Convertri vs Instapage 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Our Pick)

Are you stuck between Convertri vs Instapage!  Which one is the best? It is not hard to explain if we dig deeper into this two software!

I have made several websites and after trying several landing page builders, I have come here to put my experience and comparing Convertri vs Instapage, The two best landing page builders, in the market right now. Every week, we see a new landing page builder entering the market. This battle between Convertri and Instapage exists because you are in the dilemma of choosing the best one Convertri vs Instapage. For this only reason, you will have to read this yourself.

In term, Instapage has been around for a long time in the market as the world’s most advanced landing page platform, whereas Convertri being a new sales funnel builder or landing page builder helps you create your sales funnel swiftly. Convertri feels like only putting efforts in “sales funnel” seeming to shut off from the top of the roof. Both of these software applications are best in their ways.

The primary services provided by both of this software are much similar. Still, the excellent feature available for everyone commonly is to create and design customizable, attractive, and creative landing pages. Both Convertri and Instapage have been changing, updated, and modified; it’s better not to use both the platforms utterly. With being said that, both of these applications require disbursement of time and money.

Every online business owner wishes to have a pre-planned landing page for their services and p. Still, it has become so critical that in interpretation, many ones would now be in a great obfuscation when coming to the point of selecting any ONE among them. So, first, let’s discuss Convertri and Instapage and their pros and cons before concluding.

Convertri vs Instapage Overview:

 About Convertri

Convertri vs Instapage - Convertri

Convertri is the new landing page building platform, Cofounded by Andy Fletcher. The reason for the development of Convertri began because of the distinctiveness the cofounder got. Most of the landing page builders suck at their own pace, but that’s not entirely true. At the same time, Convertri competed with several other companies like Leadpages, Instapage, Unbounce, Clickfunnels, Wishponds, etc. The motto is to make business convenient by building pages, funnels, and marketing systems in less time, which helps users to have a fantastic experience using the tool.

It aims to provide the fastest means to businesses by building pages, funnels, and marketing systems so that the users can have a fantastic experience with them, which made Convertri as the world’s fastest funnel builder platform. The fact that pages built on Convertri loads superfast than all the other pages available on the internet. The most significant boost is that they promised that, even a colossal page couldn’t take more than 3 seconds to load with its accelerated page technology.

About Instapage

Convertri vs Instapage - Instapage

Instapage was value for money until they shifted their focus to enterprise clients mainly and altered their prices. Thus losing focus, and deprioritizing the small businesses. It comes with a pure pixel-perfect drag and drop builder. Just like Unbounce, having a clear focus on post-click marketing. Instapage allows you to connect with anything that could not connect with the Zapier tool.

It helps you communicate with any CRM, email marketing platform, marketing tools, and many more tools that can not be directly accessed or aren’t a part of the native tools available. It also features Instablocks, Admap, Collaboration, Global blocks editing, and experimentation, which are its robust points. Instapage includes six new products and many built-in features, unlike other competitors, making it known as “The world’s most advanced landing page platform.”

Instapage includes all-around 200 free templates for its users, also categorized under several subcategories. It also provides fully tweakable mobile version pages by creating in desktop version ab, and then it converts to mobile-friendly just in a single click to land the page correctly on mobile devices.

Features of Convertri Convertri vs Instapage

The last Lightning page is the most shining feature of Convertri. As we all know, slow loading pages annoy users the most, and most of us press the return back or close if the page takes time to load, which affects your conversion rate radically. Drag and Drop is a significant feature among the funnel builders, like Convertri. It allows you to drag and drop your text, manage buttons, add your media files, and much more.

Convertri also provides free optimized standalone pages for your websites and fully customizable dozens of funnel templates. Also, Convertri gives you a mobile-friendly experience for loading your pages super fast, unlike others making the users lose interest in the page. It provides a one-click transformation of your desktop version of the website to the mobile version even if it is not satisfactory for you; then, you also have the option to customize as you need it. One more useful and essential feature for marketers to boost conversions and add more money is that Convertri provides dynamic text replacement. If utilized in proper order, it is a handy feature that lets the visitors land on a web page through some ad. Have you thought of free SSL?

Convertri - Features

Convertri gives you free SSL if you are an exclusive user means you can get your custom domain like your An advanced feature only available for Agency plans in Convertri is providing SubAccounts. You can share it with your business partners for funnel building. If you were on another landing page creator before and switched to Convertri, then its feature – Page Importer will recreate those pages without bothering you with redesigning again.

With Convertri, you will be able to transfer all your funnels from one application to another. It also provides an integrated cart feature for its users, where you can sell, manage, track all your orders within the app without worrying about payments and sales. It can control everything itself. Now comes the surprising feature of Convertri! If you are using  WordPress Websites and display your pages in WordPress, you can do it by merely installing Convertri plugin in WordPress And Boom! Your pages are on WordPress.

Features of Instapage

Instapage includes the sole tool for editing, i.e., Drag and Drop feature for editing your designs. It is the first factor which people go through before buying their services. You can add alt-texts to images, add your media, files, etc. into it through Instapage. Provided by Instapage,200+ free designed templates are fully customizable and optimized for mobile platforms to feel the software’s extensive enrich experience.

You also get API connections in it, which will let you link your landing pages to anything over the internet, whether any text, images, or ads. Instapage also brings you integrating with famous marketing automation firms such as Pardot, Hubspot, etc.

Instapage- Features

It provides you with connecting to 6 different products. You can utilize more than 2000 apps from Zapier, and many more available services at the same time without leaving Instapage. Also, you can directly have access to google analytics, tracking pixels, or Script manager quickly. Instablocks is another unique feature of Instapage, which lets you make landing pages in a large quantity & release it in bulk. You can use it to differentiate various brands. It is less time consuming to remove any object from the template and modify it to something else. You can do it very quickly in less time. You can buy non-copyright images from the builder tool, which contains a library of more than 5000 fonts.

Besides all these, Instapage does not limit your landing pages quantity. Unlike other services, where you have limited access to the number of landing pages you create. It also contains a collaboration tool like you can add comments to the design you are making, which doesn’t affect your page. Instapage also gives you a unique feature that is HeatMaps used. If you don’t know how your users are interacting with your pages, heatmaps elaborate you about it. It also uses Google AMP to fasten the web page loading speed on the mobile device to increase its conversion.

Integrations of Convertri

Convertri has some built-in services and uses the most popular services you’ll be using the most.

Convertri- Integration


Here’s a complete list of integrations you will be getting:

  • Facebook
  • Shopify
  • Youzign
  • Google analytics
  • Stripe
  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Sendlane
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • InfusionSoft
  • Campaign Refinery
  • MailerLite
  • iContact
  • Senior
  • GoToWebinar
  • WebinarJEO
  • Demio
  • And many more

Integrations of Instapage:

Instead, Instapage can connect to over 2000+ apps on Zapier, here are some of the primary integrations of Instapage:

 Instapage - benefits

  • Google Sheets
  • Slack
  • SalesForce
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Gmail
  • PipeDrive
  • Mailchimp
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • MySql
  • Airtable
  • Pardot
  • Infusionsoft
  • GetResponse
  • Intercom
  • Sendgrid
  • Autopilot
  • high level
  • SendinBlue
  • ClickSend SMS
  • Mailgun
  • Zendesk Sell

And there are many more Integrations into Instapage.

Pros of Convertri and Instapage:


  • Superfast page loading technology
  • Beginners can benefit a lot from it
  • Gives Free SSL
  • Pages sharing feature
  • Favorable Pricing
  • Utilized to make a complete website
  • Recommended for digital products
  • Assures Money Back Guarantee
  • Imports pages in 2 minutes
  • Always Running Servers
  • Ability to import pages and funnels from other sources
  • 14-Day Trial Period


  • It has a significant Drag and Drops feature for the beginners to get into use in
  • 200+ customizable, designed templates are available to everyone
  • Heatmap Visualizer is an exceptional functionality which tells you where to improve to get more reach
  • Instablock has proved to be a handy feature that helps you create multiple pages of the same templates in lesser time than other competitors
  • It does not have any limit to the landing pages you make
  • Includes mostly used tracking tools
  • Connection with more than 2000 apps through Zapier.
  • It provides a 14-Day Trial to new users.

Cons of Convertri and Instapage:


  • Not so explanatory tutorials
  • Does not offer Email Marketing
  • Limited space, No affiliate program
  • Limited pages, funnels
  • Not useful for big Companies


  • Instapage is a little expensive when compared to other similar working applications.
  • Although it provides you with 5000+ font styles, you can use only one specific font in your landing page’s headings.
  • It does not have Lead Notifications.
  • Training and Education on Instapage are limited

Both the companies are occupied with their excellent features, but when it comes to the output these give, only one can provide the suitable results which want from both the softwares. Whereas, on the other side, there are some weak points which hinder the performances of the softwares. As of now, we got to know both these Softwares & their working features. As I have already discussed the pros and cons. Now, let us see which one excels in some required aspects.

Pricing Comaprison

 Convertri provides its services for $99 per month.

Convertri- Pricing Plan

 Instapage provides its services for $199 per month.

 - Instapage Pricing-Plans



A/B Split testing, 250 funnels, Page Importer, Page & Funnel sharing, Full support, Autoresponder integration, Unlimited Free SSL Certificate, Domain DNS Management Tool, Hosting Included in price, Team Members, Accelerated Page, Layers, Sell Products, Parallax Scrolling, Build Mobile pages separately, Templates 200+, Subscriptions, One-Click Upsells.

 Instapage: A/B Split testing, Full support, Autoresponder integration, Unlimited Free SSL Certificate, Hosting Included in price, Accelerated Page, Parallax Scrolling, Build Mobile pages separately, Templates 200+, Heatmaps

Instapage- Data Overview

Customer Support:

At Convertri, the customer support team is outstanding as they provide appropriate answers for all the client’s queries. They also have support forums at Facebook groups.

While Instapage’s support is not that good compared to Convertri, even though Instapage has developed a lot, it still lags in its customer support service.

  • Best features in landing page:

Convertri, through its unique features without API usage, gives a good response. However, they are currently adding APIs to their systems. Instapage has many more integrations than Convertri, which is most convenient and provides the best landing page features.

Convertri - Funnel Builders

  • Fastest Speed: Convertri mainly focuses on Google’s SEO and fastest speed that it can provide to its users for landing pages. Somehow, Instapage lacks in this aspect behind Convertri as it is somehow slower than Convertri.


👉Is there any cracked version available for any software?

None of the company does support piracy or cracked versions of its software. It is illegal, and if they catch anyone promoting piracy, they will take strict action against the individual. Instead, you can take the 14-day trial of both the softwares, which has all the functions that a paid application has, but there’s limited access to it. In this case, You can go, and always buy a paid version of the software.

👉How can we submit our ideas to make the most out of the software?

That’s the excellent feature available for everyone to suggest their ideas to maximize their performance. The best way to submit your opinion is that you have to go to the Convertri’s or Instapage’s Community forums and post it there, which is managed by the development team of the software.

👉Which is the fastest landing page builder?

Convertri is the fastest landing page builder; that’s why it is known as “The world’s fastest funnel builder platform because only the fact that pages built on Convertri loads superfast than every other page available on the internet in approx. 3 seconds. Just because Convertri mainly focuses on the speed required by Google and always maintains it, speeding the Search Engine Optimization on Google, which leads to fast conversion. But on the other side, Instapage does lack in this factor from Convertri. It is quite slower than Convertri, leading to losing traffic, which requires the same.


Convertri Customer Review

Convertri- Testimonials

Instapage Customer Review

Instapage- Testimonials

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Conclusion: Convertri vs Instapage Comapriosn 2024

In short, both Convertri and Instapage have their own sets of pros and cons. However, the services provided by them are somehow less different; both are very combative when it comes to customer services. Their primary goal is to provide satisfactory designs & create landing pages for their businesses. They also offer other features that can be considered a boon in startups, business marketing, and improving the company’s reach. They also provide us with excellent tips, free online pieces of training videos, eLearning, etc.

Moreover, many users claimed that their startups and business have increased after using one of these software’s. Besides, depending on the individual’s opinion, it depends on the product’s compatibility with your business ideology. Both of the software is excellent in some way or other, but when coming to more features, I believe Instapage wins as it is composed of a lot more elements than Convertri. As well, we cannot ignore the sides of the coin. So, I would like to suggest selecting the software which accurately fits your required demands.

However, there is no ideal software without flaws. They might be best in their ways, working hard to optimize their features more powerfully and effectively. The critical element to have a look at is that both of them are working productively and are improved continuously. Like getting more features in new versions and getting secured after every update so that their customers could get more advanced features seeing their businesses grow with their both hands folded.

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