Convertri vs Clickfunnels 🚀 2024: Which Tool Has Better Funnels? (Pros & Cons)

What is the ultimate goal of a Business? To generate revenue. Right?

But, Sales isn’t the first step in marketing. First, you need to create awareness about a particular product or service and follow a few more steps to make the sales happen. The framework for creating this strategy is known as ‘Funnel’.

Choosing the right tool to build your ‘Funnel’ is important.

In this blog, we have reviews of the most famous and highly recommended page builder, i.e., Convertri vs Clickfunnels. If we look from a bird’s eye view, both the tools are very different from one another but do the same job.

Using funnel builder to create the right sales funnel can help you convert your users and visitors into conversions.



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$ Pricing
$97/mo $53/mo
Best for

Clickfunnels focuses only on creating sales funnel for your products to make it more simple and attractive to your visitors.

Convertri offers include Building Landing Pages, A/B Split testing, in-built shopping cart, ready to use landing page templates for creating landing p

  • Funnel Templates
  • Email Auto-Responder
  • Conversation Tracking
  • Free-Form Funnel Builder
  • Dynamic Text
  • Share and Import Funnels
  • Membership site creation for your exclusive members
  • Drag and drop editor makes their interface more userfriendly
  • Wide variety of business tools to improve the functionality
  • Affordable in terms of pricing
  • Convertri helps making a funnel within a few clicks
  • A/B Split testing which allows you to choose a campaign
  • Poor tracking of the performance of the affiliates
  • No in-built membership option
Ease of Use

Making a sales funnel within a few minutes proves that its user interface is pretty good.

The user interface is really easy to navigate and it seems really easy to build a funnel with Convertri but still it lacks a few things which ClickFunnels offers.

Value For Money

If you wanna boost your conversions then this is a really good place to start and you won't regret it.

For small business, it is a really good option in terms of its pricing but when we talk about things on bigger scale then Convertri is not as good as ClickFunnels.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

ClickFunnels is a website and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their products and services online.

It has a simple drag and drop funnel builder and with that you can easily create sales funnels and boost the sales of your business.

When it comes to big businesses, ClickFunnels is clearly better than Convertri. ClickFunnels and Convertri are different companies.

ClickFunnels has been around longer and has a more established brand.

It is a bit more expensive ($97/month vs. $53/month).

But you have better customer service with ClickFunnels than you would with Convertri, which only lets you build sales funnels however you want without any help from the company.

Both services can do many things. ClickFunnels has an integration with Zapier, which lets it connect to other software. Convertri does not have this feature.

Try ClickFunnels to know that for yourself.

ClickFunnels and Convertri both are priced differently with many different features.

Let’s take a look with knowing about Sales Funnel.

Convertri vs Clickfunnels

What is a Sales Funnel? 

Sales Funnel is basically a Sales Strategy where you take your audience through a well-planned journey of your brand.

Sales funnel basically starts with ‘Awareness’ and pauses at ‘Sales’. And then continue to ‘Re-Sale’. It is basically a cycle.

GrooveFunnels makes it super easy to create powerful sales funnels. Here is our detailed review of GrooveFunnels.

Sales funnel’s framework and model differs from one business to another.

One of the most commonly used funnels is Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, Purchase, Re-evaluation, and Repurchase.

Let me elaborate on the General Funnel Module:

  1. Awareness: Awareness is basically the first step to starting your campaign. It is a process through which people get to know about your business or brand.
    You can create Campaigns using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or you can use Google Ads or Email Marketing, etc, to let people know about your brand.
  2. Interest: Interest is basically when your potential customer shows interest in your brand, and engages with your content.

For instance, they can follow you on social media handles, replies to your mail, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or visit your website.

  1. Evaluation: At this stage, you evaluate how many people you’re targeting and how many people are interacting with your brand, based on this you strategize your further plan.
  2. Decision: Once you evaluate the list, you decide to t=segment the audience and target them differently like you can make a sales call or offer them a discount.
  3. Purchase: This is the most important step when your potential customer finally converts into a customer and makes a purchase decision.
  4. Re-Evaluation: Once the customer makes the purchase, you need to evaluate the customer behavior and retarget them accordingly.
  5. Repurchase: The customer who purchased once and is retargeted should come back and repurchase.

When we talk about the role of marketing in the sales funnel, let me tell you it’s really crucial. Along with creating a funnel, it is highly important to use the right marketing channels.

Make sure you choose the right platform to create ads and a good ad copy and ad creative will do wonders.

Various tools & platforms are involved in the success of a Sales Funnel.

Lets start with comparison between Clickfunnels and Convertri :

Which Is a Better Funnel Builder? 

Money Meme kl

About ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels pricing plans

When I first got introduced to creating funnels, “Clickfunnels” was the tool I was recommended to use for creating a funnel.

Clickfunnels is one of the oldest and most trusted brands when it comes to building funnels. They claim to be the world’s best funnel builder.

It is highly recommended for making sales funnels. It is an amazing page builder.

Clickfunnels is the most recommended tool because its interface is user friendly which makes it easy to understand which makes the process easy especially for the first time users.

It also offers drag and drop feature and you can make your funnel as long as you want, there’s no limit.

Clickfunnels also offers 125 template designs, you can choose which best suits your sales funnel plan. You are allowed to save your favourite funnel for future use.

It can also help you grow your email list.

Business Clickfunnels has proven to be an effective medium to generate conversions.

Key Features & Benefits of ClickFunnels 

 ClickFunnels - leadpages start Marketing Funnels Made Easy

  • Integrations: Clickfunnel allows API Integrations which allows you to integrate auto-email responders, the gateway of payment, etc.

You can also integrate WordPress, Hubspot, CRMs, MailChimp, and other third party tools and platforms.

  • Mobile-Friendly Landing pages: Until I used other funnel builder I faced a big bounce rate because of one reason, ‘The page was not mobile optimized’.
    Once I switched to Clickfunnels I saw an increase in conversion.

Having mobile-optimized landing pages are highly important for conversions.

  • A/B Split Testing: This feature allows you to duplicate the page, make changes in the page.
    And run campaign you can easily monitor which page is performing better and then know which elements are performing well.
  • Drag And Drop Feature: You can make landing easily by using Clickfunnel’s Drag & drop feature. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge or training to use Clickfunnels.


Clickfunnels Testimonials Russel Brunson Clickfunnels downsell

One-Click Upsells


Want to make more money? ClickFunnels has figured out the best way to upsell a product.

After someone enters their shipping and payment information, you can add on an upsell that will increase the value of their order.

Now they only have to click one button and finish the order. This is better than any other strategy we have seen before.

High-Converting Sales Funnels

Clickfunnels features and high ticket funnels

A website is like a brochure that someone can read without help. A sales funnel is like a map for people to follow. It helps them find what they’re looking for and then they can buy it online.

ClickFunnels has a service that will make the best sales funnel for you if you need one.

Website Hosting Included

Hosting by clickfunnels

With ClickFunnels, you don’t need to pay for a third-party service. You can search, buy, connect and host your new website right from ClickFunnels. You can even add a website that you already own.

Beautiful Themes and Templates

Clickfunnels templates

When you are building a sales funnel, ClickFunnels will help you. There are many different templates to choose from.

And if there is not one that suits your needs, there is a marketplace where you can buy others. Make sure to read reviews to see if it works for what you need!

Full Split Testing Capabilities

Funnel testing

No matter which sales funnel service you choose, you will need to test it. You can test it by changing the words, the color of the button, or anything else that you want.

Then you can see what converts best and make changes again if needed.

Unlimited Conversion Tracking

You need easy-to-use conversion tracking for your sales funnel. This is because you can’t create the best funnels without this.

To do this, Clickfunnels provide its members with sales funnel metrics that are important to them.

Unlimited Conversion

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Email AutoResponder Included

Do you want to email your customers? Or contact them and offer them a discount? If so, you can use ClickFunnels to create an email list for these people.

You do not need to go find a different service provider. It can be done in ClickFunnels!

Clickfunnels email marketing


Membership Site Included

Want to build a membership site? Or maybe you want people to log in and pay for certain content? You can do all of that with ClickFunnels.

There is no need to find third-party plugins which might or might not work with your theme.

Easy Shopping Cart Feature

ClickFunnels helps business owners sell more products. It is easy to have a shopping cart on ClickFunnels.

When you build your funnel with ClickFunnels, the shopping cart will automatically work and you do not need to use other plugins for it.


Easy Shopping Cart Feature

Pricing Of ClickFunnels 💰


Clickfunnels offers 2 Pricing plans, features offered in both the plans are different. It offers a 14 days free trial period for both the plans.

Let’s talk about the first plan, which costs you $97/ Month.  It supports landing page traffic up to 20,000 per month,  20 funnels a month, 100 landing pages, etc.

It supports email integration and A/B testing. With free trial you can get an overview of all the features.

The rest of Clickfunnel’s features which include, Hubspot, email integration, WordPress integration, in-built shopping cart, Gateway of payment and all the other features, etc, remain the same.

This plan comes with some limitations but supports all the features.

Let’s know the second plan, i.e. Etison Suite Plan which costs $297/ Month. It allows you to create unlimited landing pages, supports unlimited visitors, and allows you to create unlimited funnels.

It supports email integration, WordPress integration, Third Party Gateway of payment, and all the other features, etc.

You can choose the package which best suits your sales funnel plans and strategies.

Are you wondering, “Why the pricing of plan 1 & plan 2 are poles apart?”.  Well, simply because plan 2 does not keep you under any boundaries.

You can create as many funnels as you want, there is no limitation. If you have a team then the latter is the perfect plan for you.

The best thing I truly liked about Clickfunnels is, despite having a number limitation on the first plan they offer all the key features without any limitation on both the plans.

You won’t miss out on any feature or function even if you take the first plan.

But, I believe Clickfunnels could have also offered a mid-price between plan 1 & plan 2 with some more landing pages, traffic and funnels, and the same features.

I would recommend you to think twice before adding this one to your shopping cart.

Pros & Cons of ClickFunnels 

Pros Cons
Easy to use Pricing: Even the basic plan isn’t much affordable
Conversion tracker Setting up funnels can get tricky sometimes
You can share & import funnels
A/B Testing for funnel

ClickFunnels Integrations 

Twilio — Use to personalize and schedule SMS messages.
Embed A Calendar Into Your Funnel — Use to allow leads to schedule themselves on your calendar. Can use lots of different calendar software for integration.
YouZign — Use for hosting custom images on YouZign and then publishing those same images on ClickFunnels.
VWO Engage — Use to set up push notifications for your funnels.
SalesForce — Use if you want to integrate SalesForce with your ClickFunnels account.
Warrior Plus — Use to sell Warrior Plus products in your ClickFunnels site.
Disc Delivered — Use to enable automatic order fulfillment when someone places an order in your funnel.
Stripe Payment — Use Stripe as a payment integration and send funnel customers receipts directly from Stripe.
Kajabi — Use to connect your products in ClickFunnels with membership areas in Kajabi.
PayPal — Use to add a PayPal button to your ClickFunnels page and accept payments through PayPal.
WordPress — Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with your WordPress website.
Shopify — Use to integrate your Shopify website with your ClickFunnels account.
Slybroadcast — Use to send voicemails from Slybroadcast to your subscribers in ClickFunnels.
Shipstation — Use to set up Shipstation for order fulfillment once someone purchases through ClickFunnels.
Zapier — Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with any other popular service.
ZenDirect — Use to send customer information from ClickFunnels to ZenDirect to ship items from ZenDirect.

Let’s take a look at our next tool in the list, i.e., Convertri

About Convertri 

Convertri vs Clickfunnels Comparison - Convertri

Convertri is also a Funnel builder, which is much similar to Clickfunnels if we focus on its core features.

Convertri is a new tool but its interface is a little better than Clickfunnels.

Convertri features

The features which Convertri offers include Building Landing Pages, A/B Split testing, in-built shopping cart, ready to use landing page templates for creating landing pages.

Customers gave a lot of positive reviews and they even said that it is the best funnel builder they ever used.

Convertri’s pricing is much more affordable than Clickfunnels, we will discuss it further in the blog.

One of the biggest advantages of Convertri is the loading time of this page builder. When you create a landing page on Convertri the loading time is lesser than other tools which increases the chance of a conversion.

Convertri Funnels

One of the biggest reasons for the high bounce rate is the loading speed.

  • Easy to use: This is one of the biggest advantages of Convertri, it has ready to use templates and the ‘Drag And Drop’ feature which makes the landing page creation much easy.
  • Mobile Optimised Landing pages: One of the most important factors which play a crucial role in the conversion is, whether the page is mobile optimized.

Because many a time when we run an ad on social media platforms and people mostly visit the page from their phone.

So for conversion, it is highly important to have a Mobile Optimised Page.

Key Features & Benefits of Convertri 

  • Free-Form Funnel Builder: This feature is similar to ClickFunnel’s drag and drop editor and with this tool you can edit or customize your page any way you want.
    Choose any one of the templates and start customizing it according to your needs. These ready-made templates are made for amazing speed and better conversions.
  • Dynamic Text:  They also have ready-made content blocks which you can use directly and ready your page.
  • Conversion Tracking: You don’t have to worry about how your funnel is doing. This feature of Convertri will track your funnel’s progress.
  • Share and Import Funnels: Convertri lets you export any funnel you made on another platform and attach it to your domain.
  • Page Importer: With this tool, you don’t need to make existing pages again. Import all of your existing pages to new platform by adding Convertri URL and press import button.

Make the page mobile optimized in 1-click

  • Convertri - Pages Saved
  • Pop-up Creation: You can create some beautiful pop-ups using Convertri.

Clients Consistently

Convertri has a layering system which allows you to have control on the pop-up design.

Additional advantage with Convertri 

  • A/B Split Testing: A/B Split testing is a way to test 2 different variations of the landing page by making a duplicate of the original page by changing the elements.

Convertri- Performance Grade

It can help you understand which page is performing better and which elements are highly important for your campaign and then you can continue running ads on the best-performing landing page.

List of third-party tools you can integrate with Convertri 

  1. MailChimp: You can integrate your MailChimp account and automate the mail.
  2. Drip: Drip is basically a CRM platform. You can Integrate Drip if you want.
  3. Keep: You can integrate Keep, which is also a CRM platform.
  4. ActiveCampaign: ActiveCampaign is also an Email Marketing tool, you can integrate ActiveCampaign and automate emails
  5. Stripe & PayPal: You can integrate your gateway of payment
  6. ConvertKit: ConvertKit is also an Email Marketing tool, you can integrate that as well
  7. AWeber: You can integrate your AWeber account which is also an Email marketing tool.
  8. WebinarJam: You can host Webinars using this tool

Pricing of Convertri 💸

Convertri- Pricing Plan

Basically, Convertri offers 3 pricing plans. To name them, Standard Plan, Pro Plan & Agency Plan.

The first plan i.e, Standard Plan costs you $53/ Month. The key features it includes are you can build 50 funnels, 500 landing pages, 45 landing page templates, A/B Split testing, Custom Domains, SSL.

With this plan, you are allowed to have 25,000 impressions per month.

Moving on to the next plan, i.e., Pro Plan, it costs you $58/ Month.

The key features this plan offers are, 250 funnels, 2500 landing pages A/B Split testing, Custom Domains, SSL, Dynamic Text Replacement, Page importer, team members etc.

You can add one of the plan to your shopping cart anytime.

It allows you to have 1,00,000 impressions per month.

Now, let’s talk about the last plan i.e., Agency Package. Just as the name suggests it’s for Agency/ Big businesses.

This plan lets you create 1000 funnels, 10,000 landing pages, team members and 4,00,000 impressions per month.

It allows you to have 25 sub-accounts.

With annual plans, you get a 24% discount on all the plans.

Pros & Cons Of Convertri 🔩

Pros Cons
Easy to use Limit in traffic, funnel builder & landing page creation in all the packages, and there is no custom package available
Affordable No in-built membership option
A/B Split testing which allows you to test the right elements for your campaign

Testimonials: Clickfunnels and Convertri ✅

Clickfunnels Reviews

Convertri - Testimonials

Convertri Reviews

Convertri - Testimonials

Importance of Building Sales Funnel 

In simple words, Sales Funnel is a customer’s buying. From not knowing the product/ brand to finally making a purchase decision and sometimes even making multiple purchases from the same seller.

It is highly essential for making sales.

Once you finish creating a sales funnel the next step involves the right marketing and tracking performance of the ads. Your ads and promotions help you in conversion.

Keeping an eye on your performance is highly important to understand the areas of improvement in your ads or sales funnel.

Sales funnel helps you gain your customers and potential customer’s trust and build credibility if you’re positioning your brand right.

Once people start knowing your brand, you manage to gain their trust the chances of sales and conversion increases.

Highlight your USPs & make your ads as personalized as possible it will increase the sales. Every business has its strength & weakness.

Conclusion: Convertri vs Clickfunnels Comparison 2024 | Should You Go For It?

And now, we are at the end of the blog.

Are you wondering, “Which is better? Clickfunnels or Convertri?”

Well, the answer is a bit tricky.

Maybe by looking at the pricing, you must be feeling Convertri is much affordable and better. But, when we decide to choose product pricing isn’t the only factor that matters. Right?

Both tools are user-friendly and easy to use. Both offer drag-and-drop features which make your work simple.

If you want simply a funnel builder tool then I would highly recommend Clickfunnels.

In case if you are a small business or a freelancer, I would advise you to go for Convertri’s Pro Plan.

And if you are a big business then I am sure you can afford to invest in Clickfunnel’s plan.

The right tool is the greatest investment for a business ClickFunnels.

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