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Overall Verdict

Drip is one of the best email marketing automation software on the planet! I know because I tested Drip CRM personally for my clients. Drip helped ecommerce marketers generate over $1 billion in attributed revenue. Drip makes email marketing easy with drag and drop email templates. I highly recommend Drip if you really want to grow your ecommerce revenue to the moon.

Out of 10


  • Assistance in creating personalized e-mails
  • Email, SMS, and automation
  • 8x higher revenue with targeted email sends.
  • Segmentations and reports
  • Flexible automation with easy-to-use rules and workflo
  • Integration with WooCommerce is easy and smooth


  • More pricing options needed
  • Needs a BigCommerce integration


Price: $ 19

Drip is considered as a marketing automation solution which is basically designed for B2C companies (business to customer). I have tried it and observed that the marketers send emails to their customers so that they can build a visual workflow and manage leads. This full-featured marketing automation solution has a unique offering for all of us. Drip is quite different from other marketing automation solutions.

I have tried the Starter Plan which is completely free and enjoyed most of the features. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, you can enjoy the Starter Pack with 100 subscribers. The plan offers you all the amazing features which are same as in Premium Plans offered by Drip.

Drip Review

Drip CRM Coupon 2024 : (14 Days Free Trial)Drip.com Coupon (14 Days Free Trial)


Drip coupon code

In this post, we have featured Drip Review 2024 that includes detailed insight about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

DRIP CRM reviews

Drip Ecommerce CRM Review 2024: Is Worth Your Money?

About Drip

Drip was founded in 2013 and after that, it started evolving from an email opt-in widget to a full-featured marketing automation platform for e-commerce business. Later, Drip was acquired by a lead generation software company, ‘Leadpages’.Drip Review- Marketing Automation for Ecommerce

The primary objective of Drip is to provide B2B automation to B2C companies so we can say that Drip is an ECRM (E-commerce Customer Relationship Manager). The five-year growth of drip is as follows:

  • 68 employees
  • 4.7k customers
  • Emails Send: 1.8 billion
  • Customer Events tracked: 3.2 billion

Drip is one of the best marketing automation solutions because it has got lots of amazing features. I have only 100 subscribers and still, I can use it for free. Its Starter Plan is free having lots of interesting features. You can also try the Starter Plan for trial purpose and get the complete knowledge about the Drip team. Here, I am sharing some features of Drip with you which are highlighted by the Drip team for the clients.

The Starter Plan’s Features include:

  1. Unlimited users
  2. Lead scoring
  3. Purchase notifications
  4. Unlimited email send
  5. API (Application Programming Interface) Access
  6. Third-party integration
  7. Email opt-in widgets

drip reviews

I have seen four plans including the free Starter Plan. The other three plans were Enterprise, Basic and Pro Plan. The best part I found out among all these plans is that all the plans have the same features.  The only difference between Basic, Enterprise and Pro Plan is that the number of subscribers. Clients can also remove the Drip’s branding from opt-in widgets which is one of the interesting features of Drip.

How Does Drip Platform Works?

DRIP crm Ecommerce review

The working principle of Drip is pretty simple. If you are willing to get associated with Drip then you just have to follow some simple steps. I have tried this site and observed that initially we have to learn a few things and it will assist us to get our desired outcome.

The interface is quite handy and user-friendly. There are some free trial packs for you so that you can get some brief knowledge about this site. So you can try a free trial starter pack for your and contact customer support for any query.

Firstly you have to sign up with a new account on the site and then it will ask you to make a choice of plan. There are three plans available for us as a basic plan, Pro Plan and Enterprise plan.

The pricing of each and every plan is different so you have to choose the plan according to the number of subscribers. Then make the payment for your respective plan from your debit card. Then you can enjoy the features of your business.  

Integration Method

Drip integrations

There are lots of choices for the visitors like they can either sign up for the free plan which is basically a three-week free trial pack or they can get the paid packs on the Drip site. Talking about the migration of data from our former marketing automation software, we have three migration packages on the site.

Drip Review- Integration

In my personal experience, all of the three packages are pretty good as you just have to choose the desired package according to your requirements.

So if you are willing to migrate all your subscriber information from your former marketing automation software then you can choose any of the three packages like Standard, Express and Import packages. Here, we have mentioned all the three packages that will assist you to transfer your data:

  • Standard Migration: This package involves the transfer of at least 5k active opt-in subscribers without any hassle. In this package, you will observe that it will build one core automation workflow as well as recreates one e-mail template. Talking about the migration timeline, it is approximately 7 to 30 business days.
  • Express Migration: The package involves the transfer of at least 5k active opt-in subscribers. Like a standard migration package, it also builds one core automation window and recreates email template. 3 to 7 days is the migration timeline of this package.
  • Import support: It is available for those client having less than 5k subscribers to migrate. If you want to transfer your data more quickly then you can prefer this package as it involves a telephonic call of 15 minutes. This is the fastest mode of data migration among all the other packages.   

So, here are the three main data migration packages that will guide to transfer your data easily and you can choose any of them according to your subscribers.

Drip Features

Drip prebuilt email and SMS

DRIP email marketing tool

When you try drip, you will observe that it has an intuitive drag and drop interface and workflow builder. If you are a marketer and want to make workflow then you just have to follow six simple steps. These steps are action, decision, goal, fork, delay, and exit that will assist you to make a proper workflow.

Drip Review - Automation Workflows

I have also observed that the interface is pretty good having so designed that you can scroll vertically to note the information at a glance. Once you meet some specific conditions then you can add the exit step to stop.

Drip workflows

Drip is improvising itself as it has introduced a new feature so that it can grab some new customer from Facebook. Now Drip is trying to integrate with the Facebook customer audience so that it can have more target advertising.

Drip Review- Tracking Features

It is quite easy for marketers to create custom ads on Facebook. They can easily start, change or stop these custom ads within Drip. In order to target the journey of Facebook users, they can set the automate workflows.

There are lots of other features of Drip which make it one of the best marketing automation solution providers in the market. The deep analytics feature is given below:

Drip Review - Campaigns Visual Workflows

Here we have mentioned some interesting and important features of Drip which makes it completely different from its competitors:

  • It has 16 action and 18 triggers in the automation rules builder. These action and triggers support lots of different activities like moving conversation, adding tags, moving subscribers to another application.
  • It has a Drip campaign, targeted email messages, one-off emails, and broadcast emails.
  • It also has a segment builder which identifies the groups of subscribers and sends target messages.
  • It allows you to customize email content for each and every subscriber.
  • We can also remove those subscribers who are not engaged.
  • It also has forms, pop-ups, and widgets which can capture new subscriber information.
  • One more feature is split email testing.
  • In order to track campaign metrics, it has 10+ report templates.
  • There are some integrated applications to perform multi-channel marketing functionality.

Customer Support

I prefer drip because of its awesome Customer support as it can give you live chat and email support. The best part is that it also provides knowledge-based articles which helped lots of people. All paid plans consist of live chat support for all the clients.

We can use this service in regular business days (Monday to Friday). Email support is available for all the plans but a free plan only has 30 days of email service.

There are some other support services like a video course which involves complete information to start with Drip. I am personally very impressed with its customer services because it helped me a lot with drip services.


According to me, drip is pretty good in its operations but it initially it has a learning curve. It means that initially you have to learn about the working of Drip and once you get used to it, then you may use each and every task with drip. The best part is that it is easy to handle and its features make it user-friendly.  

The second limitation of Drip is that it is intended for e-commerce business which means that it doesn’t support B2B organizations. Otherwise, it is one of the best platforms available. If you have a B2B organization then you can prefer any other marketing automation solution portal.

Pricing and Plan: Drip Ecommerce CRM Review

Drip offers you 3 plans having different features according to their prices. All their plans are outstanding but I recommend you to go for the Pro Plan. It has all the features that one requires for E-commerce CRM. Also, the plan costs only $99/month which is worth to buy. Have a look at all the plans offered by Drip.

Drip Review- Pricing Plans

  • The 1st is a Basic Plan which cost $41 per month when the client pays annually. Otherwise, it cost about $49 per month when the client pays monthly.
  • The 2nd plan is a Pro Plan which cost you $99 per month.
  • The 3rd and last plan are Enterprise Plan. In this plan, you will get a ‘Drip Online Calculator’ to find out their monthly payment.

There is one more thing that the first two months for the Basic and Pro Packs are free when client choose to pay annually. The features in all the plans are the same and the only difference is the number of subscribers.

The Basic Plan holds 2.5K subscribers and on the other hand, Pro Plan is mostly preferred for the companies having 2.5K to 5K subscribers. If you have more than 5K subscribers then you can opt for Enterprise Plan.  

Drip Testimonials By Real Users

DRIP crm Ecommerce review Drip email marketing reviews

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Conclusion: Drip Ecommerce CRM Reviews 2024 Drip.com Coupon (14 Days Free Trial)

Drip is one of the best marketing automation solution platforms. It provides us with three packs and a set of free trial for those who want to try the features. In the aforementioned article, we have provided its features, plans, packs, and limitations. You must go through these points to make your stable decision. Basically is a good option for B2C organizations.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share your own review about Drip right here in the comment section below. Do share this post on all trending social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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