Cointraffic Review 2024: Is It the Best Bitcoin Advertising Network?


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Cointraffic Advertising Network Is A Leading Crypto Advertising Network That Has Provided Advertisers And Publishers Worldwide With The Most Innovative Advertising And Monetization Solutions Since 2014. Cointraffic drives a highly targeted Cryptocurrency audience through multiple ads formats.

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  • User-friendly design
  • Impressive client list
  • Personal managers
  • Performance control
  • High CTR
  • Convenient to use


  • No Referral system is available.
  • Approval time is usually 1-2 Days.


Price: $

If you’re curious about Cointraffic and how it can help with your digital advertising, you’re in the right place!

Cointraffic is a popular advertising network known for specializing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Take a closer look at what Cointraffic offers, how it works, and why it might be a great choice for anyone looking to advertise products or services in the crypto world.

Whether you’re a beginner in crypto advertising or an experienced marketer, this review will give you a clear understanding of Cointraffic’s features and benefits and how it can fit into your advertising strategy.

Let’s dive in and explore what makes Cointraffic stand out in the world of digital advertising!

Cointraffic Review

Bottom Line Upfront:

Cointraffic is a specialized digital advertising network focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors, known for delivering targeted ads to audiences interested in these industries.

Cointraffic Review 2024:Β Best Bitcoin Advertising Network?

Cointraffic Advertising Network Is A Leading Crypto Advertising Network That Has Provided Advertisers And Publishers Worldwide With The Most Innovative Advertising And Monetization Solutions Since 2014.

You Can Join As An Advertiser To Purchase Crypto Ads Or As A Publisher To Sell Advertising Positions. Within Minutes, Anyone Can Begin Serving Ads Or Monetizing Their Cryptocurrency Website Using Our Self-Service Tool.

Cointraffic Review

Cointraffic’s in-depth understanding of market needs enables it to identify and address the pain points of ad network users.

For Advertisers Who Frequently Lack the Time Required To Develop Creatives In-House, they Offer An HTML5 Banner Development Service.

This Approach Ensures An Effortless Campaign Launch While Optimizing Marketing Resources.

Today, Cointraffic Is A Pioneer In The Crypto Advertising Field, Providing Cutting-Edge Ad Formats That Capture The Attention Of Targeted Audiences.

With the continuous addition of new services and formats to our arsenal, they are establishing a strong link between advertisers and publishers.

How Does Cointraffic Work?

Cointraffic is undoubtedly the greatest Ad Network for small publishers looking to make a profit from their blogs since it is the only network that assists publishers in increasing their earnings with its incredible ad optimization.

It is the only crypto ad network that generates a significant amount of targeted traffic via its diverse ad formats, which include multiple popular ad formats used by numerous ad networks.

Additionally to these formats, you may earn extra revenue by publishing Press Releases from network sponsors.

Major Features and Benefits of Cointraffic

It appears that Cointraffic offers a comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency advertising needs, with various features and benefits to cater to both advertisers and publishers in the crypto space.

Major Features and Benefits of Cointraffic

Here’s a closer look at some of the key features and benefits mentioned:

1. Multiple Ad Formats:

Cointraffic provides advertisers with the flexibility to choose from various ad formats, including banner ads, native ads, and press release distribution.

This variety allows advertisers to select the format that aligns best with their marketing objectives and target audience.

2. Anti-Fraud Measures:

Cointraffic employs a bot filter solution to combat spam and other fraudulent or harmful traffic. This is crucial for ensuring that advertisers receive genuine and quality traffic for their campaigns.

3. Targeted Audience:

Advertisers can leverage Cointraffic’s targeting capabilities to reach a specific and relevant audience within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency niche.

This helps optimize campaign effectiveness by reaching users interested in crypto-related content.

4. Performance Reports:

The platform offers easy-to-access daily performance reports, allowing advertisers to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns in real time.

This data-driven approach enables advertisers to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies.

5. Personal Managers:

Cointraffic offers personal managers who can provide guidance and support to advertisers. Having a dedicated point of contact can be valuable for addressing specific campaign needs and optimizing performance.

6. Self-Service:

The platform appears to offer a self-service option, allowing advertisers to manage their campaigns independently. This can be convenient for advertisers who prefer a hands-on approach to their advertising efforts.

7. Payment Options:

Cointraffic accepts both cryptocurrency and fiat payments, providing flexibility in payment methods for advertisers. This can be advantageous for businesses with varying financial preferences.

8. Banner Design Assistance:

Cointraffic may offer assistance with banner design. Having access to design support can be beneficial for advertisers who need professionally crafted banners for their campaigns.

Cointraffic Supported Ads

Cointraffic provides a variety of ad styles, including static banner advertisements, slide banner advertisements, sticky footer advertisements, native advertisements, mobile banner advertisements, and desktop and mobile pop-under advertisements.

1. Banner Ads

Banner ads are designed to attract attention and increase visibility, which can lead to direct clicks and conversions from other channels.

Banner Ads

Advertisers can target their ads geographically, making sure they reach the most relevant audience. Clients receive detailed performance reports for their banner ads, providing valuable data to make informed decisions.

2. Desktop Pop-under Ads:Β 

This ad structure is perhaps the most effective way to direct the audience’s attention to the product or service you’re promoting. When a person visits a website, popup advertisements show after a few seconds and direct the visitor to your targeted link.

3. Pop-under Mobile Ads:Β 

Pop-under mobile advertising employs the same technique as Pop-under desktop advertisements in that they show popup adverts to attract the audience’s attention while they are on the site and direct them to the targeted link.

4. Background Banner Ads:Β 

Background banner advertisements are regarded as the king of audience generators due to their placement on the left and right sides of the page and their ability to increase your audience’s awareness.

5. Native Ads

These ads seamlessly blend with the website design, offering an organic advertising format that does not disrupt the user experience.

Native Ads

Native ads are specifically designed to attract an audience that is more likely to engage and take action. Similar to banner ads, native ads are also optimized for both mobile and desktop users.

Advertisers have the ability to target their ads based on geographic location. Furthermore, clients receive in-depth reports on the performance of their native ads.

6. Premium Headers:Β 

As the name implies, a premium header is another sort of banner advertisement that spans the whole width of the user’s screen and is located at the top of the page.

7. Press Release Distribution

Professional Content Writing Services, with their expert writers, are available to craft compelling press releases that can help you reach your target audience.

Press Release Distribution

You will receive the first draft of your press release within 24 hours of placing your order.

They will distribute your press release on up to 65 different cryptocurrency websites, and the entire process will be completed within 5 working days.

You will receive detailed reports that include information about the distribution and reach of your press release.

8. Slide Banner Ads:Β 

The banner displayed in the corner of the screen above the primary content in this scenario immediately captures the audience’s attention.

Cointraffic for Advertisers and Publishers

Here’s a brief overview of how Cointraffic works for both advertisers and publishers:

Cointraffic results

For Advertisers:

1. Create Campaign:

Advertisers can create advertising campaigns tailored to their specific goals, such as promoting a new cryptocurrency, ICO, exchange, or any other crypto-related offering.

2. Target Audience:

They can define their target audience based on factors like geography, interests, and keywords to ensure their ads reach the right people.

3. Ad Formats:

Cointraffic offers various ad formats, including display ads, banner ads, native ads, and more, allowing advertisers to choose the format that suits their campaign best.

4. Budget and Bidding:

Advertisers set their budgets and bidding strategies, which can be based on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) models, depending on their preferences.

5. Monitoring and Optimization:

Advertisers can monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time through Cointraffic’s dashboard and make adjustments as needed to optimize their results.

For Publishers:

1. Monetize Traffic:

Publishers can join Cointraffic to monetize their cryptocurrency-related websites, blogs, or platforms by displaying ads from advertisers in the Cointraffic network.

2. Integration:

Cointraffic provides various integration options, including HTML/JavaScript ad codes or plugins for popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.

3. Ad Revenue:

Publishers earn revenue based on the performance of the ads displayed on their platforms, typically through CPC or CPM models, depending on the advertiser’s preference.

4. Payment:

Cointraffic typically pays publishers on a regular basis, often monthly, through various payment methods like bank transfers, cryptocurrency, or other agreed-upon methods.

5. Reporting:

Publishers can access detailed reports and analytics to track their ad performance and earnings.

How to Get Started With Cointraffic?

For Advertisers:

Cointraffic for advertisers

Step 1- Visit Cointraffic’s Website and Create an Account


Go to the official Cointraffic website (

Create an account by clicking on the “Sign Up” or “Advertisers” option. You may need to provide your contact information and create a username and password. Log in to your newly created account.

Step 2- Set Up Your Campaign:

sign up - Advertisers

Define your advertising campaign goals and objectives. Choose the ad format(s) you want to use (e.g., banner ads, native ads).

Specify your target audience, including location, interests, and keywords. Set your budget and bidding strategy (CPC or CPM).

Step 4- Design Your Ads:

Create or upload the ad creatives (banners, ad copies) that you want to display in your campaign. If Cointraffic offers banner design assistance, you can use this service.

Step 5- Launch Your Campaign:

Once everything is set up, launch your advertising campaign. Your ads will be reviewed by Cointraffic to ensure they comply with their guidelines and policies.

Step 6- Monitor and Optimize:

Use the Cointraffic dashboard to monitor the performance of your campaign. Make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and achieve your campaign goals.

For Publishers:

Cointraffic for publishers

Step 1- Visit Cointraffic’s Website and Create an Account


Go to the official Cointraffic website ( Create an account by clicking on the “Sign Up” or “Publishers” option. Provide the required information and create your account.

Log in to your newly created account.

Step 2- Add Your Website

sign up - Publisher

Add your cryptocurrency-related website, blog, or platform to your Cointraffic account. This typically involves providing your website URL and other relevant information.

Step 3- Integration and Monetizing

Choose how you want to integrate Cointraffic’s ads into your website. Cointraffic may provide HTML/JavaScript ad codes or plugins for popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.

Once the integration is complete, Cointraffic ads will start appearing on your website. You’ll earn revenue based on the performance of these ads, typically through CPC or CPM models.

Step 4- Access Reports

Use the Cointraffic dashboard to access detailed reports and analytics about your ad performance and earnings.

Step 5- Payment

Cointraffic usually pays publishers on a regular basis, often monthly, through various payment methods, including bank transfers and cryptocurrency.

Is Choosing Cointraffic Worth It?

Yes, selecting Cointraffic is a no-brainer! However, why? Without a doubt, the issue of why Cointraffic is chosen over other Crypto Ad Networks is a legitimate one.

Cointraffic's Stats

As you’re probably aware, Cointraffic has grown in popularity and earned a stellar reputation internationally as a result of the high-quality services it offers to publishers and advertisers.

Its expertise in the cryptocurrency business has had a significant influence on various advertising efforts, enhancing its quality significantly.

Cointraffic supports a variety of ad types that are both mobile and desktop adaptable. These ad styles include in-page banners, slide banners, background advertisements, pop-under advertisements, header banner advertisements, sticky banner advertisements, and native advertisements, among others.

Thus, this is the optimal chance to monetize your website via these various ad forms to optimize your earnings as a publisher.

It is a leading Bitcoin advertising network that provides a slew of premium services to assist users in generating additional revenue streams.

Cointraffic Pros and Cons

Cointraffic Pros

  • Dedicated assistance
  • Payments are made on time. Publishers would be compensated on schedule.
  • The payout threshold is low
  • Publishers may also start an ad campaign directly from the dashboard.
  • Numerous ad types
  • This advertising network partners with reputable advertisers.
  • Competitive prices
  • Very restrictive in terms of publisher approval. This network is mostly interested in high-quality websites.

Cointraffic Cons

  • They need time for approval.


πŸ”’ How does Cointraffic combat fraud and ensure the quality of traffic for advertisers?

Cointraffic employs an anti-fraud bot filter solution to fight against spam and harmful traffic, which helps maintain the quality of traffic for advertisers.

πŸ“Š Can I track the performance of my advertising campaign on Cointraffic?

Yes, you can monitor and analyze the performance of your campaign through Cointraffic's reporting and analytics tools, which provide daily performance reports.

πŸ“ž Is there any customer support or assistance available on Cointraffic?

Cointraffic may offer personal managers to assist advertisers. Additionally, publishers and advertisers can typically reach out to their support team for assistance and guidance.

πŸ’° What are the pricing models available for advertising on Cointraffic?

Cointraffic offers pricing models such as Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPM) for advertisers, allowing flexibility in how they pay for advertising.

πŸ’‘ Are there any tips for optimizing my cryptocurrency advertising campaign on Cointraffic?

To optimize your campaign, regularly review performance reports, refine your ad creatives, and experiment with different targeting options to find the most effective strategy.

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Conclusion: Cointraffic Review 2024

Cointraffic is the greatest cryptocurrency advertising network that has been developing fast and has established a solid reputation in the cryptocurrency sector due to the high quality of service it provides to both publishers and advertisers.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the greatest leading crypto advertising network, I strongly advise you to use Cointraffic since it is the leading Bitcoin advertising network.

If you’re still having difficulty making a choice, you may read additional Cointraffic Reviews to see what others have to say about it.

Consequently, what are you waiting for? Proceed now and begin your trip with Cointraffic.

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