Danny Elfman Masterclass Review 2024: Worth The Money?

Danny Elfman Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

Danny Elfman Masterclass is a unique and valuable learning experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to elevate their musical skills. Through this course, I was able to gain an understanding of composition and unleash my creative potential in ways I never thought possible.

Out of 10


  • Beautiful production quality on videos
  • Deals with both the joyous and difficult aspects of working in the arts
  • Danny has a really warm and engaging style of teaching
  • Lots of anecdotes that enlighten rather than distract from the lessons
  • Technical terms and examples are used in a manner that's easy to understand
  • Danny's passion shines throughout; it's almost impossible to take this class and not leave wanting to be a composer


  • Could do with more real-time examples of performing or composing
  • Sometimes the lessons are quite abstract, which can be difficult to follow
  • Limited on ‘how-to’ advice


Price: $ 15

I recently joined the Danny Elfman Masterclass and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

Not only did I learn invaluable knowledge about music composition, but I also gained an understanding of how to craft a powerful score.

Through this course, I discovered ways to write more effective melodies and work with different instruments and sounds. After taking the class, I felt inspired and ready to start creating beautiful pieces of music that would stand out among the rest.

The instructor was Danny Elfman himself, a legendary composer who has created some of the most iconic soundtracks in Hollywood history.

Let us check out Danny Elfman Masterclass Review in a little more detail. 

His wealth of experience and depth of knowledge made for an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. He provided us with detailed tutorials on various topics like instrumentation, harmony, and rhythm.

I was also able to gain insight into the creative process of composing a score for films or television shows.

The course had an excellent structure that allowed us to progress at our own pace. Every week we were given new assignments to work on, along with helpful feedback from Danny Elfman himself.

This level of personal instruction enabled me to quickly understand musical concepts and apply them immediately in my compositions.

Let us check out the course in a little more detail. 

A Little About Danny Elfman

Due to the intense competition in the film composing industry, relatively few people are able to establish themselves. Among the few, Danny Elfman Is one.

Director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman have worked together for decades. Danny Elfman started his career with the 1980s rock band Oingo Boingo.

Danny Elfman Masterclass Review

Some of the most recognizable and creative film soundtracks ever have resulted from this collaboration. This very talented composer produced the music for the films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Batman.

He also composed the music for Spider-Man, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Simpsons (whose theme tune is so catchy I’ve already begun humming it as I write!).

Then, is it any surprise that Danny received four Oscar nominations, two Emmy nominations, and a Grammy nomination?

My Review Of Danny Elfman’s Masterclass

Film composer Danny Elfman is arguably best recognized for his collaborations with Tim Burton. Elfman has had a genuine interest in music from a young age.

He participated in a number of groups and bands where he was able to develop his musical composition skills, love of music, and intuition. Filmmakers with experience understand how important and influential sound can be.

A film’s soundtrack provides a deep layer of meaning and may actualize the tone of a film by using music to highlight, lead, and inform the emotional undercurrent of the characters or enliven the action.

A script may create people and a scene that is rippling with energy, pulling threads and immersing them in a situation that bristles, compels viewers, and depicts the desired direction of that moment.

While all of these elements help to make memorable scenes on television, music has a way of piercing through the conversation and fashion to reach a level of deep and unadulterated emotional comprehension.

It’s very astonishing how it can communicate so much with so little, utilizing non-verbal clues to help reveal character, let us know of intents, and weave subtext since it can reach subconscious levels.

It goes without saying that you may do this by collaborating with the ideal film composer on your project.

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman’s Masterclass on Music for Film is captivating because of his unique charm, open-minded conversational manner, and accessibility. He keeps things straightforward without being patronizing.

This reviewer was rather dubious about how much might be learned from listening to a film composer explain his process since he knows so little about music.

You could anticipate that they would get fairly technical and go into the specifics of how to create intricate soundtracks. But Danny Elfman isn’t conceited or arrogant, keeping his master class at a level that almost everyone can enjoy.

He conveys his deep ideas and understanding with tremendous passion and without holding back in his studio, adopting a macabre style reminiscent of Tim Burton’s dark fantasy world.

He breaks down the life of a composer, beginning with his own experience and using some of his most well-known works to illustrate his points.

He is straightforward, experienced, and confident in his own skills. Elfman gives a wide range of experience and knowledge, from attempting to recall a song in a circumstance where you may easily forget it to politics and work ethics.

He is one of the most recognizable names in 20th-century cinema composition, contributing to notable and well-known motifs and compositions for films including Edward Scissorhands, Mission Impossible, Batman, Beetlejuice, Spider-Man, Corpse Bride, and Milk.

He is a well-known and respected composer who has inspired several well-known themes and scores and who has been imitated throughout the years.

Elfman provides specifics about his approach, what works for him, where he receives inspiration, and how he meets deadlines. This master class is fun, educational, and helpful to cinema academics and composers.

It serves as a terrific introduction to the field of film composition, letting aspiring composers know what to anticipate and providing seasoned composers with some insightful information on what it takes to become great. 

Putting a face to a prolific name that often appears in opening credits is great. Danny Elfman is a true character, and his brightness shows through in this master class.

Citing some of his own influences in terms of film composers in history makes it an interesting foray into the history of scoring, the changes in technology over time, the process of planning a film score, dealing with directors, extending a theme, working under pressure, working with and changing time constraints, and how to deal with failure.

In his masterclass, Elfman truly brought the concept of film scoring to life, making it simple to comprehend the function of a film score as well as what goes on behind the scenes in terms of expectations and production.

It’s a wonderful master class that isn’t too broad to be ambiguous or too in-depth to become dull or unimportant. It’s funny, unusual, and full of insightful observations. It’s a master lesson that serves as a snapshot of Elfman’s career and impact.

Why Do I Recommend The Danny Elfman Masterclass

The 4 reasons I Recommend The Danny Elfman Masterclass are:

1. Addresses The Highs And Lows:

Danny not only tackles the pleasures and challenges of being a composer but also finds the ideal mix between the technical and the approachable.

For someone like Danny Elfman, it would be simple to ignore failure entirely. But he does it in a very mature and straightforward manner.

No matter how successful they are, failure, uncertainty, and rejection will always be a part of a film composer’s life. Learning the mechanics is crucial, but so is learning how to cope with failure.

Even with this more sobering perspective, Danny’s enthusiasm never wanes. He somehow makes a conversation about failure motivating.

Danny elfman masterclass

2. Danny’s Passion:

This is directly related to what I said before concerning Danny’s teaching methodology.

Finding someone who speaks about anything with as much enthusiasm, passion, and excitement as Danny Elfman talks about film scoring is very, extremely unusual.

Sincere to God, I will gladly subscribe to more videos that aren’t even teachings. Danny alone discusses his favorite movies and movie soundtracks.

His enthusiasm not only makes the lectures tremendously interesting but also makes them timely.

It’s obvious that having a strong enthusiasm for the medium is just as crucial for any composer, even if all the information about instruments was helpful in learning about cinema composing.

It’s almost hard to educate someone to have passion. The closest thing to that, however, is probably Danny’s passion in class.

I really enjoyed all the references Danny made to classic movies and musicians. Both budding composers and movie buffs can benefit from this course.

3. Great Anecdotes:

Being skeptical about the use of tales in a masterclass is understandable. Some individuals may consider them to be obtrusive and irrelevant to the lesson.

I can guarantee you that each of Danny Elfman’s tales is pertinent to the lesson’s subject in addition to being intriguing and sometimes pretty amusing.

Danny has a story for any circumstance, whether it is about his travels across Africa, his work with Tim Burton, or the inner workings of how he came up with some of the most famous songs ever.

But each of the aforementioned instances has a deeper significance that ties into the overarching lesson subject.

For instance, discovering how Danny collaborates with Tim Burton and the nature of their connection is not only a unique and priceless insight, but it also teaches you a great deal about how a filmmaker and composer interact.

4. Danny’s Style Of Teaching:

A course is not fantastic for just one reason. A truly excellent teacher helps some people achieve this status, while good material helps others. This course most definitely belongs to the latter group.

One of my concerns before utilizing MasterClasses was that, although the idea of celebrity teachers was intriguing, they would detract from the learning itself.

Additionally, just because someone is an excellent composer does not automatically make them an excellent composition teacher. My anxieties were completely dispelled after only one class with Danny.

Danny comes out as interesting, wise, and perceptive from the very beginning to the very end. He obviously has a deep love for music, movies, and of course, film music.

Above all else, it is obvious that he wants to share his interest with you. Before enrolling in the course, I had heard about Danny Elfman, which could have increased my enthusiasm.

But I’m certain that even those who are unfamiliar with him will be able to recognize, appreciate, and benefit from his enthusiasm for the art, which shines through each of the 21 classes.

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Conclusion: Danny Elfman Masterclass Review 2024

In conclusion, the Danny Elfman Masterclass is a unique and valuable learning experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to elevate their musical skills.

Through this course, I was able to gain an understanding of composition and unleash my creative potential in ways I never thought possible.

It has been an incredible journey that will stay with me for years to come. Thanks to Danny Elfman’s expert guidance, I now feel inspired and ready to write beautiful pieces of music that stand out from the crowd. 

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