Convertful Review 2024: Is It Better Than Other Lead Gen Tools ?

Convertful Review


  • Convertful is an easy to use tool which helps to easily connect to autoresponders
  • Convertful makes a lot of difference when it comes to landing pages and wishlists which can be used especially for websites and course platforms. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with various eCommerce tools.
  • Ability to A/B split test
  • Faster loading of pages
  • Many options for customization with widgets


  • The webhooks needs some changes to be done


Price: $ 19

In this post, we have featured Convertful Review which includes detailed insights into Convertful Review So let’s dive in.

If you are inquisitive about Covertful Review then you have come to the right place as I will be explaining in detail about it, so without any further delay, let’s dive into the article.

Do you have a website where loads of visitors visit your site on an exceptional day and are really interested in checking out what you have to offer? I’m sure you would love all of those visitors to be converted into your customers. Online businesses are all about how effectively your visitors are turning into customers. These are called conversions. The higher the conversion rate, the higher is the profit. There are many tools available for good conversion leads but for best results, we need to choose the best. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Convertful is a conversion-focused service that lets its user create amazing and beautiful sign-up forms. It has many features like subscription pop-ups, segmentation surveys, quiz funnel, customization, and many more. It has become really important to have attractive looking signup forms because that’s what converts a user. You can try Convertful for free, so what are you waiting for!!

It is in such times when Convertful comes into play. Being into online marketing for years, I would definitely lookout for a tool that would help me increase my sales. If you are looking for a tool that can help you in collecting email addresses on your website, then definitely make sure to read the whole article because I will be giving a complete Convertful Review 2020 and at the end, you can decide whether to stand a chance in purchasing the Convertful or not. 

Convertful Review

Convertful Review: In A Nutshell

Convertful is a conversion optimization platform plugin that allows users to create amazing designs right from pop-up to float scroll bars which you can combine with well-planned marketing strategies to generate more leads.

Convertful is a tool that you can use to create pop-up forms, exit-intent forms, slide-in forms, hello bars, and a whole lot more. All of these are to collect the email addresses on your website.

Convertful - Overview

You can connect Convertful to a wide variety of site platforms. Add a domain and then pick a site platform. You will find a list containing several options such as WordPress, BigCommerce, Convertri, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Weebly, and Custom CMS. now let’s say, you have a Shopify site, you just have to click on that which will tell you the site categories. On selecting Add-site, you will find a set of instructions for how to connect Convertful to your Shopify site. You can also perform this via the admin panel or the Google tag manager.

Convertful makes it very easy to connect their tool to your website and this is done regardless of what type of website you are using. Convertful connects to your website also giving instructions for how to do it. 

To make all these tasks simpler, Convertful contains a wide range of widgets which helps in easy conversion to leads.  

Features of Convertful 

  1. Subscription pop-ups:

Convertful makes the right utilization of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn. You can create pop-up buttons such as “subscribe with Facebook” where the visitors can click on that option.

Convertful - Pop Ups

This will automatically direct the mail addresses and the names of the visitors to your email. Thus you can avoid typo errors regarding the Mil addresses and the names. 

  1. Segmentation Surveys:

Segmentation surveys perform auto-segmenting the visitors to nearly 5.8% and also by offering huge personalized offers. Doing so automatically enhances the conversion rate of your sales and also the email subscribers. These segmentation surveys are especially helpful for businesses possessing multiple customer faces.

Convertful- Features

  1. Scratch card gamification:

Trust me, providing a gaming experience to your visitors works wonders. Try out means and ways through Convertful which your competitors haven’t done yet. So if you wish to soar your conversion rates and email subscribers, try out this feature.

  1. Quiz Funnels

Building strong communication with your visitors is as necessary as increasing conversions. Give your visitors or customers a personal response to their queries by tagging them in the answers. With this feature of Convertful you can build customer lifetime value. 

  1. Cart abandonment discounts

I have seen where visitors abandon their cart and leave the website without buying thus leaving back a loss. At such times, Convertful has this feature where you can provide instant discounts while they are still on the website cart. This ensures reduced abandonment rates and increased conversion rates. 

  1. Previewing content:

If you are into professional services or working in companies related to blogs or magazines, then this feature of Convertful is for you. Allow your visitors to visit your premium content which has the probability of converting your customers into leads by 17.6%. 

  1. Countdown timers:

Deadlines and timers work best because that tends the visitors to think twice regarding the purchase of the products. In Convertful, you have the option where you can offer personalized deadlines for every individual visitor. Such urgency of timers for specific products has a high chance to boost your conversion rates. 

  1. Coupon codes:

Convertful has a feature where you can offer your visitors coupon codes having discounts in return for their email addresses. This feature is especially helpful for eCommerce and also for other businesses. 

Convertful - Coupon Code

  1. Customisation:

Convertful offers excellent features to customize your webpage offering discounts to your customers in an appealing way. The best part is that you do not have to possess special coding skills for the optimization process.


You can insert rows, columns, colors, fonts according to your need, and wish. Convertful provides the option to add animation effects to your page to increase your conversions. 

  1. Mobile friendly:

The tool Convertful is so designed to be mobile-friendly. This ensures that you can preview on your mobile too. There is also an option for mobile targeting present in this tool. 

Convertful-Mobile Friendly

  1. User friendly

The best part of Convertful what I feel is, this is a user-friendly tool. You can manage multiple campaigns and set the priority of which promotions to be viewed by your visitors. 

You can also see that the widgets do not overlap with each other. So unless the visitor completes interacting with the first widget, the other widgets will not appear. 

  1. Seamless integrations

Convertful blends and integrates with most of the eCommerce and CMS platforms that you are already in use. Some of the integrations include WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Magento, BigCommerce, and many more. 


  1. Actionable Insights

When it comes to sales and business, it is equally important to track the numbers regarding sales and conversions. Convertful offers real-time analytics about sales and leads. You also the periodical reports to view and analyze your performance. 

Convertful- Actionable Insights

  1. Security

Convertful makes sure that the user and visitors are not deprived of security in any matters. For this purpose, Convertful comes with a 100% GDPR complaint. There is also a provision for adjustable personal data storage. Thus Convertful provides advanced data security. 

Convertful- Security

Convertful Pros & Cons

Pros of Convertful

  • Convertful is an easy to use tool which helps to easily connect to autoresponders
  • Convertful makes a lot of difference when it comes to landing pages and wishlists which can be used especially for websites and course platforms. 
  • Seamlessly integrates with various eCommerce tools. 
  • Ability to A/B split test
  • Faster loading of pages
  • Many options for customization with widgets
  • New features releasing every week
  • Supportive custom fields
  • Higher conversion rates on pop-ups

Cons of Convertful

  • The webhooks needs some changes to be done
  • The functionality of Convertful is not fully developed
  • Lack of inbuilt captcha and Recaptcha page
  • Mobile visitors cannot experience backgrounds same as in a desktop
  • There is no downside which becomes difficult for a few software
  • Lack of sub-accounts option for agency accounts details

Convertful Pricing | How Much Does It Convertful Cost?

If you open the website, you will see that Convertful has pricing plans for every kind of customer. From a blogging website to a large firm, the pricing plans depend on the number of websites for which you want your reports and the number of site visitors for which you want optimization. 

Convertful- Pricing

There are four different pricing plans offered by Convertful. They are Free, Blogger, Growth, and Agency plan.  Every plan has the inclusion of unlimited widgets, subscribers, and form fields. 

Free plan:

  • *This plan is free of cost where you do not have to spend a penny. 
  • *You get access to 3000-page reviews with all the elements and widgets included. 
  • *The free plan does not have any support system for the customers. 

Blogger plan:

  • *Blogger plan starts with $19 per month. 
  • *The page reviews can be chosen from 10,000 to 100000. 
  • *Two way CRM sync
  • *Multi-step
  • *A/B testing 
  • *Ticket support
  • *Webhooks are included in this plan. 

Growth plan:

  • If you ask me, this is the most popular and most opted plan of Convertful. 
  • *This plan starts with $79 per month
  • *The page reviews can vary from 125,000 to 225,000. 
  • *You have the provision for 5 sites and 5 sub-accounts. 
  • *Live chat support system for resolving problems. 
  • *Lifecycle stage mapping which will be available soon. 
  • *Webhooks are also included

Agency plan 

  • *This plan starts with $199 per month. 
  • *Page reviews can vary from 500,000 t0 5,000,000.
  • *15 sites are included
  • *White label is provided. 
  • *Priority support is provided
  • *Webhooks are also included

Easy to use 

Convertful is one of the most easiest platform to use for increasing leads and conversions. There is no complexity involved in setting up this software. I have been using this tool for a long time and setting up this tool is just a piece of cake. The functions and features are extremely easy to use requiring no special skills. The support system is very efficient and helpful in resolving the issues.

There are video tutorials present for the users to know about the proper usage and implementation of this tool. Even if you are a newbie to online business, you do not have to worry about the difficulty in handling this tool. Just a  few steps of login and that’s all! You are into this tool-making sales. 

Customer Care of Convertful 

Convertful always aims to fulfill the users’ needs and requirements. Out of several conversion tools I have used so far, Convertful has the best customer care system. The customer support of Convertful works full-fledged to resolve the issues of the users. The support team constantly checks in new messages and updates the necessary actions to be done in a short period.

The support team is readily available to the users’ needs except on Saturday and Sunday. Live chats are possible with Convertful customer care who will clarify your problems. There are video manuals provided for the user in order to understand the working and usage of Convertful.  

Convertful Review Testimonials

Convertful- Testimonials

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FAQs On Convertful Review

👉Convertful supports which browsers?

Convertful is a browser- friendly tool which supports several browsers in use. The two latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera are supported by Convertful.

👉Does Convertful support iOs mobile platforms too?

Yes, Convertful supports both IOS and Android operating systems of mobiles.

👉Can I opt yearly payment mode for purchasing Convertful?

Yes, you are free to choose either the monthly or the annual payment method for purchasing Convertful.

Conclusion: Convertful Review 2024

If I have to give honest reviews regarding Convertful, I would tell that this is the best tool for conversions. I have personally used several tools for my business and none have given such excellent results as Convertful. Right from widgets to templates, everything is simplified for optimization purposes.  The features are so friendly to upgrade your sales conversion rates thus boosting your sales. Convertful is an easy tool that can be handled with minimum complexities. So I would suggest, there is no going back after having used Convertful for such a long time.

The pricing plan, the features, the integrations, and the support system are well designed and functioned to provide the best results and progress of your business. If you are really looking for a tool that can help you in all ways to boost your sales, I would strongly recommend Convertful. Convertful is useful for various types of users.

This tool can be used by Startups, Enterprises, SMEs, Freelancers. So Convertful is quite helpful for a varied range of users. You can get access to a 14 day free trial period for the paid plans after which you can cancel your subscription. So, I suggest you take a free trial and get familiar with the platform. This tool really helps you to generate lots of leads.

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