Course Hero Pricing 2024: Which Plan Fits Your Budget?

Let’s chat about something that could be quite useful for students – the pricing of Course Hero. In case you’re not familiar with it, Course Hero is an online platform where you can find a variety of study materials.

It’s like having a smart study buddy who is always available to help, day or night. However, what’s most important to consider is the price.

We all want to make sure that we’re spending our money wisely, don’t we? So, I’m here to make it really easy for you to understand Course Hero’s pricing.

Regardless of whether you’re using your allowance or earnings from a part-time job, I’m here to help you figure out if you can afford it. Let’s get started!

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is a website that helps students with their studies. It was started by a college student named Andrew Grauer in 2006, and its goal is to assist students in graduating confidently and well-prepared.

Course Hero offers various study materials like practice problems, study guides, and explanations for different subjects. Students can either subscribe to access these resources or contribute their own materials to share with others.

Course Hero

There are also many teachers who have joined Course Hero to share their resources and collaborate with fellow educators.

Course Hero is part of a company called Learneo, Inc., which also owns other learning-related businesses like CliffsNotes, LitCharts,  QuillBot, Scribbr, and Symbolab.

These companies provide various tools and resources to help people improve their learning and writing skills.

Course Hero For Educators

Course Hero has a large and expanding community of college and university educators who are dedicated to two main objectives:

Supporting their fellow teachers in improving their teaching methods and helping students excel in their academics.

These educators use Course Hero as a platform to exchange their teaching materials, collaborate with other faculty members, and refine their instructional approaches. There are over 200,000 educators actively participating on the platform.

Course Hero For Educators

These faculty members contribute a variety of valuable resources like assignments, quizzes, case studies, and lecture notes, among others.

They also leverage Course Hero as a learning tool themselves, engaging in opportunities to acquire new teaching skills and strategies from experienced instructors and subject matter experts.

These learning experiences come in various formats, including workshops, discussions, and community gatherings, enabling educators to continuously enhance their teaching capabilities.

Why Use Course Hero?

Let’s Explore the reasons behind the growing popularity of Course Hero among students and educators. Course Hero stands out as a versatile online platform where users can contribute and access a wide array of educational resources.

This collaborative environment fosters learning by allowing the exchange of original study materials, enhancing the educational experience for all involved.

brains of the operation

In addition to providing information, the platform also offers discussion forums and homework assistance. It offers an extensive collection of study guides and exam preparation materials, making it a valuable tool for academic success.

Using Course Hero is commonly viewed as cheating, which is a misconception. It is important to remember that the platform is meant to complement traditional study methods, not replace them.

It is important to note that Course Hero can be a valuable tool for enhancing understanding and enhancing learning outcomes when used ethically. 

Course Hero Pricing

Course Hero offers Two Types of Membership: Basic (which is free) and Premier (which is paid).

With the free Basic Membership, you can still get help from online tutors, but you pay per question. Now, if you go for the Premier Membership, things get more interesting. You can unlock up to 30 documents or user-submitted questions.

Plus, you get full access to all the textbook solutions and explanations in their library. And guess what? You even get up to 40 Questions to ask.

Premium Plans is also divided into 2 parts-

Course Hero has three plans in the Hero Tier Plan:

  • The annual plan is the best deal. It’s $11.95 per month, but you pay $143.40 once for the whole year, saving you $216.
  • If you want something shorter, there’s a quarterly plan. This one is $23.95 per month, billed as $71.85 every three months. You’ll save $18 every quarter with this.
  • Just want to try it out? Choose the monthly plan. It’s $29.95 each month, so you can pay as you go.

Now, there is a premium plan which also has 3 packages:

  • First up, there’s the annual plan. This one’s like a big saver. You pay $9.95 every month, but the cool part? You pay all at once, just $119.40 for the whole year. This way, you save $180 compared to paying monthly – that’s a lot!
  • Then there’s the quarterly plan. If you don’t want to commit for a whole year, this could be for you. It’s $19.95 per month, but you pay every three months, which is $59.85. You end up saving $15 every quarter with this plan.
  • Lastly, if you just want to take things one month at a time, there’s the monthly plan. It’s $24.95 each month, and you pay as you go.

The difference between the Hero Tier Plan and the premium plan is that you get Quillbot Premium and Symbolab here, which are not available in the Premium Plan. 

Members gain Unlocks and Questions on Course Hero by contributing their study materials to the platform’s library. For every 10 documents submitted, members can earn either 5 Unlocks or 3 Questions, with a maximum of 9 Questions attainable.

Money Back Guarantee

To qualify for a refund, you must request it within 30 days of your purchase, limit your usage of subscription features (unlocks and tutor questions), and not have previously received a refund under this guarantee.

See how it works

The company maintains the right to verify the legitimacy of refund requests and may require proof of purchase. They also can deny requests if there’s suspicion of fraud or if you’ve previously abused this guarantee.

For further information or clarification about the Money Back Guarantee, Course Hero encourages direct contact through the contact options provided, including a phone number.

How Does the Better Grades Guarantee Work?

If you don’t get better grades during the term you first sign up for Course Hero compared to your last term, they can give you back your membership fee. But there are a few rules:

  • You need to have used Course Hero in the last six months. This means unlocking at least six study materials or asking their tutors at least three questions.
  • You have to ask for your money back within six months of starting your paid subscription with Course Hero.
  • They might ask you to show us your grades from your last two terms to check if you qualify.

Can Teachers Use Course Hero For Free?

Teachers and educators can use Course Hero for free after verification, granting them full access to its features without any financial commitment.

Course Hero Offers Numerous Benefits to teachers, including:

Access to over 40 million different educational resources and more than 10 million lesson plans. Opportunities to communicate with other educators and participate in teaching-focused events.

Insights into student usage of the platform, including the types of materials they are seeking. Incentives are provided for teachers who contribute to the platform; they can earn financially when students access their materials.


🔄 Are there any free options or trials available for Course Hero?

Yes, Course Hero provides a limited free access option, and they also offer free trials for a brief period to allow users to explore the platform's features.

🤝 Is there a referral program to earn rewards with Course Hero?

Yes, Course Hero often has a referral program where you can earn rewards or credits by referring friends to the platform. Details may vary, so check their website for the latest information.

🆘 What customer support and assistance options are available with Course Hero subscriptions?

Course Hero subscriptions often include access to expert assistance, 24/7 customer support, and a community of helpful educators and students who can provide academic support and guidance.

💳 What payment methods are accepted for Course Hero subscriptions?

Course Hero typically accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal, making it convenient for users to subscribe and pay.

📆 Are there any special offers or discounts for students or educators?

Course Hero occasionally offers special discounts or promotions targeted at students and educators.

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Conclusion: Course Hero Pricing 2024

Thus, Course Hero is a really useful site for students and teachers. It has different plans for different budgets. Students can pick from yearly, every three months, or monthly plans.

Each one gives access to lots of study stuff and help from tutors. There are even special tools like Quillbot Premium and Symbolab in some plans.

Students can also share their own study materials to get more access to the site. Course Hero promises to give your money back if you’re not happy or don’t get better grades, which is pretty reassuring.

Teachers can use Course Hero for free. They get to use lots of teaching materials and talk with other teachers. They can even make some money by sharing their own materials.

Overall, Course Hero is great for learning and teaching. It offers many choices and helps both students and teachers a lot.

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