CXL Institute vs edX 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)

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CXL Institute

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Offering your courses to improvise and brush-up your skills, CXL Institute is a platform and a training market

University-level courses are offered to you at the online platform of edX institute

  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Reliable
  • Ease Of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Features
  • Offers great and expertise content
  • High-quality and in-depth learning tips
  • Good customer support with described time 
  • Certificates on course completion
  • Partnership with reputed companies like Microsoft and Berkel
  • Self-paced course learning
  • Video content is long, so comprehending the content at a go
  • Limited topics are covered
Ease of Use

The user interface is really easy to use and courses can be selected from the dashboard easily

Learning with edx is really easy because of its user interface. The course structure is really straightforward.

Value For Money

Yes, CXL courses worths every single penny you invest. As here you will be getting tons of courses along with the bundle you purchase. What's more, they offer certification courses which is the cherry on the top. Even they offer a $1 trial offer. To cut it short, CXL is a true value for

edx is also worth the money, however, the courses offered by edx aren't for beginners who are looking to get started. By the way, the monthly pricing starts at around $50 which makes it a great choice.

Do you also wish to know what the major comparison is between CXL institute vs edX? 

Every piece of information presented to you in this article would have you agree with me in the end. 

Realizing the difference between the two applications has helped me and my company gain much more assets. You too will achieve many more steps of success after a review of this article. 

Being an old veteran or a new client has nothing to do with using both software. 

CXL Institute vs edX: Overview

CXL Institute Overview

Offering your courses to improvise and brush-up your skills, CXL Institute is a platform and a training market. It provides you with course training from 1% of top-notch marketers. Mini-degrees, in-depth programs are offered to the users which cover the marketing courses online dealing in specific areas.

CXL - Overview

Every mini degree is offered to you with ranging prices – Google Analytics for Beginners, Growth Marketing Mini-degree, and many more such courses are available to you for polishing the field expertise. 

edX Overview

University-level courses are offered to you at the online platform of edX institute. Beneficial to your personal and career life, this institute was founded in 2012 by scientists hailing from Harvard and MIT.

edX- Overview


Aiming to become a leading platform of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), this platform offers you professional courses that are partnered with some reputed corporations like Microsoft. Since it is an online course, learning can happen anytime and anywhere. 

Features Of CXL Institute vs edX 

CXL Institute


Mini-degrees – CXL Institute offers you mini-degrees that are left to you to choose from. Each one of them varies in price. Some of them offered are Google Tag Manager for Beginners, A/B Testing Mastery Course, and many more. Completion of a course buys you the certificate of completion.

Content Offering – This platform offers you a very great amount of content. Delivered at a speed approved by the user, the course content is easily accessible and understandable. Course catalogs are built already for you helping you to determine which class to take next. Every course format varies – video of a speaker, and presentation slides with audio.

In-depth knowledge – Every topic learned and delivered here is up-to-date and always matches the current scenario in the field. Experts of the respective fields are the trainers in the platform, which means in-depth knowledge of the particular piece of information.

CRO courses – Conversion Rate Optimization courses are available at a diverse and comprehensive range that covers every aspect of the topic – from behavioral research to statistics and much more. 


This platform has a wide range of features related to the courses it delivers – 

 edX Courses

Multiple choices of courses – Different programs and courses are made available to you through Harvard and MIT. A wide range of options lays here at edX for learners like you.

Different learning types – This platform offers you many learning types like – 

  • Instructor-led asynchronous learning
  • Self-paced learning
  • Co-learning
  • Virtual learning

Certificate – After the completion of every course you pursue, you redeem a certificate of completion. Every unique course has a unique certificate while every unique curriculum gives you a unique certificate.

Course Format  – There are course discussions in every course. A live chat and video conferencing option are available to you. The course format is of three types – Social, Topics, and Weekly.

Ease of use

CXL Institute

A very robust platform for e-learning purposes, CXL institute is very easy to use software. Once you sign-up or login into your account, you’d find yourself facing the main page of the software. Every course has been lined up alphabetically making it even easier to choose from.

CXL - Conversion Optimization

The instructor’s name i.e. the expert’s name has been mentioned with the course, see so easy! The main page also encloses information about the site, and the reviews the users have left. Every privacy option and policy is shown at the end which makes it much easier to use. 


Why this platform has been successful in the last 9 years since its foundation, is because of its ease of usage. The short and simple landing page is what attracts the audience. Only necessary features have been included on the main page of the platform while avoiding unimportant information and mind-wrecking ad pop-ups.

 EDX Popular Subject

Exploring the course you wish to access can be done by visiting the “course” option on the page. With a variety of courses, to be offered, I am sure that you’d be baffled to look for THE ONE. A well-organized user interface makes it much easier to navigate and find out the course of your choice. 


Choosing between the two which has almost the same features and ease of use, is difficult. Still, choosing edX would be a better option because it simplifies every action you’d have to go through for course initiation. A well-organized UI does the work here. 

Customer Service

CXL Institute

Support for the customers would be provided only during the working hours of the US (8 am to 5 pm), but if there is some contract between the institute and the client, the working hours may get extended to an hour or so. The response would be recorded in an hour or so. The format of work goes as follows – 

CXL - Our Team

  • Customer support through phone would be available to you from 9 am to 5 pm on workdays
  • Customer support through email would be available to you from 8 am to 5 pm on workdays. 

No action would be done for the emails received after office hours, though would be put under probation once the office reopens. 


Once you come across any problem in any aspect of the platform, click on the “Contact Us” option at the end of the main page. You will be provided 24/7 support here through emails. Currently, due to online classes, every user is facing several technology-related issues, which has resulted in heavy support requests.

edX- Learners

No worries, they will get back to you in no time whatsoever. You could go read the FAQs, maybe you’d get the answers to the questions there.


Customer support should always be at its best for every platform.edX has a 24/7 service but does not specify the response time, which is described in CXL institute. Go for CXL institute when it comes to customer support. The platform responds to your problems in an hour which has been promised to you. Time has been specified as to when the questions and problems would be recorded. Go for CXL institute.

Customer Reviews

CXL Institute

Reviews have been collected by both teams and individuals, organized into two batches. Every user is amazed by the learning content and the experts assigned to the course. Courses are well absorbed and observed by the users. Teams have reported finding the platform easy to use and an incredible source of learning for the team members. They are happy having found a source to assign a new day to day task from.

CXL - Testimonials

Individuals have claimed that every course they pursued has carved a new sense of knowledge in them. Having no expertise and gaining new by learning more is what this platform has offered young learners.


75% of the learners have assured a 4.5 rating to this platform. They have shown delight in the fact that once a course is completed, your certificate can be claimed by the name of Harvard and MIT.

 Learner Stories Edx

Every course completed is recognized by an employer. Even though they claim to have self-paced courses, you’d have to pay attention to the dates and announcements done. 


Customer reviews prove what they had faced. Sometimes you face the exact opposite of what happened to them. Going by reviews from users, you should go for CXL institute.

Pricing | How Much Does CXL Institute vs edX Cost?

CXL Institute


You get a 7-day trial for $1 at every pricing plan. 

Pricing has been divided based on teams and individuals –

  • Individuals 


  • $109 which would be billed every month
  • You’d receive more than 50 online courses and certificates for completion. 
  • Progress tracking is available and all mini-degrees is there for you


  • $201 billed per quarter
  • Every similar trait are found here as for monthly payment


  • $571 billed per year
  • Every similar trait are found here as for monthly and quarterly payment
  • Teams (if for a time size of 5)


  • $493 which would result in $99 per member
  • You’d receive the following features with this pricing – 
  1. More than 50 courses would be accessible 
  2. Gaining certificates and personal statistics 
  3. All mini-degrees are available with progress tracking 
  4. Customer support is prioritized 


  • $909 which would result in $182 per member
  • Every feature offered is similar to monthly pricing


  • $2572 which would result in $514 per member 
  • Every feature offered is similar to monthly and quarterly pricing


Pricing at this platform varies from $50 to $300. When buying a subscription for groups/ teams or small organizations, you’ll have to pay $349 per learner per year. Subscribing for enterprises requires custom pricing. It is not known to everyone unless you are an enterprise.

You get a 14-day refund policy if you do not like the subscribed course.


The description would be enough to know which one to choose. CXL institute offers you a wide range of options to choose from. Go for it. You can choose edX but only teams and enterprises are offered subscriptions. 

CXL Institute vs edX Pros and Cons

CXL Institute

Pros – 

  1. Offers great and expertise content
  2. High-quality and in-depth learning tips
  3. Good customer support with described time 
  4. Training is planned for every member of a team (if team subscription)
  5. Levels up CRO skills
  6. Course completion certificate

Cons – 

  1. Video content is long, so comprehending the content at a go is a struggle
  2. Similar content is available


Pros –

  1. Certificates on course completion
  2. Partnership with reputed companies like Microsoft and Berkeley
  3. Refund policy
  4. Self-paced course learning

Cons –

  1. Limited topics are covered
  2. Absence of course structure

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FAQs On CXL Institute vs edX

👉How to choose from the elaborate pricing plan of CXL?

No problem worrying about it. What you need to do is decide on two factors – Whether you have to use the platform as an individual or a team Whether you wish to pay for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription Once you decide on these two, choosing a plan would be a cakewalk.

👉Is edX customer support available 24/7?

Yes, it is. You can file any issue or complaint via email and it would soon be resolved. Before filing an issue, make sure you read the FAQs so that if you find the solution you won’t have to wait for a response.

👉Which according to you is the best?

Choosing the best for you should be done yourself. But, still, if you go by me, both platforms have their pros and cons – so adhering to my answer would not be preferable. Do choose what you conclude to.

Conclusion: CXL Institute vs edX 2024

Oh, what a roller coaster ride it has been while reading this article. Is this going on in your mind? Never mind, one always gets confused when piled upon with so much content. Let me ease it for you. We read about how both of them offer courses in digital marketing. CXL institute and edX, both offer so much to their users, but somehow they either overdo or underdo the other in comparison.

CXL offers you mini-degrees specializing in the marketing arena, while edX offers you multiple courses affiliated with Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

With some remarkable features and an easy to use interface,edX steals the hearts. But, that doesn’t mean that CXL leaves the stage with nothing. You’d get the best customer support and a detailed pricing plan with CXL institute.  Customer reviews are the best for both, though CXL is the most favored one.

Describing both of them in brief and then making a decision would take more time than required. Let me leave it to you. Do take a second look at the article if needed. 

Price:$ 1
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