Digital Vidya Review 2024: Are They Worth It ? (Pros & Cons)

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Approximately 3.2 billion individuals across the world use social media. In fact, Facebook alone has an audience of 2.38 billion active users and Snapchat has 190 million active users. All these platforms are actively utilized for marketing different products and services.

That’s not it. According to internet live stats, google processes 40,000 searches per second. All combined, it does make the internet a part and parcel of our daily lives – both personally and professionally. So, that’s where the Marketers are trying to look for customers.

Not long ago, I was looking to complete a dedicated course in digital marketing to advance my knowledge in the field. Since I was not willing to complete an MBA or enroll for a full-time 2-3-year educational degree, a certification course seemed like the best bet. That is when I turned to Digital Vidya.

Digital Vidya Review - Digital Vidya

I read several Digital Vidya reviews online on Glassdoor, Quora, and various other different reviews posted by individual learners.

Check out the screenshot of one particularly interesting review I found on Quora:

Once I was sure of the quality, I checked the website and enrolled for a demo course. The demo removed all my doubts so I enrolled for the Digital Marketing Master Course immediately after the demo.

Digital Vidya Review

Digital Vidya Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?? (HONEST REVIEW)

Detailed Digital Vidya Review

Personally, I have always preferred experiences of people rather than a description of the course. Hence, before enrolling, I checked multiple Digital Vidya digital marketing course reviews. Based on these reviews, as well as my personal experience gained after completing the course, I have listed the reasons for choosing this course in particular.

Digital Vidya Review - Digital Marketing master course

  1. The topmost reason is that Digital Vidya was one of the first companies to start digital marketing training in India (in 2009). Since then, they have only upgraded their standards, courses, and tutors.
  2. The clarity of the course, curriculum, and every inclusion is apt as per the current market standards. This stays true even if you take the course after one year as they keep updating their curriculum according to the market and corporate requirements.
  3. If you are a digital marketer, you may have always thought of specializing in one area such as SEO, SEM, SMM, etc. Digital Vidya offers specialized courses for dedicated learning, which is a unique feature you would rarely find in other top courses.
  4. Many of Digital Vidya’s top faculties are Microsoft and Google Certified Trainers. These trainers are award-winning marketers with years of practice in digital marketing. This means that you receive knowledge from the leading industry influencers. They are the ones to detect small market changes.
  5. They have more than 250 placement partners, which is more than what many of the colleges and institutes can offer. So, not only will you receive proper education but you will also get a chance to get placed in a renowned company.
  6. Apart from visual and content-based learning, one of the amazing features of the digital marketing course is practical training. You won’t have to spend additional time to practice concepts at home as Digital Vidya’s digital marketing course includes research-based training and internships for advanced practical learning.

Now, a little proof for all the above pointers:

Just go to and type digital marketing course in India.

It is a generic keyword that would cross the mind of any individual willing to learn digital marketing.

Once you hit enter, just scroll the page and you will find Digital Vidya’s link on 4th or 5th position. And I am not talking about paid ads, you will find Digital Vidya in the organic feed.

It is rightly said that you should ‘practice what you preach.’ Only in Digital Vidya’s case, it is ‘practice what you teach.’ From content marketing to search engine optimization, they have an overall optimized digital media image.

Do you still have doubts?

Check out Digital Vidya’s blog. You can learn a lot by only reading the blogs updated by Digital Vidya regularly. They have posted valuable content about almost every topic they teach. You can go through articles and gain a gist of what digital marketing is all about.  

Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Course Review

Digital Vidya always keeps updating their courses, topics, and sub-topics. This is achieved to stay updated with the market and industry. Hence, it is possible that you would have some things different in your course. But, overall, it would contain all the necessary aspects and topics as I have mentioned below.


However, I personally suggest learning some basic things about the aspects given below. It would help you grasp the knowledge sooner in an effective manner.

Let’s dive in and see what Digital Vidya’s digital marketing course contains:

1.     Search Engine Optimization

The course would start with the basics of search engine optimization, which includes crawling and indexing. Both concepts are widely known but rarely understood. The course would improve the understanding of these aspects and then move forward to on-page and off-page SEO. Here, you will learn how to optimize your content, social image, HTML, backlinks, and other aspects.

Digital Vidya Review - SEO

The course will also explain the methods for keyword search, SEO audits, and usage of Google Analytics including which SEO KPIs to measure and how to conduct screaming frog SEO spider audit.

In all, you will learn to decipher human psychology behind particular activity such as reading content, searching, etc.

2.     Search Engine Marketing

While the module will explain various aspects of SEM, both Google AdWords and Mobile Ads would stay the center of attraction. You will learn to write and create ads, optimize these ads, and decide bidding budget. Everything from ad creating policies and practices to landing page essentials will be covered under this module.

Search Enigne Marketing- Digital Vidya Review

In the following sections of this module, you will gain knowledge of Google Display Network (such as RLSA, campaign creation, and remarketing), mobile ad campaigns, Google shopping ads, and YouTube marketing.

3.     Social Media Marketing

Any marketing platform that you can think of is in this module. From Facebook to Pinterest, all the necessary social media marketing portals are covered. Of course, it starts with Facebook as that is most important. There is no business person who doesn’t want to market on Facebook.

The structure for all the portals includes optimization, best practices, KPIs, ad management, analytics, etc. This also includes the usage of Twitter tools such as Tweriod, Crowdfire, etc.

Apart from this, the module starts by explaining the importance of content in marketing as content forms the foundation ofsocial media marketing.

4.     Email Marketing

Email marketing still steals the show when we talk about digital marketing. So, this module is explained in detail in the course. You can learn about setting up a marketing machine, response handlers, and hosting facility for emails.

Further, the course deeply discusses the impact of content distributed through email and how to write the right content for the right audience. You will also understand how to identify and remove CRABS from your campaign strategy.

5.     Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is focused on creating relations with the prospective audience. This will include audience aggregation and conversion methods and tricks, landing page optimization for better outreach, and use of online persuasion.

Here, landing pages are important so the module closely addresses the concerns faced in landing page optimization. The module also includes understanding user intent and customer psyche behind making particular decisions.

6.     Web Analytics

Analytics is a necessary part of digital marketing. While it won’t directly help in digital marketing, this aspect can give you a clear picture. You can know when your campaign is performing and when you need to change your strategy.

In this module, you will learn aboutGoogle Analytics (widely used to optimize and track social media campaigns), content performance analytics, social media analytics, etc.

Under this module, you will also understand the importance of customer relationship management through sentiment analysis.

7.     Facebook Marketing

As Facebook is the most preferred social networking site for people of all ages, the course contains a separate module for Facebook marketing.

Digital Vidya Review - Facebook marketing

Under this module, Facebook best policies, campaign designing, audience targeting, optimizing, and reporting are covered. The course also covers Facebook shop management along with explaining methods to track and improve footfall both online and offline.

8.     Miscellaneous Topics

The course encompasses several miscellaneous topics such as adobe analytics, content marketing, e-commerce listing, lead source, and affiliate marketing.  

In most of the industries, these miscellaneous topics are extremely significant. Take content marketing, for instance. Content marketing, when correctly executed, generates a higher number of clicks and converts a higher number of customers. Hence, this module talks about practices and methods to create good internet-worthy content.

Digital Marketing Course- Digital Vidya Review

Similarly, the e-commerce listing section explains detailed aspects of handling online shopping portals. It even explains how you can create your own Shopify store, what payment gateways you can use, and how you can optimize the sign-up and sign-in processes of the customer.   

Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course Pricing:

Digital Marketing Course- Digital Vidya Review Pricing

Customer Review:

Digital Vidya Review - Costumer Review

Digital Vidya Review - Costumer Review

Quick Links:

Final Verdict: Digital Vidya Review 2024 | It It Really Worth Your Money??

Once you complete the course, Digital Vidya has its own method of assessment and assignments. The assignments include custom made case scenarios (such as SEM carwale case study and building/promoting your own blog assignment) that are changed and updated regularly. 

In simple words, the Digital Marketing Master Course from Digital Vidya delivers a unique and comprehensive learning experience. After completing the course, you can easily find employment and be an ace digital marketer.

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