Cloudways Vs WPEngine 2024: Which Managed Hosting Provider Is The Best?



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Cloudways has partnered with many of today’s top cloud hosting provider, allowing them to boast an admirable 99 per cent uptime when hosting sites o

WPEngine uses the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform servers. They are the current best cloud hosting providers and are known for performan

  • 24/7/365 Live Chat
  • Dedicated Environment
  • Free Magento Full Page Cache
  • HTTP/2 Supported Servers
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM
  • Excellent uptime.
  • Good customer service.
  • Daily backups.
  • Real-time threat detection.
  • Useful Staging Area.
  • Cloudways is cheaper than WP Engine
  • When it comes to Free SSL Certificate Cloudways has been rated 500% above WP Engine
  • Has 10 highlight features
  • The quality of support has been rated to be better than Cloudways
  • Easy to use even for a beginner
  • Great features list
  • No Money-Back Guarantee
  • More expensive than Cloudways’ cheapest plans
Ease of Use

Best for Ease of use

Best for Ease of use

Value For Money

Cloud services are integrated into five popular infrastructures, including GCP and AWS; Plans vary from cheap to top, but you only pay for what you use

More expensive than the cheapest Cloudways plans, but the infrastructure is GCP / AWS and you get a lot of WordPress features for a difference

Customer Support

24/7 support via tickets and live chat; priority and telephone support available as an option; comprehensive knowledge base and community forum

24/7 support via tickets and live chat; telephone support included in growth, scope, and premium plans; extended knowledge base

In this article, we will compare Cloudways Vs WPEngine 2024

They are definitely a lot more than they sound. Cloudways and WPEngine are an amazing pack of website hosting platforms that differentiate themselves in their own ways. Read the following article to know their complete set of services along with the differences that shape them.

Both of them provide perfectly managed hosting services to sites of WordPress and throw you a bunch of affordable plans to pick from. The technology used in hosting the services is highly sophisticated with expert support and is smartly designed to meet the dynamic needs of the present owners of WordPress.

Eventually, undoubtedly they ended up as the most famous and sought-after hosting services by top brands globally irrespective of the size.

Bottom Line Upfront: Cloudways is better than WPEngine in terms of pricing and features offered by this platform. This platform helps you in increasing the revenue of your Hosting Service Provider by showing relevant products to the customers after when they make a purchase. Get started with Cloudways 

So, the success of your site depends on certain factors such as safety, advanced privacy settings, and of course your performance as well. You need to look into various choices available to you and their services in detail before you jump into one.

With Cloudways and WPEngine at your service, studying them from a micro perspective makes you know the differences and it becomes easy for you to choose.  

Let’s compare both of them beginning from the basics and later diving into the details. They are widely popular for their own reasons. 

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What are they common in?

There are however tons of similarities between them. Before we get into those, let’s know the history of these two.

Cloudways Vs WPEngine 2024: Overview

Cloudways Overview

 The purpose of Cloudways is to deliver well-operated cloud hosting services that help the business to grow to keep aside the stress of hosting without any technical glitches. It was founded in 2009 and is headquartered on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

 Cloudways Overview

  • Want to know which is better between Cloudways and Siteground? Check this article on Cloudways vs Siteground and find out which one is better for you.

They have branch offices situated in Dubai and Spain too. Thanks to the advanced server networks across the globe, they are able to deliver cloud-based hosting services that are fast and functional for the sites of WordPress at a reasonable charge.

WPEngine Overview

WPEngine is an American-based hosting company that is fully specialized in perfectly managing the hosting and solutions of WordPress. The company was originally founded in Austin by Jason Cohen, Cullen Wilson, and Ben Metcalfe in 2010.

The company is privately held and was further developed with a first-class infrastructure having data centers in London, Midwest US, and Tokyo.

 WP Engine Overview

They focus specifically on WordPress and have an exclusive list of clients that choose only WPEngine for their robust services of WordPress.

They are considered the Leading WordPress Digital Experience Platform to sum this up quite easily.

What Types of Hosting Solutions Do Cloudways and WPEngine Offer?

The hosting plans of Cloudways and WPEngine are almost the same apart from some that are distinct. They kicked off the conventional hosting practices and are completely cloud-based and perfectly managed exclusively for WordPress. You probably don’t have to do anything manually apart from setting up a WordPress site.

Cloud hosting stores your web data on multiple servers across the globe but not only on one server. In simple words, it is a spider web of servers called The Cloud.

Many developers and companies prefer hosting through the cloud since it is damn fast and scalable with no bounds. 

There are two popular terms that define a major part of the quality of the cloud host services which you shall make yourselves familiar with from now on. One is managed and the other is fully managed. Cloudways provides managed hosting of WordPress and WPEngine does fully managed host services which means it takes proper care of everything. 

In simple words, Cloudways doesn’t manage the WordPress site along with the servers while WPEngine manages it too apart from providing tonnes of exciting features.  Managing the site involves updating, backing up, and solving the crucial issues related to the site.

So, it is clear that a fully managed one costs higher than just the managed services. If you prefer managing the WordPress site on your own then go for Cloudways since it is cheaper than WPEngine and carries out the other functions perfectly well.

Irrespective of your choice of plan, both the cloud providers have a few different levels to pick from, so planning the budget is an easy affair. 

Coming Cloudways consists of five wide pricing plans and infrastructures to make your choice. Following are the different options offered:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • Linode
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

If your budget is tight, go for the most viable package which is the Digital Ocean’s Basic Plan for $10 every month. With that, you get 

  • 1GB of RAM 
  • 25Gb of storage 
  • 1TB of bandwidth

And, if you have decided to be lenient with the numbers then you can go for the most pricey package of $80 a month, i.e. the Google Cloud Platform. With that, you get:

  • 8GB of RAM, 
  • 160GB of storage, and 
  • 5TB of bandwidth.

Let’s now explore the packages offered by WPEngine. They have four robust packages for a wide variety of customers. Their Starter Plan begins at $28 a month, allowing up to twenty-five thousand site visitors every month, and provides up to 

  • 10Gb for storage and 
  • 50GB of bandwidth

The costliest affair is the Scale Plan at $238 every month. It is awesome for twenty-five sites, has no bar for millions of visitors, and provides:

  • up to 1TB of storage and 
  • over 400GB of bandwidth.

WPEngine Vs Cloudways: Performance and Speed

They are probably the topmost crucial aspects to take into consideration while picking a website hosting company. Both the cloud hosting providers use the most powerful technology and hardware to deliver speedy connections across the globe. 

Quality of the Server:

The hardware is set up using the top quality gear barring no limits on the expenses. Cloudways is one of the top five servers that provide cloud hosting facilities. You receive the same speed and efficiency offered by any big names along with the exciting features and the user-friendly design. 

The clients are served with superb NGINX SSD servers. Cloudways has more than sixty data centers across the globe to ensure optimum speed.

WPEngine uses the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform servers. They are the current best cloud hosting providers and are known for performance, speed, and scalability.

Refined Caching

Caching systems enhance the loading times of pages. Although they can work throughout the pages, they are a lot beneficial for enhancing the speed of the applications.

As mentioned before, both WPEngine and Cloudways use the intricate NGINX caching technology. The plus is that they also use Memcached, WpEngine, and Merchant as well.

Varnish’s reverse proxying skills are great at delivering heavy content sites with a much-needed boost. It works amazingly with complex scripts and active APIs, so you can build visually remarkable sites without surrendering speed and rendition.

Redis is furthermore utilized for hoarding database queries. This trifecta of accumulating instruments allows both providers to transmit scalable, high-performance hosting services.

To cap it, both WPEngine’s and Cloudways accumulating systems permit MySQL, and each operates applications employing the latest updated rendition of Ruby, Python, or Ruby – your choice. 

Other Speed-Boosting Elements

In extension to refined hoarding and fast servers, both the cloudways and WPEngine cloud hosts employ HTTP/2. Their servers are again enabled with PHP7 to retain apps loading without any snag.

Both moreover take benefit of the Cloudflare content delivery network called the CDN, which many suppose the best around. A CDN is essentially a global web where stations and their content is stocked for effortless passage, which is incredible for visitors situated distant from the server database hubs.

Instead of loitering to connect to servers that are distant, content can plainly be compressed and sighted from a CDN node closest to a visitor or user’s region.

Each cloud provider delivers God-fast load speeds, but Cloudways hardly got wiped out by WPEngine in the speed trials. While both stood out ahead of the pack, WPEngine had the slight edge, especially when testing the speed of larger sites with more dynamic content.

On average, WpEngine connected at 300 milliseconds, which is super-fast. Cloudways, on the other hand, connected at just above 400 milliseconds, which is pretty fast in its own right.

Cloudways vs WPEngine: Overall Reliability

Reliability and uptime can make or break a hosting plan. Every second your site is down, you’re missing out on potential visitors and sales. Not only will your bottom line suffer, but your reputation and rankings in the search engines can also take a hit.

Fortunately, most cloud providers are able to provide excellent reliability and uptime, and these two companies are no exception.

Cloudways has partnered with many of today’s top cloud hosting providers, allowing them to boast an admirable 99 percent uptime when hosting sites on their managed WordPress cloud servers.

In our tests, Cloudways scored an average uptime of 99.6 percent. While this is nothing snuff, WPEngine scored even better. In fact, they’re able to offer an awesome uptime of 99.99 percent. Only Vultr and perhaps a couple of other cloud hosts can claim to top this with 100 percent uptime and reliability.

Data Centers

Data centers are the lifeblood of any hosting service. They’re where your servers are stored and act as gateways connecting visitors to your site.

Cloudways gives you access to over 60 data centers run by their five cloud hosting partners. The centers are located throughout the world and cover each major region and city to ensure maximum coverage on a global scale.

WPEngine has plenty of data centers with locations around the world as well. In fact, they currently operate 18 data centers.

SinceWPEngine uses Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services servers, they actually share some servers and data centers with Cloudways which also offer plans with these hosting giants. However, with Cloudways, you have dozens of other options at your disposal as well.

Storage Technology

The way your site data is stored can make a huge difference in its performance. All of today’s best hosting providers use solid-state drives (SSD) over old-fashioned mechanical hard drives.

Cloudways- Server Size

Solid-state drives rely on flash technology to deliver substantially higher transfer speeds. Both Cloudways and WPEngine provide SSD storage across each of their hosting packages.

Cloudways vs WPEngine: Security Features

Security is a constant topic in the cyber world. Malware installations and DDoS attacks occur daily, so it’s important to do your part to make sure your site remains safe. In addition to protecting your visitors, your own data must also be protected.

Cloudways and WPEngine offer a slew of security features, many of which come standard with each of their hosting packages.

SSL Certificates – Draw

Nowadays, a website without an SSL certificate is a website that simply can’t be trusted. In fact, most web users just skip right past websites without one, and modern browsers let them know whether or not websites have them before they even get a chance to load.

Cloudways- Features

The good news is both Cloudways and WPEngine offer free SSL with all of their plans. Both use the popular Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, allowing you to encrypt the connection between your visitors’ devices and your host server.

Malware Protection – Draw

Malware protection allows you to keep your site data and content safe and secure from viruses, spyware, and more. Fortunately, both Cloudways and WPEngine are extremely secure.

All Cloudways plans come with OS-level firewalls to keep intruders and malicious software out. If you want to take your malware protection to the next level, you can also choose the Sucuri Application Antivirus and Firewall add-on starting from $149.99 a year. Although it comes at a cost, it will provide you with top-level protection from malware and DDoS attacks.

 WP Engine WebSite Visitor

Meanwhile, WPEngine uses an active protection system involving multiple layers of security, proactive patching updates, two-factor authentication, and managed threat mitigation. This could give them a slight edge in terms of overall malware protection, but it’s too close to call, so we’ll say it’s a tie.

Backup and Recovery – WPEngine

Backups are a must for any WordPress site, and both Cloudways and WPEngine take care of this for you with daily backups and recovery points.

 WP Engine Analytics Overview

With both providers, you’ll be able to prevent data loss and easily restore your website in the event of a catastrophe. However, WPEngine also has an automatic disaster recovery system in place, so you can immediately recover on autopilot.

Managed WordPress Hosting – WPEngine

Cloudways and WPEngine are both managed WordPress cloud hosting providers. It’s what they do 24/7/365.

Unlike other hosting providers, their services are purpose-built to work with WordPress’s unique performance requirements. So, with either platform, you can expect strong reliability and blazing-fast speeds.

Both cloud hosts take care of all necessary security updates too, which means you’ll stay protected without getting over your head in the technical weeds. Plus, each offers a one-click WordPress installation as well. WPEngine even claims to have your site up and running in under a minute.

All that said, WPengine is definitely much more “managed” than Cloudways. In fact, they take care of just about everything hosting and WordPress-related if you truly want to take a hands-off approach.

Cloudways vs WPEngine: Important Features

With the essentials covered, let’s move on to some other common hosting features.

Free Domain – Cloudways Wins

Cloudways wins this battle. They provide a free domain name with each of their managed WordPress hosting plans. WPengine, on the other hand, doesn’t.

Site Migration – Tie

If you already have a website and need to transfer it to a new hosting provider, you’ll be happy to know both Cloudways and WPEngine make site migrations easy.

Cloudways offers a WordPress migration plugin for free site migrations to a Cloudways server. It’s simple, easy to use, and free.

WPEngine uses a similar built-in tool to offer automated and stress-free site migrations. Plus, they have an entire section with step-by-step videos that walk you through the entire migration process.

Staging – Cloudways Wins

With staging, you can work on your WordPress website and make changes to test themes, plugins, custom code, etc., allowing you to preview your site without making the changes to live. This way, you can fix any mistakes and have your site looking and functioning at its very best prior to being seen by site visitors and potential customers.

Cloudways delivers a complete staging feature, so you can comfortably work on your site without the need for cloning. It allows you to push and pull code while keeping your live site unaffected by the changes.

In addition to this, Cloudways also provides a staging URL. While we prefer the first staging feature, it’s nice to have choices.

WPengine, on the other hand, uses cloning to allow you to work on your site and test new features. It’s a different process but basically allows you to do the same thing.

Cloudways vs WPEngine: User-Friendliness – WPEngine Wins

Cloudways and WPengine each offer cPanel, which is one of the hosting industry’s most popular platforms. It’s simple to use and allows you to control virtually everything about your website from a single place.

It’s where you’ll manage your domains, databases, files, and more. It’s also where you’ll install your WordPress or Joomla plugins.

Cloudways also offers several features to make managing your WordPress site as easy as possible. Their support is pretty great too.

However, since WPengine is a fully managed WordPress host, they essentially take care of everything for you.

Customer Support: Cloudways vs WPengine

Although they are the most soundly-managed WordPress hosting corporations, you will be having a few questions or may bump into an issue and would require to reach out for assistance at some period.

Cloudways offers expert 24/7 live chat support. For non-critical issues, you can also open a support ticket or access their extensive knowledgebase as well. Here are some of the best working cloudways coupon promo codes available, Checkout.

 WP Engine Customer Support

WPengine’s customer support is even more impressive. They have the server and WordPress experts standing by to help resolve any hosting or WordPress issues that may arise. In fact, they have four in-house core WordPress contributors and plug-in developers.

You can contact WPengine’s support toll-free by phone during business hours and by email 24 hours a day. A live chat feature would also be nice, but their phone support is great for those who prefer a little more human touch.

Plans and Pricing: Cloudways vs WPengine

Alright, currently it is the moment to come down to basic facts. So, how much do these two industry steering managed WordPress cloud providers charge for their enactment, pace, and across-the-board extraordinary hosting services?

CloudWays Pricing


WPEngine Pricing

 WP Engine Pricing Plan

Cloudways Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans (by Hosting Partner):

Digital Ocean

Cloudways offers four plans for each cloud provider they work with. All of its Digital Ocean plans come with free SSL, built-in CDN, 24/7/365 support, automated backups, staging environments, and more. The only real variation between the schemes is their server capacities. The plans move from $10-$80 a month and feature:

  • RAM – 1-8GB
  • Processor – 1-4 cores
  • Storage – 25-160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1-5TB


They come with all of the same incredible outlines, but their plans vary in price from $12-$90 each month. For it you receive:

  • RAM – 1-8GB
  • Processor – 1-4 cores
  • Storage – 25-160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1-5TB


The plans span in cost from $11-$84 every month and also land with all of Cloudways great elements as well as:

  • RAM – 1-8GB
  • Processor – 1-4 cores
  • Storage – 25-160GB
  • Bandwidth – 1-4TB


Cloudways mixes this up. It is obvious, you fetch free ssl, site migration, automatic backups, and Cloudways’ other great features. Nevertheless, for each of its AWS plans varying in price from $36.51-$274.33 a month, you get:

  • RAM – 1.75-16GB
  • Processor – 1-4 vCPUs
  • Storage – 20GB
  • Bandwidth – 2GB

Google Cloud

The Google Cloud hosting services of Cloudways are merely about evenly matched with their AWS plans – except for price. The Google Cloud plans run from $33.30-$226.05 a month and come with:

  • RAM – 1.70-15GB
  • Processor – 1-4 vCPUs
  • Storage – 20GB
  • Bandwidth – 2GB

WPengine Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans:

Startup Plan – $25 a month

  • 1 site included
  • 25,000 visitors a month
  • 10GB of storage
  • 50GB of bandwidth

Growth Plan – $95 a month

  • 10 sites included
  • 100,000 visitors a month
  • 20GB of storage
  • 200GB of bandwidth

Scale Plan – $241 a month

  • 30 sites included
  • 400,000 visitors a month
  • 50GB of storage
  • 500GB of bandwidth

Testimonials: Cloudways Vs WPEngine

here are the testimonials:

Cloudways Customer Review

Cloudways- Testimonials


 WP Engine Testimonials

FAQ On Cloudways Vs WPEngine

Is Cloudways any good?

Cloudways is an appealing choice for a number of reasons. The service provides very reliable uptime, in addition to having adaptable cloud hosting plans, lightning-fast setup speeds, and top-notch web-based customer assistance. It is a reliable firm that will keep your website up and running to services that provide such things, so you can rely on them.

Is WP Engine a good host?

WP Engine provides high-quality managed hosting with exceptional uptime, security features tailored to WordPress, cloud platform flexibility, daily backups, and a number of other fantastic features. It also has a few small drawbacks, such as the fact that you will need to travel to a different location in order to get email accounts and domain names.

Is Cloudways faster than SiteGround?

Both Cloudways and SiteGround are very dependable and quick service providers when it comes to performance considerations. Nevertheless, despite the fact that both servers provided quite remarkable statistics, SiteGround demonstrated a somewhat speedier response time and uptime than the other host. In the same vein, Cloudways offers a much faster loading speed than its competitors.

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 Conclusion: Cloudways Vs WPEngine 2024

WPEngine and Cloudways are two first-class managed WordPress cloud providers. With all of the momentum, execution, and components they extend, it’s frankly a near shave as to which one is superior to the latter. Nonetheless, it has to be commended.

Find Out Which Is Best?

WPengine is tremendous if you wish to put up with a totally laid-back strategy handling your site. They do not just offer you the mechanisms, but they essentially govern everything for you at an expense.

With everything that  Cloudways gives at such pocket-friendly costs, they hardly shove off WPengine on our ground. They provide you with the mechanisms to maintain a warp speed WordPress site at a speck of the cost, reaping them a fortune in the final round.

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