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Are you looking for a comparison between Cloudways and Liquid Web, in this post we will discuss how these 2 hostings differ from each other and why you should buy it.

Naturally, we are bound to the tendency of digitally organized lives and the work related to it. Not only gadgets but humans are working smartly whether it is a normal touch screen phone to your digitized platform on the internet. Social Media is life right now in every small business to big scale industrial work. Cloudways vs Liquid Web introduces us to one of the spectacular hosting platforms which can help in monetizing your own work digitally.

Maintaining your domain with all the possible ways is a difficult task to handle every day, the process will be normalized by the SEO experts and other marketing strategists.

It should be a wise step to choose your hosting domain as the whole business depends on the visualization of other people. There are few aspects in which you can look upon and one of them is viability which is not meant to be compromised. So for making your work easy we have something hand on enlisted details. An insight that will help you to make a mark on the right decisions for your business to bloom in the brightest way possible. 

Cloudways vs Liquid Web Comparison: Overview


What is actually Cloudways? It is the platform that is used for the management of your own hosting domain where you can manage and digitize your own platform with various features. There are various benefits that you can entertain such as it helps you to simplify the whole experience of hosting your domain. Who does not like freedom in their work and their own domain? Cloudways give you the power of working in your own terms which is all we want.

There are various choices you can make according to your commitment. Not only choice but you can add up your own agility and simplicity the way you want.


The Cloudways are backed up with the enforced team behind it which makes it work in a very systematic manner of working. It is one of the best of breed technology which serves us the one platform with varied opportunities of choices and digitally maintaining your current hosting domain. This is not easy but done by the right kind of investment of brightest talents and organizations embossed by the perfection of a team.

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Liquid Web:

Liquid Web is one of the web hosting companies and in simple words, it is the caretaker of your website of corporates and enterprise services. In this specialized hosting, it mainly focuses on VPS plans.


It is one of the great helping hands to people and businesses who are totally web-dependent and are professionals and are into working dedicatedly on the websites. Liquid Web helps in maintaining the best by providing advanced hosting. Liquidweb owns three data centers which are located in Lansing, Michigan.  

WordPress Hosting (Cloudways vs Liquidweb Comparison)


Cloudways-WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the developed sites where professionals own their blog and some also earn from it. Cloudways offers managed and organized cloud services for WordPress also. What happens if sometimes the server goes down? One of the best and unique features of CloudWays is that this copy of your website is served from the next available server which ultimately allows your performance to smoothen up in a relevant way. Also check Cloudways coupon code.

Liquid Web:

Liquidweb-WordPress Hosting

Similarly, on LiquidWeb, your update is automatically mechanized for WordPress and its plug-ins. By this, your website is secured and you can get opportunities like content creating and driving the traffic towards your website.

Verdict- Cloudways is a better option as servers going down is one of the crucial obligations which is solved by CloudWays.

Unique Features Of Cloudways vs Liquid Web Comparison

  • 100% uptime- Always there as a smart assistant which uptakes the performance level at the peak.
  • SSD Hosting- Isn’t it amazing if you are provided by the three times faster services If you are having SSD. It is amazing and one of the  users for dynamic websites.


  • VPS Server- One of the must-have as it ensures fast site performance. As the world is revolving around the digital era, it is important that it provides the best server performance possible. Whole software will run on the service provided by its server and its performance. Liquid Web has nothing to worry about as it ensures the high-speed site performance.
  • WP CLI Enabled- You can easily install multiple WordPress sites with the help of WP CLI enabled. It ultimately provides you with freedom and other various ways to explore and emboss your work with creativity and engagements possible. Engagement is the key in any digital network to run, LiquidWeb will make your work easy and relevant to the mentioned feature provided. Thus you can work hassle-free and just worry about keeping your work consistent.
  • Onboard new customers- You can rely on the engagements online ones you have started using. You can get your required customers on board itself. It has been difficult for such businesses who are running and dependent on their websites and blogs, so one of the relevant features of Liquid Web is that you can easily find the customers of your domain where you can get in their work up to their expectations.
  • Set up Email- It has one of the technology’s gift features and that is it sets up an email for you to make your work easy. You can easily work on it along with the usage of email wherever required. It makes your work easy and to share or provide with email wherever needed.

Comparison of Pros and Cons of Cloudways vs Liquid Web

Pros and Cons

These are the terms which tell us about the product’s advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see hop into it for the better clarity of both versions. A perspective should be drawn in order to choose.

Pros of Cloudways:

  • Free trial- For the satisfying experience and not adapting risk factors, everyone wants a free trial if it’s their thing or not? Cloudways provides the free trial which has impressed us with an opportunity for maintaining the websites and its progress without even paying a rupee which motivates one to choose the CloudWays. For great exploration, it will be beneficial to one if they provide free trial as one can explore and use it maximum in its own way.
  • Installation of unlimited applications- More than one application can be installed by it as it will be a more flexible option to choose    and rely upon.  For the better carrying out of a program, one can install and update any program it wants. Ultimately it helps in pursuing different options that are carried out by themselves. Flexibility is the key to choosing one thing which is dependent upon        the services provided by the one
  • DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Computing Engine (GCE) cloud infrastructure for the better and      various uses, which is known for its reputation and its work renownedly known in the whole world. One can easily rely upon such classic infrastructure and can easily maintain its domain in presence of these.
  • Service- If in case you are stuck somewhere it is always awake for you 24×7 as your helping hand and to assist you with the problems    faced. Imagine you ended up buying software and you face any genuine problem and it is not resolved by it? The poor service makes a  worse impression but the service of any objection faced by the customer is resolved at any moment of an hour. What else do you          need?
  • Speedy- One of the high-speed performances is served by the Cloudways which is one of the important features and where everyone    can rely upon. Almost 90% of the people will be satisfied hearing about high-speed performance. Nobody wants slow work progress      and wants to move further with the maximum speed they can.
  • Best for Ease of use-  Everyone seeks easiness, it provides very easy features and a working system for better usages and                      enhancement for the working small scale industry to large scale entrepreneurs. It is considered user friendly and more frequently used  by the maximum ratio of people around the world.

Pros of Liquid Web:

  • Unlimited visitors- One of the great facilities provided by Liquid Web is that they do not charge the visitors on their number. For the new geeks, it will be exciting for the exploration of new features and software where one can explore to the fullest and learn the procedure. Information is surpassed to maximum crows for the betterment of the usage of the feature
  • No extra cost- Freedom is the greatest choice which is enhanced by the Liquid Web by not charging if you want to migrate or change to another. Ultimately one likes to work where there is no pressure or restriction surrounded by. One can work freely by opening the doors of creativity and their inputs in their own work, well there is no extra cost if you are exploring bees and want to jump to other sites. One has all the rights to explore and study other sites possible.
  • Sophisticated infrastructure:  For the corporates and the large scale industry, sophistication means a lot which is satisfied by the Liquid Web. For the better presentation, it is important to have a sophisticated site to present in front of people and one will always like to work if it is presented nicely and effectively. Not any hassle regarding the presentation of it.
  • Strong protection: Unlike other software, it provides daily checkups and up-gradation of the security check and resolves the objection of the viruses and keeps the site protected. It is worthless if your digital platform is not authorized by a strong hand. Nobody would opt for it as its choice. Liquid Web is a clear example of providing the best protection to your domain and securely will be operated by you asking for various authentication required.
  • Powerful SSD servers: One of the greatest qualities provided is powerful SSD servers by Liquid Web.

Cons of Cloudways:

  • Absence of cPanel-
    The absence of cPanel makes it a little more difficult which is run by consoling it.
  • The requirement of Technical knowledge-Need professionals and expertise for experiencing the bento from their service. There are areas of the domain where people have not acquired the technical knowledge as well as specification, it makes it a little more difficult to acquire and adapt to this. You need to be expertise in the technical feature to run this. No common man without enough knowledge of it can access it easily. It will be time-consuming for them to focus on it.
  • No Email hosting:  As it is a cloud hosting platform it does not acquire with the Email hosting. If you are a professional, you carry out everything via email. Here it makes it a little difficult for it as it does not carry the email hosting as a feature. The whole email system is not seen in this as a feature.
  • Cheaper: CloudWays is cheaper than other hosting sites. Cheap rates do not compromise its services and facilities provided by it. It simply justifies the amount of money you pay for your service. Something to stay out of worry. 

Cons of Liquid Web:

  • Sometimes demotivating signals arise when you see the high price on the screen for the best software. Everyone expects good service at a low price especially when it comes to digitally handle your work. Nobody wants to pay more thinking it is all handled online and digitally. Along with providing a great platform it also comes with a high price where one automatically rejects and changes their thoughts of not opting for it. One can easily divert its own thought or delay the choice of opting for it.
  • Other than paid facilities, no free credit ad is entertained to people. Once you are done with the payment and you already own it, there are no further free facilities provided to you as a benefit. People always expect some feature that is creative as well as free or comes with extra credit for its use.
  • It does not provide you with the shared hosting plans which might be a little difficult for the small scale entrepreneurs.
  • In case of any issues faced there is no money-back guarantee provided by the Liquid Web. For the one who has paid the money for Liquid  Web and however faces a problem in the future which it takes to the decision of not using it or canceling the plan, there is no money back system guaranteed for one. It makes a high-risk factor for choosing it initially. 

 Pricing: Cloudways vs LiquidWeb Pricing Comparison



The above-mentioned plans are after the 3 days of trial.



Starting at $29/month this plan includes:

  • 20GB SSD Storage. 
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • Staging Environment
  • 30-day backups

FAQs: Cloudways vs LiquidWeb Comparison 

👉 Which is the most relevant platform to choose practically?

As mentioned earlier both platforms are at its best. If you are an expert and have technical knowledge go for CloudWays.and if you are a nontechnical geek go for LiquidWeb.

👉 What are the three main features of the LiquidWeb?

1. Onboard new customers. 2. Email set up 3. VPS server

👉 Which is one of the common pros of both?

One of the common pros is that both Provides you with satisfied customer services in uptime and where you can totally rely upon both for your domain and work.

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Conclusion: Cloudways vs Liquid Web Comparison 2024

Cloudways is a highly suggested platform if you know it with technical skills and expertise. There is a huge crowd of people who are very well equipped with skills of technical knowledge, they just need to enhance it somewhere. CloudWays gives the exact justification for it. For the nontechnical geeks, Liquid Web is the suggested choice. There are various business factors where they do not need any technical knowledge to run a website or host a domain, it gets a little difficult for them to run like one. For them, LiquidWeb is a great choice to make. Technical knowledge is not expertise by everyone in the case of the hosting domain but however, it is important for everybody to use it.

Cloudways has one of the favorite options for us which is “free trial” but ultimately performance is good for Liquid Web. The free trial makes an exciting way of pulling people’s attention. It is flexible in its way to provide one. It gives various opportunities to try, explore, and share with friends how it works. It provides you with the great opportunity of new systematic handling of a domain which you own and how it functions securely. One can easily plan its journey throughout how they want to carry forward with work and what needs to be upgrown.

Both of the hosting platforms are making you a little difficult in making choices but always have hands-on your favorite platform where freedom is entertained to your work with all the support expected. There is something called comfortable which is applicable in every sector. In Spite of not having technical knowledge, you can choose CloudWays and vice versa. There are no single restrictions for the usage of any one of them. So in terms of pricing and ease of technical use, Cloudways here is the winner. 

Make the correct choice for the one, it is all served or you justified in its own way.

Price:$ 10
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