10 Best Domain Appraisal Services 2024: How Do I Get A Domain Name Appraised?

Finding the right value for a domain name can be tricky. Whether you’re buying or selling, knowing the true worth of a domain is crucial.

I remember trying to sell my first domain without knowing its real value. It felt like I was shooting in the dark. That’s when I discovered domain appraisal services.

They helped me understand exactly how much my domain was worth, giving me confidence and clarity. In this article, we’ll explore the best domain appraisal services available.

These services can save you time, money, and hassle by providing accurate and reliable estimates.

Let’s get started right away and find the best tools to help you make informed decisions about your domain names.

How Do You Calculate The Real Value Of a Domain?

Before using the following domain appraisal services to determine the value of your domain, it is helpful to understand the factors that influence the valuation of a domain name.

In general, the valuation is calculated using the following factors:

  • What is the popularity of domain extensions?
  • Name length – the shorter the name, the easier it is to remember.
  • Simple, easy-to-spell names with no special characters score higher.
  • Phonetics is important; nice-sounding names are more valuable.
  • Whether the name is applicable globally or locally.
  • Business potential entails whether or not the domain name has any inherent commercial value.
  • The domain is in high demand in the market.
  • Recent sales of similar domains.

10 Best Domain Appraisal Services 2024

1. GoDaddy

godaddy overall pricing

GoDaddy is a quick platform where you can check the exact domain value with a single click. It has been in business for over 20 years. This expertise, combined with AI and real-time sales data, ensures that you receive highly qualified results.

When you search for the value of your domain at GoDaddy, the service will display a list of similar domains and their values to assist you in making the right decision.

This tool will calculate the value of a domain based on its name and keywords.

Key Features:

  • In seconds, the appraisal tool displays the value of any domain.
  • You can use a domain broker service to contact the seller directly and make the best offer.
  • Domain renewal software
  • Domain and other private data are highly protected.
  • A functional auction site for bidding on domain sales.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is one of the most well-known websites for domain and online business flipping. On this marketplace, internet entrepreneurs purchase and sell online businesses.

They provide a form that allows you to enter basic information about your website, and their technology calculates the exact value of your business.

Key Features: 

  • Price calculation based on visits
  • Integration of Advertising with SEO Tools
  • Domain expiration warning 
  • Portfolio monitoring instruments

3. Flippa


Flippa is a premium platform that provides efficient site buying and selling capabilities; for example, you can buy and sell Amazon FBA stores, SaaS businesses, Shopify stores, digital services, blogs, online real estate businesses, and SEO.

You can purchase a premium digital business and become a successful entrepreneur at very reasonable prices.

You can easily browse top digital ventures for sale on Flippa and make the best investment decision.

It does not stop there; it also provides optimized domain ideas for the guaranteed appraisal of your newly purchased site. Furthermore, you can sell your domain on Flippa at the best possible price.

Key Features:

  • Automated banner creation for your selling company’s Flippa homepage
  • An active buyer list of up to 500,000 receives the company’s daily newsletter.
  • Custom video production based on your entrepreneurial journey
  • Syndication through third-party platforms such as BizBuySell and Axial
  • Reporting on optimization for free

4. WebsiteOutlook


WebsiteOutlook employs over 20 statistics tools to accurately present the value of your website appraisal. It displays basic statistics about the valuable domain, such as its Alexa ranking.

Furthermore, backlinks, page and domain authorities are all involved in the preceding procedure.

WebsiteOutlook’s services are not limited to domains. You can also get a detailed overview of your websites here, including meta tag information, HTTP header compatibility, code-to-text ratio, and other vital tag analysis.

Key Features:

  • Traffic rank, SERP tool, and cost
  • Detailed keyword research
  • Network information such as IP address, internet service provider, server location, and so on.
  • Compatibility with WHOIS servers

5. Free Valuator

free valuator

A free valuator, as the name implies, appraises any desired domain for free, with the option to check multiple of them at once.

Free Valuator is regarded as one of the best free domain appraisal service providers and does not skimp on the quality of the results.

The domain you enter is valued using an exclusive algorithm that combines domain keywords, statistics based on the name, its website ranking, and selling rates of similar domains.

Experts in the field and domain registration options help them provide professional domain-related services. Several factors are taken into account when determining the value of a domain. The relevant report is delivered to you within 1-3 business days.

Furthermore, Free Valuator’s domain sales history tool is completely reliable in displaying the value of domains similar to yours, giving you a clear idea for the next step.

Key Features:

  • Web tools like Domain generators 
  • Checkers for Alexa and Moz Rank
  • Results from the WHOIS page
  • Crowdsourcing is an option in which the audience determines the true worth of your domain.
  • Facebook Worth Checker allows you to estimate the value of your Facebook page and likes.
  • A combination of a list and a random domain generator
  • Domain checker in bulk

6. Sedo


An outstanding domain auction website, Sedo.com, facilitates the uncomplicated purchase, sale, and parking of domains.

Sedo is an ideal platform for those in need of an optimised domain for a newly launched website, brand protection through domain acquisition, investment opportunities on valuable domains, bespoke site addresses for marketing campaigns, etc.

If you are interested in selling your unused, premium, or parked domains, Sedo is once again a helpful resource.

Key Features:

  • Numerous excellent domain names are available on the domain marketplace.
  • Registration and transfer of domains without cost
  • Secure domain trading Expert domain brokers who provide invaluably advise and charge a commission-only fee for successful transactions.
  • Options for domain parking to earn money through matching ad connections
  • 25 multilingual customer service
  • Contains domain information on WHOIS search sites, special blogs, and videos, etc.

7. Domain Price Checker

Domain Price Checker

The artificial intelligence-powered technology of the domain price checker can determine the projected value of your domain by comparing it to 2,600,000 domain transactions throughout the web.

Here, you can assess the value of any domain for free with a single click.

The platform possesses highly sophisticated analytical tools that generate insightful reports based on domain-specific data acquired.

These studies illustrate domain value, search engine compatibility, online statistics, keyword volume, Google trends, and other comparable factors.

Key Features:

  • Rest API enables simple domain integration into any design.
  • Artificial intelligence help
  • Checks the neutral domain without external interference.
  • Detailed accounts of key domain insights

8. Epik


Epik is a highly functional framework for quickly and reliably performing domain evaluations, including mass searches. The platform guarantees the best prices for selling domains.

The Epik domain marketplace is a comprehensive platform for registering and evaluating domains.

Epik provides free WHOIS searches, forwarding options, and expert support for domain evaluations around the clock. Internal tools display your domain’s monthly search volume.

This platform is distinguished from other domain valuation services by its extensive payment options, such as Bitcoin, credit cards, AllPay, wire transfers, transfers, and Western Union.

Key Features:

  • Integration with Bitmitigate for the superior content distribution network and denial of service mitigation
  • The report is based on domain analysis conducted by industry professionals.
  • Top domain marketplace
  • Specialized hosting services
  • Premium domain escrow services
  • Certificate for Secure Socket Layer

9. Domain Index

Domain index

Domain index is an all-in-one platform that enables domain evaluation, extraction, verification, and searching on the WHOIS web admins page with a single click.

You can acquire automated or manual estimations, contact specialists for TLDs, and claim names instantaneously using their vast marketplace of resources.

In addition, it contains a variety of keyword optimization tools, such as SLD and meta keyword extractor, subject extractor, backlink anchor finder, etc.

A second group of Domain index tools categorised under the creative tools comprises every significant attribute for domain-related inquiries. These include domain and auto-text generators, language detectors, IDN converters, and domain logo generators.

Similarly, the Domain index has a number of research tools, lead generation tools, monitoring, statistics, and evaluation tools.

Key Features:

  • Support by Skype, email, and phone
  • Single, bulk, manual appraisals
  • CPC and PR in Bulk WHOIS research
  • Check of numerous trademarks for domain availability
  • Search term, meta keyword extractor
  • Generator of general and advertising leads
  • Domain and subject identifier
  • Find backlink anchors
  • Filter, subtractor, and generator for the domain

10. EstiBot


Estibot is a reliable and popular free valuation service that provides over 1.3 million valuations per day.

Its search engine is relied upon by registrars, parking companies, investors, and the Internal Revenue Service to generate an accurate fair market value based on historical sales and other criteria.

Some features include appraised drop lists, a lead generator for end-users (to help you sell your URLs), a bidding tool for advertisers, and API access. Estibot also offers valuation certificates for a nominal fee.

Key features:

  • Every day, we evaluate over 2 million domains.
  • Assesses domains in seconds, whether they are one or one hundred thousand.
  • Accepts inputs in any format – from CSV to text to HTML
  • Using EstiBot’s API, you can integrate its data into tools you already use.
  • Premium appraisal tools and power tools are available with all plans.
  • Appraised drop lists.
  • Certificates of appraisal are provided.
  • Investors, banks, the IRS, and accountants all rely on appraisals.

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Conclusion: Best Domain Appraisal Services 2024

Domain valuation is required when selling or purchasing a domain in order to determine its actual value on the digital market.

This article discusses the leading domain evaluation services offered by a variety of platforms.

I hope that, after reviewing our research of each provider, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the true worth of a domain name you’re planning to buy or sell.

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