Ultimate Guide On How to Start Dropshipping With WordPress 2024

Nowadays, Dropshipping is a booming business model for people who are willing to earn money online. Unlike the tradition for-e-commerce, here you will not have to overhead the cost of a warehouse or any storeroom and also you don’t have to buy any products and worry about its shipping process.

Basically, it’s an online phenomenon that will help you to get started with your first online business within a matter of time. But before moving forward we need to understand some of the important considerations to ensure that your new business should run as smoothly as possible. Here in this post, you will know to combine the power of WordPress right with the ease of dropshipping for creating a great brand for yourself. This post will give a simple introduction to Dropshipping With WordPress. Let’s get started here.

Latest Ultimate Guide On How to Start Dropshipping With WordPress 2024

 1) Getting the Perfect Partner (Suppliers) 

As I have already said here you will not responsible for manufacturing, picking or shipping any products so you need to trust your suppliers. Basically, reliable suppliers are the key to your business to get long-term success.

Great suppliers will definitely have high-quality products and they will deliver a fast and seamless service. They will trust by many successful entrepreneurs, and will definitely be able to accommodate your branding and packaging needs for protecting the customer experience.

AliExpress com- Dropshipping With WordPress

It’s really not easy to make long-lasting supplier connection right away, but you should start building a strong network connection from the day one.  You can see shops on the website like AliExpress to find the suppliers that have consistently good reviews. Just order few samples here, and get on the phone with them and know whom you are working with.

2) Find Out Best Products

When you are searching for what you really want to sell, it is really important to do some market research and find out what’s selling best at the moment. You can easily do this task by simply using research labs like SaleHoo, or you can simply look some of the best-selling products on the retail sides like Amazon. Just go and make the most use of customer’s data and algorithm while snooping on Amazon for potential products.

Few examples- categories like phone accessories and makeup things will always do better, it’s not recommended here to get started with that you can find products to sell according to your choice. The most important thing is that you don’t have to sell here what you love but here you have to know the way to sell it along with how to sell it well to get more and more profit.

Choose Products- Dropshipping With WordPress

Over time you will get new products trends and changes in buying so it will be better to keep learning more and more about niche products in general. Keep one thing in mind your work here is never done, you will have to get you updated yourself all the time.

3) Build Your WordPress Site

No doubt building a functional and appealing site is main and the very important thing to do start Dropshipping With WordPress. You should get through our guides here to create a website here. After the creation of the site, you should choose many pre-made themes in WordPress. Here Each theme has different look and feel so just choose carefully which one suits your business’s brand. Prices of the themes start with $40 to a few hundred.

While choosing the themes just check the responsiveness, supports options, security along with compatibility with the WooCommerce, page loading speed, and many more things. Here just research the developers and kindly read the reviews and forums do full research before downloading the theme.

4) Dropshipping With WordPress Plugins

Here dropshipping will need to be enabled through the plugins. So you should get started with some of the best picks like below:

WooCommerce Plugins- Dropshipping With WordPress


Free Plugins like WooCommerce works best with WordPress and it will also allow you to integrate your back-end system right with the suppliers. In the WooComerce Plugin, you will simply WooCommerce Dropshipping Extension. Here it will automate the order notification and the order details are emailed directly to your dropship supplier whenever new orders are placed in your store. No doubt this one is the best plugins to get started Dropshipping With WordPress.

Inventory Source Dropship Automation — Dropshipping WIth WordPress

Basically, this plugin connects with the supplier’s inventory quantities, status along with pricing to your WordPress backend. Here this plugin will automatically load the in-stock products directly to your ready to ship catalog. Here it will also provide you a list of suppliers if you didn’t get one here. And you will also get the support of a team of experts to grow your business.

AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin- Dropshipping With WordPress

Basically, this plugin is not free! Here this plugin is the only WordPress solution just for creating best websites which will bring you high stable profit. Here this plugin will offer you complete sets of features that will help you in starting and running a successful dropshipping business. Here you can simply use the pricing markup formula just to apply the rules for particular products and items in your store. This plugin really comes with professionally designed themes and you can easily set up and customize it. It will also provide you WooCommerce supports.

My no.1 Recommendation : Alidropship

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Price: $89

5) Configure Account and Automate

a) Suppliers and Inventory:

In order to notify the suppliers when a customer places an order, here you will have to integrate your system with their system. Make sure the plugin you have to choose, set up the suppliers right in the backend of the WordPress along with adding all the relevant details. Keep one thing in minds here the steps vary with the plugins. With the plugins like WooCommerce, you can simply import your inventory file which has been already provided by your suppliers.

b) Email Notifications and Packing Slips:

Just after the input of the supplier’s information integrated with their systems, here add the inventory along with new order emails will be somehow sent to dropship suppliers for fulfillment. It again depends on the other plugins, you will need set specific rules for the emails.

c) Product Attributes:

Right with the drop shipping apps, here you don’t have to worry about the shipping here or manually sending the orders to suppliers, but here you will have to on the top of product details. Simply keep the accurate the products attributes as it will decrease the customer’s confusion along with increasing your profit. Also, try to add SEO-friendly descriptions and high-quality images right on the product pages and if possible upload products videos. And you should always have a competitive pricing strategy.

6) Customize Your Site

Customization of a site is very important just make your WordPress site one-of-a-kind by simply implementing plugins that will optimize and will help you with marketing and many more things. Here you will some of the plugins below:

  • W3 Total Cache:

w3-total-cache-free- Dropshipping WIth WordPress

Simply improve your site search engines rankings along with users experience with the help of this amazing plugin. This plugin is basically designed to exponentially increase your page load speed along with improving your web server performance. This plugin will help you in improving your conversion rates along with sites performance which basically affects your sites rankings. It will help you in improving the web server performance and sustaining the high traffic visitors for your site.


  • Improve conversion rates.
  • Reduces page load time.
  • Optimize the page renders.
  • Improves web server performance.


  • Ultimate Branding:

 Ultimate Branding Plugin - Dropshipping With WordPress

With the help of this plugin, you can fully customize and brand your website. The best part is that here you don’t have applied any code here to remove and replace the WordPress branding right on your site. You can easily add your logo, company name along with colors and brand messaging in order to make personalized and beautiful sites. Here you can also add customs Admin Bar Menu just by using this amazing plugin. You can also start with its 30-day free trial and then make a purchase.


  • Clear consistent branding.
  • Log in screen makeover.
  • Gives a personalized dashboard.


  • Defender:

 Defender Plugin- Dropshipping With WordPress

Here this plugin will protect your site from hackers and many other vulnerabilities. Simply by running regular security scans along with generating vulnerabilities here, this plugin will make sure that your site safety is up to date and safe. It features in 2-factor authentication, blacklist monitoring, IP lockout and many more.


  • Brute Force Lockout.
  • File Change Detection.
  • 404 lockout, IP Lockouts.
  • Automatic scans and blacklist monitoring.

Editor’s Recommendations:

EndNote: Dropshipping With WordPress

Really, Dropshipping With WordPress is a simple and effective business strategy. Now you are able to start dropship with WordPress using our simple guide. Just make use of these plugins which are listed above. I hope this post suits your purpose well. Share this post on all trending media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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