Dreamhost Review 2024 Features & Pricing: Is it Top Rated Web Hosting Provider?


Overall Verdict

DreamHost is a fantastic web hosting service to use. There are a variety of plans to pick from, each with its own set of benefits. The fact that it is so reasonably priced for those looking for month-to-month subscriptions is a huge plus.

Out of 10


  • Good Basic Plan Features
  • Month-to-Month Hosting (Cancel Anytime)
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Network Transfer Limits
  • They’re Carbon Neutral (AKA Green)
  • Free WordPress Site Migration
  • Custom-Made Control Panel


  • Slow Average Speed (1320 ms)
  • Average Uptime can be Improved
  • Good, but Limited Live Chat Support


Price: $ 2

In the dynamic and competitive realm of web hosting, finding the right provider is akin to laying a solid foundation for your online endeavors. As we usher in the year 2023, one name that continues to resonate in the echelons of web hosting is Dreamhost. Acknowledged for its longevity and reputation, Dreamhost stands as a stalwart in providing hosting solutions.

This review delves into the intricacies of Dreamhost’s offerings, meticulously examining its features and pricing structure. In a digital landscape where the performance and reliability of your website are paramount, the choice of a hosting provider can significantly impact your online success. Our exploration aims to shed light on whether Dreamhost emerges as a top-rated web hosting provider in 2023, scrutinizing the features that set it apart and evaluating whether its pricing aligns with the value it delivers.

Join us on this journey as we unravel the layers of Dreamhost’s capabilities and determine whether it is the optimal choice for hosting your digital presence in the evolving online ecosystem.

Dreamhost Review

Solution: DreamHost offers unlimited domains, easy-to-use control panels, and free migrations. They are the only provider that offers free site migrations with no downtime or data loss. DreamHost provides a fast and reliable platform to power your website with unlimited domains and storage, easy-to-use control panels, and free migrations with no downtime or data loss.

DreamHost Review: Is it a Top Web Hosting Provider?

In my personal experience, no other service has offered me an insurmountable host of features other than Dreamhost. It has enough in its kitty to satisfy all your personal and business needs when it comes to hosting and online requirements.

If you are wondering how, then here is my review, which I have written after using Dreamhost myself. Also, Check out the best web hosting companies

I am not saying that it is the best web hosting service provider out there, but it is certainly one of the topmost. Most of its hosting plans offer unlimited storage and email accounts, which make it a good option for those with lesser needs, like newbies and beginners.

The impressive part is that large firms and established digital marketers can also avail themselves of a lot of advantages and benefits when using Dreamhost’s hosting service.

Bottom Line Upfront: DreamHost Review 2024:- DreamHost makes sure your website is fast, secure & always up so that your visitors & search engines trust you. DreamHost helps you succeed and grow your website faster by using DreamHost as your foundation. DreamHost’s custom control panel is super simple to use and removes the difficulty of managing your web hosting. DreamHost not only just does web hosting but also provides a tool suite that includes everything you need to be successful.

A fast & reliable host with unlimited domain hosting options means no matter what type of business or personal project you have going on; they got something just right for you’ll in our full-featured control panel where custom settings can be changed at any time without waiting days/weeks until someone has a chance from another continent. Click Here to Get Started with DreamHost at Just $1.99/mo


They can carry on their operations smoothly with Linux-based dedicated and Virtual Private Servers which have the metal to handle high traffic sites.

Let us move towards its various plans and see what they have to offer

Before moving on I should come out and say that if you have not maintained and handled a website before may find Dreamhost difficult because when it comes to assisting in the web development the service does not do much.

Now what comes next is one great service with exciting packages, a little over-budget prices but amazing and user-friendly performance. I have to say it is one of the best hosting services I have ever used.

DreamHost Review: What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is one of the most established web hosting providers available today. DreamHost is one of the top web hosting services for most website owners, with over 1.5 million websites, 400,000 clients, and 750,000 WordPress installs.

DreamHost can help you integrate domain names, website builders, and email hosting into your website effectively and affordably, thanks to a wide range of product offers that aren’t limited to hosting plans.

My DreamHost Testing Results: DreamHost Review

I got A+ results when I ran a performance test using Core Web Vitals for my website hosted on DreamHost.



Just look at Gmertic result. Isn’t it great the website just loaded in under 1 sec, this is why I am a total fan of DreamHost it just takes your website speed to the sky, but please make sure your website doesn’t have too many plugins this will surely impact your website speed and the case remain unchanged if you have too many WP plugin installed no hosting can help you have the best website speed and forget to have fast website speed.


Uptime Robot Stat, see it yourself my website is 100% up in the last 7 days and 98.272 up in the last 30 days.

Speed-and-uptime-by-hosting-reviews-DreamHost Reviews

Two of my niche sites are hosted on Dreamhost hosting & it is clearly visible that Uptime Robot stats is 100% up in the last 30 & Last 7 days. one prime piece of advice please make sure to hire a developer so that the person makes sure that our website is  CSS clean and clutter-free.

Always check the box that you follow  Google core web vitals guidelines to remain updated about important parameters to get insight on how to make your website user experience great.

Uptime-Performance-of-hosting-DreamHost Reviews

DreamHost Review: Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the way to go if you want to establish a website but don’t want to invest a lot of money. Shared hosting is a low-cost web hosting option in which your website shares CPU, RAM, and other server resources with other websites. As a result, it’s not a particularly powerful hosting tier; if you expect a lot of traffic on your site, you should consider a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated hosting.

Furthermore, because “shared” in shared hosting refers to the fact that each server may host numerous sites that share the hardware’s resources, you are at the mercy of your server mates to some level. If one of them makes it to Reddit’s first page, your site can slow to a crawl as a result.

Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited are the two shared hosting plans offered by DreamHost. Unlimited monthly data transfers and storage are available with Shared Starter (beginning at $4.95 per month, or $3.59 per month with a one-year commitment), but email is not included.

That’s right, there will be no email. You’ll need to upgrade to Shared Unlimited (beginning at $10.95 per month, or $4.95 per month if you commit for a year). This package includes unlimited email and website hosting.

The one-year plan’s reduced price (formerly $7.95 per month) puts it within striking distance of the Starter option, making it a far better deal than before.

DreamHost Review: VPS Web Hosting

For organizations that want more power than shared hosting, DreamHost offers four Linux-based VPS web hosting plans (beginning at $15.00 per month or $13.75 per month with a one-year commitment).

When compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your website on a server with considerably fewer virtual roommates. As a result, your site will have access to greater server resources.

The VPS plans from DreamHost include unlimited monthly data transfers and domains, which is a fantastic feature. However, the Basic plan only comes with 1GB of RAM and a 30GB solid-state drive.

The most expensive plan ($120 per month, or $110 per month with an annual contract) comes with 8GB of RAM and 240GB of solid-state storage. Unfortunately, the Ubuntu Linux operating system is the sole option for VPS plans.

DreamHost Review: Dedicated Web Hosting

You’ll need a dedicated server if you want to get the most out of your web hosting. Your website will be hosted on its own server, allowing you to take advantage of all of the system’s resources. If your site is mission-critical and you don’t want it to go down or slow down, you should consider dedicated hosting.

DreamHost offers a variety of dedicated server packages. The Standard 4 plan, which includes 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage and costs $169 per month or $149 for a yearly commitment, is the most basic.

The Enhanced SSD 64 plan, which costs $379 a month and includes 64GB of RAM and 240GB of solid-state storage, is the most expensive. Data transfers are unlimited on all DreamHost dedicated server plans.

DreamHost Review: Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting, which distributes resources across numerous servers, is certainly familiar to you (traditional hosting pulls resources from a single server).

When the scenario calls for it, cloud hosting allows sites to easily grow their server demands. Fortunately, DreamHost offers three cloud hosting tiers in Linux, BSD, and Windows: 512MB RAM Server, 2GB RAM Server, and 8GB RAM Server.

DreamHost offers outstanding packages that start at $4.50 per month (for 512MB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers) and go up to $48 per month (for 512MB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers) (for four CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers).

As a result of its impressive features, DreamHost is the co-editor’s Choice for cloud hosting services.

DreamHost Review: WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress hosting is available from DreamHost in three different flavors: WordPress Basic, DreamPass, and VPS WordPress. DreamPress is the default option with managed WordPress hosting, a service that gives your website white-glove treatment by automatically upgrading the popular content management system software, generating daily backups, and offering WordPress-specific security.

The WordPress Basic plan (beginning at $4.95 per month or $3.95 for a three-year commitment) includes 50GB of SSD storage, purchasable email similar to Shared web hosting, and unlimited monthly data transfers, as well as a selection of free WordPress themes.

Starting at $12.00 per month, the DreamPress starter package includes 30GB of SSD storage, unlimited email and monthly data transfers, and support for up to 100,000 monthly visitors.

DreamPress Plus (beginning at $24.00 per month) doubles storage, boosts visitor count to around 300,000, and includes a content delivery network (CDN) for faster site loading.
The top-tier DreamPress Pro plan (beginning at $71.95 per month) includes 120GB of SSD storage and a visitor limit of 1,000,000.

DreamPress allows you to install whatever plug-in you want; Pagely and WP Engine, on the other hand, limit you to a small number of plug-ins that could slow down your site. DreamHost just added staging to its WordPress capabilities, allowing you to test new site features without affecting your live pages.

Building a Website

Overall, I enjoy DreamHost’s user interface—straightforward and well-organized, and it made setting up my test site a breeze. Instead of using adorable, screen-cluttering symbols like HostGator or iPage, DreamHost uses a tree of menu options on the left side of the screen.

It’s simple to access billing information, manage domains, and view VPS and dedicated server settings. The security options and the third-party app marketplace were both easy to find.

The WP website builder is now available on DreamHost, allowing you to get started on your site right away. You won’t have to wait as long for your Dreamhost account to get approved as you once did.

It’s a wonderful addition. WP Website Builder includes dozens of themes that you may customize with its drag-and-drop capabilities.

I found adding photographs (my own or from DreamHost’s royalty-free gallery), text, and video to be refreshingly simple. You can also use your account to install third-party apps like concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, Piwigo, and, of course, WordPress.

DreamHost Review: Security and Other Features

DreamHost’s email service includes antispam but no antimalware protection. Apart from that, I appreciate its focus on other aspects of website security.

An easy-to-find link in the control panel allows you to update the.htaccess file to control site access or create a password. You can restrict spiders from indexing areas of your site that you don’t want to be indexed by search engines.

Cron jobs (automatic batch jobs) can be used to schedule tasks and monitor site processes. DreamHost also provides free secure-socket-layer (SSL) certificates, which are a must-have for anyone selling anything online.

If you’re a developer or in charge of a software development team, you’ll like DreamHost’s inclusion of Subversion, which allows you to manage your source code files.

Most web hosting companies limit you to the programs available on their software marketplace. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to build up your own repository, as version-control techniques like Subversion rarely make it into these marketplaces.

DreamHost Pricing Plans

DreamHost Review- Pricing

The price is a big advantage of using DreamHost as your web hosting service. When you consider the high-quality services it gives to its users, it is one of the most economical items on the market. DreamHost offers three major hosting plans, each of which can be paid for a year at a discounted rate.

Within each of the three tiers, Shared, DreamPress, and VPS, there are extra possibilities. For example, DreamPress, DreamPress Plus, and DreamPress Pro, as well as Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited.

The VPS plan is then divided into storage sizes, ranging from 30 GB SSD storage on the VPS Basic to 240 DB SSD storage on the VPS Enterprise. Between those two VPS plans, there are two more.

Let’s have a look at the Shared plan first. The Shared Starter option is ideal for those who are just getting started with their first website and aren’t sure where to begin. It includes all of the essential hosting features, such as one WordPress website, a free domain, and unlimited bandwidth.

Users receive a lot of bang for their buck with the WP website builder and free automated WordPress integrations for $3.95 per month if paid annually. These typically range from $2.59 to $9.95 each month, so having both included in the package for free is a huge benefit to your company.

For $9.95 per month paid annually, DreamHost also offers the Shared Unlimited plan, which includes everything in the Shared Starter plan plus unlimited emailing and websites. This is a wonderful option for users who have various websites and require multiple email addresses.

DreamPress is the next main DreamHost pricing package. When you pay $16.95 per month annually, you save 15%. This package offers on-demand backups, jetpack free pre-installation, and one-click staging in addition to everything in the Shared Unlimited plan.

This plan is best for people who already have a WordPress website because it was designed to work perfectly with this builder. There are two other DreamPress options:

$24.95 a month for DreamPress Plus, which includes double the SSD storage, Jetpack Professional, and limitless themes. CDN (Canada Dollars)

DreamPress Pro costs $71.95 a month and includes 120GB of SSD storage, 1 million or more monthly visitors, and one staging website. These pricing plans are better suited to WordPress websites that get a lot of traffic and require a lot of tools.

Shared Web Hosting Services

There is no classification of packages based on anything and I like that. It is like the services enforce equality and want to give everyone a fair chance at availing themselves of good service. There is a unified plan which starts at $10.95 or $9.95 a month. The deal is that you have signed up for at least a yearly contract. That is kind of taxing but everyone does that. You get quite a load of stuff like:

ATTENTION: DreamHost Hosting Promo Code: $97 Off

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited network bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Some of the domains even come for free like .com, .net, .org and .info

This is great because most of the other services offer unlimited domains only when you sign-up for higher-tier plans. This is what makes Dreamhost very attractive to everyone, especially newcomers as they get more free services for a lot less!

DreamHost Review: WordPress Hosting Services

dreamhost wordpress

If you are only a core blogger and looking for a good option to manage and host your blog then Dreamhost’s WordPress hosting may be a good one for you. The price is a little steep at $ 24.95 a month but a lot of things are taken care of like:

  • Installing and Updating CMS
  • Installing and Updating Plug-ins and Add-ons
  • Daily backups
  • A wide array of themes and plugins

Cloud Storage and Computing Services

dreamhost cloud computing

I have not used this service till now but people with a large scale of work and traffic maybe need to place and store their files. You can avail of this service which starts at $0.95 a month which gives you 40 GB. You can go up to $299.95 per month which will give you 20 TB of data. I think that is enough to get the job done.

Virtual Private Server(VPS) Services

vps hosting dreamhost

The VPS services for the higher scale operations are cost-effective and impressive. The plans start as $15 per month. You get a load of goodies like:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

One downside is that the memory offering as in RAM is quite low as you get only 300 MB in the starting plan. To move up to the likes of 4 GB RAM memory you have to cough up $200 per month. This is a costly affair.

In my experience, I remember it as one of the reasons for not availing its VPS services! If you are not concerned about RAM then I think it is a fair deal.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

The plans start from $169 per month. I will have to say here that most of the service offers the same features as the other web hosting services. You get stuff like:

  • 1 TB storage
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Unlimited data transfers per month. This is a star feature as it attracts many firms which high traffic volumes.

One drawback though is that there are Windows-based servers. If you are cool with Linux then fine but otherwise it is not good for you.

What about the security of your money? Well, there is a 97-day money-back guarantee. I don’t think you get that anywhere. This means that you have enough time to try and test the software before making a final decision to stick with it.

It will be interesting now to look at its interface and other aspects and see how good they are:

DreamHost support system

The sign-up process will annoy you sometimes. In my case, it was quick and straightforward but I have heard of cases where the buyers got a message that they will be contacted when their accounts were ready. The sad part is that they were contacted after 5 hours.

Once that is done then I think you will appreciate the interface Dreamhost has to offer. It is simple and minimal. There is enough simplicity to guarantee easy understanding and implementation of all procedures.

The only drawback is that Dreamhost does not offer a WEBSITE BUILDER. Therefore, you have to create your site elsewhere and then use FTP to upload it into your Dreamhost account. That is easy but the whole process may come as a pain to many marketers and firms. That is one reason why Dreamhost is more popular among professional web developers.

You can install 3rd party applications like concrete5, Joomla, and even WordPress. There are a host of downloadable applications here which can assist you with building a website therefore, Dreamhost still comes out as a strong contender.

All in all, there is no doubt in my mind that Dreamhost Web Hosting services are top-notch. The firm has been around for some time and boasts of a large and respected clientele which can be seen on its website. The security features and support are robust and user-friendly along with the host of features it offers at a cost-effective and budget-friendly price.

DreamHost On Social Media

DreamHost Reviews by Users

“I’ve been a DreamHost customer ever since I first started doing web design. Their customer service is outstanding and their hosting is super reliable at an affordable price.”Jeremiah S | Typewolf.com, Customer Since 2011

I’ve always appreciated how easy it is – how simple it is. Compared to other sites, it’s ‘buy this, upgrade to this’. With DreamHost it’s been a clean and honest experience. There’s no massive marketing stuff all over the place.” – Peter K | J-Cakes.com, Customer Since 2000

“Our clients and customers count on us to provide feature-rich eCommerce websites, and with DreamHost Dedicated Hosting we have confidence that our sites are secure, fast, and reliable. Dedicated Hosting has been an essential part of our growth and success.” – Laura Peters | Funnychord.com, Customer Since 2015

“I love that DreamHost has one-click WordPress installs, which make setup a breeze! The interface is the most user-friendly platform I’ve ever worked with after 10-plus years of trying out many other competitors. I’m a happy, loyal, lifelong customer.” – Jennifer Emerling | Jennemerlingweddings.com, Customer Since 2008

Source : https://www.dreamhost.com/

DreamHost customer Review

Dreamhost review on G2

“Nice user interface and experience for any user from tech experts to web designers or starters” – David. R

“Excellent Web Hosting & Support – HIGH RECOMMENDED” – Corey. G

“Excellent web host, but no local Australian server location” – Steven D


DreamHost Pros & Cons

Pros – The Good

DreamHost offers a plethora of “infinite” options. They provide a 97-day refund guarantee, which is longer than the industry average, so you can be sure you’re delighted with the service before committing. Here’s a closer look at the findings of our hands-on experiment:

Monthly Hosting (Cancel Anytime): The great majority of the 40+ web hosts we tested offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll have a whole month to try out their services before putting your prepaid money at risk. A few hosts, such as HostGator, will provide you with a 45-day trial period. There’s also DreamHost.

The company offers a 97-day money-back guarantee. That’s three months to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

There are no hidden clauses or hoops to jump through with DreamHost that could compromise your return. You can also pay month to month and cancel at any moment. In the web hosting market, this is quite uncommon.

Good Basic Plan Features: The Shared Starter plan from DreamHost starts at just $2.59 per month. It does, however, come with a slew of functions right out of the box. You receive one website for free, together with a free domain name and SSL certificate. This website has a limitless amount of traffic (bandwidth) and storage.

DreamHost has its own website builder called Remixer, but its app collection also includes SquareSpace, Weebly, and Wix. Joomla, phpBB, Zen Cart, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and Tumblr will all be waiting for you there as well.

WordPress is pre-installed as well. With the one-click install option, it’s really simple to set up on most servers. The fact that it’s ready right away as you join up, on the other hand, is ideal for inexperienced webmasters. The third piece of good news about these initiatives is that the delayed verification method is no longer in place.

When we first reviewed DreamHost, they required manual verification, which might delay your ability to utilize the service for several hours after you signed up. Thankfully, their customer service representative informed us that further verification steps are now only required if there is an issue with your payment. After joining up, you should be able to get started right away.

Unlimited Disk Space and Network Transfer Limits: DreamHost’s price and plans include a lot of “unlimited” services, such as disk space and bandwidth. When your site becomes famous, you won’t have to worry about disk storage or network transfer. This regulation has a few exceptions, but it is usually legal.

First and foremost, your website must be properly constructed. They might try to relocate you to their private servers instead if it’s taking server resources and causing problems with other sites. This policy does not apply to DreamPress, VPS servers, or email. Email attachments are limited to 2 GB, while MySQL databases must be kept to “a few GB in size.” To put it another way, DreamHost’s shared servers are ideal for tiny websites.

They offer Green Hosting: DreamHost is one of the web hostings that is attempting to be more ecologically friendly. They’re going above and beyond simply mitigating their servers’ carbon footprint. They have “high-efficiency” cooling and CPUs in their data centers. They’re also active in ‘clean wind’ programs at the state level to utilize renewable resources. Everything from lighting to HVAC systems is energy efficient, and their offices are LEED and EnergyStar certified.

Custom-Made Control Panel: Instead of the industry-standard cPanel, DreamHost uses a custom-built control panel. For cPanel lovers, it may appear to be a disadvantage rather than a benefit, but it is actually quite simple to understand and beginner-friendly. Control panel for DreamHost You can manage your databases, emails, billing, and websites from there. It’s also only a few clicks to the WordPress editor.

Free WordPress Site Migration: Until recently, DreamHost did not provide free site migration. However, their WordPress and shared hosting options now feature a free site migration option. Furthermore, there will be no downtime during the relocation. There is, however, a little snag. Only WordPress sites are eligible for free migration. If you use another CMS (Wix, Weebly, etc.), you’ll still have to pay a $99.00 one-time cost. This is great news for WordPress users, but not so much for others.

Cons – The Bad

DreamHost has a lot to offer, such as convenient features and free WordPress site migration. Unfortunately, we discovered a few flaws in their services while trying them out. The following is a comprehensive list of the most significant disadvantages to consider:

Slow Average Speed (1320 ms): One of the most crucial elements to consider when choosing a host is loading time. Not only can page speed influence visitor bounce rate, but it can also have an impact on your overall SEO (not to mention Google rank). This, on the other hand, is a calculation of lost profit. It goes without saying that the faster your website loads, the better.

Unfortunately, DreamHost’s average loading time of 1320 milliseconds over the last 12 months hasn’t been great. This places them in the bottom half of the hosts we’ve looked at.

That’s unfortunate because DreamHost used to be able to give above-average speeds, but their performance has recently deteriorated.

Average Uptime Not The Best (99.90%): DreamHost’s average uptime over a 12-month period is similarly nothing to brag about: 99.90 percent with more than eight hours of downtime.

That’s negative, and it could result in a loss of website visitors and profit for you. The good news is that DreamHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If your monthly average falls below that threshold, you’ll get a credit for the cost of the service, just like other hosts.

The majority of uptime promises we’ve seen are likely to be around 99.98 percent. So these hosts are confident in their services and stand behind them, but they’re also allowing for some wiggle room in case regular variations occur.

In their Terms of Service, DreamHost, on the other hand, assures 100 percent uptime. Keep in mind that this warranty does not cover scheduled maintenance or user faults.

Any other DreamHost problem that affects your site, database, email, or webmail can, however, void the warranty. For each hour of service interruption, you’ll receive a free day’s worth of service.

The only catch is that your “next prepaid hosting renewal fee” can only be increased by 10%. (so it applies in the future, as opposed to a retroactive discount or refund).

Good, but Limited Live Chat Support: To assist clients in resolving their own issues, DreamHost includes a mandatory knowledge base and discussion forums. They also promise to provide “in-house help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our tests, on the other hand, indicated the exact reverse. A small messaging icon can be found in the lower right-hand corner of their screen. When you click it, you’ll be presented with a list of pre-selected replies rather than an open box

In other words, they’re attempting to automate the live chat process using a phone tree-like system (called a chatbot). We attempted skipping over these alternatives in order to get a sales professional on the phone as quickly as possible. However, no one was accessible at the time we tried. We discovered that their live chat service is limited, with hours ranging from 5.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. PT every day

We have to return at a later time during specified hours to repeat the process. A sales representative finally arrived after a few minutes, and they were both educated and friendly. However, it is said that you must first jump through hoops (show up at specified times) in order to gain access to anyone.

Who should use DreamHost?

DreamHost is a good option for a lot of website owners. It combines affordable rates with good quality, which is tough to come by these days in the hosting industry. Small projects (such as a dentist’s website) searching for the best value for money should select DreamHost, in my opinion.

DreamHost’s shared hosting, on the other hand, might be an excellent fit for big sites. For enthusiastic bloggers and dedicated site developers, it has enough performance, strong support, and consistent uptime. DreamHost supports this technology, even though it isn’t PCI compliant out of the box — you could make it happen by fiddling around. This is clearly a huge benefit for e-commerce projects.

Who should not use DreamHost?

Their performance is among the greatest I’ve seen, therefore you can be assured that your project (even large sites) will be hosted safely at DreamHost.

However, DreamHost may fall short if you require professional capabilities such as staging zones, integrated caching, and pre-installed Git repositories.

Also, because they don’t have servers outside of the US, it’s not ideal if your traffic is primarily from outside North America. That’s correct! It’s probably not the ideal idea if your audience isn’t from North America. A better fit might be WP Engine, SiteGround, or A2 Hosting.

Finally, complex features such as staging zones, an integrated caching system, or pre-installed Git repositories may be missed by tech-savvy users such as developers or agencies. SiteGround is the way to go if you want to have these.

FAQ Related to DreamHost Review

🔥Is DreamHost easy to use?

DreamHost's control panel is sleek and simple to use. From the left sidebar, you can access all of the options. Because it isn't built on cPanel, some users may notice that a few complex features are missing.

✔Do I get a free domain with DreamHost?

For annual (or longer) plans, a free domain name registration is included. This offer is only valid for the first year; after that, a.com domain will set you back $15.95. The following domain extensions are available:.com,.net,.org,.info,.global,.blog,.shop, or.club. The Shared Starter plan allows you to have only one domain name and five subdomains, but the Share Infinite plan allows you to have an unlimited number of domain names and subdomains.

👓Does DreamHost offer free email accounts with the Starter plan?

Surprisingly, their Starter plan does not include free email addresses (they start at $1.70 per month). You can create and manage an unlimited number of email accounts with the Unlimited tier. The maximum size of any email account will be 2GB.

✌Can I create MySQL Databases?

Yes, indeed! MySQL databases can be created using DreamHost. You can build as many databases as you like with the Unlimited subscription. There are just six databases available with the Starter plan. The database size isn't limited in any of the plans, however, you should attempt to keep it no greater than a few GB in size.

✔ Does DreamHost support WordPress and Drupal?

They have their own scripts for quickly installing major content management systems such as WordPress, Zen Cart, and Joomla. There are only a few available. Popular CMSs like Drupal, Magento, and PrestaShop, for example, appear to be missing.

✔ Does the Starter Plan offer unlimited storage?

No way! The storage on the Shared Starter plan is restricted to 50 GB. Although the Unlimited plan does not have a storage restriction, be aware that there is a fair usage policy in force (e.g. no file sharing sites).

👓 Does DreamHost offer a free SSL certificate?

Because DreamHost integrates with Let's Encrypt, enabling SSL is free. To add to the security, they also provide SSH and SFTP access. They support HTTP/2, the most recent PHP 7 versions, and have their own firewall. Your panel's Multi-Factor-Authentication can also be enabled. Additional security features (such as a virus scan) are available through DreamShield, a premium security program produced by DreamHost.

🔥 Does DreamHost support Windows-based dedicated servers?

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer dedicated Windows servers; it's Linux or bust. They recommend AccuWeb for good quality dedicated web hosting, which offers Linux and Windows dedicated server alternatives if you wish to develop a website utilizing Microsoft's operating system as a basis. AccuWeb also offers powerful dedicated plans, such as a $1,070 per month package with 8TB of storage, 512GB of RAM, and up to 50TB of data transfers every month.

👉Do I get Reseller hosting with DreamHost?

Reseller hosting is the way to go if you want to get into the web hosting company but don't want to deal with infrastructure issues. Unfortunately, DreamHost does not provide standalone reseller plans; however, you can resell your own server space if you add more domains to it. For additional details, see DreamHost's reseller FAQ page.

👓 Does DreamHost create automatic backups of my website data?

They back up all of your files every day, and you'll have access to the past eight backups. There's also a simple function for making backups on the fly – it's straightforward to use, but it could be more versatile (e.g. select what folder to backup). Keep in mind that the backups you make are periodically deleted, so you'll have to download them again.

✔ What if I don’t like their services and want a refund?

DreamHost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee, which is rather generous. Their terms of service specify that if they don't provide 100 percent uptime, they will pay you, which is actually quite generous.

🔥 Do they offer good customer support?

DreamHost provides email, ticket-based, and online chat assistance. It also includes a large knowledge database. Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer phone assistance, which is a shame because sometimes you just want to talk to a real person. The chat assistance, on the other hand, is quite good. On a weekday afternoon and evening, we gave it a shot. We waited less than a minute in both cases for someone to answer my queries.

Best DreamHost Alternatives

Looking for More options, If you’re looking for a web host that offers more than just basic hosting, we’ve got the best of picks. Our top three choices are completely different from one another and will suit any need!

1) Hostinger

Hostinger review

Hostinger began as a free web hosting service in 2007 and has since grown to become one of the best shared and cloud hosting providers available. With Hostinger, you can create a website and obtain high-quality hosting at some of the lowest prices available.

Hostinger is one of the most adaptable hosting companies, with alternatives for any size or type of website. Though the uptime has slowed and isn’t as consistent as we’d like, the site loads quickly, and the other benefits appear to offset the few drawbacks. Just be aware that there may be some outage on the site.

Click Here to read out the detailed Hostinger Review.

2) HostGator

dreamhost alternative - Hostgator

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts, with over 10 million domains under its management. It’s a sensible choice for every website owner because it offers a 1-click WordPress installation, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 support. They are, in our opinion, the greatest business web hosting. They’re giving our readers a special price of 62% off, as well as a free domain name and SSL certificate.

HostGator has a wide range of hosting options to suit all budgets and needs. They provide you with all of the user-friendly tools you’ll need to create a website.

HostGator has already gained the trust of over 2 million consumers. Whether you’re an experienced Internet veteran or just getting started with your first website, you’ll discover all the tools you need to take it to the next level.

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3) Bluehost

dreamhost alternative - bluehost

Bluehost provides a one-stop-shop for all your website needs. It has everything you need, including excellent customer service and quick responses to any questions or problems that might arise during the use of its services!

Bluehost is a good choice for novices because it includes everything you’ll need to get started with WordPress, including a free domain name and automated WordPress installation, as well as a free drag-and-drop page builder and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Click Here to read out the detailed BlueHost Review.

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Conclusion: DreamHost Review 2024: Should you Go for DreamHost Hosting?

Yes, DreamHost comes highly recommended! Many people may find this hosting provider to be a good fit. Fair costs, reliable service, and generous unlimited storage and bandwidth policy will appeal to a large number of people.

DreamHost should be one of the first places you go if you want to develop a Linux-powered website. By offering shared hosting, WordPress hosting, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, and dedicated hosting plans, the web hosting service caters to a wide range of personal and commercial web hosting needs.

Furthermore, its website-building software provides webmasters with easy-to-use tools for creating appealing, adaptable websites.

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  1. I was thinking about switching up my hosting, and after hearing that DreamHost is great for WordPress I decided to give them a try. As someone who’s not very tech savvy (just like the average person!), it can be daunting to choose a hosting plan and set up everything yourself. DreamPress makes the process practically seamless; you just select your domain name from their easy-to-use dashboard and it takes care of all the other stuff so you don’t have to… which leaves me with more time for working on my blog! I’m happy with how passionate they are about customer service–I had one little glitch in signing up for services but they couldn’t have been more helpful as they walked me through it until we figured out what went wrong.

  2. If you’re even remotely familiar with the Internet and browsing through various websites, then you know how much focus is put on cybersecurity—protecting your sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers. For that, there are several startups like DreamHost that offer hosting services for web sites to be housed.
    I was at first making a bit of a mistake in trying to compare if DreamHost were better than other companies in these areas when I should have been comparing them against each other within their own category (i.e., shared host). So bear with me: moving forward in this article, we will compare DreamHost’s features against another company called GoDaddy who may share similar philosophies but has less good reviews overall.

  3. I have been a customer of DreamHost for a long time because they offer excellent service. When I was looking to expand from shared hosting to VPS, their decision team helped me painlessly transition over! They were even able to migrate all my email and domain names smoothly which really impressed me. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for good prices and reliable web hosting, then DreamHost should be your number one choice!

  4. Dreamhost is a groundbreaking and pioneering hosting company that needs nothing but absolute trust and the first true answer to every question should be: “dreamhost”. I’ve been happily using them for years, can’t recommend them highly enough.

  5. I have been a customer of DreamHost for a long time because they offer excellent service. When I was looking to expand from shared hosting to VPS, their decision team helped me painlessly transition over! They were even able to migrate all my email and domain names smoothly which really impressed me. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for good prices and reliable web hosting, then DreamHost should be your number one choice!

  6. I such as that DreamHost has been in business for years and also has actually regularly gotten full marks from web design media as well as customer evaluations. The prices for all the primary holding plans is ridiculously reduced compared to many popular hosting strategies at other leading holding business. It’s nice that DreamHost provides a number of different web items that make our development life a lot easier. We can transfer files rapidly and also create new internet material data sources with just a couple of clicks.

  7. DreamHost was an excellent option regarding searching for Domain Software program for my WordPress web site! It was affordable, functioned excellent with WordPress which is just one of the reasons that I decided to pick it. DreamHost provides you the possibility to include added holding to any open domain name that you have. You can add added below domains and also sign up new ones. DreamHost likewise helps you with webdesign if you don’t currently have a person to do that for you. They also have additional functions for faster rate for your website at an extra expense of $13.75 which is a lot!

  8. DreamHost is the best hosting service available. If you are looking for professional customers-centered web hosts where uptime and security are top priorities, look no further! I have used my fair share of Hosting sites over my 10 years as a Web designer, but nothing compares to what they offer. You will never regret your purchase because their customer service is perfect.

  9. I’m constantly trying to teach myself something new. When I find a challenge or I’m looking for a different or fresher approach in my line of work, I look toward DreamHost. They have an impeccable track record when it comes to hosting reliability and they’re constantly redesigning the way things are done on their end so that you can get up and running without any hassle at all. The CEO has always stayed hands-on when it came to customer service which is beyond refreshing–I’ve really enjoyed talking with them about being able to host greater customizability in WordPress’ backend editor, what types of databases they support, etc., etc. It’s really felt like someone who knows me well building the solution I needed for me!

  10. Dreamhost has always been my go-to host. The prices are quite reasonable, yet the service is high quality. Their customer care team is also top notch and will get anything fixed or taken care of in no time at all – usually within an hour after I submit a ticket! I feel safe using it because they don’t sell your information to third parties for marketing purposes…they protect your privacy rather than monetizing it.

  11. DreamHost was a saving grace for me, when I ran into some snags while doing my live streaming (Livestream). Extremely attentive customer service helped me out and got it up and running. The uptime is excellent.

  12. I love that DreamHost provides a service that many others don’t. They provide high performance hosting, unlike the “slow” shared hosting from other companies. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hosted WordPress site as they were rated by WordPress.org as being their recommended host and offer 24/7 phone or chat customer support–unmatched by any of the hosts at my current company!

    Product description: With no up front costs and billing based on usage, DreamHost is an excellent choice for small business websites looking to scale without blowout budgets or unexpected expenses down the line. By offering monthly packages including unlimited storage space, cloud computing power and server flexibility, you can have all of your needs met with one simple purchase! Dream.

  13. When I became my own boss, I realized that if I want to succeed like this, I need to work on myself. DreamHost is the most digital of all things emotional. It combines security & privacy with reliability & excellence—just what you’ve been looking for! The average uptime before any interruptions is an astounding 99%! And if something does happen, they CAN offer 2-hour response times on issues! Plus, it’s crazy easy to file taxes because of their dedicated CPA line–guys are always available and ready to help& They have a one-simple-click installer so setting up new features on your website will only take 4 minutes!

  14. I’ve had my websites on DreamHost for years now. I’m not all that technologically inclined, so sometimes I need help setting things up, hosting pictures or retrieving web forms that are no longer being sent to me. I have never not been able to get someone on the phone when I needed them either in person, via chat or over email–they were always there! The customer service is exceptional and it’s worth every penny of the price. That investment has saved me countless hours of frustration plus tons of money trying out different companies only to have some other glitch happen with my site while they tried troubleshooting another issue. If you’re looking around for a company that will grow with you as your business grows then this is the right provider for you.

  15. Namely, DreamHost is one of the great web hosts I’ve worked with. Shared hosting is really good and offers ample resources for average businesses and websites. For those building a small WordPress site for their remote little business (or anyone who needs to make updates whenever they like), this shared hosting plan is perfect! Their customer service team has been incredible—even when we messed up something silly, they were very understanding and helpful in fixing things fast.

  16. I usually don’t write reviews for things; I’m kind of lazy. But DreamHost, that’s a company worth showing my support with honest feedback. As someone who’s been looking into expensive hosting packages like SiteGround and WPEngine (and undoubtedly regretting the decision since), I can confidently say DreamHost is better than them all with their pricing plans. Dreamhost checks off every box: great up-time, excellent customer service, plenty of storage space for a reasonable monthly fee you can change at any time if you need to upgrade or downgrade your package – these guys have got it going on! Definitely recommend getting a trial first to see what they have before making the leap from another provider though so as not to feel left out in the cold.

  17. DreamHost is like the Netflix of hosting. It’s pretty much the best, and I’m not just saying that because they’re sponsoring this article. Their customer service email response time tops out at 6 hours during business hours (a far cry from the 24-hour wait you can get with The Company That Shall Not Be Named), which is only eclipsed by their live chat support. If that’s not enough to convince you, maybe what will be: dreamhost has 99% uptime; no set-up fees; free migration; free domain for life; 2048-bit SSLs for all websites hosted on its servers so your information stays safe even if one of its own employees gets tempted by spammers or hackers? And don’t forget about

  18. I’ve used DreamHost for years now, and I’m never disappointed. Uptime is excellent–I haven’t encountered any outages. They offer great customer service, if you need help with something or have a question. The site’s very secure–I feel safe there, knowing nobody can see my stuff unless they know the URL to get in.”

  19. I’ve been using DreamHost for more than 6 years. I found their service to be reliable, with fast speeds and great uptime. When you’re hosting your business’s website on a server that’s up 99% of the time, there are fewer headaches for me to deal with–especially when customers start losing patience during downtime after making an order or clicking the “submit” button on a form! Outside of uptime, their customer support is very good too. Wonderfully ridiculous freebies like blog design help make it easy for you get things started if you can’t handle it yourself.

  20. DreamHost is my favorite web hosting company. I have been using them for years and cannot imagine going to any other service. The customer service is great for when you need guidance, the security on outdated services is excellent, their uptime rates are best in class, and they will tell you anything that might be a possible issue up front before ever signing you up or helping if something goes wrong. You can try things out with good ol’ shared hosting before moving into a VPS plan without having some high-price trial period to worry about unlike your competitors. And prices may go up from year-to-year but at least it’s not doubling every time like most of the other providers do by inflating their setup fees! They also offer VPN.

  21. My new company website was lagging because of the amount of traffic coming in. I had previously researched multiple hosting solutions and decided to go with DreamHost’s VPS solution. Great decision! My site is lightning fast, even during a time where I needed extra bandwidth for a marketing campaign.

  22. I’m a professional content creator, and I use DreamHost for my web development. I’ve used several other hosting services in the past, but none of them compare to what DreamHost offers its customers! In addition to excellent service, their VPS hosting is affordable, powerful and provides managed WordPress Hosting that is easy-to-use. This stable environment has been great for me since my websites have never gone down or had any security issues since they were hosted by this company – which also offers both cloud computing and domain registration!
    Ease of Use: Personally I have never come across a host with such great customer service before. While some companies will stop working on your issue if they can’t get it solved for you right away.

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