The Cost of Starting a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog 2024: FAQ’S ANSWERED

Hosting your blog can be costly sometimes. This is the most common and frequent question asked by the new blogger who is wishing to set his/her self-started blog. Here we will be discovering the cost in starting a self-hosted wordPress blog.

You can not set the upper limits when we are talking about blog investment.

I will be telling you how you can spend minimum amount to create a professional blog through which you may set milestone with your smart work and dedications.

The Cost of Starting a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

The cost of starting the WordPress blog: start investing in yourself to be a successful blogger

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WordPress is the best platform to start with very low amount. It’s free software, you can download it easily from the page.

But there will be some other things that you will have to pay for like domain name and hosting space. You may adjust the cost according to your specific requirements. You can invest in customization, SEO that will be good option for your website and they cost money.

You can start a blog on WordPress  at a very low cost about $62 and you will getting:

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Free domain

You can go with Bluehost, as it is providing the best services at low cost.

Domain cost: ($12)

The initial step is to buy the domain name first. The domain name is basically like buying the property and just giving an address to your website.

Pay attention when you will be choosing your domain name make sure it specific, short, keyword rich. You can choose the domain name with .com, .org or .net.

Bluehost is providing free domain name with some good services. If you need to go for the additional domain then you can go for Godaddy. It will provide you cheap registrars.

The Web-hosting cost: ( $50-$100 per year )

This is the place where you will be investing more in the process of starting your own blog on WordPress blog.

Never compromise with the quality of your hosting service, you can just go for reliable one which ensures you the uninterrupted service. If you are starting a new blog then shared hosting will be the option for you.

Some of the WordPress hosting services cost:

  • Bluehost: $79 with free domain
  • InMotion :$66 with free domain

Set-up cost: (free (DIY) or paid $100)

Tutorials can help in building your wordpress blog. You all need to do is just follow the steps and complete the tutorials. Follow the DIY rules.

There is no requirement of technical knowledge in setting it up because there are just few steps to follow.

The cost of theme in WordPress: ( free to $85)

The most important part of customization is to select a theme for your blog. Selecting a good theme will determine the speed, price and functions. You can go and choose many WordPress free theme but somewhere they lacks in important access.

You can select the low cost theme according to your customization need.

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Premium plugins: $50-$200

You may get abundance of free plugins in WordPress, their work will be sufficient in creating customization for beginners. Then you can choose over the premium plugins which may vary in cost according to their functions.

If you do not have any issues regarding the investment then you can opt the option for choosing the premium plugins. This will help you in increase your sites functionality. It will boost your in page SEo optimization.

Minimal cost theme:

  • Basic setup with some free themes $70
  • Basic setup with premium themes $112
  • Professional setup with genesis theme $400
  • Professional setup with various premium elements: $499-$1500

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Start investing in yourself to be a successful blogger

If you are a new blogger then you should go for basic setup with a premium WordPress theme.You have an overview of the cost included in WordPress self-hosted blog. Just follow the above content and do the same, if have any queries regarding this topic then let me know.

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  1. Hey Jitendra and Shubham,

    It’s really difficult for a newbie to launch its first self-hosted WordPress blog. If somebody is going to start a blog he/she makes effort to keep the total cost as low as possible. They look for cheap hosting services, domain, themes, plugins and more.

    There are many hosting services available which can help you in launching your blog at very low cost or even free, but they can’t provide great hosting services. This post will surely help the new bloggers in choosing a reliable hosting service at the below average hosting costs.

    You will get WordPress for free and next you have to choose a theme. You can go with free themes but paid ones have more features compared to free ones. WordPress plugins are also both premium and free, but at the starting with lower blog traffic, you can go with the freemium version, later you can upgrade after the growth of your blog.

    This post will surely help many newbies in starting their blogging journey and also make them smart investor.


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