Copysmith Review 🚀2024: Is It The Best AI Content Creation Tool?

Starting my journey into the world of content creation, I realized quickly how important it is to have the right tools by your side.

That’s why I decided to dive deep into one of the tools that caught my eye: Copysmith.

This isn’t just another review; it’s my firsthand experience. I’ve been playing around with Copysmith, testing its features, and seeing how it stands up to the daily needs of a content creator like myself. I

f you’re curious about what makes Copysmith tick, and whether it’s the right fit for you, you’re in the right place. Stick around as I share my honest thoughts in this Copysmith review.

What is Copysmith?

Copysmith is a helpful writing tool with many features. It helps writers create different types of content, such as ads, blog articles, website text, and marketing content.

It also has some neat extras, like a built-in plagiarism checker and a tool to help with SEO keywords, powered by Frase.

It’s important to emphasize that this AI writing solution is probably not the ideal option for lengthy pieces of content (such as your blogs, articles, eBooks, and so on). However, the AI system, utilizing GPT-3, may assist you in creating a variety of advertisements and other short bits of text.

Copysmith is capable of creating category content, product descriptions, headlines, rewritten text, taglines, and PPC advertisements. The possibilities are limitless.

According to the website, the software is designed to generate high-converting advertising, emails, and product descriptions as rapidly as possible, so you spend less time staring at a blank page.

It has helped me scale my marketing content virtually indefinitely with a nonstop content creator. I can rewrite the content, receive assistance in generating content and blog ideas, and create product descriptions all at the same time.

copysmith intro

In addition to assisting with the creation of your content, Copysmith also manages copy assets. You receive a universal platform that allows you to organize and store copy in various folders, edit your content to perfection, and even import and export CSVs. Additionally, there is assistance for teamwork and collaboration.

Copysmith Different Products

1. Frase:

Frase is a powerful tool designed to help you create content that performs well on Google. By analyzing and summarizing content from top search results for any query, Frase saves you time and effort. It’s ideal for streamlining the content creation process and ensuring your content ranks high in search engine results.

2. Rytr:

Rytr is a versatile platform that assists millions of marketers in generating high-quality copy. Whether you’re working on blogs, emails, or ads, Rytr helps you produce engaging and original content in various tones and languages. Its automated features simplify the writing process and enable you to create impactful content efficiently.

3. Describely:

It is newly launched by Copysmith. Describely allows you to create product descriptions, bullet points, titles, and tags quickly and easily. It is ideal for e-commerce businesses and content creators managing large product catalogs because it enables you to generate content at scale.

Additionally, Describely helps you optimize your content for SEO by suggesting keywords for new products and evaluating existing content against best practices.

How To Use Copysmith For Free?

Step 1. Open Copysmith‘s website, and then from the top menu, click on Pricing.

copysmith website

Step 2. Click here on Start Writing for free.

copysmith free

Step 3. Sign up with your existing Google or Outlook account or register using your details.

copysmith sign in

Step 4. After registering, the dashboard appears, and trust me, the interface of Copysmith is very easy to use.

copysmith register
Step 5. This is how you can start writing blogs.

copysmith blog title

Copysmith Features:

1. Templates

Let’s take a look at what Copysmith can do for you. It’s a tool made to make content creation easier for businesses, especially when it comes to online stores and blogs. With Copysmith, you can quickly create product descriptions, ads, and emails without needing a writer.

Therefore, what types of copies can you produce with the help of Copysmith?

Copysmith offers a wide selection of templates to meet virtually every need. The templates include:

2. Ads

  • Amazon Product descriptions
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Instagram product description
  • Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ads

3. Blogs

  • Article writing assistant
  • Blog outlining
  • Blog idea creation
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog posting
  • Brainstorming Ideas

4. AIDA framework

  • Ad ideas
  • YouTube Video product descriptions
  • Listicles
  • Ad headlines
  • Pain benefit solution
  • Captions
  • Content ideas
  • FAQ ideas
  • Branding

5. Brand essence

  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Event press release
  • Taglines
  • Landing pages
  • SEO metatags

6. Other:

  • Short sales emails
  • Article summaries
  • Content enhancer
  • Pitch yourself

Copysmith Art Studio’s AI image generator

First off, the fact that you can generate images for free is a huge plus. No need to worry about costly subscriptions or licensing fees – simply create the images you need without breaking the bank.

But it’s not just about saving money; it’s also about saving time. With Copysmith Art Studio, I was able to create high-quality, professional-looking images in a matter of seconds. Whether I needed product renderings or eye-catching social media posts, the AI image generator delivered.

One feature that particularly stood out to me was the meta description generator. Not only could I create compelling visuals, but I could also optimize my content for search engines at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

And let’s not forget about the integration with HootSuite. Being able to seamlessly launch my social media content directly from the platform made my workflow much more efficient.

Thus, Copysmith Art Studio’s AI image generator exceeded my expectations. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their content creation process and elevate their marketing campaigns.

After the free trial, you will only be charged $15 for 150 custom images every month.

copysmith after trial

Ease of Use

Copysmith’s user-friendliness is aided by its drive by a wonderful artificial intelligence product. Advanced AI model GPT-3 employs deep learning to better comprehend human text. The model’s access to user feedback allows it to continue improving over time.

To use Copysmith, select the templates you wish to use, then put keywords and brief descriptions of your brand, product, or service into the given fields. AI technology quickly provides relevant content that meets your needs.

The procedure is fairly straightforward, and Copysmith’s staff is continually launching new content production capabilities and templates to assist you. You are not required to have the AI system compose your entire solution. You may always start with a concept and build from there.

When you use the Copysmith system, you have access to more than one type of copy. You can click the “more like this” link beneath the copy segment that appeals to you most. This informs Copysmith about the type of content you enjoy the most, allowing it to produce similar material in the future.

Copysmith can also be made more effective by clicking the “love” icon next to the best-performing selections. This will notify Copysmith of your preferences, increasing the likelihood that you will receive exactly what you want in the future.

Integration With Third-party Marketing Tools

Most AI writing tools are designed for individual marketers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. But at Copysmith, their aim is to make things easier for marketers by integrating seamlessly with other tools they use. Here are some features of Copysmith that work well with other tools and you should explore.

1. Google Ads Integration

Copysmith works together with Google Ads, making it simple for marketers and teams to start their ad campaigns right after creating the copy using Copysmith. Instead of copying and pasting the generated ad text into your Google Ads account, you can directly launch your campaigns from their platform.

This saves time, especially for Ads specialists, allowing them to concentrate on other important tasks for their business. To use this feature, just connect your Google Ads account to your Copysmith workspace.

google ads integration

2. Shopify Integration

If you have an online store on Shopify, you can use their integration with Shopify to quickly launch new product descriptions right after creating them on their platform.

This works well with the product description template in Copysmith. To activate this integration, simply click on the “Shopify” icon in your template and then click on the “Connect” button. Once connected, your Shopify store will be linked with Copysmith, allowing you to launch new product descriptions in just a few minutes. As I have shown in the screenshot below.

shopify integration

3. Frase Integration

Frase is a tool that helps improve the SEO of your content, making it more likely to appear higher in Google search results. It uses artificial intelligence to suggest ways to optimize your product descriptions, ad headlines, and blog posts for better ranking.

Now, Copysmith has integrated with Frase, so you can access SEO suggestions directly within your Copysmith account. This means you don’t need separate accounts for both tools.

When you enter the keywords you want to rank for in Copysmith, it will give you a list of other keywords to include in your content to improve its ranking on Google.

frase integration

Long-form Blog Content Creation Ability

Many AI content generators focus on creating short pieces of content like social media captions, product descriptions, and ad headlines. However, Copysmith goes beyond that by offering a free-form smart editor feature.

With this feature, you can input a paragraph into the platform, and it will generate long-form blog posts for you. For example, if you provide a brief introduction to a topic, Copysmith will use that input to generate a longer article.

copysmith blogpost

You can then choose, tweak, and use the generated content as needed. This feature allows you to quickly create comprehensive blog posts without having to write them entirely from scratch.

copysmith sample

Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Copysmith offers a built-in plagiarism checker, a feature that Copy AI lacks. This was one of the major reasons I shifted from Copy AI to Copysmith. This means that you don’t have to rely on third-party plagiarism checkers after generating content with Copysmith.

To use this feature, simply click on the plagiarism icon within the template you’re working on. Copysmith will then analyze the content and provide you with an update on its plagiarism status. This ensures that your content is original and free from any potential issues related to plagiarism. It’s a valuable tool for anyone who wants to ensure the originality and quality of their written material.

copysmith plagiarism

Here is the plagiarism check result for the example above.

copysmith check passed

This generated content passes the plagiarism check, as you can see.

Plans and Pricing:

Let me discuss the pricing and various packages of CopySmith and also tell you which one will suit you.

copysmith price

1. Starter Plan – $19/month:

This is a great option for individuals or small businesses just getting started.

This product’s features include up to 20,000 words per month, access for one user, Chrome Extension, Plagiarism Check, limited integrations with third parties, Level 1 Analytics, Secure External Content Sharing, and Customer Support.

2. Pro Plan – $49/month:

The plan is suitable for growing businesses or teams. My team and I are using this plan and are very satisfied with the results.

The feature includes unlimited AI copy generation, access for five users, a Chrome extension, plagiarism checking, product catalog content management (25 products), robust integrations with third parties, Level 2 Analytics, Secure External Content Sharing, Customer Support, Bulk Product Content Generation, Level 1 API Access, and Voice and Tone.

3. Enterprise Plans – Customized:

This plan is tailored to the needs of larger organizations with more specific requirements.

Features unlimited AI copy generation, access for 20 users, Chrome Extension, Plagiarism Check, Product Catalog Content Manager, robust 3rd Party Integrations, Enterprise Analytics, Secure External Content Sharing, Full Support (Email and Phone), Bulk Product Content Generation, Full API Access, and Custom Templates.

Choosing the right plan depends on your needs and the size of your business.

  • The Starter Plan is perfect for individuals or small businesses looking for basic AI copy generation capabilities.
  • The Pro Plan offers more advanced features and is suitable for growing businesses or teams.
  • The Enterprise Plans are customized to meet the specific requirements of larger organizations and provide full support and additional features tailored to their needs.

Customer Support

Support is essential whether you’re attempting to combine your Copysmith solution with AppSumo or Microsoft Outlook or simply want to understand more about the service’s capabilities.

The good news is that Copysmith’s approach to customer service is unquestionably superior. The crew can be reached through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter.

The “Features Request” website on Copysmith’s current website shows that they take early adopter and consumer feedback seriously.

It is the company’s mission to provide you with top-performing content for less than what a copywriter normally charges. Our enterprise customers receive unparalleled support and onboarding assistance.

As an Enterprise customer, you can enjoy all the benefits of having your own account manager, but you must pay extra for the opportunity. Even if you do not have the most expensive account, Copysmith AI answers requests for assistance rapidly.

Copysmith uses Google Firebase to ensure that all data is encrypted with high-quality AES 256-bit encryption, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the security and protection you require.

You may securely access all of your Copysmith account information by logging in with Google, reducing the number of times you must input new usernames and passwords.

Copysmith Review: Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Backs up your content for you
  • SEO-optimized content
  • The tool is constantly being updated to be more effective
  • In most cases, affordable pricing
  • Feature that saves time
  • Good customer service
  • Exporting content is easy


  • Credits do expire
  • New company with a lot of potential


👀What types of content can Copysmith create?

Copysmith can generate a wide range of content, including but not limited to blog posts, SEO meta tags, product descriptions, ad copy for social media and Google Ads, and email newsletters.

✔ Is Copysmith suitable for SEO?

Yes, Copysmith is designed with SEO in mind. It offers features that help create SEO-friendly content, such as keyword optimization and meta tag generation. However, it's important to review and tweak the content to ensure it aligns with your SEO strategy and guidelines.

❓Can I customize the content generated by Copysmith?

Absolutely. Copysmith allows for full customization of the generated content. Users can modify the text, tone, style, and format to match their brand voice and specific content requirements.

🚀How does Copysmith ensure content originality?

Copysmith uses advanced algorithms designed to generate unique content. However, it's always recommended to use plagiarism checkers to ensure the originality of the content before publishing.

👍Is there a trial period for Copysmith?

Yes, Copysmith typically offers a trial period where users can test out the platform's features before committing to a subscription. Check their website for the most current trial offerings.

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Final Verdict: Copysmith Review 2024

Thus, if you have many websites and spend a lot of time writing content for them, using AI for marketing content could save you a lot of money. I highly recommend Copysmith for that.

Their latest tool, Describely, is an extremely easy-to-use AI tool for eCommerce content teams. It helps generate large quantities of top-notch, SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Copysmith uses artificial intelligence to create different types of marketing text, like ads or website content. I find this much quicker than writing it yourself or hiring a team to do it, but there are good and bad points to think about.

In short, it’s a big help for getting things done faster! If you are excited about using the tool, you can first go for the free trial, which is for 7 days and doesn’t require a credit card.

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