Conscious Uncoupling Mindvalley Review 2024 Is It worth it? – Quest On Mindvalley By Katherine Woodward Thomas

Conscious Uncoupling Review

Overall Verdict

The Mindvalley program Conscious Uncoupling is of great value. It is an ideal course for healing your emotional wounds.

Out of 10


  • You will feel balanced after course completion.
  • Result Oriented Course
  • Dynamic Curriculum
  • The method itself is simple and easy to use.
  • It is made for focus and concentration.
  • Dashboard is super easy to use


  • Pricing are bit higher


Price: $ 399

This is my full honest review of Conscious Uncoupling Quest.

Getting dumped is the worst feeling in the world. Many people are never able to get over their painful ex-relationships, which can ruin their lives and take years to get over.

Conscious Uncoupling Mindvalley Review

Since I’ve written countless articles about relationships, let me just say: you can’t give anyone any advice if they aren’t truly ready to move on from the pain of their current or ex-partner.

That’s the reason why I checked out Katherine Woodward Thomas’s Conscious Uncoupling Quest on Mindvalley.

This is what is sometimes referred to as the ultimate guide to getting over any bitterness and resentment you may have towards an ex or person who will be your ex in the near future.

Conscious Uncoupling Mindvalley Review 2024: Why I Gave It A Chance?

Conscious Uncoupling

My first experience with Conscious Uncoupling – whether it’s the New York Times bestseller or the course on Mindvalley – wasn’t geared toward healing a broken heart or getting over a breakup.

Fortunately, I’m still young enough not to have experienced any terrible relationship breakups (yet!).

Since I spend a great deal of time writing about relationships and love, I was really intrigued by the possibility of learning a new approach to an entire school of thought that I felt was already fairly well covered.

How Does Conscious Uncoupling Differ From other Methods?

My attention was drawn immediately to the scientific nature of the way Katherine Woodward Thomas, an author, and teacher, approaches the topic of detaching from our significant others.

The act of “falling out of love,” which is usually defined with vague and intangible elements, is reframed by her with a systematic approach that anyone can follow.

I found that some critics considered Katherine too new age when I began my research on her.

Although she is a licensed psychotherapist, I figured she must know what she was talking about since she has been doing it for nearly 30 years.
This kind of support is needed by so many of us.

Creating a perfect relationship requires me to spend so much time loving myself, becoming a better partner, and learning how to love others.

But we spend so little time, if any, learning how to deal with the other side of the coin – how to keep growing instead of regressing after the end of a long and brutal relationship.

Despite knowing that there’s a right way to cope with the pain and struggles of a dysfunctional relationship or breakup, too many of us just grapple with them without any idea of how to do it.

It’s impossible to follow a guidebook or instructional manual when it comes to breakups, so many of us bumble through it without ever recovering emotionally or mentally.

What is the point of not having a manual or guidebook?

Is there not a way to logically and pragmatically uncouple yourself from another person so that you and others around you can save as much pain as possible?

My research into Conscious Uncoupling convinced me that it was the scientific and systematic approach the world needed for dealing with post-relationship heartache, and I had to try it.

What The Conscious Uncoupling Quest is All About

Here’s the first question that comes to mind: what the heck is conscious uncoupling?

Originally coined by Katherine Thomas in 2009, conscious uncoupling traces its roots back to the mid-20th century concept of uncoupling.

She viewed conscious uncoupling as a reaction to the notion that marriage is an end-all-be-all relationship where we are obligated to marry one person for life and if we don’t, we’ve failed as a couple as well as individuals.

Our society views divorce as the ultimate failure that only failures make, leading to feelings of guilt and pain for ourselves and our children, and we find ourselves blaming our partner or ourselves for their failure.

As a consequence, we are unable to part ways amicably, causing wounds that last for months or even years after the end of the relationship.

Additionally, it leaves us with lots of unhappy and incompatible couples who stick together simply to avoid admitting the pain and guilt that comes along with failing as a couple.

She introduced conscious uncoupling to patients and students as a new paradigm.

Thomas only introduced uncoupling to the public in the late 1980s; uncoupling simply means parting ways with a spouse amicably, managing to keep a sense of respect for each other, so as to minimize any negative impact on children and on oneself.

Katherine’s notion of conscious uncoupling takes into account the healing and self-reflection of the self that isn’t part of a basic uncoupling.

To develop the confidence and self-awareness needed to leave behind any baggage, we need to consciously and proactively break free from our previous partner and relationship.

The Conscious Uncoupling Quest

Conscious Uncoupling Coachs

With her 35-day Conscious Uncoupling Quest on Mindvalley, Katherine Thomas shares her 5-step program to truly uncouple through daily video lessons.

Students will learn how to…

  • Your internalized toxic behavior will ultimately damage all of your relationships. Recognize this toxic behavior and let it go
  • Find out why you feel guilty, raged, and other unpleasant emotions
  • You and your children should avoid lingering pain and guilt
  • Get to know your own value as a person without being in a relationship
  • Instead of holding on to the past, learn to forgive yourself and your ex-partner so you can move forward.

Five weeks and 35 days are devoted to different aspects of the 5-step program.

There are five steps to follow:

  • Emotional awareness
  • Your life and power are waiting for you
  • Break the pattern of your heart and heal it
  • Find your inner “alchemist of love”
  • Even after you die, you can create your own happiness

Who Is Conscious Uncoupling For?

Conscious Uncoupling would be perfect for you if… You might not be a good candidate for Conscious Uncoupling if…
No matter what you do, you and your partner are trapped in a loveless marriage It is easy to deal with your partner’s emotional problems when you’re in a happy relationship
Due to your baggage from the past, you have trouble finding a new relationship Even though you think you have some issues related to past relationships, you are not truly ready to deal with these issues in a serious way
Although you can’t forgive your ex-partner and want to put an end to that chapter of your life, you still want some kind of closure. If you prefer face-to-face counseling over online learning and video lessons, it is likely that you won’t benefit from online learning or video lessons

The lessons from this course are some of the few that I would say we can all use at some point in our lives on Mindvalley.

But Conscious Uncoupling resonates most with anyone who feels held back by a relationship, whether it’s a current one or one that was long ago ended.

It’s not always someone’s fault when we are hurt as a result of bad relationships.

There can be many reasons why two good people aren’t compatible or why they are at different stages of their lives.

We can also regress as a group when we are stuck in a bad relationship or still feel the pain and guilt of a previously bad relationship.

We can become guarded and distant and are more prone to negative emotions such as jealousy and anger.

Those who feel they may be suffering from these issues may benefit from The Conscious Uncoupling Quest and are ready (or nearly ready) to recognize and address them.

Conscious Uncoupling can help you pick up the pieces you need to heal and become whole again if you are going through a breakup, are almost about to break up, or are suffering from the pain, guilt, and grief of a previous break up.

The Qualities That Make Katherine Woodward Thomas a Great Mentor

Relationship expert Katherine Woodward Thomas specializes in self-help and relationships.

Her revolutionary approach to life after relationships has led her to be called the “breakup guru.”.

Two of her books have been New York Times Best Sellers, and she writes extensively about her relationship philosophy.

Conscious Uncoupling: How to Live Happily Ever After, is her most acclaimed work and essentially a book version of this program.

Catherine is a famous relationship expert who mediated the marriage of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

In addition to The Today Show, she has been featured in numerous publications, including People Magazine, The New York Times, and Women’s Health.

You can find videos on the Mindvalley Talks YouTube channel that explain Katherine’s relationship principles if you’re unfamiliar with her.

It is a great introduction to Katherine and her refreshing approach to relationships and true love in How To Heal Past Relationship Pains and Step Into a Future Full of Love.

Unlike other relationship experts, she doesn’t just teach you how to find love or how to attract the right partner. Kat has a holistic approach to building meaningful relationships, whether it is with someone else or with yourself.

In order to let go of love, she understands what it means to find love.

If you have trouble setting boundaries while falling in love, I recommend checking out her work.

I’d like to emphasize that Conscious Uncoupling is not a theory on self-healing after a breakup.

Katherine opens up about the origins of the popular method and how it was inspired by the divorce of her ten-year-old husband.

Katherine is the best mentor because she understands how it feels to feel lost, heartbroken, and to be worried about your loved ones and those entangled in the relationship after a breakup.

The Conscious Uncoupling program by Katherine has been proven to help people heal after a breakup, whether it’s a long-term partnership or a short fling.

Everything You Get With The Conscious Uncoupling Program

5 Steps To Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious Uncoupling is a 35-day program consisting of three parts. The Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass costs $599/year or $399 for solo access. It gives you access to the following items:

  • Providing exclusive support from Mindvalley’s Conscious Uncoupling coaches
  • Whether it’s Apple, Android, or Apple TV, you’ll have seamless access to your digital content no matter which device you’re using
  • Conscious Uncoupling’s lifetime access to its online community
  • Learn on the go with the Mindvalley App

Sign up today and you will also receive tons of bonus content with your quest.

A guided meditation audio program and exercises will be provided as part of the program in order to reinforce what you learned from the quest and to help you navigate your emotions as you go through the process:

  • Katherine will present the exclusive “Calling In The One” talk to help you better understand how to find a better partner next time. After you complete the quest, this talk will be unlocked.
  • Here are five meditations that will heal you. At the end of every week of your five-week journey, you’ll receive access to meditative exercises designed to help you navigate your personal changes and balance your emotions.
  • Take back control of your life and power with this audio program. The program includes an extra set of guided meditations that will boost your confidence.
  • Heal Your Heart With Break The Pattern. The end of every week will bring you extra meditative content. These recordings are meant to help you understand why you get into bad relationships or make poor relationship decisions in the first place.
  • You can become a Love Alchemist by listening to this audio. The purpose of these exercises is to help you become an excellent lover for your future partner by tuning into your inner love alchemist.
  • Create your own happiness after death. You can experience a fuller, happier existence after a breakup by doing this meditative series centered around each week of the quest.

This self-healing process is broken down into five essential steps by the Conscious Uncoupling Quest. Every video course takes about 20 minutes a day.

The program Is Divided Into Three Parts:

Part 1: From Grief To Relief

This first part focuses on changing your perspective on the relationship.

Here, Katherine helps you sort out your emotions and helps you develop a mindset that promotes progress.

Learn how to break free from a relationship, open your heart to positive change, and see the breakup as a chance to open up to the future.

Part 2: Break The Pattern & Reframe Your Love Life

This article is part two of the first, which dealt with laying the foundation for success. This is part two of achieving those life-changing results.

The second portion of this book focuses on self-reflection and understanding the patterns in your life, and how you can break free of them to attract better relationships in the future.

Part 3: Create Your Happily Even-After Life

It is the final step of the quest to develop new habits, boundaries, and standards to build a happy relationship.

Students can learn self-care practices to learn how to love themselves throughout the healing experience by following the 7 practical self-care practices.

Katherine helps students set better relationship agreements that result in winning in new relationships and preventing past relationships from happening again.

How much is Conscious Uncoupling by Mindvalley?

With Mindvalley’s Conscious Uncoupling Quest, you can enroll for $399 (regularly priced at $1,049).

The following is what you will receive:

  • This digital access includes all the video content, workbooks, and growth exercises from Katherine Woodward’s 35-day Quest.
  • You will also receive 5 meditation exercises and an exclusive talk by Katherine Woodward, entitled Calling In The One, that contains a step-by-step process for attracting the love you desire.
  • The Quest’s exclusive Facebook group allows you to interact with fellow students and get support from the Conscious Uncoupling coaches.

For $449 (regularly priced at $1,049), you also have the option of getting the Digital Access along with the Completion Certificate.

However, this certification only certifies your participation in the Conscious Uncoupling Quest.

You cannot coach others with this certification. I chose not to do this.

You can also use them to commemorate your experience if you enjoy collecting these things.

The Mindvalley program can be accessed on your desktop or smartphone. There is a 15-day risk-free trial period. Payments can be made in three equal installments.

Following Conscious Uncoupling By Mindvalley, I Learned Three Things:

Conscious Uncoupling different

The Conscious Uncoupling program has taught me a lot of things. One of the things I’ve learned is that love isn’t just for others, but for myself as well.

In this quest, I have learned the following 3 most important lessons:

1. The Healing Process Is Not Linear:

The aftermath of a breakup can be messy. We may feel our worst during this time. Thanks to Katherine Woodward Thomas for acknowledging this. In spite of her 5-step process, she understands that it is impossible for you to move on perfectly.

Allow yourself to be weak, to make mistakes even when you’re not okay.

In the midst of my worst heartbreak, I was incredibly unforgiving of myself. To me, moving on was the only goal. No one should feel sorry for me. To move on, I needed to seem strong, happy, and capable.

However, this only led to a long period of grieving that was unprocessed. My mistakes were many.

I really don’t need these.

All of those memories came flooding back as I took this quest. After reflecting on this, I realized that if I had accepted my pain more, I would not have caused myself and others so much pain.

Despite everything, everything worked out.

Nevertheless, I underwent a long and unhealthy process of moving on. Had I not ignored my emotions for so long, I could have moved on more quickly.

Do not make me regret your own if you are experiencing the same thing as me. Accepting that you’re only human will save you the wasted time and heartbreak — you have to give yourself permission to hurt.

2. You Have To Take Responsibility, Even If You Believe You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong:

Your part is to take responsibility. Other people are bad. Despite the fact they victimize us with their poor choices, their unconscious, and hurtful thoughts, we have tremendous powers to empower ourselves beyond those painful patterns and create a positive future if we are willing to take responsibility for our part.

The collusion was passive and largely invisible, even if it was somewhat covert in nature. There is no power in victimization.

It might be a natural tendency to play the victim. However, doing so will only delay your healing.

There are different reasons why people break up. You are not in the position to invalidate my pain.

Regardless of whether you feel like you were only 3% at fault for your breakup, you must take responsibility for it as well.

The alternative is a vicious cycle of blame, resentment, and disappointment.

Uncoupling has taught me a valuable lesson, not just about love, but about life in general:

Taking responsibility is owning power.

Two people are necessary for a relationship. Regardless of how you minimized red flags or failed to negotiate for your needs, you must recognize the role you played in the breakdown.

That’s how you’ll learn and move forward.

3. You Alone Have The Power To Get Yourself Through This:

We can’t determine our future based on our past or present circumstances. It is possible to find your way to a much more positive future even when you are currently challenged, even when you are currently troubled, by setting clear intentions and then living in alignment with those intentions.

The future is not set in stone. As human beings, we constantly generate our future by how we interpret and then respond to what is happening – how we act and choose – and we want those actions and choices to reflect the future we’re striving for.

Therefore, you are the only one who can decide how you want to move on from this heartbreak.

This program’s intention-based growth work is one of its best features. A masterclass I took on love and intimacy with Ruda Iandê reminded me of this. Here is the link to the free masterclass.

Rudá presents a model for relationships that focuses on the individual. He convincingly argues that our relationships are precisely the result of our relationships with ourselves.

Where Can I Take Conscious Uncoupling?

On Mindvalley, you can find Conscious Uncoupling. There is probably no other platform in the world that specifically promotes personal growth like Mindvalley.

There are approximately 30 quests available. An online course is called a quest.

Quests are led by instructors who are experts in their respective fields. Their quests cover topics such as hypnotherapy, chakras, relationships, flow, parenting, speed reading, etc.

Katherine Woodward Thomas is the expert who leads our Quest in Conscious Uncoupling. They have other experts in their fields as well.

If you’re interested in taking the class, you can either purchase it directly from Mindvalley or enroll in the All-Access Pass.

For a competitive, annual fee, the All-Access Pass allows you to take more than 30 classes. This is a great program if you’re interested in expanding your personal development.

Can I Get Conscious Uncoupling on Sale?

Yes, in a nutshell.

Mindvalley offers a course entitled Conscious Uncoupling. You can get access to more than 30 of their most popular courses for a low price if you are interested in all the courses they offer.

You get access to more than 30 courses for just $599.

Two regular Mindvalley classes cost less than that.

Does Superbrain by Jim Kwik interest you? Are you having trouble deciding between Conscious Uncoupling and Superbrain?

This decision is easier to make with Mindvalley Quest All Access Pass. For less than the cost of two courses, you can get a year’s membership. This is a great deal for learning addicts!

Is It Worth It To Uncouple Consciously?

From all this, I think I learned the most important lesson – “moving on” is so wrong.

‘Moving on is often thought to mean moving on from a past, a broken relationship, but trying to fit this growth into that kind of frame makes it difficult for many of us since that’s not what actually happens.

Because we can’t, there is no such thing as “moving on”, as though we are leaving one chapter of our lives to begin another.

The feelings and experiences we had in the past cannot be forgotten and can’t be unaffected by them.

Katherine Woodward Thomas encourages her students to move forward rather than attempting to move on.

If you need to forgive yourself for the events that have happened to you, accept that it has to do with you.

You cannot ignore the past and bury the past behind you because you will never be able to do that.

Having completed the Conscious Uncoupling program, I feel prepared to handle a devastating breakup in the future.

A person going through a messy divorce, a difficult breakup, or any other heartbreaking breakup can only imagine how valuable this quest may be to them.

By applying meditative techniques as part of an organized process, such as Conscious Uncoupling, you will strengthen your decision and empower yourself to move forward.

Katherine encourages you to examine failed relationships under a microscope rather than coasting from one relationship to another, so you can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Do I Recommend the Conscious Uncoupling Quest?

Absolutely. For people who are as fascinated with relationships as I am, but especially for people who are in relationships themselves, Katherine offers a lot of insight into the world of love, heartbreak, and love after death.

Conscious Uncoupling: Pros and Cons

There are some things I love about each class I review, and there are a few things I think could be improved. By going over the advantages and disadvantages, I will help you figure out whether Mindvalley’s Conscious Uncoupling is the correct course of action for you.


  • Katherine Woodward Thomas is an incredible teacher Kathy’s calm yet honest demeanor enables her to deliver some hard-hitting truths without sounding unkind. She helps you become more aware of what you need to grow.
  • There’s a ton of material to work with. It definitely feels as if you’ve learned everything you possibly can about how to heal from a breakup in Conscious Uncoupling.
  • You’ll begin to heal  Healing does not happen in a linear manner. Neither is it an always-completed process. However, Conscious Uncoupling kickstarts your healing and provides you with a path forward.


  • It’s not a replacement for therapy. There is no live class for Katherine Woodward Thomas, although she is extremely kind and intelligent. While you’ll get some exercises and great insights, you can’t build a rapport with her the same way as you would with an in-person therapist.
  • It’s emotionally taxing. Although this isn’t a bad thing, it should be noted. There will be some discomfort during the healing process of this course due to its emotional intensity.
  • It is pricey. Courses at Mindvalley aren’t cheap. You’re still looking at paying $600 for access to 30+ online courses even with All Access Quest. Although we really enjoy the quality of Mindvalley’s education, we understand that it’s not always economically viable.

Customer Reviews

Conscious Uncoupling Customer Review

conscious uncoupling review

Conclusion: Conscious Uncoupling Review 2024

The Mindvalley program Conscious Uncoupling is of great value. It is an ideal course for healing your emotional wounds. If you’ve been through a painful breakup, or are stuck in a relationship that’s not working, Katherine’s calm and insightful nature will be of great use to you.

In order to bring about healing, she will show you how to turn your pain into a partner. In my experience, the course was beautiful, profound, and inspiring.

Nevertheless, it was challenging, and I had to confront some feelings and thoughts I’d rather have ignored. Healing requires dealing with your pain. This was made very clear to me by Conscious Uncoupling and it inspired me to heal.

It was a pleasure to meet the challenge.

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