up using Google. 

How To Use Bonsai & Bonsai Pricing step 3

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Start Free Trial’.

How To Use Bonsai & Bonsai Pricing step 4

This is what the Bonsai dashboard looks like.

Bonsai dashboard

Check out all these options.

What did I like About Bonsai?

Zapier Integration:

Yes, a Zapier connector exists for you. If you are unfamiliar with Zapier, it is an automation tool that allows you to link two or more applications. Here are a few of the possible triggers for you. Paid Invoice, Viewed Proposal, Viewed Contract, and Accepted Proposal.

There are several options for what you can do. Send a thank-you email to the customer, for instance, if the invoice has been paid. If the proposal was seen, wait three days if it still needs to be paid, then automatically send a follow-up email. There are several ways in which using Zapier with Bonsai might simplify your life.

Mac OS X, iOS Apps, and Android Apps: 

Bonsai offers an iPhone application and an Android application so that you can access all of your data on the move. In addition, a Mac OS X application is mainly used for time tracking. It is located on your toolbar and is great if you want to avoid having Bonsai open in a Chrome tab throughout the day.

Get Paid in 3 different ways:

First, Bonsai gives you three options for transferring funds from your client’s bank account to your own. It is possible to link your bank, Stripe, and PayPal accounts.

Accept e-Signatures on your contracts:

Bonsai generates contacts that accept e-Signatures. You sign it on your end, followed by the customer signing it on theirs. That option is also available if your customer wants to sign using an actual pen. Simply save the contract as a PDF and give it to them to print, sign, and return to you. You are taken care of no matter how the customer wishes to handle the contract signing.

Send your Proposal To The Client in 3 Different Ways: 

After drafting and updating your proposal, you may send it to the customer through a link, email it to yourself, or make a PDF and send it. It is crucial to have this flexibility since customers prefer varied document delivery methods. If you allow Bonsai to send the email on your behalf, you may also personalize the message that will be sent.

Manage All Of Your Clients From Directly Within The App: 

Professional freelancers use a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to handle their interactions with prospective customers. Bonsai provides a CRM to assist you to handle all possible customers you communicate with. A CRM is a method for managing your interactions with current and prospective customers.

Bonsai provides you with a CRM that is integrated with the contact form they supply. When someone contacts you using the contact form, they will be marked as a lead. You can immediately determine who you have previously collaborated with, who you are now collaborating with, and who is a new lead. You may also manually add customers using the given form.

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Conclusion: Dubsado Alternative 2024

Bonsai is the best Dubsado alternative. 

Bonsai is a reliable platform for freelancers seeking to operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively. It includes excellent tools for automating crucial aspects of freelancing enterprises, such as invoicing and contracts.

It may not be optimal for bigger organizations that handle numerous projects simultaneously. However, if you are self-employed and on a low budget, Bonsai is the best option for you.

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