Dream Builder Program Review 2024 🥇 Is It Legit ? (Mary Morrissey Review)

DreamBuilder Review

Overall Verdict

Dream Builder Program has all the tools you need to achieve your dreams. You can use them in order to make your life work like a dream and become more active in achieving your goals. It has up-to-date information, and I find Mary's words soothing and easy to understand.

Out of 10


  • Support group available
  • Bonus ticket to live event
  • There is an option to pay for the program in 4 instalments
  • It comes with weekly Live Q&A Group Coaching Sessions
  • Active Facebook group
  • 365 Days Money back guarantee


  • Price is quite high for beginner
  • You need to be committed and disciplined.


Price: $ 497

In this Dream Builder Program Review, I look at one of the most popular courses available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons.

Don’t Call it a Dream, Call it a Plan!

Are you interested in making your dream a reality? Someone who is incredibly creative and eager to learn a sure-fire approach to catch them?

The Dream Builder program is a 12-week online curriculum that will assist you in realizing your ambitions.

You may create your life precisely as you want it to be without having to worry about finances or managing all of your resources in order for your goal to become a reality.

Bottom Line Upfront 😍

The DreamBuilder Program developed by best-selling author Mary Morrissey, has provided me with a life-altering experience. I set out on a path that would lead me to the creation of a life I actually love living over the course of 12 weeks.

During the first several weeks of the program, I focused intensely on developing a focused goal and increasing my sense of worthiness. Setting strong goals and associating them with my inherent value felt really fulfilling. My dreams were beginning to take form and becoming more distinct.

I had to face and conquer several challenges as I worked my way through the curriculum. A mindset of resilience was developed over the course of weeks spent actively combating anxiety, uncertainty, and stress. I developed skills that let me see opportunities in adversity and keep faith in my own abilities.

The DreamBuilder Program helped me tremendously by allowing me to delve into my own mind. I devoted a lot of time to figuring out what was holding me up on the inside and getting rid of it.

😍I was able to make significant changes in my thinking and behavior because to the effective exercises and strategies offered by Mary Morrissey, paving the path for the realization of my goals and aspirations.

Mary Morissey Dreambuilder launch Reviews

Mary Dreambuilder online reviews

Dream Builder Program Review

Dream Builder Program Review: Mary Morrissey Review

Are you feeling disoriented and stuck? I wouldn’t be shocked if you were, given how many other adults are feeling the same way.

Although feeling this way is completely natural, it might be difficult to comprehend how life works at this stage.

Someone may be 25 or even 40 years old and yet not know how to ride a bike. This is perfectly OK, and no one will hold it against you.

The true adversary here is that we prefer to compare ourselves to others during these moments, which demotivates and brings us down.

Today, I’d want to share my honest thoughts about the Dream Builder Program, a personal development course.

The firm is named Brave Thinking Institute, and its CEO is Mary Morrissey. She has a lot of expertise and has published some outstanding self-help books.

Now I’m going to tell you what I think about this course, but first, let me state that my ideas are not affected in any manner.

Who Is Mary Morrissey?

You can’t get to your dream. You must come FROM it., says the best-selling author Mary Morrissey and the brain behind the “DreamBuilder” program. 

Mary Dreambuilder online reviews

She is a life coach and the founder of the Brave Thinking Institute, and she has over four decades of expertise in the transformative sciences.

Her favorite topic is Personal Development, and she is an expert on the “Dream Building” and “Invisible Side of Success” that we are all looking for today.

Mary Morrissey met prominent people three times, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for nearly a week of discussions and talks.

She also met with Nelson Mandela to address a few of the most pressing challenges that we all face on our planet.

Marry Morrissey - Live

Her education includes a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology as well as an honorary Doctorate degree in Humane Letters.

She is empowering thousands of people globally to understand their true potential, and achieve spiritual aliveness, success, and everything that takes you closer to the “Dreams”.

Now, lets us explore what she has to teach us all and what we all may learn from her life-changing “DreamBuilder Program”.

Bob Proctor says, “Most people don’t live 90 years, they live the same year 90 times.”


This is a question I want to address right now. Mary Morrissey is not a fraudster, and she is genuine in many respects.

She has received an honorary degree from the United Church of Religious Science for her contributions. She also holds two degrees, one in psychology and one in teaching.

With only her verified badge, she has over 125,000 Facebook followers – but that’s not all. She gave a TEDx Talk in 2016, and it has had over one million views as of this writing.

What Is A DreamBuilder Program?

Mary Morrissey reviews online

This is an online program with 12 weeks duration. It is designed to train you to figure out what you can achieve in your life. 

Do you want your imagination to come out of your dreams and start turning into reality?

Are you looking forward to achieving success in everything that is related to your :

  • Love & Relationships, 
  • Health & Well-Being, 
  • Vocation and 
  • Time & Money Freedom?

If you answered yes, this program is for you. Its goal is to connect you with invisible success principles that only a few people understand.

Structure of DreamBuilder Program

Mary Morissey Dreambuilder

Let us now examine the course’s structure and how effectively it is tailored to you.

Also, what this program requires of you and how simple it is for you to handle alongside your fast-paced life filled with other commitments?

Marry Morrissey - Lesson 1


This is an application that may be accessed from any place or device. It is entirely online. There is no set time for these sessions, and you can attend them whenever it is convenient for you.


DreamBuilder program’s duration is 12 weeks. There are one to two sessions every week with an average duration of about 30 minutes each.


So, this program is delivered through pre-recorded audio channels that you can download or play online. You can also download the PDFs.

As you can see in the snapshot above, you also get transcripts and coursework. 

Free Extras:

“Golden Nuggets” are golden words that you should learn, retain, and practice throughout your life. These are simply audio excerpts from each audio that you receive on a weekly basis.

You may download and read them whenever you like because they are available as a PDF on the dashboard.

Marry Morrissey - GOld Nuggets

“Course Work” walks you through the lessons that you have to apply practically in your life. It helps you improve your imagination also. 

 With every coursework or exercise you do, you get closer to reality and can see yourself getting benefitted from this program.

Marry Morrissey - Course Work

You are not just listening to the audio, In fact, you are learning to implement the insights that you have gained through this program.  

  1. Duration: 12 weeks
  2. Mode: Online
  3. Channels: Audio and PDFs
  4. Free Extras: Golden Nuggets, Course Work, and Download Transcript
  5. Bonus: 2 tickets to DreamBuilder Live.6 live hourly group coaching calls,
  6. Access to the Facebook group, Personal Concierge

Attunement Meditation:

Along with the weekly program films, there is a 10-15 minute audio session connected to “Attunement Meditation” every week.

This session has the potential to change your life for the better and should be taken seriously.

Lte’s have an Overview of the Contents

We discussed the overarching structure, which is designed to provide you with the maximum value while not interfering with your daily routine.

I was also struck by how simple it is with so many options, including audio, pdfs, golden nuggets, and coursework, especially when everything is downloaded.

Are you interested in getting a glimpse of what exactly is covered in the DreamBuilder Program?

Let’s reveal it week-wise now:

Mary Morrissey course reviews

Week 1: Defining Your Dream

It is only the beginning of the curriculum and will assist you in discovering your potential to dream. You will learn how to use your imagination methodically to create a life that is ideal for you.

The first week will consist of two lessons, which will require two audios. The first audio is around 28 minutes long, while the second audio is approximately 32 minutes long.

As previously said, these audios are supplemented with additional audio for meditation, golden nuggets, course work, and text. [This applies to every audio and week]

Week 2: Testing Your Dream

Now that you know, “What would I love?”, week 2 will teach you how to figure out the answer and worthiness of this new possible life that you imagined.

The second week’s session is a little shorter, with only one audio of roughly 37 minutes, plus one extra audio for meditation.

Week 3: Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

Brave thinking institute reviews online

Last week, you learned if the dream or the prospective existence is worthwhile for you. You will now be instructed to increase your sense of worthiness of your potential life. You will realize that you are underestimating yourself.

This session is divided into two 30-minute audio segments.

Week 4: Befriending Your Fear

Mary Morrissey Dreambuilder

Consider turning your attention away from your fear and completely focused on your dream.

Yes, everything of this will be covered in week 4 via two half-hour audios.

Week 5: Activating the Law of Circulation 

Dreambuilder Mary Morrissey reviews

This week guides you about the power of giving that aligns you with the Universe’s Law of Circulation. How the power of receiving completes this process. 

Dream Builder- why settle for good

We are all part of a bountiful cosmos, and we can only attain our goals if we align with it.

Again, two audios, the first lasting around 31 minutes and the second lasting approximately 28 minutes.

Week 6: Changing Your Perceptions

You mastered the skill of giving and receiving, which allows you to harmonize with the Law of Circulation of the Universe.

Giving and receiving must be accompanied with an attitude of forgiveness. Why do you forgive others to benefit yourself? This week, figure out the solution to this question.

In terms of audio, it will be a short week with only one 20-minute audio.

However, you may have a lengthy “Course Work” to do.

Week 7: Setting Yourself Free Through the Practice of Forgiveness 

It is difficult to practice forgiveness. It is divided into stages and phases. To be honest, it takes practice.

You must make it a habit, which is what you will learn this week.

Dream Builder- Transformation

Long audio this week of about 40 minutes. You need to practice meditation as it is not going to leave you throughout the process.

Week 8: Listen to the Still, Small Voice 

This program’s advanced level begins this week.

With the groundwork being established till now, the next crucial step is to comprehend and acknowledge your “Intuition”. That is your “still, quiet voice” that you are unable to silence.

It possesses the ability to assist you in living the life that you frequently picture for yourself in your dreams.

At this stage, you will start loving the program as you are now full of positive energy and belief. It is like nothing can stop you.

You only need 45 minutes to finish the audio in one sitting. 45 minutes each week of daily meditation and “homework” [doesn’t this remind you of your childhood days?]

Week 9: Building a Bigger Believing: Creating a Support System to Navigate the Gap

Moving on to the next level, this step will demonstrate the significance of developing a support system for oneself. This support system that surrounds you with your supporters may be especially helpful when you are not believing in yourself.

This support system will assist you in moving beyond the dream stage and into action.

This week you get one 41-minute audio and the regular assignments.

Week 10: Changing the Channel: A Frequency for Answers and Solutions 

To discover the endless riches existing in the cosmos, you must be receptive and begin to become more adaptive with the insights.

You learnt how to build a support system for yourself in the previous phase. You will now identify your believing partners and begin making promises to one another. Finding opportunities and chasing convictions will be a basic shared objective here.

This week’s audio session is around 26 minutes long, and it includes practice sheets and golden nuggets.

Week 11: Turning Failure From a Stumbling Block to a Stepping Stone 

This week, you must step back and assess the entire process from the ground up. There are still certain gaps that require your attention, which might stymie your Dream pursuit.

Dream Builder- System of Transformation

The lessons you will learn now are about dealing with failures and continuing to move forward.

“The Gift of Feedback” consists of one audio and one video.

Amazing and motivating. All of this will assist you in meeting a new avatar of your own.

Week 12: Harvesting Your Dream 

You will feel closer to fulfilling your dream life during the program’s 12th and final week. You will realize that it is not the dream itself that is important, but the journey toward your aspirations.

The final audio recording is 37 minutes long.

Life becomes more meaningful when you drive it the way you’ve always wanted to, and with this software, you’ll definitely have access to it.

Dream builder program by Mary

Pricing| How Much Does DreamBuilder Cost?

You have two payment choices for a 12-week program, and price is determined appropriately.

Dreambuilder program launch reviews

One-time payment: $497

4 Installments: $596 [$149 for each installment]

Now comes the fun part. We all enjoy bonuses, and when it comes to our aspirations, everyone will appreciate it.

Here is a list of rewards:

dream builder brave thinking institute reviews

  1. Free Two Tickets to a Live DreamBuilder Session that costs  $1,197
  2. 6 sessions of one-hour live in the form of group calls costing around $1,200 
  3. 3 Meditation of value $84 each
  4. Access to VIP Facebook group
  5. Personal Program Concierge to answer your queries

So, now you have everything that you expect from a program and a life coach. 

How To Enroll In The DreamBuilder Program?

Excited to join this life-changing program? Enrolling and getting started is fairly easy and simple. 

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official program’s website

Step 2: Choose the payment option, viz Onetime or Installment

Step 3: Enter your personal details like name, email, and phone.

Step 4: Choose the payment mode – Paypal or Credit Card

Step 5: Click on “Place the Order”

That’s it, you will shortly receive the details on your email id and you are all set.

What You’ll Get if You Sign Up Now

Four simple, engaging, and powerful components make up this life-changing, 12-week online program:

Part 1: 16-Hour-Long Lessons

Get instant access to your exclusive member’s area, where 1-2 one-hour audio lessons will be unlocked for you each week.

Each of these sessions has a new Dream-Building system key that will help you get closer to your goals.

You will listen to these fundamental and simple classes on your computer, tablet, or smartphone whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.

Part 2: 16 “Gold Nuggets” Guides are shown.

No more searching through your notes for the one you require!

Each of the 16 sessions includes a downloadable “Gold Nuggets” summary of the most important themes, as well as practical, weekly action items, to help you put what you’ve learned into practice.

By implementing these “Gold Nuggets” into your everyday routine, you may quickly develop momentum toward a life that you genuinely like.

Part 3: Guided Attunement Meditations

To attract the abundance you seek, you must raise your vibration. That is exactly what these guided meditations do for you.

Every week, you’ll receive a new money manifesting meditation to help you connect into your subconscious.

These meditations have been carefully developed to compliment each week’s lesson while also encouraging development and transformation.

Make it a habit to listen to these 10-minute meditations every day to improve your abundance and stay connected to the source of all plenty.

Part 4: Twelve DreamBuilder® LIVE Video Clips

Mary Morrissey’s team has compiled a collection of 12 of the finest video highlights from DreamBuilder LIVE, where she and her faculty colleagues lecture from the stage.

This immersive, three-day live event creates an incredible mood by bringing together a varied group of dreamers (from all over the world) to construct vision-driven lifestyles. You’ll get a taste of that energy with each film.

As your “Personal Concierge,” it is also available to assist you.

If you sign up now, they will assign you a “personal concierge” – a member of our staff who will be accessible to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Testimonials On Dream Builder Program Review

 I knew that she could help me not only achieve my dream, but unlock what it was that I was really wanting to experience in life. So I said yes. As a result… my life has catapulted.”

Felicia SearcyCalifornia


Marry Morrissey - Testimonials

Quick Links:

What Is DreamBuilder Live Virtual?

To say I’m looking forward to participating in the forthcoming DreamBuilder LIVE Virtual event would be an understatement. I knew I had to be a part of it from the moment I came onto their official website and read about the life-changing experiences others have had there.

If you’re looking for simply another online seminar, go elsewhere; DreamBuilder LIVE Virtual is an engaging event meant to accelerate participants toward realizing their goals and aspirations.

Sessions during the convention focus on topics as varied as personal growth and financial independence. The information and ideas presented are priceless, thanks to the lineup of renowned speakers. I can’t wait to add my name to the expanding number of people whose lives have been changed by attending this event, as seen by the glowing testimonies on their website.

The interactive, hands-on nature of DreamBuilder LIVE Virtual is what sets it distinct. The event is designed to foster interaction, networking, and the exchange of ideas and experiences among its participants. Being part of such a supportive group makes it much simpler to take in and apply what we learn. At the end of the conference, I want to have gained not only academic knowledge but also a concrete strategy for making my ambitions a reality.

The virtual platform, in addition to the informative sessions, should be of the highest quality, giving users the impression that they are actually there at the event.

The DreamBuilder LIVE Virtual is meant to be both engaging and informative, including breakout sessions and Q&A sessions.

Conclusion: DreamBuilder Program Review 2024dreambuilder prrogram review online

If you’re interested in reprogramming your mental patterns and worldview, the Dream Builder Program is not a fraud and comes highly recommended.

Mary’s words are calming and simple to follow, and the information is relevant. The program as a whole is designed to be completed in stages, so don’t expect an instantaneous makeover.

There are a ton of audio, self-practice tools, and PDFs available, and the application was clearly put together by professionals.

The flexibility of its payment options—whether you pay in whole or in installments—makes purchasing a breeze.

The first investment for DreamBuilder is $497.

You should take advantage of the perks while you can because they will expire after a certain period of time.

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  1. I never thought I could be the person I am today. As a high school student, it seemed out of reach. But now with Dream Builder Program, I feel like this is my moment. When you’re in a 12-week program that provides all the tools to design your life and live your dream life how do you turn something down? The Dream Builder Program has held my hand through my darkest moments during these past few months where everything seemed impossible just because I didn’t know what to do next.

  2. The Dream Builder is a simple but proven system to unlock your life’s Spiritual Side of Success. It is a proven, 90-day process that will take you from your point of stagnation to a free, fulfilled and confident level. The process is divided into 12 weeks.
    The program is cheap when you consider the amazing long-term benefits you will get from it.
    It comes with Live Q&A Group Coaching Sessions on a weekly basis.
    I got to benefit a lot!

  3. The program proved to be very fruitful to me!
    It’ll help you discover your capacity to dream. You will also learn how to apply your best thinking to create a possible life that you would absolutely love to live!
    You should really try the program, it’ll be beneficial!

  4. The program came out to be very useful for me .
    Mary Morrissey has a very clear pronunciation, which helps in focusing on what she teaches.
    She focuses on the Law of Attraction. The program is mainly about mental habits and true beliefs which will help you achieve your goals.

  5. I never thought I could be successful. My mind said it was not possible and my heart would just give up. But then thanks to the Dream Builder Program, I found that what I really wanted out of life is a possibility for myself. The course helped me break through those bad habits that had been holding me back from living the life of my dreams. It’s such an amazing feeling when you no longer care about what other people think – because you are finally realizing your own worth for yourself!
    I felt so afraid opening up this program in front of everyone but as soon as I did, patterns started showing up everywhere and they were telling me exactly how to change my future forever!

  6. The Dream Builder program has helped me a lot!
    It has helped me identify my dreams and the correct mental habits to achieve it.
    The course focuses on important mental skills for your dreams to come true. It has enough content that will keep you engaged and the pace of it just perfect!
    The price is a bit high, but it surely is worth it!

  7. The Dream Builder Program is a great way for me to feel like I am living my dreams now. By providing you the guiding scripts for every part of your life, the program helps to revive and invigorate what’s been dormant inside of you so that you can live an inspired, passionate new life.
    The Dream Builder Program is an inspiring journey in self awareness through questions about sociology and education. These challenges will cause any learner with a curiosity for growth all the motivation they need to find more fulfillment in their lives by coming up with the answer themselves without being led by others!

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