Coursera Plus Discount 2024: (50% Off Verified) Get $309 OFF Coupon

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In this article, I’ll tell you about a Coursera Plus discount that can save you $25,367 on your subscription.

Available Discounts on Coursera

Simple Steps to Claim Your Coursera Plus Discount Offer 

Coursera Plus offers a wide range of courses and certifications, ensuring that learners receive exceptional value and the opportunity to upskill across various subjects.

This step-by-step guide makes it easy for you to access Coursera’s extensive learning resources and enjoy the benefits of the discount offer. 

Step 1:

Start using our exclusive link to easily access the Coursera homepage without complications.

Step 2:

On the Coursera homepage, select the plans designed for “Individuals.” Scroll down to view the pricing options. Coursera offers three different plans tailored for individual learners.

Step 3:

Coursera Free Trial

You can choose between the monthly or annual plans depending on your preference. If you opt for the monthly plan, click the “Start 7-day free trial” button. If you prefer the yearly plan, click the “Try Coursera Plus Annual” button.

Step 4:

You’ll be prompted to create an account or sign in. You can create a new account by setting up login credentials or simply sign in using your Gmail account for convenience.

Step 5:

Coursera 7 Days Free Trial

After signing in or creating your account, enter your payment details to initiate your Coursera Plus plan. It’s important to note that you won’t be charged during the free trial period. Your billing will commence once the free trial ends.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully claimed your Coursera discount and are now ready to start exploring Coursera Plus.

About Coursera

By 2025, the global eLearning market will reach $350 billion (Research and Markets). And Coursera Plus is the best way to get in on the action, and with the discounts, it’s surely the TIME to step in! 

Coursera is one of the top online learning platforms, and it offers a great way to learn at your own pace from the world’s top professionals.

However, the cost of the single learning program can be a bit high, especially if you only want to take a few courses. Over the past five years, Coursera has seen a 438% increase in registered learners.

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That’s where the Coursera Plus discount comes in. With this discount, you can save on your subscription and get unlimited course access for a low price.

So, how do you get the Coursera Plus discount? Keep reading to find out!

Coursera offers three subscription plans:

  • Single learning program: This plan gives you access to a limited number of courses.
  • Coursera Plus monthly: This plan gives you unlimited access to all courses on Coursera, but you have to pay a monthly fee.
  • Coursera Plus annual: This plan also gives you unlimited access to all courses on Coursera, but you pay one annual fee instead of monthly fees.

How can the Coursera Plus discount help you?

The Coursera Plus discount can save you money on your subscription, especially if you plan on taking multiple courses. With the annual plan, you can save a whopping $309!


If you’re serious about learning new skills or advancing your career, then the Coursera Plus discount is a great way to save money on your education. With unlimited course access, you can learn at your own pace and take as many courses as you want.

Here are some examples of how the Coursera Plus discount can help you:

  • If you’re a student, you can use the discount to learn new skills for your future career.
  • If you’re a professional, you can use the discount to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your field or to learn new skills for a promotion.
  • If you’re unemployed, you can use the discount to learn new skills to help you find a new job.

No matter what your goals are, the Coursera Plus discount can help you achieve them by making education more affordable.

Does Coursera Plus Discount offer a free trial?

With the Coursera Plus subscription, you gain access to valuable discounts and enjoy the benefits of a free trial and a money-back guarantee.

Those opting for the monthly Coursera Plus discount plan will receive a generous 7-day free trial. During this period, you can explore the platform and its offerings without any charges.

If, for any reason, you find that it doesn’t meet your needs, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription before the trial ends, and you won’t be charged.

On the other hand, if you choose the annual Coursera Plus plan, you’ll receive an extended 14-day money-back guarantee, alongside the free trial.

Coursera Overview

This means you not only get to enjoy upfront savings but also have the peace of mind of a guaranteed refund if you decide not to continue your subscription within the specified time frame.

In essence, Coursera Plus provides you with a risk-free opportunity to explore and benefit from its extensive course offerings while ensuring your satisfaction and financial peace of mind.


Top Reason You Should Choose Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus offers a wide array of benefits that make it an excellent choice for learners, businesses, and individuals alike:

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Cost-Effective Learning:

Coursera Plus provides a cost-efficient platform for individuals, allowing them to access multiple courses without the need to pay separately for each class.

With a monthly or annual subscription, you can save money while gaining access to a vast range of educational resources.

Diverse Course Selection:

Coursera Plus offers diverse courses, specializations, and professional credentials across multiple subjects. Whether you’re interested in business, computer science, data science, health, or social sciences, Coursera Plus has a wide range of options.

Flexible Learning:

Coursera Plus understands the importance of balancing learning with other commitments such as full-time work or ongoing education.

Therefore, the courses offered through Coursera Plus are self-paced, allowing you to start and finish them at your own convenience. This flexibility ensures that learning fits seamlessly into your schedule.

Valuable Credentials:

With Coursera Plus, you have the opportunity to earn certificates from renowned institutions and companies like Google, IBM, and Duke University.

These certificates hold significant value in the job market and can enhance your career prospects, making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

Verified Certificates:

Completing a course through Coursera Plus grants me a verified certificate, which can be a valuable addition to my professional portfolio.

These certificates showcase my skills and knowledge to potential employers, enhancing my credibility and increasing my career prospects. The verified certificates serve as concrete evidence of my commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Who Is Coursera Best For?

For businesses, Coursera Plus offers the advantage of easily equipping their workforce with the latest technologies and skills. This can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Individual Learners:

Coursera is ideal for individuals seeking to upskill, gain new knowledge, or add valuable qualifications to their resume. Whether you want to learn a new language, improve your coding skills, or earn a professional certificate, Coursera offers a vast selection of courses.

For example, if you aspire to excel in data science or artificial intelligence, you can explore Datacamp, which provides specialized courses in these fields.


Coursera is a valuable resource for businesses looking to enhance the skill set of their workforce. By offering Coursera courses to employees, companies can keep their teams updated on the latest technologies and industry trends.

This can lead to improved productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction. For instance, during and after the pandemic, many companies turned to Coursera to provide training for their employees, resulting in a more skilled and adaptable workforce.

Educational Institutions:

Coursera collaborates with prestigious colleges and educational institutions worldwide to deliver a wide variety of courses, specializations, and degree programs.

These institutions use Coursera to reach a global audience and offer high-quality education in various fields. For example, top universities like Stanford and Yale offer courses on Coursera, allowing learners to access world-class education from the comfort of their homes.

Career Advancers:

Coursera is an excellent platform for individuals looking to advance their careers or explore new opportunities. By completing courses and earning certificates from renowned institutions like Google and IBM, learners can enhance their credibility and competitiveness in the job market.

For instance, if you’re interested in data science, Coursera provides a pathway to acquire valuable skills and certifications.

You should take Coursera if you fit any of these criteria:

Coursera caters to a diverse range of individuals and organizations, making it a valuable platform for various roles:



Coursera is an ideal resource for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in business, technology, data science, and healthcare industries.

For instance, professionals looking to stay updated with the latest field trends and technologies can access a wide range of courses and specializations on Coursera. In 2021, employees in the United States who participated in upskilling through platforms like Coursera experienced an impressive 8.6% salary increase.


Coursera offers students access to a vast selection of high-quality courses from prestigious colleges and institutions worldwide. Whether you’re a college student looking to supplement your education or a lifelong learner eager to explore new subjects.

Coursera provides opportunities to learn from renowned tutors from across the globe. The Coursera Plus student discount further enhances the accessibility of top-notch education.


Coursera serves as a valuable resource for employers seeking solutions and training to empower their workforce. Companies can leverage Coursera to offer employees opportunities to refine their skills and enhance their job performance.

By providing access to Coursera’s extensive course catalog, employers can support professional development and skill-building among their staff.

Coursera Plus pricing plans

Coursera Plus provides several pricing plans tailored to individual learners, each with its own set of features and benefits:

coursera plus

  1. Single Learning Program: This plan offers access to specific courses within the chosen program. The price varies depending on the program selected, ranging from $49 to $79. However, it’s important to note that this plan does not include a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Additionally, it limits the number of courses you can enroll in.
  2. Coursera Plus Monthly Plan: Coursera Plus offers a monthly subscription plan to address the limited course availability in the Single Learning program. For $59 per month, subscribers gain access to unlimited certifications and over 7,000 diverse courses. What’s more, there is a 7-day free trial period, allowing you to explore the platform’s offerings risk-free. You can cancel your subscription at any time during this trial period.
  3. Coursera Plus Annual Plan: For those looking to maximize savings, Coursera provides an annual plan priced at $399 for a full year of access. Opting for the annual plan over the monthly one results in substantial savings of $309 over the course of a year. This plan ensures that learners have ample time to explore, learn, and upskill while enjoying the benefits of Coursera Plus at a more cost-effective rate.
Features Single Learning Program Coursera Plus Monthly Coursera Plus Annual
Price $49-$79 $59 per month $399 per year
Course Access Available within program 7000+ 7000+
Certification Access Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Projects and Labs Not available 1000+ 1000+
Certification Programs (e.g., Google, Facebook) Not available 15+ 15+
Free Trial Not available 7 days Not available
Money-Back Guarantee Not available Not available 14 days

For most learners seeking both affordability and comprehensive access, the Coursera Plus Annual Plan emerges as the most advantageous choice.

With this plan, you gain unlimited access to thousands of courses, certifications, projects, and labs while benefiting from a substantial cost-saving compared to the monthly plan.

Moreover, the 14-day money-back guarantee adds an extra layer of confidence, ensuring that you can fully explore the offerings risk-free.

Coursera Pros:

  • Access to 7000+ courses and unlimited certifications.
  • Money-saving annual plus plan.
  • Free trial and money-back guarantee for monthly and annual plus plans.
  • Self-paced learning flexibility.
  • Courses offered by renowned universities and instructors.

Coursera Cons:

  • Potentially high prices for students.
  • Limited direct interaction with tutors.
  • Potential for procrastination in self-paced learning.

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Conclusion: Coursera Plus Discount

Coursera stands out as a top-tier online learning platform due to its extensive course offerings and training programs. While the pricing may initially seem steep, the Coursera Plus discount effectively mitigates these costs.

Coursera Plus is the ideal choice for both students aspiring to enhance their skills for career prospects and professionals seeking to excel in their fields.

By joining the Coursera community, you can embark on a journey to shape a promising future for yourself.

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