Dropship Lifestyle Review 2024: Is It Legit or Scam? (#Truth Revealed)

Why is investing in a Dropship lifestyle-wise? or confused about myths or scams? Yes! You’ve reached the correct place. I have the most honest Dropship Lifestyle Review for you.

It answers all the questions you have in mind with the addition of more valuable information. Dropship Lifestyle keeps updating time and again so here I have the latest and most updated review for you people out there. Happy reading! 🙂

Dropship Lifestyle Review 2024– Why So Much Hype?

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

DropShip Lifestyle has been crafted to provide students education, necessary tools, and strategies to provide freedom through entrepreneurship. This is a high-end program designed in the year 2013 by Anton Kraly. With the use of dropshipping this program provides the students with a 7-step master plan by Anton to start a successful business in e-commerce. The best part of this program is that you don’t have to stock the products and this feature makes it a very unique course.

Dropship Lifestyle Review

The course teaches you about various aspects that is, selection of products, designing, locating vendors, advertising, social trafficking, global business and lastly trading your store. Guess what after this you can just retire happily and enjoy your life peacefully on some beach or resort, sounds interesting right? Not only this, but DSL provides you much more than material that is an expertise plan towards success, one-on-one tutoring, and much more.

Dropship Lifestyle Review- An Overview

Anton has successfully managed to build dozens of e-commerce stores and all of this was done by using an amazing strategy or technique which is a reproducible system.

This course includes all the material that is given in other such courses with modules that are easy to grasp, but DSL provides immense other features that are way beyond other courses. Life is full of retreats around the globe! Who wouldn’t want that?

To summarize here, a Dropship lifestyle is an effective online training plan to develop e-commerce entrepreneurs.

How Does It Work?

  • To begin with, firstly you select a niche that meets our norms, and we double-check it.
  • Next, we instruct you on how to look for expert top-tier vendors according to your niche.
  • Then, we prepare a theme for you to create your own Dropship lifestyle store (innovative themes)
  • After you have finalized your theme you become a recognized retailer for premium brands after you imitate vendor approval scripts.
  • We equip you with a DSL app that will help you alter updates and help you in attaining automated orders.
  • DSL makes use of validating the traffic network that gets you, authentic visitors, on your website from the first day itself.
  • We ensure motivation at all times since you are always plugged into our community of outstanding people.
  • You always are a priority for our monthly mentoring calls.

Dropship Lifestyle- How it works

What is the Role of Anton Kraly and Why he is so Popular?

We tend to trust the course depending on who is the founder and how much one itself achieved through this. And this brings a lot of impact on people tending to buy this course and pursue this career. So I’ll just brief you a little about the founder cause I think it does make a difference. 

Anton Kraly is a millennial who is a creator and chief executive officer of Dropship Lifestyle. He is a successful founder who has managed to grow many outstanding stores. He has created various e-commerce stores in various cutthroat- competitive niche segments. There are various mentors out there who hype too much but deliver too less but Anton is way different than such mentors, who have created stores that have about $1 million revenue generated.  Just think of this, a business that allows you to travel around the globe and still allow you to create $1million revenue annually, isn’t that the best news?

After his graduation in 2006, he spent $25000 to purchase a delivery course to sell cookies in Merrick. After college, he tried his best to do a job but hated it, and gained a little money, till the day he discovered Ecommerce and Dropship Lifestyle! He first discovered in the year 2007 and initially made an investment of $29 only. And guess the ROI (return on investment) in two years was a huge amount. This broke records and Anton made a revenue of $1million. That’s huge right? Now he aims to break all the other records, he does this with the help of YouTube channel, live videos, and many other tools.

What makes the Dropship Lifestyle unique from Others? 

  • You do not sell a random stock.
  • None of the products are shipped from China.
  • No products that are faulty or require exchange or refund.
  • DSL doesn’t only give you tutorials to select the best items but also helps you verify these products and your niche segment.
  • You only have to spend about 30 minutes in the entire day that provides you with a full-time income/revenue because DSL gives you everything that is needed to automate the websites.
  • No extra lead time is needed.
  • You don’t have to worry about manufacturing as DSL has the best manufacturers, you just have to focus on selling exceptional quality products.
  • You sell reliable items from brands and sellers that want you to sell their products.
  • You only find products that are evergreen on your website.
  • You form real relationships with these brands. And you become an online retailer for brands.
  • Lifestyle retreat as a huge perk.

Benefits of Dropship Lifestyle

The ultimate goal for you will be the learnings from this course. So, here’s some interesting stuff that you will get to learn from this course:

  • Various business models.
  • Methods to fulfill the orders.
  • How and where to find the best vendors.
  • Way to create a brand that provides genuine value.
  • How to select a niche with a huge hike.
  • Ways to commence a semi-automated store that gives you huge profits.
  • Online question-answer discussions.

Features of Dropship Lifestyle

There are oodles of dropshipping e-commerce programs. So why is it a wise option to make a huge investment in the Dropship Lifestyle? Here are the reasons why this is the most favored one out there:

  1. Personal tutoring:  You can master 80% of the entire course through various sources for free, all you need is good concentration and enough devotion. The perks which are everyone’s favorite part include; tips from our experts, a structured system, and guidance from people who have done this course in the past. The CEO has managed to provide aid to more than 10,000 students who have gained a lot of success in this area.
  2. The Anton Method: Anton developed this system even before there was any such a similar system. He is known for generating six figures and beyond revenue per year. He makes this possible by using his famous strategy of frequent sales. He believes in keeping the volume of the sales low but with huge profits and customer loyalty. This marks a benefit over thousands of small profit-making sales as you always have to keep an eye on them and upkeep with every customer. Anton is full of great strategies, right?
  3. Constant Updates The only thing that is permanent is change, correctly stated. Anton makes sure to revise the course and keeps evolving. His websites, material, techniques are all updated to provide you with the best learning experiences and strategies. Recently he’s updated DSL to version 7.0. Learning from previous versions is not going to fetch your millions in today’s niche.
  4. Google Product Listing Ads:  Targeting and segmenting are very important concepts for you to achieve the maximum number of customers. Here, in this course, Anton teaches you much more than advertising through Facebook or any social media application. He teaches you to expertise Google Product Listing Ads, which is far beyond compared to other kinds of advertisement strategies. Definitely, the ROI you obtain is much higher than the one you gain from Facebook ads. He teaches you how to make use of correct keywords and show the ad to customers who are looking for those products.
  5. Shopify Store: Imagine getting theoretical lessons only, on how to design your online store and leaving you to worry and make messy decisions, would you want that? I’m sure you wouldn’t want any such problem to risk your success. Anton along with his team designs and creates the theme, the layout, the structure, etc for your e-commerce business. Instead of screwing up the theme, creating the store, fixing the plugins and still stressing if this all will lead you to success or not, Anton creates a store for you and helps you to skip this step and focus on the promotion of your e-commerce store.

Dropship Lifestyle Pricing Review

This Dropship Lifestyle course has mainly two kinds of packages: a premium package that costs around $2,997 and the ultimate package that costs $4,997which comprises a Shopify store that is done for you by Anton and his expert team, a retreat ticket plus one full year of private tutoring. Is it expensive? Okay, let me take you to the point where we saw the return on investment you gain from this course, which is definitely a six-figure achievement! Do you still feel the same? No, I’m sure. Anton provides you with a map to achieve a six-figure success annually with an addition of the retreat ticket that is flying you to some super luxurious locations to learn as well as party with some great experts. This really is a lifestyle and not just an ordinary course.

We have many people question us if the premium option is sufficient or do I require the ultimate package?

I would say that if you do not wish to invest too much money then the premium option is great, it provides you with the entire training that you will need to set up a successful e-commerce store. All you will have is the blueprint for course, business gatherings, access to Anton’s labs, social media coverage, Google ads training, and the supplier directory by Anton.

What you will miss out is the private coaching, the retreat, and mainly nothing will be done for you. You will have to be on your own. The extra money you pay is for cutting the entire process in short and all you have to do is manage your instant profits along with enjoying some luxurious fancy retreat where you just keep expanding your network and keep learning more tricks.  Wow! Sounds amazing to me.

What does the Ultimate Package of Dropship Lifestyle Include? 

Let’s re-run the latest updates for Ultimate package 

  1. The Ultimate package includes intensive coaching for a year. Where Anton and his team guide you through everything.
  2. The Retreat Ticket is the best part of DSL. Here you bond and connect to intellectual people along with partying and clicking pictures to show your friends and family.
  3. Instead of spending hours, days, and weeks and still not feeling confident about your e-commerce store Anton and his team provide a Shopify store that is already done for you. So, you don’t have to worry about anything because they are experts in this.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Details

The details included in the entire course by Anton are covered below:

  • The master plan of the latest upgrade 7.0.
  • The Shopify store is done for you including the theme and app of DSL.
  • Access to business meetings, gatherings, and forums for a lifetime.
  • The ticket to Retreat. (This is my favorite part where you can travel new places)
  • Expertise in managing social media traffic.
  • Master in gaining high ROI from Google Ads.
  • You get access to the supplier/vendor directory that belongs to Anton.
  • Doing the DSL business overseas as well as outsourcing.
  • Finally, it also trains you on how to sell your store once it’s time for you to sell. (you will definitely gain more than its actual worth

Remember the new version 7.0 has a huge improvement compared to previous ones and you will be super lucky to be a part of it if you grab it soon.

What are the 7 Modules being Followed in the Course?

  1. Selecting the niche: Through Dropship Lifestyle, Anton teaches you various strategies to select exclusive-value products in niches that will only lead you to success. He has seen many e-commerce stores and hence is now mastered quite a lot in this segment. This is the initial module that targets to gain maximum success and wants you to select a niche that could provide you up to a seven-figure range.
  2. Market research: Once you have selected your niche, Anton gives you tips for doing research on products in order to gain maximum profits. He has various suggestions like one should choose products that are available in a variety or the high-end products for which the customers are willing to wait.
  3. Create your online Store:  This course provides you complete guidance for building your online e-commerce store and when you purchase the ultimate package Anton and his team design the entire theme and app for your e-commerce business.
  4. Locating Suppliers: Anton teaches you how to choose the suppliers and vendors you will need and segregate them into categories. And, you don’t have to worry about how to talk to the suppliers since you’ve never worked with them before because Anton gives you access to their phone numbers and email scripts when one applies for approval.
  5. CRO: Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the talent of transforming a visitor into a potential customer. The way your website or online store is represented, that is the layout/structure, the theme you choose, the pricing strategy, or even the color combinations make a huge impact on the psychology of the buyer’s mind. You are taught everything in order to increase your ROI on your google ads.
  6. Traffic: This marks as one of the most important and crucial modules in the entire course. This teaches you how to segment the visitors and target them with for purchase intent. You will gain buyers from every corner of the internet; it may be Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  7. Outsourcing and Automation: This is a new feature for the latest version that Is 7.0. Module 7 is in-depth knowledge to go beyond success and achieve the highest profits.

Dropship Lifestyle- Modules

What you get in the Latest Update of Dropship Lifestyle?

Anton says he’s put in weeks together and worked really hard for this update to make it really efficient. You will benefit a lot compared to the ones who have purchased this course a few years ago. This update includes:

  1. Designing an expert list of your future competitors.
  2. Obtaining suppliers for your grasping list.
  3. To understand how much is too much competition.
  4. Upgraded module for selecting a niche.
  5. Improved and efficient market research strategies.
  6. Completely new outsourcing and automation module.

Dropship Lifestyle Awarded as the “Best eCommerce Course” by Shopify

Guess what? Shopify has announced its winner for the best e-commerce course and the winner for the year is definitely Dropship Lifestyle! It has been voted as the “Best Ecommerce course.” Shopify was trying to look for the best course that is user friendly as well as educational and full of motivation.  It has trained about 10,000 students over 25 countries and has successfully created a great lifestyle.

Dropship Lifestyle- Proven system

Dropship lifestyle is officially the best-voted e-commerce store where you are happy because you make huge 6-figure revenue, your consumers are happy as they get high-quality genuine goods, as well as your manufacturers, are happy. This course provides you with a niche that is evergreen and does not keep changing with the change in trends. Dropship lifestyle has successfully tutored 10,000 students who are extremely doing great with the help of unique features designed by DSL and a lifetime business forum access that helps them to be updated at all times. And definitely my favorite part of the retreat ticket. I hope you’re being the next student too. 

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👉Is the Dropship lifestyle a scam?

No, the dropship is not even close to a scam. This is just a myth. Any person who claims this has either failed in completing the course or is a competitor who doesn’t want you to buy this course. This course has been voted for the best e-commerce program by Shopify. Shopify is amongst the largest e-commerce platforms. They have around one billion dollars of revenue generated over a year. They have around 4,000 people working. Their current per share is about $350. So surely, they won’t jeopardize their business, right?

👉How much does Dropship Lifestyle cost?

The premium package of the Dropship Lifestyle costs $2,997 and the ultimate package costs around $4,997.

👉Is Dropship Lifestyle good for beginners?

Yes, it is created to teach you from basics that are from 0-6 figure range and more than that.

👉What is the Dropship Lifestyle retreat?

Anton says Dropship Lifestyle is much more than a course, it is more of a lifestyle. Every year he hosts a trip to an exotic location like Thailand, Hawaii, and the Czech Republic where they party and still keep making a high revenue. This year the retreat is in Prague.

Conclusion- Dropship Lifestyle Review 2024– Is It Worth Your Money?

Dropship Lifestyle is an e-commerce course where you are the online retailer who sets up an online store to sell products but doesn’t really have to keep an inventory of those products.

Here you just send the orders to the manufacturers and fulfill the needs of the customer. You have the authority to rate the product at the price you wish to and gain the profit margin accordingly. The E-commerce business that helps you go overseas and visit luxurious places while you still make high revenue. The latest update is a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth it. I’m sure even you want to do this course right now! Isn’t it?

Hopefully, this Dropship Lifestyle Review will help in clearing all your doubts related to the course.

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