David Carson Masterclass Review 2024: All You Need To Know!

David Carson MasterClass Review

Overall Verdict

With its comprehensive lessons, detailed advice from the master himself, and an amazing support system, there's no doubt that taking part in David Carson's Masterclass could be a career-defining experience.

Out of 10


  • Strong examples throughout
  • Passionate Instructor
  • Learn from a well known Graphic Designer


  • Sometimes confusing advice
  • Less tech-focused
  • Highly subjective material


Price: $ 15

Are you looking to hone your graphic design skills? Take your career to the next level. Then a Masterclass with David Carson could be just what you need.

A master of his craft, David Carson is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential designers of all time, and in this class, he offers up his wisdom and expertise for aspiring professionals.

David Carson Masterclass Review

In this David Carson Masterclass Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at what this course has to offer, from the lessons available to its overall value for money. Keep reading to find out if a Masterclass with David Carson is worth your time!

Who is David Carson?

Contemporary graphic designer and art director David Carson is well-known for his unique aesthetic and bold use of typography.

Despite being a well-known graphic designer, he had never taken a single course in the subject until he was 27 years old and came across an advertisement for a two-week course at the University of Arizona.

His sociology degree from Fullerton College and San Diego State University offered him a thorough grasp of how people interact with society, which has honed his research and critical assessment skills.

David Carson

Since that time, David Carson’s design career has taken off, and he is now Ray Gun Magazine’s art director.

He was awarded the moniker “godfather of grunge typography,” which he consistently used in his magazine editions. His work is distinguished by erratic typography and pattern that conveys a deeper message than what is first apparent.

He joined Transworld Skateboarding in 1984 as an art director and departed in 1989 to work for Musician magazine. Later, he moved to New York to work for SELF magazine before returning to the West to join the fledgling publication Beach Culture.

The book received multiple honors, including the Society of Publication Designers’ Best Overall Design and Cover of the Year awards.

After that, David worked for Surfer magazine for a while, where he oversaw a creative revamp. In 1992, he was then employed to create a new alternative music publication called Ray Gun.

In 1995, David went on to establish his own design firm, serving companies including Pepsi, Nike, and Microsoft. Additionally, he has directed advertisements for Xerox, American Airlines, and Budweiser during his career.

What You Will Learn In The Masterclass

Carson discusses his background and how he got started in graphic design in the first session.

In order to help you better grasp David Carson’s viewpoint on design and the factors that influence his creative choices, the course opens with a number of examples of his work from throughout the years, as well as a number of designs that he loves or hates.

David also provides some helpful advice on what you can do to get more notice for your work.

He closes the lecture by urging you to trust your own instincts, challenge yourself to take chances, and cultivate a mindset that keeps you alert to unexpected situations or “accidents” that might improve your work.

David shows you how to enhance the message you want to convey with your work by using creative typography.

He explains the rationale behind the typeface, space, color, and other design choices he makes to strengthen the overall layout impression.

In order to provide you with an understanding of how Carson utilizes his creative process to come up with very successful logos, he articulates his thoughts on what you may infer from a piece of design.

David is a talented graphic designer noted for his use of strong photographs and typography in his work. He demonstrates the “personalities” of several typefaces and how to utilize them successfully.

David Carson Lessons

You get the chance to “join” Carson and his pupils as they engage in formal instruction, sharing and critiquing one another’s work throughout this class.

His pupils were given the task of expressing their personalities using just the letters of their first name in black and white for their first project.

After that, David discusses what constitutes a great logo design and even shows how he iteratively develops several logo directions in his home studio.

David understands that design is very individualized and dependent on personal preferences and inclinations. He continues by saying that deciding whether a design is successful or not is part of the job of a graphic designer.

In lesson 7 of his MasterClass, David Carson provides designers with broad-brush guidance on everything from where to set up shop to the advantages of working for no pay.

David offers some advice on how to stay motivated during a career in graphic design as well as what to anticipate from a life in the field. He goes into great depth regarding where and how to look for various jobs.

You may “join” the second group session during this session as well. David will go through the assignment to add color to their work and make a design that depicts how their week is going.

In this collage class, David Carson shows you from above how he does numerous collage works while he explains his choices to you in real-time.

Then, you get to observe Carso do several things before realizing that they don’t work and that he must alter his direction. This chance to see David Carson’s thought process throughout the creative process was incredibly beneficial.

In the next session of his MasterClass, David Carson provides useful advice on how to behave oneself professionally in order to get customers.

He even offers advice on where to look for important connections. He explains how he works with customers to get the most appealing outcomes possible, beginning with reading the brief.

David Carson describes his endeavor as an effort to strike a compromise between his creative vision and the demands of the customer.

In order to show you how you may push yourself even while working under limits, he also uses some of his own work as case studies.

The last part of David Carson’s MasterClass discusses how to approach magazine design in a manner that will draw in and hold readers’ attention.

He analyzes the editorial work he pioneered for many periodicals, which contributed to his reputation as an unexpected and divisive character in the world of graphic design.

David Carson walks you through his method for designing magazines. Once again, he acknowledges that design is arbitrary and then on to provide you with some excellent advice on how to make your work stand out.

In this segment, David evaluates the last task, which gives the students the freedom to express their future aspirations without any restrictions.

The students once again go through each other’s work and provide feedback. You may view other people’s work here at various phases of their design careers, which is a good opportunity.

In the last class, David Carson introduces a brief but effective activity that will encourage you to consider your future, your goals, and the steps you are taking to achieve them.

Why Do I Recommend David Carson’s Masterclass?

3 reasons why I recommend David Carson Masterclass are:

1. Passionate instructor:

Carson clearly has a strong interest in graphic design. His experience in sociology and teaching both contribute significantly to his ability to engage students.

The content is simple to understand since he comes off as extremely approachable and sympathetic.

David Carson Masterclass Review

2. Strong examples throughout:

The fact that practically all of Carson’s ideas are supported by examples is a major benefit of this MasterClass.

In fact, he goes to great efforts to demonstrate his career’s worth of labor while walking you through the choices he took to go from idea to completion.

In a few instances, he also provides samples of early manuscripts and the development of those versions into the final work. Additionally, you get to observe how “open to accidents” truly contributes to the creation of some unforgettable art.

3. Learn from a well-known graphic designer:

With David Carson as your graphic design tutor, you know you’re in excellent hands. David Carson has spent decades in the industry and counts hundreds of well-known businesses among his clients.

You get the opportunity to learn directly from Carson in this MasterClass as he walks you through his own unique ideas.

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Conclusion: David Carson Masterclass Review 2024

So there it is – my comprehensive review of David Carson’s Masterclass! As we’ve seen, this course offers great value for those looking to further their design skills.

With its comprehensive lessons, detailed advice from the master himself, and an amazing support system, there’s no doubt that taking part in David Carson’s Masterclass could be a career-defining experience.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, I’d highly recommend giving it a go!

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