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Donna Farhi Masterclass Review 2024: Is This Worth Buying?

Donna Farhi Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

The takeaway from Donna Farhi's masterclass is that yoga is a powerful tool to cultivate personal growth, both on and off the mat. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Donna Farhi provides an illuminating class that offers tangible wisdom for everyone who chooses to attend.

Out of 10


  • Boosts your mood and concentration
  • It’s effective – for me anyway
  • Focus on inner awareness to evolve & personalize your own safe practice
  • Improves flexibility and releases tension


  • Quite a short class
  • Not for everyone


Price: $ 15

Donna Farhi is a yoga instructor who has been teaching around the world for over three decades.

Her recent masterclass was nothing short of extraordinary, as she shared her profound knowledge and insight into the practice of yoga.

Donna Farhi Masterclass Review

In this Donna Farhi Masterclass Review, we’ll explore what participants experienced in this unique and enlightening experience.

Who is Donna Farhi?

Yoga instructor Donna Farhi has been practicing for more than 40 years.

She has published five books on the practice and teaching of yoga, authored several articles for Yoga International and The Yoga Journal, and been recognized as a top instructor in numerous magazines, including Elle.

Donna is a well-known teacher who promotes a more liberated kind of practice that puts less emphasis on the physical body and more on the “power that animates the body.” A concentration is far more consistent with the classical yoga philosophy.

Donna Farhi

Her instruction incorporates movement, breathing, and anatomical fundamentals.

Above all else, she wants to help her pupils develop an inner awareness that will allow them to develop their own practices safely and in accordance with their own requirements and skills.

Donna’s prolonged recovery from a major riding accident given her newfound understanding of the body’s capacity for self-healing. This now influences how she teaches.

What Will you Learn in the Donna Farhi Masterclass?

The yoga practice is thoroughly and in-depth examined in Donna Farhi’s Masterclass. Ten video sessions, each lasting between five and fifteen minutes, a 36-page workbook, and access to an online forum are all included in the course.

The workbook includes a biography of Donna Farhi, a primer on yoga, a glossary of words, illustrations of typical positions, and much more.

Donna Farhi gives a brief introduction at the start of the session, outlining her views on the practice of yoga and her own philosophy.

She describes how, for this Masterclass, she has condensed her forty years of knowledge into the purest forms of yoga practice.

She outlines the course’s objectives, which include teaching students how to commit to a program of relaxation, healing techniques for overcoming restricting situations, how to set up for fundamental poses, how to listen to their bodies, and how to develop an awareness of what matters in the world.

1. Meet your instructor: 

In this lecture, Donna Farhi provides an overview of the Masterclass and herself. She discusses the principles and concepts behind the practice of yoga as well as her training and experience in the field.

She outlines the course’s objectives, which include teaching students how to commit to a program of relaxation, healing techniques to get over limiting situations, how to set up fundamental postures, how to listen to their bodies, and how to develop an awareness of what matters in the world.

Donna Farhi Masterclass review

2. What is Yoga?:

Donna gives a brief history of yoga and outlines its goals in this class. She makes it clear that the goal of the exercise is to identify the constant and accessible element of oneself.

She urges pupils to comprehend that the practice entails accessing what already exists rather than creating something new.

3. Essential Breath: 

Donna discusses the significance of breathing control in this session as well as how it affects the neurological system and feelings of tension or worry.

This session is mostly practical and covers activities to increase awareness of typical breathing patterns, abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, and tracking the development of breathing patterns.

4. Yoga warm-up practices: 

This session emphasizes the value of warm-up exercises to get the spine and joints ready for more demanding postures.

Donna leads the class through many warm-up exercises, such as the basic figure 8 loop, the forager fold, and the cat stance. In case the learner has any restricting factors, she also shows how to utilize the appropriate props and modifications.

5. Building your foundation: 

In this session, Donna highlights the importance of developing a yoga foundation by mastering the fundamental concepts of movement and postures.

She makes a point of highlighting the value of connecting with the body and the breath via this position.

6. Exploring different types of Yoga: 

Donna teaches the many forms of yoga, such as Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa, to the class in this lecture. She describes the special qualities and advantages of each kind as well as how to incorporate them into one’s own practice.

7. Yoga for Stress and Anxiety: 

The main topic of this session is using yoga as a stress-reduction technique. In addition to offering helpful exercises and ways to reduce symptoms and encourage relaxation, Donna describes the physiological impacts of stress and anxiety on the body.

8. Yoga for Healing and Recovery: 

This session focuses on the therapeutic advantages of yoga, especially for those with limiting illnesses or injuries.

Donna shows how yoga may be utilized to aid healing and rehabilitation and offers modifications and adjustments for those with injuries or restricting circumstances.

9. Yoga for Strength and Flexibility: 

This session focuses on using yoga to increase strength and flexibility. To assist students to develop strength and flexibility in a secure and efficient manner, Donna offers a range of exercises and positions.

10. Yoga for Life: 

Donna underlines the value of yoga as a lifetime practice in the last class. She exhorts pupils to go on with and incorporate their practice into their everyday life. She also offers advice and sources for more research and training.

For the purpose of enhancing learning, Donna Farhi offers thorough explanations, thorough descriptions, and useful screen images throughout the course. Additionally, she provides pupils with limiting circumstances with changes and adjustments.

In conclusion, Donna Farhi’s Masterclass provides a thorough and in-depth examination of the yoga discipline. It is ideal for anybody who wants to learn more about yoga and improve their practice, regardless of experience level.

With an emphasis on relaxing, healing, and connecting to what matters in the world, the class provides a distinctive and new take on yoga.

Donna Lessons

Why Do I Recommend This Masterclass?

1. Extremely effective:

I’ve been doing yoga for three years, on and off. Perhaps it has to do with the specific discipline I picked (Iyengar), which is quite rigid about alignment and form.

But despite the fact that I did well in them, I’ve always considered the courses to be a little bit stressful. Instead of learning how to feel aligned inside the position, the posture’s form is continually emphasized.

It was undoubtedly more pleasurable to learn with Donna because of her less rigid teaching approach and focus on paying attention to your body as you develop your practice.

2. Utilizing screen visuals and camera angles effectively for complete clarity:

This is something that neither a live class nor a YouTube video can provide (at least not in my experience). These perspectives and notes truly aid in understanding how the postures and motions should feel and seem.

3. Great balance of theory and practice:

The majority of the courses in this course are fairly practical, with the exception of two brief documentary-style lectures at the beginning.

To encourage safe practice, thorough explanations of what is occurring and why are provided as postures are shown, using anatomical principles as a guide. Onscreen visuals provide strong support for this.

4. Caters to a range of individual needs:

Donna employs all of the most efficient teaching techniques possible in a pre-recorded lesson. Donna shows many places of entrance into yoga exercises utilizing students with varying skills.

She also demonstrates how to utilize props to get around restrictions and, most importantly, how to pay attention to your body. aiming for the optimum balance and most advantage for your particular requirements rather than a flawless form.

I like the way skills were deftly broken down and sequentially executed, as well as the diversified approach to practice. It was also wonderful to see some examples of “what not to do” along the road.

It is very beneficial to see typical errors made while starting a movement, as well as concise justifications for why they must be avoided.

5. Lessons are well-structured and built upon one another:

The lessons in Donna’s program flow well into one another and are thoughtfully organized. Different stances and motions are described, shown, and then blended in a manner that fosters comprehension and speeds up development.

If you wish to go further into a certain position, there are also onscreen references to the workbook where you may find additional details.

6. A thorough course on the foundations of yoga delivered by a reputable instructor that is based on anatomical principles:

This is a thorough course that covers several entry points into the yoga foundations. The fact that Donna had such confidence in her understanding of the body and hearing things expressed so simply was comforting (to me).

You will value Donna’s straightforward writing style if, like me, you need to comprehend how and why things function in order to truly interact with them.

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Conclusion: Donna Farhi Masterclass Review 2024

At Donna Farhi’s masterclass, participants were presented with an unforgettable experience that will stay with them long after the event has passed.

Through her engaging teachings and clear advice, each individual left feeling inspired and ready to take their practice even deeper.

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Donna Farhi’s masterclass is sure to provide a unique and enlightening experience.

The takeaway from Donna Farhi’s masterclass is that yoga is a powerful tool to cultivate personal growth, both on and off the mat.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Donna Farhi provides an illuminating class that offers tangible wisdom for everyone who chooses to attend.

By deepening their yoga practice in this way, participants are sure to receive many benefits both physically and mentally. For those seeking an enlightened journey of self-discovery, Donna Farhi’s masterclass should not be missed.

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